"Summer Love"

By: C.A. Wooden

Legal Bullpuckey:The characters of the Power Rangers Zeo are the property of Saban Entertainment. However the characters of Alexius Peterson, and Summer Storm Hansen belong solely to me and should not be used without permission. This story is in no way a part of the Power Rangers story line and was not written for any profit other than the enjoyment it brings the readers. Jason's poem is from a song by the band Warrant.

Chapter One

Summer Hansen and her sisters Shaynah and Zhanyah, twins, were army brats. They had lived in more places than they cared to remember and more schools than they could count. Now they were in Angel Grove. This was supposed to be their last move, but they had heard that story before.

The family was in the midst of moving in and the twins had already made their first friend. Summer on the other hand was too busy carrying boxes to notice if there was anyone her age around. It was the beginning of summer and school was out so of course anyone her age would be hanging out with their friends- something that was almost foreign to her.

As Summer lugged another box from the moving truck to the garage she noticed someone whom she would like to make friends. He was tall, dark and definitely handsome. He more than likely had a ton of friends and probably every girl in Angel Grove was after him. Oh well, she would find someone some day.

Jason was on his way to meet the gang at the Youth Center when he caught sight of the moving truck. He vaguely remembered someone saying that there would be new people in the neighborhood and now found it to be true. When he saw her he knew that he must go introduce himself. She was absolutely beautiful and struggling with a box, which gave him an excuse to talk to her.

"Can I help you with that?" he asked as he hurried over.

"Thanks- whoa!"

Jason caught the box as it slipped from her grip.

"Nice catch. Thank you very much." she smiled.

"No problem. Where does this go?"

"I'll show you." she said and lead the way into the house. Summer took him to the den where he placed the box down.

"You're pretty strong."

"So are you. I can't believe you even lifted that thing." he said remembering the weight of the box.


"She's stubborn. And when you're as stubborn as her you can do just about anything." said a man who was bringing in another box. "Hi I'm John Hansen, Summer's father." he said and put out a hand to Jason.

"I'm Jason Scott- I live down the street- it's nice to meet you." he said and shook Mr. Hansen's hand.

"Summer are there anymore trophy boxes?"

"A small one, but it goes to my room. It's small I can manage."

"Okay, it's nice meeting you Jason." he said and left the room.

"So you live around here?"

"A block away."

"Thank you for saving me from the box."

"It's no problem. I was on my way over to say hello. So what kind of trophies are they?"

"Mostly martial arts- Jeet Kune Do."

"You're into martial arts? So am I."


"Yeah, maybe we can spar sometime."


"So, do you need anymore help?"

"Well now that you ask..."

Jason helped Summer and her family for the rest of the afternoon, completely forgetting where he was supposed to be. He was caught up in Summer and wasn't quite ready to leave her presence. He wanted to know as much about her as possible.

He learned that she was from a interracial family- her mother was Italian and her father was black. She had two sisters that were very wild. And she didn't have any friends. He had a remedy for her loneliness. He of course wanted to be her friend and he would be more than happy to show her around Angel Grove and introduce her to some of his friends.

Summer liked the idea of getting close to Jason, but she was also very scared. She didn't want to get too caught up in Jason because she might have to leave him one day. This was why she had no friends . Summer had been made to leave behind many good and close friends over the years. And as she got older she was more inclined to be a loner so that she didn't have to feel the pain of loosing friends the next time her family had to move. She could already feel herself making a connection with Jason and could only hope that it didn't break her heart.

"So, Jason, where do you work out?"

"There's a Youth Center with a gym and juice bar that most of the kids around here go. In fact, I'm supposed to meet my friends there in a little while- we're going to catch a movie- would you like to come?"

"Oh, I don't know."

"It'll be fun. And I'd really like for you to meet my friends."


"Summer go. No buts about it. Jason don't bring her back until she's had some fun with people her own age." said Mrs. Hansen.


"I don't want to hear it. You need to get out and be with people your age. Your sisters are planning to kill you if you don't stop spending so much time with them."

"C'mon Summer, I really want you to go." Jason said with an adorable look on his face that melted away her resistance.

"Okay. Let me shower and change."

"Great. I need to do the same, so I'll be back to pick you up."

Summer took a quick shower and readied herself for a night out with Jason. She wore faded blue jeans and a white top that stopped above her belly button. Her hair she let flow down her back in brownish colored waves.

Jason pulled up as she opened the front door. He was wearing a black shirt that revealed the bulge of his muscles and jeans that made her want to reach out and touch his butt. He looked good enough to eat.

"Summer, you look beautiful."

"Jason, I'm wearing jeans."

"I know. You look beautiful."

"I can't wait to hear your reaction when I'm dressed up."

They arrived at the Youth Center five minutes after his friends had left for the movie. There was a note left with Ernie stating that they were running late and didn't want to miss the movie, so they left without him.

"Oh Jason, I'm sorry. It's my fault that your late."

"It doesn't matter. I'd rather spend an evening alone with you anyway."

"Wow you don't beat around the bush do you? "

"No, it wastes too much time..."

The couple sat down to a semi-romantic dinner in the farthest corner of the Youth Center. Summer proved that she had quite an appetite by eating all of her food and picking off of Jason's plate as well. Though it reminded him of Rocky he thought that she had a cuteness that he lacked.

He asked as many questions as he could think of- he could barely think straight while looking at her. Jason learned that she- of course- had no friends to speak of and that she had never had a boyfriend. She admitted to going on dates, but never letting anything get serious. She was afraid that she would fall in love with someone and then be torn away form him. Jason was very happy to hear that there was no one to stand in his way when he asked her to be his girlfriend.

After dinner they went for a walk in the park. The stars were shining brightly and the crickets were chirping. It was a beautiful evening and sharing it with each other made it even more so.

Summer took him by surprise when she slipped her hand in his. When he looked at her she only smiled, but her smile made him want to melt away.

"So...how do you like Angel Grove so far? "

"So far, I loved every minute here. I hope I never leave."

"Me too."

Summer smiled shyly then let out a very loud burp. "Oh my gosh, excuse me." she said feeling embarrassed, but could stop from laughing.

"What was that? " Jason said trying to hold in a laugh.

"Uh, dinner." she giggled.

"Oh. You know Summer you are quite a little piggy."

"Thank you." she said and shook as a shiver went through her.

"Are you cold? "

"A little."

"I don't have a jacket."

"That's okay, I don't need one." she said and took hold of his arms. She wrapped them around her, "This is much better than a jacket."

"I agree." he said a closed his arms more tightly around her.

Jason walked Summer to her door after the date of his dreams especially considering that it wasn't an actual date. He was now sure that he wanted to ask Summer to be his girlfriend and soon. Once other guys knew that she was around he would have to stand in line just to say hello. Jason knew that it was a bit soon to talk about going steady so he would just ask her to date him. He did want to give her a chance to meet other people before he asked her to commit herself to him.

"Jason, I had a wonderful time."

"Me too, and be sure to tell your mother."

"Trying to score brownie points already? "

"Yeah, well, I'm trying to get all the help I can."

"You don't need it. You've already won me over."

Jason only bowed his head shyly. "So I'll pick you up tomorrow for our work out? "

"I'll be waiting."

"Okay, I'll see you then." he said and turned to leave.

"Hey, Jason? "

"Yes? "

"Aren't you gonna kiss me good-bye? "

"Y-you want me too? "

"Yes." she said and pulled him into a soft kiss. "Good night Jason." she said and disappeared into the house before he could say anything.

"She likes me." he said as a goofy grin spread over his face. "This has definitely been a good night!"

The next morning he was at Summer's house bright and early to find that Summer was detailed baby-sitting duty at the last minute. Wanting nothing more than to spend time with her he offered to help her out.

"Oh Jason, you don't have to. I wouldn't want to mess up your day- I could be here for hours."

"So we'll order pizza." he said and walked past her into the house.

"Are you sure?"

"I want to spend the day with you. Besides, I've gotta thing for trying to score brownie points. I'll have your sisters eating out of my hand."

Though it took several hours and many piggy back rides, Jason won over the twins. They resented his presence at first. Even though they had said that Summer was spending too much time with them, neither girl had thought that she would go out and find a friend let alone a boyfriend. But once the girls got to know Jason and saw that she was happier than they remembered seeing her in quite a long time, they gave in. They were planning the wedding when then kissed Jason goodnight and headed upstairs to bed.

"They want you to wear tails." laughed Summer when she returned from tucking the girls in.


"Mm hm." she smiled. "Jason, I want to thank you for staying here and being such a big help today."

"Are you kidding? I should be thanking you. I haven't had this much fun in a long time- and I got a great work out."

"Yeah their not exactly light as a feather are they."

"I'm beginning to think that your entire family eats the way you do."

"Hey!" she said and gave him a playful slap on the arm.

"I think it's adorable."

"I think you're adorable."

"I think you're beautiful." he said seriously and moved in to kiss her. Summer closed her eyes as lips touched hers."And sweet." he murmured then deepened the kiss. They broke the kiss when giggling was heard from above them.

"Get to bed girls!" Summer called and listened as their little feet scampered across the floor. "Um, so where were we?" she asked seductively.

"Mmm, let me to show you." he said and placed his arms around her and pushed her back on the couch. Jason's lips met hers in a passionate fever.

There were many nights like this over the weeks. There were also days at the park and the beach. It took some time for Summer's parents to settle in and this left her to baby-sit quite often. And Jason was always there with her. He was great with the twins and they loved spending time together.

Summer had met his friends a few times, but never for very long. So far they all seemed to like her and she felt the same about them. Jason took up most of her time and he liked having her all to himself. And though he did occupy much of Summer's time, boys seemed to crawl out of the woodwork. She turned down each of them stating that she was only interested in Jason. When he learned of this he decided that it would soon be time to make her his officially.

Chapter Two

"Morning girls." Jason said to Summer's sisters when they answered the door.

"Hey Jas. Where you taking us today?"

"Sorry Shaynah, it's just me and Summer today. Don't say anything, she doesn't know I'm here." he said in a whisper.

"All right Jason!" cheered Shaynah.

"Yeah it's about time you swept her off of her feet." said Zhaynah.

"I know, I know. So where is she."

"She's in the kitchen eating breakfast. Go ahead in." she said and brushed past him.

"Hey, where are you two going?"

"We have plans."

Jason sneaked into the kitchen and watched Summer as she ate a huge bowl of cereal in a pair of boxers and a t-shirt. Even in that she looked absolutely beautiful. He hid the single rose he was carrying behind his back and approached her from the side.

"Good morning beautiful." he said and planted a kiss on her cheek before she knew what was happening.

"Jason." she squealed surprisedly and then noticed the rose coming in on the other side of her. "Oh Jason...that's so sweet." she said as she accepted the flower.

"You deserve more."

"I have you. What more could I want?"

"How about a day together- just you and me?"

"Really? What have you got in mind?"

"All sorts of surprises."

"Oh really?" she said and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Yes." he said and kissed her. The feel of her nipples pressing against his chest made him break away from her. "Um, maybe you should go get dress before I get too excited."

"Good idea. I'll be ready soon." she said and disappeared up the kitchen stairs.

Jason took Summer on a picnic in the park. The two of them could hardly believe that they were alone. They took advantage of it and spent a lot of time cuddling- and kissing. Jason was mesmerized by just the thought of finding someone like Summer. She was more wonderful than words could say. He felt as though he was never whole until finding her. She was the first thing he thought of in the morning and was in he dreams whenever he slept. Summer completed him and her knew that she felt the same. There would be no wasting time like Billy had with Sky. He would tell her that he had to be with her or he would waste away and die.

"Sunny, do you know that I'm crazy about you?" he said out of nowhere.

"Um, I kinda had the feeling." she smiled.

"I mean it. I don't remember what it was like without you and I don't want to be reminded."

"Well, don't worry because I don't plan on going anywhere."



"Good." he said and kissed her softly.

Later that day Jason and Summer stopped by the Youth Center to spend time getting know to the gang. Jason had gone to the juice bar for a few minutes to get an order of drinks. He watched as she captured the hearts of all of his friends. Everyone was enchanted by her and wanted more. All but Katherine.

For some unknown reason Kat was always very indifferent towards Summer. When she joined him at the juice bar he saw it as the perfect opportunity to find out why.

"Hey Kat can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Sure what's up?"

"How come you don't like Summer?"

"I don't know what you're talking about." she lied.

"Yes you do. Whatever it is no one sees it but you. Just give her a chance and I'll bet you learn to love her."

"It's just...I don't want to see you get hurt."

"That's very sweet of you, but why don't you let me worry about that. You just concern yourself with the fact that Summer has made me happier than I have ever been."

"Well what about Emily?"

"What about her?"

"How is she going to feel when she walks in here today and sees you hanging all over that girl?"

"Summer is my girlfriend now not Emily. And she never was my girlfriend- we broke things off a long time ago, before anything even got serious. And how she reacts is not my concern and I don't think it should be yours. I think you should be more concerned with how much longer you'll keep me as a friend if you keep this up." he said and brushed past her with a tray of drinks.

Summer sensed that something not good had occurred between Jason and Katherine, but he insisted that everything was just fine. She decided that she wouldn't persue the issue until they were alone for she was sure that it was somehow her fault.

The gang hung out for several more hours. They spent a lot of time getting to know Summer and telling her stories about Jason in the old days. The time when all of their old were there and they had yet to meet the people to whom they were now the closest . She learned about Billy and Sky and their miracle wedding. And Tommy's first appearance in Angel Grove was tying Jason for the karate championship. Now they were like brothers. As Summer listened to the stories she secretly wished that she had been able to make such good friends. She could only hope that they would make her one of theirs.

"Summer we gotta go." Jason said suddenly after glancing at the time.

"Oh yeah, we're gonna be late."

"Late for what?" asked Tommy.

"Dinner at Summer's. Her mom can get pretty mean when people are late getting to the table."

"Okay, we'll catch you guys later."

"Yeah I can't wait to hear more stories about Jason." she smiled.

"We got lots more to tell."

"God. Not more stories." he mumbled as he and Summer got up from the table. "If you hear anymore stories about me you may decide that you don't want to got out on anymore dates with me." he said as they began to leave.

"How could I not want to go out with someone as adorable as you." she said in a sweet voice.

"Can I keep you?" he said and spread butterfly kisses over the back of her neck as she led the way to his car.

"Jason!" she squealed as his kisses tickled her.

"Well I'm gonna head out too guys. Are you coming Tanya?" said Kat as she prepared to go home.

"Nah. I'm gonna hang out for a while."

"Cool. I'm staying too." said Tommy.

"Okay. Bye everyone." Kat said and went towards the exit.

In the corridor leading to the outside door Kat bumped into Emily who was making her way to work after a four week vacation.

"Emily! You're back. It's good to see you..what's wrong?" she said when she saw the look of utter despair on the girls beautiful face.

"Who-who's that girl kissing Jason?" her voice breaking as she spoke.

* * * * *

At the Youth Center Summer was teaching Tanya a new kata. Tanya had asked for Summer's help when she tired of Adam's constant babblings about his precious Alex. It's not as though it had been that long since they were heading into a relationship and he seemed to have completely forgotten. She resented everything about Alex. She was funny, pretty-no beautiful, and Adam was madly in love with her. She also hated the fact that she was such a good martial artist and that's what prompted her to take lessons from Summer. Perhaps Adam would notice her if she could defeat his perfect little darling in a spar. It would surely never happen, but it was the only hope she had to cling to.

Over the last two weeks Emily had learned everything she could about Jason's new girlfriend. She had returned home with the hope that she and Jason could work towards a new relationship, but new that it would never happen. He was in love with Summer- whether he wanted to admit it or not. And she knew why. She had grown very close to Summer once she moved past the hope of winning Jason back. They were now the best girlfriends either had ever had.

Kat stared daggers at Summer as she gave her best friend a congratulatory hug-for doing so well- then head to the girls locker room.

"First Jason now Tanya." she said icily.

"What are you grumbling about?" asked Emily.

"Summer Hansen."

"She's great isn't she." she smiled as she thought of her friend.

"You too?!"

"What is your big problem with her? She's the perfect friend. Actually she's practically the perfect everything. Give her a chance and you'll see. I gotta get back to work." she said and carried a tray of food to it's table.

"That's just the problem. She's perfect." she grumbled to herself.

Kat sat there and tried to think of all of the reasons she disliked Summer, but only one came to mind: she was perfect. Or aleast closer to it than she had ever been. There had been a time not so long ago when everyone looked to her for everything. She had grace, beauty, brains and all that she did was without flaw. Now Summer had taken that away from her. Even when she did something wrong she made it look as though it should be that way. Everyone fawned over her and Kat had just about had enough.

"I've got to get my best friend out of her clutches." she said to herself and went to talk to Tanya who was practicing the kata she had just learned.

"Hey Tanya."

"Hey girl. Did you see Summer- isn't she great?"

Kat swallowed hard and forced herself not to say what she was thinking. "You didn't look so bad yourself."

"Thank you, but you're biased- you're my best friend."

"I wouldn't say it if it weren't true."

"Thanks Kat. So what's up?"

"I thought that maybe when you're through here we could get some movies and goodies and hang out tonight- just you and me."

"That sounds great. I'm gonna go hit the showers and change."

"Okay I'll wait at a table for you."

Summer exited the locker room and saw that Katherine was sitting alone. She thought that it might be a good idea to try and talk to her, but thought better of it. She instead went to the juice bar to sit with Tommy while she waited for Jason to pick her up.

Tommy stopped in mid sip when he saw Summer walking his way. She was wearing a white skirt that was very short and a top to match. It was low cut and showed off her midriff. Her hair was pulled back in the front to reveal her beautiful caramel coloured face and flowed in brownish curls over her shoulders and down her back. She wore a pair of open toed white sandals that made her a few inches taller because of their heel. If Jason wasn't practically his brother and he wasn't mad about Nova he would have gone after Summer the first day he saw her.

Knowing that she was probably waiting for Jason he waved her over to get rid of any ideas that she was available for anyone to even talk to. If Jason had ever seen the way some guys looked at Summer- especially at that moment- her would really lose his temper and possibly hurt someone. But he was too busy adoring her to notice the attention her presence commanded. And that was very good for the health of the male population that frequented the Youth Center.

"Hey Ernie can I get a kiwi shake for Summer."

"Oh that's so sweet."

"I only ordered you a drink." he said blushing from her words.

"Yeah, but how many guys would actually remember that I like kiwi? I bet you make Nova very happy when you're together."

"It's easy to make her happy. I love her. I would do cartwheels every day if I knew it would make her smile."

"That is so sweet." she gushed.

"Jason feels the same way about you and you guys aren't even going steady yet."

"Yet? What do you know?"

"Nothing at all- hey is that a bellybutton ring?"

"Oh real smothe subject change, but I'll play along. Yes this is a navel ring. And yes it's real."

"Really? When did you get it?"

"In China when I was twelve."

"And your dad let you get it?"

"Well it was that or a nose ring and since he knew that I was going to get one or the other whether or not he liked it, he picked this because he figured that he'd never have to see it. And he didn't until I-shall we say blossomed- decided that I liked to show off my tummy."

"And we love looking at it." said Adam as he kissed Summer on the cheek. "What are we looking at?"

"Summer has her navel pierced." stated Tommy who was still closely examining it.

"Cool lemme see."

"What are you guys doing to Summer?" asked Tanya as she and Katherine approached the group.

"We're looking at her bellybutton." said Adam without looking up.

"Why?" Katherine asked, then kicked herself mentally for allowing the words to leave her mouth.

"It's pierced." said Tommy.

"Wow let me look..."

Jason walked in the Youth Center to see a crowd around his Sunny. It didn't surprise him that everyone wanted to be near this incredible young woman. He broke up the group when he pushed his way through and grabbed a hold of Summer.

"Dang woman! You're as sweet as honey and everyone wants a taste."he said as he held his arms around her tiny waist and moved her away from everyone else.

"Including you?"

"Especially me!" he said then dipped her and gifted her with a kiss.

"Hey you two, we got people tryin' to eat in here. You're almost as bad as those two." laughed Emily as she walked by with an order of food.

Jason and Summer giggled as they looked at the other couple of the group. Adam was giving Alex quite a "hello".

Jason's attention quickly returned to the woman in his arms. "You look beautiful."

"Thank you. I wanted to look nice for you."

"You look more than nice." he said more to himself. "Are you ready?"

"Yes. Where are we going?" she asked.

"Ask me no questions."

"Okay, okay."

"I just have to talk to the guys for a sec."

Jason gathered everyone at a table once the whole gang had arrived. He then surprised them with a letter from Mr. and Mrs. Cranston. It was the first that they had heard from them since their wedding.

"What do they say?"

"I haven't read it yet."

"Well open it already!" said an excited Alex.

"Okay. Dear Everyone...

Sorry that you haven't heard from us sooner, but we've been too busy enjoying married life. Our honeymoon- well words could not describe how incredible it was. Hawaii is beautifully romantic. Alex and Adam, when you get married- and we know you will- you should go there on your honeymoon.

Our new house is beautiful and Sky gets most of the credit. She has excellent taste and is responsible for making it feel like a home. You had better come visit soon so that we can have a house warming party. You are always welcome. Our door is open to you when ever you feel the need to drop by. Make it soon because we miss you guys dearly.

Alex, Sky misses you like crazy. She tells everyone how you were responsible for our marriage and I'm inclined to believe that she right. All of you helped us in our relationship and we'll never be able to repay you.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Billy and Sky

Adam took his girlfriend in his arms when he saw the first tear fall. "Hey, what's goin' on?"

"I miss my friend." she sniffed. "And I'm sad because I can't see how happy she is right now."

"I miss hearing her call me muscle head in that cute little accent that she tries to hide." everyone laughed when they thought of it.

"I miss talking to Billy and not understanding a word he says." said Tommy.

"Wow. I've never met them and I miss them."

Summer's statement made everyone laugh.

"So what do you think about Hawaii?" Adam asks Alex as he pulled her away form the group.

"I was thinking Cancun." they heard her say before they moved completely out of earshot.

When the conversation turned to Alex's and Adam's wedding Tanya turned green with envy and decided that she could take no more. She suggested that they all gather at her and Kat's house later that evening and they could hang out the way they did in the old days and reminisce. Everyone agreed that it was a great idea and would happily be there. Adam had been promising to finish editing the wedding video and thought that it would be a great time for them to watch it.

"What time should we be there?" asked Summer.

"Seven and we'll supply all of the junk food."

"All right! We'd love to stay and chat, but we have a date to get to." Jason said and whisked Summer away before anyone could say good-bye.

Jason took Summer on a picnic. He brought a delicious lunch- courtesy of Mrs. Hansen- and fed Summer lovingly. Later on he gave her a shoulder massage to loosen her up after her workout with Tanya. Then he laid her down on the soft blanket and kissed her breath away.

Jason was in a dream state while he was with Summer. He couldn't take his eyes off her and she was always on his mind. He just couldn't get enough of her and though he hated to admit it, Jason was already falling in love with her and he was sure that she was feeling the same.

"Summer, I really enjoy being with you. You're so warm and...Sunny." he said with a chuckle. "I can't wait to wake up each day just because I know that I'll get to see smile at me the way you are now. I mean God you're so beautiful- especially your smile- and I get to be a part of your day."

"Jason stop. You're gonna make me blush."

"I can't stop. You turn me into a babbling fool."

"You're not a fool."

"Yes I am, because I didn't ask you to be my girlfriend the first day that I met you."


"Sunny, I want to know that you're mine alone. Just tell me that you don't want anyone but me, tell me that you're my girl."

"I am Jason. I mean I want to be."

"Are you sure you wanna get stuck with me?"

"What do you think?" she said and kissed him passionately.

Jason pushed her back on the blanket and kissed her more deeply. He kissed her lips then her chin and neck. His lips traveled over her face kiss by kiss. He just couldn't get enough of her sweet smell and even sweeter taste. But finally pulled himself away for they had a party to get to.

Chapter Three

"God! Did you hear that cute little nickname he has for her." hissed Kat.

"He has been callin' her that for weeks. And if you didn't run every time you saw them coming you would know little things like that." said Tanya who was preparing drinks for the gang. "I think it's sweet and still can't figure out why you don't like her. I mean it's not as if she stole Jason from you."

"What about Em-"

"Don't even say it cuz the girl's Summer's best friend. Tommy is the one you want. You should be over there trying to get him to forget about his girlfriend and go out with you. Instead he's over there watching Rocky eat and sharing sob stories about how much they miss their precious girlfriends. And here you are complaining about a girl that has done nothing except try to be your friend." she scolded. "If anyone should be upset it's me- look what I got to put up with everyday." she said and pointed in the direction of the most affectionate couple anyone had seen, Adam and Alex.

"How do you think I felt seeing him fall in love with her right after we broke up. It's like I never existed as anything but his friend. And he is my best friend so I have to deal with her if I want to keep it that way.

"Don't get me wrong, Alex is great, but why did he have to love her so quickly? Why did she have to come along and ruin any chances of Adam and I working it out? And the thing that makes it so bad is that she's totally oblivious. She has no idea that I used to date her boyfriend- not that it would bother her because she's so trusting. But it just might throw a monkey wrench into their relationship if she knew that Adam not only lied, but kept it a secret from her all this time."

"So why don't you do it?"

"Because I love him."

"I don' get it. If you love him why don't you try to get him back?"

"Because I only want his happiness. And as much as I hate to say it, she's made him happier in ten months than I ever could.

"When you love someone you do whatever it takes to keep them happy and smiling. Even if it means letting go of that someone you love. And I do love him so much."

"Oh Tanya, I didn't know that this was hurting you so very badly. I am so sorry." she said and hugged her best friend whom it seemed she was neglecting because of her own bitter jealousy.

"What's going on? What are you sorry about?" asked Alex.

"Oh, uh, Tanya's cat has run away and we can't find him anywhere."

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sure he'll come home to you soon."

"Thanks Alex, I hope he will."

"Well I came to tell you that everyone is ready to watch the video and to help with the drinks." she said and grabbed a tray of drinks.

"Thanks Alex, but you don't have to do that."

"I know I want to." she said and headed to the living room.

"Tanya, I'm sorry." was all Kat could say.

The group watched as the most romantic wedding took place on the screen and in their minds. It was like being there all over again. Alex cried...again as did Summer who was touched by the love she saw between two people that she had yet to meet. Then a light bulb went on in her head.

Summer suggested that the group plan a surprise trip to see their friends. The invitation was open and they all wanted to see Sky and Billy. Everyone agreed that it was a brilliant idea and began making plans that very night.

Even Kat had thought that Summer had come up with a great idea. Her conversation with Tanya played in her head over and over again. The more she heard it the more she knew that everyone had been right. She had never really given Summer a chance and decided that it was time she started.

Sky and Billy were outside on the porch enjoying their day off when the van pulled up the street. They were surprised to see it because they didn't have many neighbors yet and the ones that they had were at work. Neither of the had ever seen the van before so they had to assume that it was someone who had lost their way.

"I wonder who it could be." said Billy as he and Sky left the porch to investigate. A door on the passenger side flew open suddenly before the van had even come to a complete stop. Alex ran around to the other side of the van and headed straight for her best friend. "Blue!" she called.

"Oh my gosh! Al." she said as her friend almost knocked her over with a hug. "Oh my God what are you doing here? I'm so happy to see you."

"I missed you too." said Alex.

"Yo Billy, looking good man." said Tommy.

"Yeah married life seems to be agreeing with you." said Adam.

"It's good to see you guys." Billy said and embraced each of his friends.

Jason saw that Summer was standing on the sidelines looking a bit left out. He went to her and pulled her into the reunion. "Billy and Sky, I want you to meet my girlfriend Summer."

"Hi it's nice to meet you both."

"It's about time Jas. Summer it's nice to meet you."

"Muscle head you did good. She's gorgeous."

Katherine felt herself cringing at the remark and scolded herself. This vacation was her chance to find out why everyone was so crazy about this girl and she would stay open minded even if it killed her.

"Come on inside girls. We've got a lot of catching up to do." said Sky. With one arm around Alex she turned to the house, but paused. She turned her head and held her had out to Summer wanting to make the girl feel welcome as her friends had once done for her.

With a wide grin Summer took Sky's hand and walked with her to the house.

"So Summer, it's nice to meet the girl who finally stole the Muscle head's heart."

"I wouldn't say that I've stolen his heart. Atleast not yet anyway."

"I would. I can see it when he looks at you." she said and led them all into the house.

The ten friends reminisced for hours before they finally fell asleep. The next day was more of the same. They talked together at breakfast and then broke off into their own smaller groups. Summer was in awe of the love and friendship that was taking place before her eyes. She had never seen a group of people that cared so greatly for one another. She had never been apart of anything like it, but felt as though she was being welcomed into their family.

"So Jas, I take it that you and Summer are getting pretty serious." observed Billy.

"I don't know, I guess."

"You guess?! Jason you are mad about the girl. Anyone who can see knows it." stated Tommy.

"I am. Guys I think that I'm already in love with her. Man, what am I gonna do?"

"Tell her. And tell her soon. Don't make the same mistake I did."

"What are you afraid of?" asked Rocky.

"I'm afraid of her loving me back. I don't want her to get hurt."

"Why don't you let her take that chance if she wants to."

"But she doesn't know what she's getting into by becoming the Gold Ranger's girlfriend. I'll be lying and keeping secrets from her. Not to mention how dangerous it could be if Mondo decides to go after her."

"Mondo has proven that he likes to attack us through our loved ones, but if we stop having them it would be like letting him win one of the battles. I mean it is convenient that Alex, Sky and Nova know about us being the power Rangers, but even if they didn't I would never give up Alex. I couldn't live without her."

"Same here Bro."

"Well, I guess I had better not waste anymore time, because I know that I couldn't live without Sunny. All my days would be...gray." he said with a chuckle. "C'mon enough mush. Let's go play some football."

"Sounds good to me." chimed Billy.

"Hey I heard the girls saying something about a picnic."

"Only Rocky." said Billy shaking his head.

"Oh no, we have a second. Summer has out eaten Rocky on several occasions." said Tommy.

"That little thing? Where does she put it all?"

"Her chest." laughed Adam.

"Hey!" exclaimed Jason as he smacked the back of his friends head.

"What are you doing looking?" he smiled.

"I can't help it. They're so...."

Later that the evening there was a celebration. They had a group dinner and enjoyed being together again even if only for a short time. It was like the old days at the Youth Center. The only thing missing was the rest of the gang. It was sad that they couldn't all be there but they atleast had each other. Summer cherished every moment that they were together for she knew that she would never have friends like these again. Nor would she ever meet a group of people that loved one another as much as this one did. After dinner Summer pulled out a surprise that she had been planning especially for this trip.

"Summer you got everyone presents, even Billy and Sky? That's so sweet." Kat said in a bit of a shock.

"It's no big deal. I just wanted to give you all a little something to thank you all for welcoming me into your family."

"Dogtags, cool." said Adam. "Wait these have Al's name on them."

"Yeah and I have two pair." said Rocky.

"Let me explain. In my family mostly everyone has been in the military and it's a tradition that you give your dogtags to the one you love." she said and began to remove her dogtags from her neck. "It means that no matter where you are or what happens between us," she said and placed the chain around Jason's neck, "As long as you have these you will always be able to find your way back to me."

"Sunny...that's so sweet, but I-"

"Tut tut." she said and covered his lips with her finger. "I haven't finished. Traditionally it's only the person in the service that gives his dogtags to someone, but I thought it would be twice as good if we' ll had a pair to give." she said and pulled out a pair with Jason's name on it.

Jason took the gift from her and placed it around her neck. Then he gifted her with a soft kiss.

Everyone was awe struck by the sentiment and meaning behind the gift. They followed Jason's and Summer's lead and placed their dogtag around the neck of the one they loved.

"Tommy and Rocky, I took the liberty of making two pairs, because I know that you'll be united with your loves soon. Kat and Tanya, I know you'll both find someone to love and when you do I'll have a set made up for the lucky fellows."

The last day of their trip the group separated once more. Summer had felt as though she should stay to herself and give everyone a chance to say their last good byes and make their final confessions. And perhaps the next time they came for a visit she would be included in on of the special groups. But for today she had been left alone with Kat. She knew once Katherine found out that it would be awkward, so she stayed outside on the porch for as long as possible.

Kat came outside after she was showered and dressed, probably looking for something to do. She caught sight of Summer on the far end of the porch and approached her slowly. "'Morning Summer." she said softly.

"Katherine, I'm sorry that you got stuck here with me all day." she blurted.

Kat felt like she had been slapped in the face by that remark. Had she been so terrible to Summer that she thought she needed to apologize for her presence? She felt like a total jerk and planned to make up for it.

"It's okay, I don't mind. Actually I hoping that you and I could spend some time getting to know one another."


"I know that I haven't exactly been the greatest person around you. I haven't given you much of a chance and I'm sorry. I'm ready to try if you'll let me. If you don't want to be my friend I'll understand, I mean it's not like I deserve it."

"I'd love to spend the day getting to know the Katherine everyone tells me about." she said with a warm smile.

The two went for a walk into town. They talked about anything and everything. Kat quickly understood why everyone was drawn to her. Summer was truly amazing. She was warm and loving and forgiving.

Kat treated them to a fattening lunch and sundaes for dessert. They went shopping for presents for everyone- and themselves. Somewhere the conversation turned to her feeling for Tommy. Summer advised her that she should only try to be Tommy's friend because it was obvious that no matter how hard anyone tried he would never leave Nova again. She deserved to be the first choice not just a consolation prize. Katherine agreed, but it would be hard getting over Tommy, even if he never loved her back.

After hours together it turned out that the two girls not only had very much in common, but they actually liked each other as well. It was quite a surprise to everyone when they walked in the house talking and laughing together. They all froze in their tracks and observed the two people least expected to spend five minutes alone together let alone the entire day.

"Did-did you two spend the entire day together?" asked Jason.

"Don't looked so surprised. Kat and I have every reason to hang out together, we're very much alike."

"Yeah." was Kat could manage because she knew that most of the stares were pointed at her. Everyone had been trying to convince her of how wonderful Summer was, but she was too stupid to listen. She owed a lot of apologies. But was glad that she was made to eat her words.

Chapter Four

Upon returning from their trip to Indiana, Kat and Summer had become friends. Kat had even joined Tanya in her martial arts lessons. They began hanging out and doing all sorts of things together. Everything seemed to be going perfectly. They were all together and now everyone was friends. Jason thought that perhaps it was all too good to be true, but he wouldn't complain. His relationship with Summer had moved to a new level. Things between them were now quite serious. It was time that he told her just how much he felt for her.

With the help of Summer's closest friends, Emily and Katherine, Jason planned a romantic dinner on the beach. Everything would be perfect. The dinner would be exquisite, and the atmosphere enchanting. He would spoil her with her favorite dessert and as he fed her a drop of cherry juice would spill to her lips. He would catch it with his tongue and then he would say, with all the love that he held in his heart, "I love you Summer."

"What?" she asked, taken aback by the words.

"I love you Sunny." he repeated sweetly.

"Again." she said in no more than a sigh.

"I love you."

"One more time." she insisted.

Jason placed his hand on her soft cheek and brought her face to meet his. "Summer, I love you." then he kissed her softly.

"I love you too."

Jason's heart soared. Deep down he had always known that she loved him, but hearing it made real. He had never before experienced these feelings and was sure that he would never have them for anyone, but this woman that he loved with all his soul.

"God, Sunny, how did I ever exist without you?" he said as he looked deep into her eyes.

"You existed for me, knowing that I would one day come."

On the Machine sky base on the moon, King Mondo watched the romantic scene that had just taken place. He had always believed that the fall of the Power Rangers would come from their trying protect their loved ones. He had tried twice before and failed, but refused to give up. Jason would be the down fall of the Rangers and Summer would be the the log that they tripped over.

"Family, gather around. I have a plan to finally steal the golden powers from Jason..."

A flash of light was followed by more than a dozen of mondo's metal soldiers. They began the ascent on the group of kids as they enjoyed a beautiful picnic.

"Get the one named Summer." said a mechanical voice. Alex had been the only one to hear it so she kept close to Summer in the battle. When it was over she urged the others to meet with her at the Power Chamber. She told them of what she had heard and they took on the weight of a new problem. It would be up to them to keep Mondo from hurting Summer for whatever reason he had this time.

"I'm not sure exactly why he's after her, but I do know that this won't be his last attempt. I'm gonna need your help to keep Sunny safe."

"You don't have to ask. From now on Summer doesn't go anywhere without one of us." said Tommy.

Over the next few weeks the Rangers and Summer were the victims of what seemed like random cog attacks. There was hardly ever a peaceful moment in Angel Grove. Until suddenly, the attacks just stopped.

There hadn't been a cog in sight in over a week and Jason was planning to spend a romantic afternoon with his girlfriend. After a morning of shopping with Emily she would meet him at the Youth Center. When Emily arrived alone, stating that Summer was making a stop at home first, he got a horrible feeling in the pit of his stomach. Though the attacks had stopped, he was sure that Mondo had not given up his pursuit of Summer. Jason left the Youth Center in a hurry. He had to find Summer and fast.

And he did, but he was too late.

Summer was surrounded by over a dozen cogs in the park. She was fighting hard, but looked to be injured. Jason knew that she wouldn't be able to last much longer. How could Mondo be so ruthless?! Jason rushed in and began his assault on Summer's attackers.

"Jason!" Summer sighed in relief.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm hurt, I can't fight anymore."

"It's okay, I'm here now. Get out of here! I'll hold them off."

Summer only nodded and turned to retreat. As best she could, she moved to the shelter of a tree with a slight limp and was faced with a cog that had slipped past Jason. She was able to pull of one final roundhouse kick in order to destroy it, but the force of the impact racked her body with pain. With no more strength to stop it Summer fell in full force to the ground. She hit her head on a root and was rendered unconscious.

Her fall was all Jason saw. "Sunny?" he called.

"Oh God, Sunny talk to me!"

Summer had heard him call her name before loosing total consciousness and summoned all of her strength to respond to him. She lifted her head and her eyes were met by a flash of golden light. The black void of sleep over took her.

Jason had morphed when her realized the Summer couldn't hear him. He had to destroy the cogs quickly and get her to safety. After ridding himself of the cogs he demorphed and ran to Summer.

"Sunny, baby?' he said softly as he lifted her limp form into his lap. "Oh God, no!" he cried when he saw blood running from her forehead.

"Help! Someone, help me!"

"Jason, what's wrong?" asked Ernie.

"It's Sunny. She's hurt- she's bleeding."

"Oh no. Lay her down on a mat. I'll call 911."

"Oh my God!" Emily exclaimed when she saw Jason carrying her best friend.

"Jason what happened?" asked Kat.

"She was being attacked. She fell and hit her head."

"The ambulance is on the way. They said not to move her again- incase she may have broken something."

"Oh God!" moaned Jason.

Kat pulled him to the side to try calming him down. Adam and Tommy arrived as she did.

"What's going?"

"Sunny's hurt." he choked out.

"Calm down and tell us what happened."

Jason took some deep breaths and then relived the ordeal as he told his friends what he had seen.

"Man! I was hoping that Mondo had finally given up." said Tommy.

"Jason, she's waking up." called Emily.

Jason rushed to her side and watched as her eyes fluttered open. "Jason?"

"It's me Sunny. Are you all right?"

"No. It hurts so bad." she said with much difficulty.

"It's okay, baby. We're gonna get you to a hospital. Just hold on for me."

"I-I can't." she said as the curtain of darkness began to close around her.

"No Sunny. Stay awake. You have to stay awake for me."

She passed out.

"No, Sunny! Wake up, please!" he cried, tears streamimg down his face. It took all of his strenght to let her go when the paramedics arrived. He stayed as close to her as they would allow, watching for signs of her regaining consciousness. But she never did. He paced the floor as the readied her for the ride to the hospital.

Tommy managed to pulled Jason away from her side, "You go with her and Adam and I will meet with the others at the Power Chamber."

"Okay Bro. I'll let you know how she is as soon as I know something."

Jason paced the hall for what seemed like hours. He watched as doctors and nurses went in and out of the room they had taken Summer. He asked, but no one would give him any information on her condition. Just when he thought he would go crazy, Alex was there to relieve him.

"What are you doing here?"

"I figured you'd be going crazy by now so I came to give you a break."

"I can't leave until I find out how Sunny is."

"That was not a request, it was an order. Now you can walk out of here on your own, or we can do this the hard way." she threatened.

"Okay, but you call me the second you hear something." he agreed, not having enough strength to put up a fight.

"I promise, now go get her something that will cheer her up."

"Alex, don't let anything happen to her."

"I won't."

Jason went to the Power Chamber. He quickly announced that there was not yet any information to give on Summer's condition. They could all see the anger and pure rage in his eyes when he spoke of the attack. Jason was about to go on a rampage and no one wanted to get caught in the path that would lead straight to King Mondo.

"..Guys she was fighting over a dozen cogs when I found her."

"My goodness. Why so many?" said Kat.

"Because Mondo wanted to be sure that he got her this time. It took all of them to injure her and wear her down. If I had gotten there a minute later she would be gone maybe even..." Jason couldn't bring himself to say the words he was thinking.

"Don't talk like that Jas. You got there in time."

"Not in time. I was late and Summer was hurt because of it. God, this is all my fault."

"It isn't your fault."

"But it is! Haven't you figure it out yet? Mondo went after Summer to get to me."

No one could speak for they knew that he was right. The only reason for Mondo to go after Summer would be to get to her boyfriend, the Gold Ranger. Jason had been right when he said that falling in love with Summer would be dangerous, but no one had wanted to believe that it could actually be true.

Both Rocky and Tommy felt a relief wash over them when they thought of how the women they loved were so far away for Mondo's attacks never left Angel Grove. They also felt bad because they each knew how it felt to lose the love of their lives and Jason had been only seconds away from losing his- possibly forever.

"That bastard knows that if he gets to Sunny I'll do anything to protect her...even give up my powers. Goddamn it! I'm gonna rip his head off!" he screamed and punched the wall, hurting his hand in the process. "Ouch! Damn!" he yelled and held his hand when the pain hit."

"Jason calm down before you hurt yourself." said Tommy.

"Tommy's right. You're playing right into Mondo's hand if you act like a crazed person." said Tanya.

"I know, but I can't help it." he cried, "I am so worry about Sunny." a tear fell to his cheek as he spoke.

"C'mon, let me take a look at your hand."

Jason returned to the hospital with a box of chocolates, balloons, a Garfield stuffed animal, and a sprained wrist. He was met by Alex who had a good idea of what happened without having to be told. She gave him all of the information she had be given about Summer. She had sustained several broken ribs on either side, her left arm was in a sling and her head wound was only a small cut. She would have lots of bruises and it would take some time for her to heal, but she would in fact heal.

"Oh god!" Jason gasped. He felt like he had had the wind knocked from him.

"Jason she's all right. The doctors said that she had even woke up asking for you, but that she had fallen back asleep just as quickly. Why don't you go and sit with her until she wakes up."

"Thanks Al. Could you contact the others?"

"I'm way ahead of you."

Jason pulled up a chair beside the bed and only stared at first. She looked so vulnerable lying there. He took her right hand in his and kissed it softly."Sunny if you can hear me...I'm so sorry." he sobbed. "This is all my fault. I should have been there with you- I should have protected you.

"I knew that falling in love with you would be dangerous, but I couldn't stop it. God, I love you so much, but I know there will have to be changes if you and I are ever to be together. I'll do anything to keep you safe, even if it means saying good-bye to the Gold Ranger.

"God why did you have to love me back?! Why wasn't I strong enough to fight my feelings for you?!" he wailed laid his head on the bed and cried.

Summer was reliving the attack- she could see it so clearly. Her ribs were on fire and her shoulder was ready to give out. Every movement brought her closer to collapsing. Then Jason was there to save her. He protected her from the metal menaces. She heard him call out to her as her body gave way to the pain and toppled to the ground. She looked up and saw...Jason?

"Jason?" she whispered softly.

Jason's head popped up when he heard his name. She was coming to. He tightened his hold on her hand and spoke to her softly. "Sunny? I'm here baby. I'm right here with you, always."

When she felt him holding her hand Summer realized that she was no longer dreaming. "Jason?" she said as her eyes tried to focus on his image.

"Hey beautiful."

"Hi handsome, but I don't think I'm really all that easy on the eyes today." she said with much effort.

You look beautiful to me."

"Liar." she said and winced after her attempt to laugh.

"Are you okay? Do you want me to call the doctor?"

"It's okay. It just hurts when I laugh- and move, and breathe."

"God Sunny, I'm so sorry- I did this to you."

"No you didn't. Who knew it would be this tough being the Gold Ranger's girlfriend."

Jason's eyes widened.

"Are you gonna say it or will we just pretend that I don't know."

"How did y-"

"Let's just say it came to me in a vision."

"You saw me? But how?"

" Never mind that. Let's discuss the fact that I will not allow you to give up your powers because of me."

"It's not up for discussion. You could've been killed because of all the lies and secrets. Now that you're safe I plan to keep it that way."

Before Summer could protest the gang walked into the room baring gifts.

"Hey Summer." said Tommy.

Everyone brought her a present to cheer her up and they all had well wishes. Tommy brought her balloons and Adam gave her a sun flower along with a kiss on her forehead. Rocky gave her a tray of almond windmill cookies that had taken all of his strength not to eat any. And the girls brought hugs kisses and humorous cards.

"So how do you feel?"

"It hurts everywhere, but I'm dealing. Seeing all of you makes me feel much better."

"Glad to be of service." joked Adam.

Tommy's watch played the six tone tune that had become quite familiar to Summer's ears. She suddenly realized why they ran off every time it went off. They were being called to duty.

"Uh, Summer-"

"I know you have a "thing"."

"Yeah- how'd you know?"

"I've become accustomed to it. Go on and save the world I'll be right here waiting."

Everyone looked to Summer in surprise and then to Jason.

"It's okay, I found out on my own. Go."

"We'll uh, we'll talk about this later. C'mon Jas." he said and turned to leave.

Tommy was the last to reach the door. When he did he noticed that Jason hadn't moved. "Hey, Bro, you comin' ?"

Jason looked at Summer in her broken state and knew that he couldn't leave her. She was much too vulnerable. "Not this time Bro." he said over his shoulder.

"But Jas-"

"I can't leave her man!"

"Yes you can."

"But Sun-"

"I don't want to hear it. They need you. Besides if you don't work to defeat Mondo, he'll continue to threaten everything that is dear to you- me and your friends."

"I love you Sunny."

"I love you too."


"You don't need to ask. I'll take care of her."

"Thank you." he said. He gave Summer a kiss and a lingering stare before following Tommy outside and teleporting to the Power Chamber.

Mondo had sent down a fleet of cogs and they were terrorizing the citizens in Angel Grove Park. The Rangers morphed and jumped into action. They cogs were easy to defeat for they disappeared in the middle of battle. The Rangers were baffled and went to seek the opinion of their mentor.

At the Hospital Summer had fallen asleep and Alex left the room for several minutes to go to the bathroom. When she returned the room looked as thought it had been ransacked and there was no sign of Summer. Fear washed over her. Not only for what might have happened to Summer, but fear of what Jason would do once he found out that she was missing.

"Zordon the cogs wouldn't have just left in the middle of a fight. I think the were meant to be a distraction."


"Oh no...Sunny." said Jason hoping that he was wrong. "Alex? Alex come in."

"Here I am Jason." came her voice from behind.

"What are you doing here? Where's Sunny?"

"Jason I don't know how to tell you this-"

"He got her, didn't he?!"

"I left the room to go to the bathroom and when I got back the room was a wreck and I couldn't find Summer anywhere. Jason I'm so sorry."

"That bastard has Summer. Damn it! I knew I shouldn't have left her." he yelled.

"Jason I'm sorry it's all my fault." Alex said looking as though she would cry.

"No it isn't. I got her into this."


"He's got Summer."

"Odds are he wants to make a trade." said Adam.

"Yeah, my powers for her life."

"Zordon, what should we do?" asked Tommy.


"I'm gonna get Sunny back whatever the cost."

"But Jason you-"

"What? I can't give him my powers? I'd give my life to save her. You'd do the same for Devin without thinking twice about it."

"True, but he's gonna double cross you."

"That's why I have you guy's to watch my back."

"You got that right Bro." Tommy said and placed a hand reassuring hand on Jason's shoulder.

"No matter what happens, you get Summer out of there safely- I mean it! Don't worry about me, Summer is more important." and with that they teleported to the beach.

Jason's heart ached to see that Summer was being held captive and was in unimaginable pain. He would make Mondo regret the day he had ever crossed the path of Jason Lee Scott!

"All right Mondo, let her go!" he demanded.

"Insolent human! How dare you give me an order. Hand over the Power Staff and then you can have the girl."

Knowing that Mondo was not one to bargain he prepared to give up his powers a second time. "Okay Mondo, they're yours."

"Jason no!" Summer cried.

"Sunny." was all he could manage.

Summer was determined not to let Jason's powers fall into evil hands. She managed to fight herself free and ran as best she could to Jason. Summer grabbed the staff just before it reached Mondo's metal hand. A blast of golden energy spilled forth destroying all of Mondo's evil minions and Mondo himself. Summer received a jolt the threw her back several feet.


Chapter Five

Summer awoke to find herself back in her hospital bed. She had no idea of how she had gotten there or how long she had been asleep, but she felt better than she had the last time she was conscious. Her headache was gone and it didn't hurt so much when she breathed. But the pain was still there.

She heard the voices of her friends and was glad to know that she was not alone. Jason, Adam and Alex were having a conversation about Billy and Sky. it had something to do with the present that She and Kat had given them before leaving Indiana.

"...Sky said that they stayed in bed for an entire weekend with it."

^Man I'd love to spend a weekend in bed with you.^ she heard Adam say, but was sure that the words had never left his mouth. She shook it off assuming that she had only imagined it.

"So when do I get some attention?" she croaked.

"Well, looked who finally decided to wake up." said Alex.

"Hey beautiful, welcome back to the conscious world." Jason said and moved next to her bed.

"Was I missed?"

"Very much." said Adam who joined Alex on the side of the bed.

"Do you feel well enough for a big bear hug and a kiss?"

"How about a teddy bear hug and two kisses?"

"You got it." he said and hugged her gently. he kissed her once softly and then again deeply.

^God, I wish Adam would kiss me like that more often.^

^God I'm horny.^

There it was again, but she was positive that nothing had been said aloud. Summer became a little concerned, but kept it to herself.

"Um, we're gonna go let the others know that you're awake. We'll see you later." The couple rushed out then room quickly.

"Is it me or did it seem like those two couldn't get out of here fast enough."

"It not you. It's their hormones." she chuckled.

"I'm glad you're back. I was afraid that the blast may have done some damage."

"It did something." she remarked quietly.


"Nothing. Just shower me with love."

"You never have to ask." he said and wrapped his arms around her.

"We'll finally have some peace and quiet now that Mondo's been destroyed."

"Let's just hope that Queen Machina doesn't have plans to pick up where her husband left off."

"Let's not talk about that. Let's talk about all of the picnics I'm gonna take you on once you're well enough."

"Don't forget the cheese cake." she smiled and laid her head on his chest.

Jason reveled in her closeness and warmth. He thought that he might never have moments like this again. He was rejoicing now that he knew his Sunny would bring him more Sunny daze.

"Mmmm, I love you too."

Jason looked at her strangely. How had she known what he had been thinking? He shrugged and assumed that she could feel the love radiating from him.

* * * * *

Jason arrived at the Hansen's early Saturday morning. Summer was outside on the porch swing waiting for him.

"What are you doing out of bed?"

"The doc says it's okay. C'mon, take me for a walk."

"Are you okay? Do you need to rest?"

"No, I'm just thinking. Jason, we need to talk."

"About what?" he asks as he steered her to a bench.

"My parents want to leave Angel grove."


"They think that it's too dangerous an environment for the twins. Heput in for a transfer and has been reassigned to a base in Florida."

"What?! Sunny no, you can't be leaving."

"You want me to stay?"

"Of course I do- how could you even ask me that? I lost you once and it was absolute hell. I'm not gonna let it happen again. I can't live if living is without you."

"Then it's a good thing you won't be without me."


"Jason, my parents and the twins are leaving, not me."

"You're-you're not leaving me?" "I could never leave you. I just had to hear you say the same. I'm moving in with Alex next week. I can't live without you either."

"You mean you'd give up your family to stay with me?"

"I'm not giving them up, i just won't be living with them. It's not as if I wasn't planning to leave home someday. I'm just doing it a year early."

"God Sunny, you don't know what this means to me."

"I think I do." she said and accepted his embrace.

he thought.

"Jason, there's something else I have to tell you..."

"...A toast, " called Adam, "To Summer and Alex. Thank God there is more than one bathroom in this house." Adam laughed.

"Here-here." said everyone.

"We're glad that you found a way to stay in Angel Grove and save us from the rantings of a love-sick fool." Tommy said.

"Yeah, it's too bad no on could save us from you." Jason laughed.

"Very funny."

"Wait, I have a toast- well actually it's a poem. To Sunny:

It must be magic
How inside your eyes I see my destiny
Every time we kiss
I feel you breathe you love so deep inside if me
If the moon and stars should fall
They'd be easy to replace
I would lift you up to heaven
And you would take their place

Everyday I wake up
I thank God that you are still a part of me
We've opened up the door to which
So many people never find a key We would burn a thousand candles
And make everything all right

I'm not sure that I deserve
A woman that is so true
But I love
That you think I do

"I love you Sunny. You'll never regret staying here with me, I promise."

"I know Jason." she said as a tear rolled down her cheek. "I love you." she said and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately.