10/16/02-- New stories from Dagmar Buse.

09/08/02-- New stories from Cheryl Roberts and Blue Dragon Ranger.
06/09/01-- New stories from Dagmar Buse, Black_Turbo Ranger.
02/13/01-- New Stories from Dagmar Buse.
4/4/00-- New stories from Cheryl Roberts, Dagmar Buse and Mele.
12/1/99-- New stories by Karma, Dagmar Buse, and Cheryl Roberts.
10/26/99-- The final chapter of Cheryl Roberts' Dark Lady, a new story by Hollytiger.
8/15/99-- More stories from Dagmar Buse, Cheryl Roberts' "Dark Lady" updated, Black_Turbo's stories updated.
7/18/99-- New Stories from Dagmar Buse, Krissy Moser, and Lanie Tayler.