Disclaimer: I do not own any of the rangers

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the rangers. This is for my enjoyment and yours. Thanks again to Emily and Danee`.

Authors note: Thanks to Elisabeth for giving me this idea. She has good taste when it comes to Power rangers.

Zhane Who?

"Nik wake up! Youíre going to be late for school!" Ashley yelled in my ear pulling my blankets off.

I grumbled something unintelligible and turned my back from her.

"You are so impossible! Get up!"

She dragged me off the bed and into the bathroom. "Take a shower! Hurry up we are going to be late!"

I stood up slowly readjusting my twisted pajamas. I stretched and walked over to the shower to turn it on.

I sat on the edge of the tub waiting for the water to get warm. I yawned and slipped into the tub falling asleep once more.

I woke up to a banging at the door. "Nikki! Are you done? Youíve been in there for ten minutes!"

My eyes popped open and jumped out of the tub and turned the shower off.

"Yeah Iíll be right out!" I called.

My clothes that Ashley had picked out last night for me were sitting on the towel rack. She insisted I was colorblind and always picked my clothes out. I constantly told her that all I where is white and that I think I could figure out what was white and what wasnít. Of course I wasnít really colorblind just not very good with matching clothes. I pulled on the pair of white shortalls and a blue T-shirt.

I ran out of the bathroom and collided with Ashley.

"How did you get your hair dry so quick?" She asked.

"I uh. Didnít wash it this morning. Iím going to wait until tonight." I answered making my way around her.

She gave me a funny look but changed the subject. "Meet us in the Park at 3:30 ok?"

I opened my mouth and she talked again, "Yes you can bring Justin."

I smiled and left the room with one sneaker on and one in my hand.

I walked down to the cafeteria to find 4 half-asleep teens eating breakfast.

"Hey guys!" I said cheerfully happy for that extra twenty minutes of sleep.

"Why are you so happy? Itís Monday!" T.J. mumbled picking at his scrambled eggs.

I shrugged my shoulders and went over to the synthetron to get breakfast.

I opened its little door to find a plate full of pancakes and eggs.

"D.E.C.A. I asked for a breakfast bar. Whatís all this?" I asked our computer staring at the heap of food.


You need more to eat than that Nicole. You need to be prepared for History test today.


"My history test? WhatÖ"

I dropped my plate on the table and ran back to my room to get by book. I canít believe I forgot to study!

I totally forgot about breakfast and ran into the bridge where it was quiet and I could study. Cram, study, same same.

About ten minutes later the others came down looking much more awake.

"Come on Nik. Weíve got to get to school." Andros said and then turned to Alpha to give him instructions for the day.

I sighed and ran back to my room to get my bag.

It had been two weeks since the others had returned with Zordon. His tube stayed in the medical bay where he rested full filling his energy sources. I went down every day to talk to him.

It was weird being back on the Mega Ship after two months of being with Justin and Mike.

I met them back at the bridge and we teleported out.

I always teleported to Justinís house while the others went straight to school. I waited patiently on the porch while Justin finished getting ready.

He finally came out still yawning with his eyes barely opened.

"I stayed up until 1:00 studying for that stupid History test."

He didnít have history the same period as I did but he still had a test.

I nodded. "Oh yeah. Me too. All night."

He closed the front door and we walked down the walk. It was quiet on the way to school. Usually we talked the whole way but Justin seemed so tired I just kept quiet. And besides I was too busy trying to figure out who invented the cotton gin!

The school day passed quickly. And much to my enjoyment our History teacher was sick and the substitute didnít have the tests!

At lunch I was still feeling quiet. I listened as Emily and Danee` talked about their weekend. The same stuff. Flirting with boys at the mall and watching ĎYouíve got mailí for the sixth Saturday in a row. I could not wait until they took that stupid movie out of the theaters!

Gee and to think that I spent my weekend fighting a huge bird that through explosive eggs at us! Actually I loved the battle because I got my first Zord! My very own Zord. It was awesome.

That was the next matter of conversation. Power Rangers. I sighed as they talked about me.

It was kind of funny how they talked about Power Rangers. How cute the red one was or where the white one always was during battles. Only I could answer that. Since my arm was still healing, Zordon wouldnít allow me to fight any battles unless they really needed me. It made me mad but I dealt with it. My arm was almost better and then Iíd be first in line to kick some monster butt!

I was relieved when lunch hour was over so I could get away from Power Ranger talk. I heard enough of it at home.

The afternoon passed quickly with PE and study hall. I ran out of the school to get Justin from the basket ball court. He was playing with some fellow sophomores and juniors. He looked like an ant compared to these huge guys but I knew that all of them accepted Justin. I waited until they finished their game and then dragged him down to the park.

The others were already there sitting under our favorite oak tree. We sat down with them and listened while they talked about how they had been called out during Math to go fight a bunch of Quantrons.

"Hey where was I?" I asked annoyed that I hadnít been contacted once more.

"Oh Nikki it was the easiest battle ever! It was just a bunch of Quantrons trying to rob a bank! I donít know why they were doing that and I donít want to know." Andros said laughing.

"Well. If youíd called me I could have gotten out of Gym!" I complained.

Andros sighed and then laughed. "Is that the only reason Nicole? Choose your words wisely."

They sat staring at me while I tried to come up with something to say.

They started laughing. "I know. I hate PE too." Ashley said.

We stopped talking long enough to get our homework done and then went down to the mall to shop.

I was not about to shop with Ashley and Cassie for fear that theyíd try to pick out clothes for me.

I volunteered the boys to go with Ashley and Cassie and grabbed Justinís hand.

"We were going to look at some CDs today." I lied.

Justin glanced at me strangely but didnít say anything after I glared at him.

The girls looked disappointed. Knew it! They wanted to buy me something.

"Ok fine. Weíll take the boys and you guys go look at CDs. Meet back here in an hour." Ashley said grabbing Andros and Carlosí hands.

As they walked away the boys turned around and gave me a look of death. I smiled and waved.

They were going to get back at me good, but oh well.

Justin and I headed back out of them mall and sat down on a bench out side the doors.

We talked for a little while about school and basketball and cheerleading and then switched the conversation to Power rangers.

"Thatís all Emily and Danee` talk about during lunch. How the red oneís cute and where the heck was the white one all the time." I explained.

"The red one cute? He wears a helmet. How can they tell? And I always hated being referred to as a color!"

"I know what you mean."

"When I was still a power ranger I never could keep my mouth shut about how cool the blue one was just to see what kids would say. They always agreed with me and it made me feel special. If only the kids at the Home had known that I was a Power Ranger."

"How did you get out of there to do stuff with the others? I was grounded half the time. Although I wasnít a Power Ranger yet."

"Grounded? How did you get grounded?"

"Beating kids up. I spent a lot of lonely days in my hot little room in the attic. You think I would have learned after getting sent up there with no dinner the first time but I guess not. The kids made fun of me so I beat them."

He looked at me at me for a moment. "You actually beat kids up?"


"Jeez. Iíd never think of you beating kids up."

"Does that bother you?"

"Sure. From now on I better make sure Iím nice to you."

We laughed for a minute and then stopped when my communicator went off.

I looked around before bringing my wrist to my mouth.

"Hey Zordon whatís up?" I asked.

"The rangers need your help Nicole a very powerful monster has attacked the park. Teleport there immediately."

"Ok. Nikki out."

I stood up.

"Iíll be right back. Hopefully. If not Iíll e-mail ya tonight."

He nodded and I looked around once more before crying out, "Letís Rocket!"

I looked at Justin once more.

"I guess thatís the only way youíll be taller than me, huh?"

I smacked up side the head and teleported out.

In the center of the park stood the five others fighting strongly, but I could tell they were getting tired.

I raced over and joined into the fight.

"Itís about time!" Andros said kicking a Quantron away.

"Well if you had contacted me earlier." My voice trailed off as the heap of something charged at me. * Who could tell what it was? It resembled a pile of rocks as far as I was concerned. *

I brought my blaster out to defend myself but the monster grabbed it from me and flung it away.

" Hey! You ugly pile of dirt!" I yelled.

The monster towered above me. "You donít seem like a big human. How old are you ranger?"

The monster was talking to me! Since when does that happen except when they made lame insults?

And big human? Whatís that supposed to mean?

He grabbed me by the shoulders and lifted me up. I struggled and screamed for help from the others but they were tied with a bunch of Quantrons.

He smiled evilly and reached for my morpher. I struggled more and tried to slip out of his grasp. He pulled my morpher off making me shrink down to my 4í11".

"I knew it! Youíre only an earthling child!"

He dropped me to the ground and crushed my morpher in his hands turning it to dust.

"Well child. You should be glad thatís itís not you that Astronema wants this time. Sheís sick of you. She decided to go for the others this time. And now that you donít have this," He said dropping the dust between his fingers, "You wonít be able to help your friends!"

He laughed and a net came out of nowhere and covered the others who had been running over to help me.

The monster snapped his fingers and the net disappeared rangers and all!

He pinched my cheek hard. "Youíre as cute as a button you know that?"

He teleported out leaving me without my best friends and without my morpher.

What the heck did I do now?

I reached to my communicator and teleported myself to the Mega Ship not even bothering to look around for people.

I stood in shock in the middle of the bridge.

"Nikki. Ay, yi, yi! Thank goodness he didnít get you too." Alpha retorted running over to me.

"Itís my fault. I should have done something. What am I going to do?" I muttered.

Zordonís tube appeared in his respectful spot in the Bridge.

"Nicole you are not to give up. Alpha has already started a scan to look for the rangers. We will find them and then you will rescue them. That is an order not a suggestion. Understand?" Zordon asked forcefully.

I nodded and turned walking out of the bridge. I heard Zordon telling me to come back but I ignored him and went down to my room.

I sat on my bunk for a moment and then hopped up determined to do something.

I walked down to the boyís room and glanced at a picture of all six of us in the park taken just before the wedding. I looked so happy. Even with that blasted cast. I took the picture out of the frame and folded it up.

I slipped it into my pocket and walked out o their room and back to mine. I slipped my jacket on and reached for my communicator. My hands were trembling and it was as if I wasnít under control of what I was doing. I hit the teleportation button and found my self once again on KO-35.

"No way! Iím not staying here."

I reached down for my communicator and found it gone. I looked at the ground around me to see if I had dropped it some how. Nowhere! Oh gosh. How do I get myself into these things?

A slight bulge filled my pocket suddenly and I reached uncertainly to find out what it was. It was a searching device.

Taped to it was a note from Zordon,



I have detected a life form here. I believe the being will be a good team member. This device will help you find him. Once you do. Your communicator will be returned to you so that you may leave. And Justin will be there to help you. Look for him.


I tucked the note in my coat. I held out the device trying to figure out how to work it.

I heard a thud behind me. I whirled around to see Justin pulling himself up off the ground.

"Oww. Where the heck am I?" He mumbled.

I couldnít help but laugh. Zordon had caught him off guard when he teleported him here and it made him land on his face.

" Over here Justin." I called.

He turned around.

"Nikki where are we?"


"What the heck!"

"Donít ask me. Zordon teleported me here against my will too."

"Well donít you have your communicator?"

"No Zordon took it."

"Well I donít want to be an deserted planet. Iím getting out of here."

He reached down for his communicator to find it also gone.

"Hey! Where did it go?"

A piece of paper fluttered down to the ground at his feet.

He picked it up.

ĎJustin, Help Nikki. Then you can have your communicator back.í

He sighed and stuffed the note in his pocket.

"I canít believe he took our communicators." Justin complained.

"Well letís find this whatever and we can get out of here. Did you see what happened?"

"Yeah. I followed you to the park and watched. It was all I could do not to go out there and fight. Habit I guess."

"We have to find them Justin. I have gotten any thing from Astronema saying she wanted our powers or anything! What if she just wants to kill them?"

"We arenít going to let that happen I promise."

He wrapped his arm around my shoulders. I smiled and turned my attention back to the device in my hand.

A small red light had begun beeping and it showed us where to go to find the object. We walked forward, slowly following the red lightís beeping. We walked for hours following this light. It was starting to get dark and we were both tired and hungry.

We sat down on a bench and fell asleep leaning against one another.

I woke up to find myself tied up and a thick cloth covering my mouth. I woke up quickly and began struggling at my bonds. I felt a warm body behind me and assumed it to be Justin. I struggled more trying to wake him up. He finally did and heard his cry of surprise of being tied up.

A door opened and a teen of about 18 walked in. His blond hair reached his shoulders. He was incredibly cute but that didnít really matter to me. I wanted to know why the heck he had kidnapped us right off a bench!

He came over to us and pulled the gag out of my mouth.

"What the heck do you think your doing! Untie me!" I demanded.

The boy scowled and stuffed the gag back in my mouth.

He walked behind me and took Justinís gag out.

I could tell Justin was trying to be calm.

"Could you just tell us why you tied us up? We arenít going to do anything. Weíre only kids." Justin reasoned.

"Your friends a loud mouth." He said simply glancing at me.

"Well umÖI think she just wantís to know why were here."

"Intruders. I have to keep my home safe."

"Intruders? Weíre not intruders. Zordon sent us here. We were looking for something."

"Whoís Zordon?"

"He came from Eltare. He is the mentor to the power rangers of earth."

Something seemed to light up in his eyes.

He untied us and I jumped pulling the gag from my mouth.

Justin came over and stood beside me telling me with his eyes to shut up. My temper was flaring but I listened and kept myself quiet.

"Are you power rangers?" The boy asked.

Justin looked at me for a sec. I shook my head. I wasnít going to tell this jerk anything.

Justin sighed and answered the question, "She is and I used to be. I decided to stay on earth after the Power Chamber was destroyed."

I smacked him.

"Why should we tell him anything? He took two harmless kids from a bench!"

"Calm down Nikki. He was just protecting himself."

I crossed my arms across my chest and glared at the boy.

Justin stuck his hand out.

"Well. Iím Justin and this is Nikki."

The boy looked at the hand uncertainly at the hand and then grasped the younger boyís hand.

"UmmÖIím Zhane. I think."

"What do you mean you think?" Justin asked.

"Well I donít remember much of anything except from these past two years that Iíve lived here."


"A little. I remember my name and how old I am. Iíve been seeing faces ever since I woke up two years ago in the midst of all the debris here."

"There is no debris now."

"I cleaned it all up."

"A whole planetís worth?"

"No just the main city of KO-35. There are three big cities and a lot of little towns. I just cleaned up this part."

"How do you know the name of the planet?"

"Signs around the city."

"Well that seems logical. But what about knowing the power rangers?"

"When I woke up I was morphed in a silver ranger Suit. The power is still with me but I donít know what to do with it."

I stepped forward then. "Did you same your name was Zhane?"


"Do you remember why you were a power ranger or any other names from your life? Pictures in your head?"

"Well. Iíve been trying so hard to remember the only name that I can remember is Andros. I canít put a face with the name or anything his name is just there. Always in my head as if he was some one important in my life."

Justin and I made eye contact.

"Actually Zhane. Andros is an important part of your life. He was your best friend. He thought you died during the battle here." I explained.

He soft moan escaped Zhaneís lips.

"I canít believe after two years I finally find something out about my past."

We smiled as a tear of happiness rolled down Zhaneís face. He darted forward and pulled both Justin and I into his arms. My feet dangled above the ground as he squeezed me tightly.

He finally put us down and our communicators appeared back on our wrists.

"Yes!" We cried high fiving each other.

Prepare for teleportation.

Zordonís voice came out of our communicators and a second later we were brought to the Mega Shipís bridge.

Zhane looked around amazed.

Zordon spoke summoning Zhane forward.

"Zhane. You will be a valuable member to this team. We wish there were something we could do to help you restore your memory. Alpha has told me that any sort of medicine will not work on you. You have to full fill your past o your own. The rangers will be here to help you of course."

Zhane nodded. "Where are the rangers?"

"Astronema has captured them. We still have not been able to locate them. Alpha is working on it as we speak. Justin and Nikki will show you were you will stay."

He turned toward us and we led him down the hall to where Karone had stayed.

He looked around the room. "I need my belongings."

"Justin and I will go get them." I volunteered

He nodded still looking around the room.

I pulled Justin into the hallway and we teleported out once more.

He took my hand once we had gotten there.

"This is all so weird. I canít believe we just up and found him. Androsí will be beyond thrilled. First his sister and now Zhane! And he thought that Zhane was dead. I canít wait to see his face when they meet again after two years!" I rambled on, "This will help make up for Karone wanting to stay with the rebels.

I hope that Zhane wonít want to go live with them too."

We reached the ally where Zhane lived and opened the door into the dimly lit room.

Zhaneís belongings werenít much. A few articles of clothing and a couple little odds and ends.

We gathered it together and teleported back to the ship. We walked down to Zhaneís room to find sitting on his bunk holding at a picture of Andros in his hands.

"Hey Zhane! You got a hair cut!" I commented. Instead of the shoulder length hair it was now very short. A little loner than a buzz cut.

"Alpha did it. Do you have my stuff?"

We put his belongings in his arms.

"Thank you."

"Your welcome."

We quietly exited the room knowing he probably wanted to be alone. It must be weird to suddenly have friends after living like a hermit for two years on a deserted planet.

"I better go see my dad. Heís probably worried sick. Iíll seeya tomorrow at school?" Justin said reaching for his communicator.

"Donít count on it. Iím going to have to work a lot to find out where the heck Astronema stashed the others. Iím not leaving them there any longer than I have to."

He sighed. "Ok fine. Iíll get your books from your locker so you donít get behind on homework. Iíll come up tomorrow afternoon ok?"

I nodded.

Justin teleported out leaving me alone in the deserted corridor.

I headed back to the bridge to begin my search. I typed in code after code and checked all the planets in our solar system and in the closest solar systems. No where. I couldnít find a human being anywhere! Discouraged I sat down at the controls and pulled the ship out of the earthís gravitation. I wasnít going to find them if it was the last thing I did. Zhane came down that night.

"Why are we moving?" He asked glancing at the passing stars.

"Iíve got to find them. I just have too!" I said sleepily.

"Nicole you need to go to sleep. Alpha and I will keep searching for them." Zordon promised.

" I will. Just a little longer Zordon." I replied my eyelids falling down further.

"That was not a suggestion, Nicole."

I looked up at him ready to argue.

Zhane put his hand on my shoulder. "Iíll make sure she gets to bed Zordon."

He pulled me out of the chair and led me down to my room. He pulled my flight suit jacket off and lifted me onto my bunk. He laid a blanket over me and left the room.

What a change of heart. This morning he was tying me up and tonight heís tucking me in bed.

I didnít read into it but let my brain turn off and go to sleep. I of course had nightmares involving the others. Finding them dead in another dimension, Astronema turning them evil, all sorts of horrible things.

I woke up about 6:30 and ran down to the bridge to find Zhane asleep at one of the computers. I walked over to them and poked his arm. He moved and then awoke rubbing his eyes.

"Oh man. What time is it?" He mumbled.


"Wake me up in a couple of hours."

"Come on Zhane. We have to get a head start on finding them!"

He looked at me. "Ok fine. Letís do it."

He got up and walked over to another computer. Now that he wasnít threat to me I noticed how cute he was. Alpha had given him a flight suit and he just looked so good in it. I shook my head of the thoughts. I had Justin. Thatís all I needed.

We worked at the computers all morning. We tried everything. We just couldnít find them. We trooped out off the bridge and walked down to the cafeteria. Zhane had quite an appetite.

Something struck me as I was sitting there across from him.

"Zhane were you there when Eclipter tried to kill me?" I asked watching him stuff a whole sandwich in his mouth.

I waited for him to swallow. "That had to be you then, huh? Yesterday when I found out you were a ranger I thought that maybe that was you. And then I found out you were the white one. I just didnít think about it much because Iíd never seen your face, I only saw you morphed. And you were so much taller."

"Yeah. I grow when I morph."

"Well I didnít hear anything for awhile and when I came out to see what was going on you were already morphed and then you left. I felt that I wasnít alone anymore and I wanted to talk to you but you left and I couldnít."

"Well we found you anyway, and now we have to find the others. They were gone for two months looking for Zordon. They left me on earth with Justin. Now two weeks after they get back Astronema decides she wants to kill them and once again Iím alone."

He put his hand on mine. "Youíre not alone anymore. Weíre going to find them I promise. Iím not going to find out that I have a best friend and then let him disappear on me before I even meet him!"

My hand tingled. Stop it, stop it, stop it! You canít fall for a guy almost five years older than you. Especially when you have a boyfriend.

We finished our late breakfast and headed back to the bridge. Zhane had seemed to open up to the idea so much. Karone was different. She didnít want to accept the fact that she had a brother. Zhane on the other hand was thrilled to find out that some one cared for him and missed him terribly. I wish that somehow that maybe my parents werenít dead. But no. I saw their bodies in the coffins. They were gone for good. I sighed and went searching the galaxy for human life.

We were getting discouraged after a whole day at the computers. Nothing was found. Not one sign of human life. We made our way down to the cafeteria once more at about 7:30 for dinner. We had just sat down when D.E.C.A. spoke,

Life forms have been detected. Report to the bridge immediately. We have little time to get them off the planet.

We dropped our forks in mid air and flew down to the bridge. In front of us was a small planet. Itís atmosphere looked very unstable.

"Zhane and Nicole. You must teleport down there post haste. Be aware of every move. They will be watching." Zordon warned, "And Nicole. Alpha has created you a new morpher."

Alpha handed it to me and I strapped it to my wrist.

We looked at each other and nodded.

"Letís Rocket!"

We morphed and teleported down. I once again noticed my change in height. A whole 5í4". That was tall to me.

I stood beside Zhane as we made our way slowly across the field of some sort.

We walked for about ten minutes watching the red light on our tracking device grow weaker and weaker. They were fading away.

I heard something behind me. I whirled around to findÖnothing.

I shook my head. Iíve got to stop letting my imagination get the best of me.

A few minutes later I heard it again. I turned around. Nothing.

"Zhane do you hear anything unusual?" I asked looking up at him.

He turned around. "I donít see or hear anything unusual. You are really paranoid. You know that?"

He walked on. I stood there sure Iíd heard something. I sighed and ran to catch up with Zhane.

Sure enough no later had I reached his side then when about thirty Quantrons showed up.

Zhane tucked the tracking device in his belt and dropped into a fighting stance besides me.

We fought about twenty of them off and the other ten ran scared. Stupid bunch of morons.

We followed the tracking device for about a half-mile before coming to a large cave. Two Quantrons were guarding the entrance. Wow. Two whole Quantrons.

Zhane pulled me down behind a big boulder. "Letís use their armor to get in to the cave. Ok?


With the call ĎPower Downí Zhane dimorph.

"Hey whyíd ya power down?"

"Well itíll be easier to get in with just their armor and our flight suits. Donít ya think?"

"Maybe for you. Those guys are a foot taller than me! How the heck will I fit in their armor?"

"Good point."

He thought for a moment.

"Ok. Iíll get their armor than take you in as a prisoner. Ok?"

"Fine. I should be good that. Iíve had enough experience."

He chuckled but didnít ask. He looked over the boulder.

"Stay here. Iíll be right back."

He jumped over the boulder and made his way slowly to two Quantrons. I laughed as he walked out and introduced himself.

The Quantrons looked startled and it made it easy for Zhane to knock them out. He pulled the armor of one and slipped it on his body. He dragged the other lifeless Quantron behind the boulder.

"Ok. Demorph and give me your power coin, morpher and communicator."

I was skeptical about the idea but did it anyway. I undid my communicator and morpher and put them in Zhaneís hand.

"Ok letís do this."

He pulled me up and held onto my arm as we entered the cave. He tugged on my hair once we had made into the cave a bit. My sign to start struggling and screaming.

"Let go of me!" I screamed loudly pulling wildly.

Zhane muttered, ĎGood actor. Keep it up.í

I carried on tugging and yelling while he pulled me forward into the cave.

We entered the main part of the cave and Astronema and Eclipter turned toward us. Eclipter smirked and came toward us.

"Good job Quantron." He offered and took my arm.

Zhane let go and I made it even harder for Eclipter for Eclipter to do anything with me. He had hold of my arm and slouched down until I as sitting on the ground screaming like a banshee and tugging at Eclipter.

He tried to drag me but I made it impossible. He finally picked me up and hauled me off through the cave into a smaller cave. There in the midst of cave was a force field surrounding the others. I immediately stopped struggling and let Eclipter push me into the midst of the force field. It opened for a second and closed behind me. I landed in a heap at feet of Ashley and Carlos. They leaned over and helped me up.

"You pathetic little brat. I thought you would have more sense than to come after them on your own."

Said disgusted, "But we can I expect from a child?"

My temper flared at threw myself at him only to be thrown back by the force field. Eclipter laughed. Andros pulled me up.

Eclipter left leaving me and 5 very disappointed power rangers.

"Hey guys. Knock it off. I came here on purpose. I have help disguised as a Quantron." I said smiling.

"Justin?" they said together.

"Come on. Give me a little more credit than that. I do know enough not to drag me and Justin to another planet."

"Well than who is it?" Cassie asked.

I looked up at Andros. "Itís Zhane." I answered solemnly.

I kneeled down and put his hands on my shoulders. His face looked drained. "This is not time for games Nikki. No oneís out there is there?"

"Why donít you believe me? Justin and I found him on Ko-35 three days ago. Itís him he just doesnít remember much. He did however remember your name and as soon as we brought him to the Ship and he found a picture of you a lot of his memory came back. Not all of it. But a lot. Involving you two mostly."

Andros still didnít look convinced.

At least I didnít have to convince him my own. A lot of commotion was coming from the main cave and it got quiet as quickly as it hadnít gotten loud. We heard feet pounding down the corridor and Zhane appeared.

Zhane stopped dead in his tracks at the sight of Andros. Andros stood up from next to me and walked as close as he could without getting shocked by the force.

They stared at each other for a long moment and you could see a tear falling down Andros cheek.

Zhane was the first regain his composure and reached next to the wall and undid the code to release the force field.

Zhane and Andros stood staring at each other uncertainly before racing forward and catching each other up in a strong hug. They embraced for a moment and then let go and Andros came back to me.

He looked down at me. "I owe you an apology. Iím sorry for doubting you."

"Itís ok. I know why you wouldnít believe me." I answered.

"Ok. Letís get out of here before they decide to come back." Zhane suggested.

"How did you get them out of here?" Andros asked curiously.

"It was easy. I scared them to death. I tore the armor off and they took one look at me and almost passed out. They teleported out before making a sound."

"Thatís weird. Than what was all that racket?" T.J. asked stepping forward.

Zhane blushed. "That was me. I tripped over a crate and hurt my shin."

We dropped it at that and teleported out after Zhane handed me my stuff. We still wondering why they were scared to see Zhane but they would ask Zordon about it later.

Andros and Zhane talked the whole night. I went down to earth to see Justin.

When I got back from Justinís house the two were talking like there wasnít a two year gap at all.

I smiled at them on the way past the bridge. Once I had gotten past the door I stopped and sunk to the floor listening to them talk.

"Nikkiís really cute Andros. Who old is she?"

"13. Donít even try it Zhane. And besides. She has a boy friend."

"13? I thought she was a little short and that she was 15. How could a she be a Power Ranger?"

"Have you seen her fight? She had a black belt since she was 11."

"Man. So much for asking her out."

Andros laughed. "Itís a good thing you asked me how old she was before you made a move."

And of course my allergies had to start working up right then and I sneezed. Andros and Zhane came to an abrupt stop in their conversation. I tried to scramble away before Andros came around the corner but I wasnít quick enough. Andros grabbed me by my jacket and dragged me into the bridge. He dropped me onto me feet in front of Zhane. I blushed and tried to make a quick exit. Andros had his hand connected tightly to my collar though and I didnít get very far.

Zhane sat their ready to laugh by the looks of it.

"Well Nikki I guess you heard us talking, huh?" Zhane commented.

I didnít say anything just stared at my feet. How did I always manage to get caught at the worst times?

"Well I guess I could take you out but wouldnít Justin get mad?" Zhane questioned.

Take me out? I wouldnít let Justin mind. I wasnít passing off a night with a senior in high school.

I nodded quickly.


I looked over at Zordon who simply shook his head.

Dang it!

I glanced at Zhane. "Sorry Zhane. I believe I wonít be allowed to."

"Ok. Some other time."

I nodded and looked up at Andros trying to get him to let go of me.

"Are you going to bed now?" He asked not letting go.

That was not a suggestion.

"Yes. Iíll go to bed now."

He smiled and let go.

I walked out of the Bridge and down the hall to my room. Ashley and Cassie were talking by the window.

"Hey Nik. Have fun with Justin?" Ashley asked.

"Yeah. He was worried after he couldnít get on the ship yesterday, but he knew that Iíd probably gone off to find you guys and he was sure that Zordon would contact him we were in danger." I answered sitting down on my bunk.

"Well we do have school tomorrow so we better get some sleep." Cassie realized looking at the clock.

I walked over and turned out our lights. After saying goodnight I tucked myself deep with in the covers.

Right now life was just perfect. We found Zhane, Karone and Zordon and now it felt as though life couldnít go wrong. I lost my family but found a new one, I found a best friend that I thought I would never have again after moving from Stone Canyon, Iíd had my first kiss and I wasnít even 14 yet, an 17 year old had liked me. If only Andros had told him I was 16 or something. Than I could have gone out with him once.

I donít really think I could pass for 16 but if he thought that than fine. Itís a free world!

I woke up late again and raced into the bathroom this time actually getting in the shower. I raced down to the cafeteria ten minutes before we had to leave and walked over to the synthetron to get breakfast.

I opened the door to once again find a pile of pancakes and eggs.

"Oh no. I have that make up History test today donít I?"

Authors note: Hey people. What do you think? I liked writing this one too. My next story will be ĎLies: Nikkiís long lost cousin comes to claim her.í Thanks for reading guys! Seeya later.