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Update: I just finished my first series in the DPSaga. The Lightstars have a mission from the Princess and have registered in Silver Knight Academy to try to find the next generation of Power Rangers.
Timeline: Two days after Gifts From a Princess.

Trouble at the Track
Lanie Tayler

Man this place is huge! Tommy thought to himself as he gazed around the track at Silver Knight Academy where he had just registered. He came up to the side of the actual race track as three cars zoomed by.

"You should be careful there, you don't want to get hit," said a voice. "Those cars are going over a hundred and fifty miles and hour you know. You must be Tommy."

He nodded and shook the stranger's hand. "Yeah. It's a pleasure to meet you...Mark," Tommy replied looking at his name tag.

"Nice to meet you too. Gimmie a sec and I'll get you set up."

"Okay," he agreed as Mark disappeared into a small building. After a few brief moments he came out carrying a pair of keys, a racing helmet and a headset on his head.

Without hesitation, Mark handed them to the waiting Tommy and spoke into the head set. "Alright you guys, call I quits for today. Zackarius, we got a new student who needs to be shown around the track. Can you take it?" A muffled answer came from the receiver. "We'll be waiting at the entrance."

A zooming red race car flew across the track, and back around followed by two other cars. In the next lap, the three cars started to slow down. When they had completely stopped, Mark took Tommy out to meet the racers.

"This is Aaron and Chris, they're level three racers here at Silver Knight," he explained as they shook hands. "This is Tommy, he's new here."

"Hey man, you'll have fun here. Especially racing with Zackarius over there." He turn to watch the driver come out of the red car that was previously in motion. "No one has ever beaten her record."

"Her?" Tommy asked surprised.

"You guys hit the locker room," demanded Mark. "I'll inform Tommy on all the info here."

Slowly, she removed her racing helmet which revealed her long brown hair proving she was a girl. She quickly ran to her racing coach, "Hey, coach," she greeted.

"Looking good Holly," he commented before introducing the newest student.

Her emerald green eyes looked up to meet Tommy's. "I've been practicing. Is this the new guy?"

Mark nodded, "Make sure he knows the basics before he leaves ok?" he said as he left the two alone.

"I'm Holly," the girl introduced herself.

"I'm Tommy."

Holly thought for a moment before saying something. "Alright, come this way."

* * *

So, Emiline beat me to the rangers. No matter, they will be destroyed in due time.

"King Acelos," called someone from the entrance of the throne room.

"What is it now Kavaris?"

The warrior breathed in deeply. "The previous holder of the Green Dragonzord has been located on earth like you asked."


"Would you like me to send a clan of Shades to retrieve him?"

"Yes," the King replied coldly. "And make sure he doesn't get away Kavaris." He bowed and left the room. A hologram appeared before the King, that showed the evil green ranger. He held up the Green Dragon power coin. Welcome back green ranger, he laughed evilly.

* * *

"That's about it," Holly shrugged as she finished Tommy's tour of the track. "Any questions?"

"Nope, you pretty much answered all of my questions," he smiled. Quickly his smile vanished. "What's wrong?"

She was looking around strangely, like something was coming after them. "Did you hear that?"

"Hear wha.." she placed her hand over his mouth to prevent him from talking. Then pushed him over just as a beam of light came towards them. The beam had created an explosion upon its destination. "What was that?!"

"I don't know," she exclaimed getting up to her feet and helping Tommy up from the ground. "Duck!" she cried as another beam came. When the smoke cleared, they were surrounded by black, ugly, and nasty looking fighters. "What's going on?"

"Run!" exclaimed the ex-red turbo ranger taking Holly's hand an running for shelter.

"Kavaris!" screeched the King.

"Yes my lord?"

"Why was that human able to detect the presence of my Shades?"

"I'm not sure sire, if you like I will bring her to you," Kavaris offered.

King Acelos was growing furious by the second at Holly's ability to detect the Shades.

* * *

"What do we do now Tommy?" Holly asked as they were being surrounded by the numerous fighters. The Shades were also being impatient with their ambush and were anxious to fight. One of them took their sword and started for Tommy, and it wasn't long when they all followed the example. Man I wish that Hannah and Hail were here, she thought to herself as she kicked away a Shade. She felt a hand on her shoulder that made her jump.

"Well look what we have here," smiled a warrior with an extremely dark voice.

"What do you want from me?" she cried as she pulled away from the stranger.

He grinned. "It's not me that wants you. King Acelos has an interest in your ability to detect the Shades."

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Holly lied.

"We'll see little girl," raising his left hand he blew Holly against a nearby tree causing her to blackout. "We'll see." Meanwhile, the Shades had been able to hold Tommy down ready to teleport back to the sky base where Acelos was waiting. Kavaris walked towards the captive and looked him over. "So this is the mighty green ranger. I heard you nearly took out the whole ranger team a while back. Too bad I wasn't able to see it."

Tommy struggled to break free, but it was no use. The Shades were too strong for him to face alone. "What have you done to Holly?"

"She'll be alright," he snickered. "As soon as his majesty is done with her. Bring him to the base!" the warrior commanded.

* * *

"Sire, your warrior Kavaris has returned with the green ranger."

An evil smile crept up on the hidden face of the wicked emperor. "Bring them in," he ordered. The sound of struggling echoed in the dark hallways of the King's base of operations. And soon, his trusted guard entered with an angry human. "You must be Tommy."

"What do you want from me?" the human yelled. "And what have you done to Holly?"

"Ah, the girl. She will be fine, you shouldn't worry yourself with that pathetic human. It's you I'm after," he replied. Though the girl may not be human after all. "You know, you're quite a legacy green ranger. The only one that has even become close to destroying the rangers alone was quite the accomplishment."

"If you think I'm going to serve you, you thought wrong!"

"I knew you would say that," Acelos laughed. "I don't need the real you, just your ability to fight. Kavaris."

At the mention of his name, he ripped off the sleeve of Tommy's shirt. Taking the blade of his sword, he cut the captive's arm staining the blade with blood.

King Acelos took the sword away from his faithful warrior and handed it to another. "Take him to the dungeon."

* * *

Holly groaned in pain. Her head was pounding severely. The surroundings were damp and the floor was cold. She tried to get up but a pain shot in her head every time she tried to stand. Where am I? she asked herself. Suddenly the door opened and slammed loudly. Another person was put into the dungeon with her. "Tommy?"

He spun around to find Holly sitting on the hard floor. He knelt down beside her. "Are you alright?" he asked.

"I'll be fi..." another shot of pain hit her head as she tried to talk. Blood was beginning to trickle down the side of her face from her temple.

"Shhh," Tommy whispered. She must have hit her head when that guy knocked her down.

"Tommy, what's going on?"

I wish I could tell you Holly, but you wouldn't understand. "Everything will be alright, we'll find a way out of here soon." I hope.

* * *

"Hannah, where's Holly?" asked Hailey Zackarius. She was the exact copy of her older sisters Holly and Hannah. They were born identical triplets, Holly born seven minutes older than Hannah, and Hannah seven before Hailey.

"Haven't seen her since class this morning. I think that coach Jefferson said that she was showing around a new student."


"Why?" asked the other triplet.

"I just wanted to ask her if I could borrow her... never mind. I'll just ask her tomorrow."

* * *

"Hannah! Hailey, watch out!" Holly exclaimed in her sleep.

Quickly shaking her awake, her companion tried to calm her down. "Are you okay?"

She slowly got up and shook her head. "I must have had a nightmare, I'm alright," she lied as she wiped away her tears.

"So who's Hannah and Hailey?" he asked out of curiosity.

"My sisters, we're triplets."


Holly nodded as a bright light came from the next room. The two ran to the bars of their prison to try and find out what it was. Soon, Kavaris came out alone.

"What do we have here?"he mocked looking at the two. "A snake and a bird. This should get interesting. What's the matter little girl? To big of prey for you?" the warrior teased grabbing her chin in his palm through the bars.

She quickly pulled away. I guess he knows who I am.

"Leave her alone Kavaris!" demanded Tommy.

He just smiled and backed up slowly. Motioning towards where he had entered, another figure came out. One that Tommy wasn't happy to see. "I see you remember him Tommy," he laughed as the visor on the figure's helmet flashed red. "And for you Holly, meet the green ranger."

* * *

"The cloning is complete your highness, shall we proceed with the plan?"

Ranger against ranger, this should be interesting. "Of course, send the green ranger down with a group of Shades."

"And the prisoners?"

"Was the device planted?" asked the evil king as he watched earth spin in space from the window.

His servant nodded in reply.

"Release them, I have no use for those two as of yet. I got what I wanted for now."

"But sire what if they....yes sire," stumbled the servant as he received an angry glare from his king.

* * *

The sirens rang loudly in the command center. "Aie yie yie Zordon! King Acelos is attacking!" exclaimed the mechanical robot.

"Contact the rangers immediately Alpha," commanded the wizard.

"Yes, Zordon."

"The rangers have already been notified," interrupted the Princess. "I've sent them to fight against Acelos' Shades." She looked down on crystal she held in her hand. The first Fire ranger will arise soon. Her energy is almost at it's limit, Emiline whispered in her mind.

* * *

Begin the plan Kavaris, the warrior heard in his head. He and the king had telepathic abilities that allowed them to communicate in far distances. "Why don't we test our new toy out," Kavaris smiled under his helmet teleporting to the Angel Grove Park.

It was late and the park was almost completely dark. A ring of fire appeared in the middle of a clearing where the four had teleported. Outside the ring, numerous shades were anxiously waiting for the rangers to appear.

"Tommy, what's going on?" Holly whispered as they stood back to back in the center of the fire.

"I wish I could tell you Holly, but I don't think it's gonna be good," he replied.

"Maybe not for you ex-ranger," snarled Acelos' follower.

"What is he talking about?" she tried to ask but was ripped away by Kavaris. "Let me go!"

"Let her go Kavaris! It's me you want, not her!"

"Your not for me to contend with, that's the green ranger's job."

Almost immediately, Tommy's clone appeared from out of nowhere and began to attack the original.

"Tommy!" Holly exclaimed as she watched him battle.

Kavaris pulled her arm back, preventing her from moving. "What's the matter Holly? Can't bear to watch another fellow ranger die." She winced in pain. "Give me the power coin Holly and I'll release you."

The purple serpent power coin dangled on the chain on her neck. No one was allowed to touch them unless given to by the holder. "Dream on creep."

He pulled harder on her arm. She's stronger than anticipated. Taking his free hand her force her face to watch as Tommy was losing. "Give me the coin and I'll let you and your boyfriend go unharmed."

"He's not my boyfriend!"

"Let her go!" demanded Andros as the rangers appeared on the scene. "What ever Acelos is up to, it's not going to work."

Kavaris shrugged. "We'll see. Shades attack!"

"Ashley, Cassie, you get the girl to safety, TJ, get the other guy and the rest of us will take care of the others," commanded Andros as they headed into battle.

The evil green ranger kicked Tommy to the floor. "It's a shame, I'd think that you'd be harder to fight."

He groaned in pain as he rolled on the ground.

"Might as well finish you off now instead of wasting my time," announced the enemy ranger. He held Tommy down as he raised his sword to the air. Just as he was ready to strike, an earthquake disrupted his train of thought. "Now what?"

"Why don't you try and take on me?"

He turned to watch another green ranger's foot made contact with his helmet. "Arghh! You'll pay for that!"

Green Ranger return! called King Acelos.



"Next time rangers," the evil Tommy growled as he teleported out.

We'll be waiting, TJ swore. He ran to the beaten Tommy and helped him to his feet. "You alright man?"

He nodded and they teleported to the command center.

"Hey you with the big sword!" called Ashley, trying to get his attention. He spun to look at the intruder. "Yeah you."

Not another one, Kavaris groaned. "Go away power brat, I got bigger things to deal with than you!"

"Like me," teased Cassie as she flipped into action. Using her broad sword that had come with her powers, she slashed at Kavaris' arm forcing him to release Holly. "Looks like those lessons came in handy," she joked about her sword fighting class that she had taken at Silver Knight.

"C'mon," Ashley hurried.

"What about your friend?" Holly asked wanting to help the ranger that had helped her get free. "We need to help her!"

"She'll be fine! Now come on before he comes after you again."

Holly sighed and gave in. It did look like the ranger had everything under control for now against Kavaris. She let the stranger take her hand and take her to safety.

The warrior raised his sword and swung at the dodging ranger, the impact had caused sparks to fly from Cassie's suit. "Enough playing! I have no time for this. Beware rangers, this won't be the last time you see me," he swore as he dissolved and disappeared.

* * *

"Zordon!" exclaimed Tommy, looking at his old mentor.

"Hello Tommy."

Two streaks of red light entered the command center.

Holly looked up at Zordon in awe. She froze in her position and fainted. Luckily, Tommy was able to catch her before she hit the ground.

"Zordon, what was that all about?"

"King Acelos is a powerful ruler that is attempting to take over the realm of Crieanthium," replied Emiline.

"Crieanthium? What's that?"

"This Universe is divided between to realms. Darkquesque and Crieanthium, or as you humans refer to it, darkness and light. Each is owned by the royal family of Guardians that protect it. Nearly all of them have perished under Acelos' attacks," muttered the Princess. A sudden fire appeared in her eyes. She was angry and hateful against their enemy and wanted him dead. "He's heard of the green ranger's legacy from his... co-worker, Rita Replulsa and it was a point in his plan to bring him back. That's why he kidnaped Tommy and his friend."

"But that guy was after Holly too, she must be part of that plan also," pointed out Ashley as she removed her helmet.

Emiline looked at the girl lying in Tommy's arms. She has the purple power coin, the Wind ranger must be near as well. "Everything will be revealed in time Ashley, but for now you need your rest."

The other five rangers teleported in. "What happened?" asked TJ.

"He's gone," replied Karone who was new to rangering. "But I don't think, for long."