By: C. A. Wooden

Legal Bullpuckey:The characters of Power Rangers Zeo are the property of Saban Entertainment. However the character of and Sky Blue Lambert belong solely to me and should not be used without premission. This story is in no way a part of the Power Rangers storyline and was not written for any profit other than the enjoyment it brings the readers.

Chapter One

Sky gerw up on the same block as Billy Cranston. She was originally from England and had moved to Angel Grove when she was eight, three houses away from the boy whom had stolen her heart. She had always found him cute in a nerdy sort of way, but by junior high she was determined to have him for her boyfriend. She was prepared to do whatever it took to grab his attention for Billy was not very cooperative. In the end a new found love for science was all she had to show for her efforts.

High school presented Sky with many changes. She had blossomed into an extremely attractive young woman. She was very popular and noticed by every boy except the one she wanted. Sky was now more determined than ever to snag Billy and would not give up as easily as she had in the past.

Billy always remembered the first day he realized that he had fallen for Sky. She had done an amazing job on an ecosystem project for Science class and had won the praises of the teacher- who normally praised no one. Then it had ony been an infatuaiton. Today it was an all consuming love that threatened to burn him from the inside out each time he saw her.

This fire, however, hadn't burned since his premature graduation from Angel Grove High. He used to see her daily, but now he was lucky if he saw a glimpse of her at the Youth Center. And how he missed her.

All of his missing her could be quickly remedied if he would just go to her house and ask her out. Fat chance.

Sky was everything he wanted in a woman and more. She was a straight A student, but wasn't a nerd like him. She was out going, popular and had a great personality. And was probably the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. So why on Earth would she want to go out on a date with him? Besides, just the thought of her turned his insides to jelly. And when he saw her he lost all ability to think or speak.

"...Billy? Billy, have you heard anything I've said? " asked Tanya.

"Huh? Oh, sorry. My mind was some place else."

"Well is there anything wrong? "

"What could possibly be wrong? " he lied.

"I'll tell you what: Sky Lambert. That's what." said Rocky.

"Who in the world is Sky Lambert." "Okay, but what's she got to do with this conversation? " asked Tanya.

"You mean you don't know? " asked a surprised Jason.

"Know what? "

"Man, I thought everybody knew."

"Well, Jas we're new remember? Now spit out whatever it is."

"Be nice Al." said Adam who could tell that Alex was becoming very curious- which is not always a good thing with Alex.

"Billy has been in love with Sky since grade school, but he has always been too shy to talk to her."

"I say again: what does she have to do with our conversation? " said a frustrated Tanya.

"Well, she walked in about the same time his mind went out on a lunch break." answered Rocky.

Everyone turned to see whwere Billy was gazing- he had missed the talk about his love life. The only girl in that direction was tall with really long legs that were shown off by a short skirt. She wore a form fitting shirt that accentuated her curves. Her hair was about shoulder length and pulled back to reveal her sky blue eyes. She was beautiful.

"Billy if you like this girl, why don't you go talk to her? "

"Yeah Billy, why don't you? " teased Tommy who already knew what his friends response would be.

"No! C'mon guys, you know what she does to me. I've forgotten my name since she walked in. There's no way I could go over and talk to her."

"That's okay because she coming to you." said Alex.

Billy turned as Sky approached the group.

"Hey stranger. I haven't seen you in a while."said Jason.

"That's cuz you haven't been looking muscle head." she laughed. "How was Switzerland? "

"Cold. I liked it there, but I couldn't wait to come home. You know I really missed being called a muscle head. No one says it like you do."

"Well I'll be sure to say it to you more often."

"Hey Sky. How's it going? " asked Alex.

"Same as always. So this is the Adam you're always talking about? "

"Yup. This is him."

"You talk about me? Is it good? "

"Uh... not really." she said and gave him a sincere look that had him going. She broke out into laughter simultaneous to Alex. "I'm just kidding. She raves about you."

"So what are you doing here today? " asked Jason.

"I'm pretending that I have a life." she joked. "No, really I'm here to try and steal Billy away. Your dad said that I could find you here- I hope you don't mind."

Uh... no. Not at all. Um, what can I do for you? " he said nervously.

"Well I've been working on something for the Science Fair and I'm having a spot of trouble." she said with a bit of her native British accent creeping out. "I was wondering would you be kind enough to lend me a hand? "

Billy was frozen. She had actually come looking for him and now she was asking for help on a project. This meant that he would get to spend time with her...alone.

"Um, s-sure. I'd be glad to help you."

"Great. So, I'll be expecting you at my house later on? "

"I'll be there at seven."

"Seven it is. I'll see you then. Tootles all. Later Muscle Head." everyone could hear her giggling as she hurried off.

"All right Billy!" cheered Rocky. The other guys patted him on the back.

Sky rushed home to prepare for Billy's arrival. Her lab looked like a cyclone had hit and she didn't have much time to make it presentable. She took off her clohtes as usual- you could tell by the dozens of outfits that hung from the backs of chairs- and Sky put on her lab gear- a t-shirt and overalls.

She set to work on first on her equipment that lay carelessly on her work tables and some had found their way to the floor. Sky then recovered all of the empty fast food containers and the plates of half eaten sandwiches that could be found everywhere she turned.

'God, why do I have to be such a bloody slob?!"'Sky scolded herself. With all of the time that she would spend cleaning she wouldn't have enough time to bake a nice dessert for Billy. Baking desserts of all kinds was Sky's other love. It was about the only thing she could cook and she did it better than most bakeries.

All day Billy was feeling self conscious- he had a feeling of inadequacy. Sky's intelligence was beginning to intimidate him and he didn't like the feeling. He feared that he would lose his thinking capabilities while in her presence. Even worse, what if he didn't lose his ability to speak but his ability to shut up instead?

Damn him!
He'd soon find out.

Billy arrived on time and was taken to the most amazing home- laboratory that he had ever seen. First off it was immaculate. Every thing was in its place and there wasn't unnecessary junk cluttering the work space. Her equipment was much more upgraded than any of his. He could only dream that his makeshift lab/garage could be so high-tech.

Sky had to confess to the makeover that she had give the lab prior to his arrival. She admitted to being a terrilbe slob and they both had a laugh. After that they talked about everyhting but the project. The two enjoyed that they were alike in many different aspects and devled into the subject for close to four hours. When they realized that they hadn't even looked at Sky's project there was a sense of uneasiness. They were having fun togetherand the realization made them each tense.

"So, I guess we should try this earlier tomorrow."

"Sky, you are practically a genius, what could you possibly need my help with? "

"You're right Billy. I didn't really need your help, but I couldn't think of any other way to get you over here."

Billy's heart caught in his throat.
She had had an ulterior motive in inviting him over tonight. Could this be the day that he had dreamed of?

"Why would you want to do that? "

"Because I wanted a chance to learn more about you- get to know you. Billy I think that you're amazing. In fact, I'll tell you a little secret if you promise you won't laugh."

"I promise."

"When we were younger I had the biggest crush on you and I must've tried everything I could think of to get you to notice me- except the obvious of actually telling you. But to no avail you never looked my way. I did gain of love for Science and for that I thank you."

Billy's heart died to cry out that he had always noticed her, but was too chicken to approach her. He had never know that she liked him. But would it have made a difference if he had? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

"But anyway I was hoping to convince you to work on a project with me. We'd make a great team and the project I have in mind would be spectacular. So what do you say? Are you up for the challenge? "

"Name the time and place and I'll be there."

"Ernie's after school. Tomorrow."

"Okay. I'll be there." he said and began to leave.

"Hey Billy? " she called when he was half way through the door.

"Yes? " he asked as she moved towards him.

"I think a little of my crush still lingers." she said and kissed his cheek. "I'll see you." she said and closed the door softly behind him.

Billy was dazed by the statement or the kiss- he didn't know which. On his way home he stopped by Jason's house for some advice on Sky. Jason seemed to be the ideal person to talk to about Sky because of all the people he knew that knew her, he had known her the longest and was the closest to her.

Jason assured him that Sky liked him because he was always himself and didn't act differently just to try and impress her. Most women wanted a man to act like him and no one else and Sky was definetly one of them. All Billy had to do was let go of his fear and let his feelings go.

Billy wasn't so sure that it could be done.

Over the next several weeks Billy and Sky developed a seemingly close friendship. Billy was still afraid of what she did to him and kept most of his feelings to himself, making it incredibly hard for Sky to read him.She tried to make it obvious that she was interested in him and he seemed to be aware of it, but she couldn't be sure unless he mentioned it.

And he never did.

So she kept at it.

Their work to create a new type of surgical laser was very consuming, but they still found time to play. Billy often took Sky to movies and picnics and days at the beach away from the confines of the lab. To the unknowing passerby the two looked like a couple. Even their friends noticed it. They had everything that a normal relationship had except for verbal and physical acknowledgement.

It was all very confusing to Sky.

All he had to do was say:"Sky I like you" or something remotely similar to that and things could get rolling.

Sky had never actually come out and spoke her feelings either. She wasn't sure if it was because she was a bit old fashioned thinking that the man should make the first move or if it was bacause she was to afraid to make the first move. At any rate she was counting on Billy to be the one to do it.

She was sending out all of the signals and he seemed to be receiving them. However, when the conversation started to swing in the direction of "them", he would change the subjuct or suddenly remembered that he had to go. Where she never knew, but assumed it was far away from her.

Maybe her signals were getting crossed and he really had no idea that she liked him. Or maybe they were coming through loud and clear and he didn't think of her in that way. Better still, maybe she was being too agressive. Many men are intimidated- even turned off by aggressive women.

That was it! She would calm down on her advancements toward Billy and see if that was indeed the problem.

Chapter Two

Billy waited nervously for Sky to come. He had finally mustered the courage to tell her how he felt. He had wasted a lot of time wondering if she would be receptive and was now ready to make up for it.

Fear wasn't the only thing that had caused Billy to procrastinate. It seemed like everytime he got up enough courage to ask Sky out, King Mondo- King of bad timing- would rear his ugly head. He would be called to the Power Chamber to perform a task that could easily be handled by Alpha and would have to leave Sky before he could get his question out. She would get that look of utter disappointment that tore him up eveytime he saw it. He would feel so guilty that it would take him atleast another week before he could attempt to convey his love for her.

The same thing would happen and...

That oh-so-familiar beep brought him from retrospectoin of the weeks past. "It figures. Mondo's gotta have this all planned. For once I wish he would cooperate and let me have a life for a day!" he grumbled to himself. "Hey Ernie? Could you tell Sky that I had to go take care of something and not to leave. I'll be right back."

"Sure thing Billy. Is everyhting alright?"

"That's what I'm going to find out." he said mostly to himself and rushed out of the Youth Center.

Sky got to the Youth Center only a few moments after Billy had left the message for her to wait for him. She became very depressed and decided to drown her sorrows in a triple scoop hot caramel sundae with extra whipped cream and two cherries.

Alex arrived at the Youth Center to see her new found best friend attempting to devour a sundae that looked as big as her. When Sky ate like that it meant that she was either extremely happy or terribly sad. And she could tell by the way Sky was shoveling the ice cream in her mouth that she was anyhting but happy.

"Hey Blue. You look... blue. What's wrong?"

"I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count." she said and continued spooning the ice cream into her mouth.

"Wanna talk about it?"

"Why not. Ernie, a spoon for my companion."

Ernie brought a second spoon to the girls and gave Alex a look which meant,"Good luck."

"So, what's going on?" Alex asked as she found a good spot to dig in.

"Billy is confusing me so badly that I'm about ready to lose my mind.

"One minute he's taking me on a picnic and giving me flowers and then another minute goes by and it's like he can't get away fast enough. Is there something wrong with me?"

"Of course not. Why would you think something like that?"

"Because no matter how hard I try or don't try, Billy Cranston still isn't my boyfriend- or anyhting close to it."

"Sky honey, you are being way too hard on yourself and Billy. I'm friends with you both and I know you both pretty well, so trust me when I say that things will happen for you and Billy- I just know they will. It's just gonna take some time. I mean things didn't happen for Adam and I over night- we had a few obstacles to overcome, but we did overcome them.

"You have to give Billy a chance to get used to these feelings he's having because until now they were completely foreign to him. Give him the benefit of the doubt and when the time is right I'm sure he'll reveal all of his secrets. You are very important to him so just give him a chance."

"Alex why are you so good to me?"

"Because you're my best friend and I love you and I want to see you smiling like me. I'm on top of the world and I want the same for you."

"Thank you for being the best friend I will ever have."

"You're welcome. Now I've got to go before I get sick off of all this ice cream. You better take it easy yourself."

"I've already had too much. What's a little more gonna hurt?"

Alex ran into Billy outside of Ernie's. He was rushing back to get to Sky and apologize.

"Alex! Is Sky in there?'


"Oh thank goodness."

"-but she's a little upset."

"Because of me?"

"Mm hm. Billy, if you love her, just tell her. If you don't you will hurt a wonderful person and yourself because you' ll be losing the best thing that ever could have happened to you.

"I've talked to her and I've probably bought you time enough to get your feelings straight, but don't waste a minute of it. You've got your one and only chance at true love- most people don't even get a chance. Don't blow it because you won't get another."

Billy started to the entrance, thinking of what Alex had said all the way. He would apologize profusely and find a way to make today up to her.

Alex watched as Billy went to Sky and began his apologies. "Those two are meant to be together and they're both screwing it up. I'm gonna make sure that doesn't happen if it kills them both!"

"Sky, I am so sorr-"

"Billy it's okay. You don't have to apologize."

"But I do. You deserve much more than being stood up and kept waiting all of the time."

"You're here now and that's all that matters."

"I still want to make it up to you. How 'bout dinner and a movie?"

"How 'bout just a movie." she said and looked at the empty dish that sat on the table before her.

Billy looked at the dish, "Sky, did you eat the whole thing?"

"No, but I ate way too much." she said as a feeling of queasiness came over her.

"Are you all right?"

"I think I have a tummy ache."

Billy smiled and held in a wave of laughter. "I'll take you home and we can pick up a movie on the way."

"That sounds good." she said and allowed Billy to help her up.

The Science Fair came and Billy and Sky's project took first place. Billy gave most of the credit to his partner saying that he was indeed lucky to be her partner. The awards were given out and Billy dissapeared soon after leaving Sky to clean up their station. She was approached by the sponsor of the Fair.

Mr. John Exton- head of the Exton Corporation- was interested in Sky. He offered her a job as the head of a newly developed department that was yet to be up and running.

Sky was shocked and honored by the offer and would love to accept such a great career opportunity. The only thing holding her back was the location of the job. She would have to relocate to Indiana and leave behind everything that was important to her including Billy. Mr. Exton knew that such a decision would require much thought and gave her two weeks time to think it over and make preparations.

In order to make the decision to stay or to go, Sky would first have to learn Billy's true feelings for her

Sky began dropping hints about wanting the relationship to evolve and Billy began once again to shy away from her. Now Sky was starting to think that he was afraid of a committment. That was the only way that she could explain his constant evasion of the subjuct of "them". She knew that in the end a direct confrontation would be the only way to get her answer.

Three days before Sky's decision was due she decided that it was time for the confrontation. She would tell him about the job and hopefully he would tell her that he wanted her to stay. But Sky had a feeling that if he truely loved her he would have said so by now.

Billy noticed that Sky had become distant over the past several days. He knew that he had already waited too long to reveal his feelings and was prepared to tell her that evening. No matter how scared he was he would tell Sky that he loved her with all of his heart and soul. Her parents were away over night and they would be alone. He would sit her down to a romantic dinner and tell her how he felt.

"...And I thought that I'd pick up a movie for after dinner...and you're not listening to anything I'm saying. A penny for your thoughts."


"Sky, are you okay?"

"Oh, I was just thinking."

"About what?"

"Just stuff."

"What kind of stuff?"

"Billy what would you say if you had been offered the job of your dreams but you'd have to move away from everything that you loved in order to take it?"

"I don't know that's a tough call. Why? What's going on in that head of yours?"

"Billy, I was offered a job at the Exton Corporation as the head of a brand new Science Department. If I take the job I'll have to move to a new state."

"Sky...are you leaving Angel Grove?" he asked as his heart thudded in his chest. If she took the job he would lose her forever. And he couldn't ask her to stay, that would be selfish of him.

"I don't know yet. I wanted to talk to you first- I want to know what you think." she said hoping against hope that he would tell her to stay.

She had just given him the perfect oppurtunity to confess his true feelings. He could ask her to stay in Angel Grove with him. But if she said yes she would be giving up the chance of a lifetime. Even though Sky was a brilliant Scientist, she would never get an opportunity like this again. So he had to let go of his selfish thoughts and Sky as well.

"I...I think you should go. It's the greatest thing you could do for your career. And everything and everyone in Angel Grove will be here for you always" 'No! Take that back! he scolded himself. Be selfish and tell her that you can't live without her. Tell her you idiot! Tell her!

"Really? You think I should go?" 'She's giving me anotheer chance. Don't blow it. Tell her the truth.'' "You should take the job. I don't know how you could turn it down."

"Well I...I guess I'm going to Indiana." she said felling crushed.


"Thank you." 'For a genius you sure are stupid Cranston!' Billy's mind scolded.
He knew that it was right.

"Hey, are you feeling okay?" he asked when he noticed that Sky was paler than usual.

"I'm okay, but I better get home, it looks like I have some packing to do." she saying trying hard to keep her voice from breaking.

"Yeah, it looks that way." he said wishing that he had the courage to take back everything he had just said. "Um, I guess we should cancel the movie. I'll um, I'll walk you home."

"It's okay, I can make it on my own. I need to be alone right now." she said and hurried off. As soon as her back was to him the tears came in full force. He had broken her heart and she could only hope that he hadn't seen her pain.

Billy knew that there truly was something wrong with Sky besides wanting to start packing. She looked as though she wanted to cry and then ran off without even saying good-bye. He had a feeling that it was all his fault. Maybe she had been expecting him to tell her to stay. That's exactly what she had wanted- he saw it in her eyes. He blew it.

"William Cranston!" called an angry Alex from the entrance of the Youth Center. She walked over to the juice bar where Billy sat looking like his world had fallen down around him. Rocky and Adam were with him and were making no progress at getting him to talk.

Alex- who look mad enough to kill- didn't care how pathetic he looked for she had just spent the last hour with Sky. She crossed the room quickly and stood before Billy looking at him with an angry glare.


"Shut up and beat it- the both of you!" she snapped. Both boys hurried away without a sound not wishing to be in Billy's shoes.

"What in the holy hell did you do to Sky!" she demanded.

The sound of Sky's name brought him out of his funk. "Is she okay?"

"No she isn't. I just spent the last half-hour trying to calm her down. She could barely stop crying long enough to tell me why she was crying."

"So you know about the job."

Alex's anger ebbed when she so how upset he became at the mention of Sky's job in Indiana. She knew that he loved her and didn't really want her to go.
"Billy, I know that you don't really want to see Sky go. Why'd you tell her to?"

"I don't know. It's a chance of a lifetime and I couldn't ask her to give it up to stay here with me. That would be selfish."

"That's very noble of you, but really stupid too. I have a very good feeling that if you asked her, Sky would be more than happy to stay in Angel Grove with her friends and you, the man she loves."

"She what?"

"That's all I'm saying. If you want to know more you should talk to Sky before she gives Mr. Exton her decision. Tell her how you really feel before it's too late. Prove to me you're the genius I know you are."

"Thanks Alex."

"You're welcome. Now if you'll excuse me I have to get some ice cream to Sky, but first I must apologize to a couple of friends. Ernie, send two of your best shakes to Adam and Rocky on me...."

Billy went for a walk to think over what Alex had told him. She had said that he was the man that Sky was in love with. Could she be right? Maybe there had been looks of love in her eyes after all. It would be selfish for him to ask her to stay, but maybe it was time for him to be a little selfish.

After a sincere apology to Adam and Rocky, Alex made her way back to Sky's house so that she could continue soothing her.

Sky felt as though her heart had been ripped from her chest. There was nothing but an emptiness left and it hurt deep into her soul. She had fooled herself into thinking that Billy had fallen in love with her.

"Sky, did you tell Billy that you loved him?"

"Not in so many words, no."

"Sweetie, he has no idea that you feel this way about him. How could he know that you wanted to stay and be with him?"

"Wasn't it obvious?"

"Telling him your feelings would have been more obvious.

"Give him a chance and I'll bet he surprises you with his response. But you have to be honest- no beating around the bush."

"Al, tell me again why you're so good to me?"

"Because, Sky, you are my friend and I want to see you happy. I know that your happiness lies with Billy. You two would know it if you would stop letting your fear get in the way."

"Do you really think so?"

"Well, shouldn't you find out for yourself? You would be better off knowing that Billy doesn't love you than to wonder about it for the rest of your life."

Chapter Three

Billy went to Sky's house the next afternoon and learned that she was out. He had a good idea of where she had gone and started for the park. Sky had a spot under a huge oak tree where she liked to think or just relax.

Sky had been sitting under her tree for hours. Alex's words had been plaguing her. She had to know either way how Billy felt about her. She got up and started towards his house when she saw a flash of light and a small group of cogs- led by Prince Sproket- appeared before her.

Billy heard Sky's scream and ran toward it.

"Sky!" he called when he saw that she was surrounded by cogs. He broke into a mad run when two of them grabbed her arms."Sky!"

"Billy!" she screamed when she saw him coming.

"Oh no! It's the Power Ranger's brainy buddy Billy. Let's get out of here before he calls for back up." said the young Prince.

"What?! No!" she yelled when she realized that they meant to abduct her. "Billy, help me!"

"Let her go Sproket." Billy demanded when he reached them.

"As soon as she's done my father's evil bidding. Give my regards to Zordon and the Rangers." he said and was gone.


The Rangers appeared in the Power Chamber in a rainbow of colors- all of them ready for the next challenge from Mondo and the Machine Empire.

"Billy, what's the emergency?" asked Tommy, immedately taking on his role as their leader.

"The Machines have kidnapped Sky."

"What?!" exclaimed Alex.

"Sproket mentioned something about Mondo wanting her to do his "evil bidding"."

"Oh man." was Tommy's response. "Billy are you okay? I mean this has got to be tearing you apart."

"I'll be fine as long as we get her back safely."

"Guy's...this is not a good thing." stated Alex.

"Of course not. It's-"

"I mean Sky is as smart as Billy- probably smarter- no offense."

"It's okay, you're right."

"Wait, so if you can create something like the zords and the Zeo cannon, then..."

"Then we're in a load of trouble if Mondo gets Sky to work for him." Tommy finished Rocky's sentence.

"But she would never work for Mondo." Kat insisted.

"Not of her own free will, no. But Mondo has proven that he's no stranger to mind control." stated.

"Sky is strong. We have to believe that she will fight anything that Mondo tries. Right now we have to figure out a way to get her back."said Alex.

On the Machine Sky Base, Sky was brought before the King and Queen.

"What do you want from me?" she demanded.

"I want you to build a weapon powerful enough to destroy those pesky Zeo Rangers and their zords." stated Mondo.

"Why not one of your lackeys? Why me?"

"Because it would be a much swifter blow if their destruction comes from a close friend." answered Queen Machina.

"Close friend? What are you talking about? I don't know...Billy?"

"That's right dear. He's been keeping mant secrets from you. Here, see for yourself."

Before she knew what was going on Sky was show things that could only have been believed if seen.

Sky watched as her friends, Jason, Kimberly, Zack, Trini, and Billy tramsformed into the heros known as the Power Rangers. She saw Tommy as the Green ranger, then white. When three of her friends left for Switzerland they were replaced by some of her knew friends, Adam, Rocky and Aiesha. Then Kat and Tanya, the return of Jason... All of these years she had been friends with the Power Rangers and had never known it.

Billy truly did had good reasons to leave her high and dry so often.
Knowing all of this made her feel guilty for not trusting in Billy. She knew she had to find a way to escape before they forced her to do something that she would never be able to live with- if they allowed her to live.

Billy had been pacing the floor for most of the night. He was worried about Sky and upset that he hadn't thought of a way to rescue her. He now realilized that Alex was right when she had said not to waste time. He had wasted most of his life waiting for the right moment to tell Sky how he felt about her. The right moment had been the one that he realized that he had truly fallen in love with her. Now he might have to face loosing her before he got the chance to tell her.


He wouldn't let that happen.

They would find a way to rescue her or he would die trying. If it meant trading his life for Sky's he would do it without hesitation. As long as it got her home safe.

"Billy will you stop pacing?! You're begining to wear a path in the floor." said Tommy.

"I can't help it."

"We're gonna get her back Billy."

"And what if we don't? What if something happens to her while she's up there? I never even got the chance to-to... If anything happens to her I won't be able to go on living. Not wihtout her."

"Billy I know how you feel. I almost lost Alex to one of Mondo's stunts and if I had I would've gone out of my mind. It would've been my fault and I would not have been able to live without her especailly knowing that it happened because of me.

"We will do whatever it takes to get her back- safely."

"Adam speaks for all of us. We won't let anything happen to her as long as we can prevent it." said Rocky.

"Alex, have you got anything yet?" asked Tommy.

"No. My powers just aren't strong enough to break through the shields on the Sky Base. Billy I'm sorry."

"It's okay, you tried your best. And I know that you guys are doing your best to get Sky back to me."

"Hey, why don't you let me finish wearing the path in the floor while you rest." said Alex.


On the Sky Base, Sky had refused to help the Machines. They put her in a cold dark cell and left her there hoping that the solitude would get to her and she would sell-out her friends. She sat in a corner curled up into a ball and thought of nothing but Billy and getting back to him. She wondered if they would get to her in time- if she would get the chance to tell him.

In the Power Chamber the Rangers were arguing.

"...No way! That's even more stupid than Alex's plan to save me and Adam." said Tommy.

"Tommy it's Billy's choice. Besides he's not gonna really give himself up- Alex will see to that." said Adam.

Billy had come up with a plan to double cross the Machines and get Sky back. He was going to send a message to them stating that he would give himself in place of Sky. He would be their loyal servant forever as long as Sky was released unharmed. But in actuality Alex would place a protective shield around both him and Sky and would teleport them to safety before anyone was the wiser.

"King Mondo would never expect a double cross. Not from us. It has to work." enthused Tanya.

"I agree with Tanya. I didn't like Alex's idea anymore than you, but it worked. The machines have to know how Billy feels about Sky and will believe that he would do anything to save her."

"Jason's right. I think it's time they got a taste of their own medicine!" chimed in Kat.

"Everyone agrees Tommy, but we need you too." said Billy.

"Zordon?" questioned Tommy.


"All right guys, let's get this plan in motion."

Sky watched in sorrow as Billy offered himself for her life. He must truly love her to be willing to make such a sacrifice. Now she wished that he didn't love her. She didn't want him to give up his life for her safety. She had to think of something and fast.

"Rangers, Sky has been teleported to Angel Grove park with Klank and a small group of cogs." informed Zordon.

"It's time guys." said Billy.

The Rangers morphed and escorted Billy to the park where the exchange would be made. The machines were waiting for them when they arrived. They wasted no time in getting things done and over with.

"Okay Rangers, had over the brainiac and the girl is yours." said Klank.

"No way. Give us Sky first." countered Tommy.

"I don't think you're in any position to be making demands."

"He's right." Billy said to the others. "Alex, keep her safe." he whispered then, "Okay, here I come." he said and moved slowly toward the group of cogs that were holding his love.

When he was only a few feet away,"Sky run!" he yelled and began an attack on the cogs that surrounded her. Sky managed to pull away but was soon faced with more cogs.

"Let's do it guys." Tommy called the order to jump into the fray.

The Rangers battled the cogs trying to keep anymore of them from going after Billy and Sky. Billy was fighting off the cogs but was outnumbered. Without his powers there wasn't much else he could do to save Sky who was surrounded by her own problems.

Alex was the only one that could help them both and the cogs made sure to keep her occupied.

"Adam, help Alex." called Tommy.

"I can't they've got me pinned down."

Sky could see that Billy was begining to weaken and knew that he couldn't hold out much longer, so she did what she should have done when the cogs first attacked her. She fought.

Sky took out one cog with a roundhouse kick and then another. She fought he way over to Billy who had been stunned by her sudden outburst of martial arts skill.

"Billy, are you alright?" she said as she knelt over him.

"Y-yeah. You can fight?!"

"Yes and I'll be sure to tell you all about it later, but right now we need to get out of here." she said as she helped him to his feet.

"Alex, get us out of here." he called when he saw that she had taken care of her cog problem.

She only nodded and then teleported them to a secluded spot on the beach where they would have enough privacy to share their feelings.

They appeared unharmed next to Sky's oak tree and Billy pulled her into a fierce embrace. Sky could only wrap her arms around him and hope that he would never let go.

"I love you Sky." he said as he held her.

"What?" she questioned as she broke the embrace.

"I love you- I always have. I should have told you a long time ago."

Sky was so stunned that she was speechless. She had waited so long to hear the words that he had just uttered and now she couldn't even respond to them.

"Sky, I have loved you- it seems like forever- and I will love you until the day I die." with that being said he got down on his knees and did what he had planned to do the day that she had be captured.

"Sky Blue Lambert, I don't want you to go to Indiana. I want you to stay here and be my wife." he said and pulled out the diamond ring that had be given to his mother by his father.

The night that he had almost sent Sky from his life forever- the night that he had learned her true feelings for him through Alex's wisdom- he deicded that he couldn't live another day with her not being his. He talked it over with his father and was given the very ring that had been passed down the Cranston line each generation. And, hopefully, with Sky at his side he would pass it on to the next.

Sky only stared at him for a moment, half expecting to wake up suddenly and find that this hadn't really happened.

She didn't.
Billy had truely proposed.

"Yes." she said.

"What did you say?"

"Yes. I want nothing more that to stay here and become your wife." she said and pulled him up to face her.

"Do you really mean that?" he asked nervously.

"Yes Billy. I have loved you since you were a nerdy little kid and I will always love you, even after I die." she siad and kissed him softly.

"Well I guess Alex was right." he said in a daze.

"Did you ever doubt her?"

"No. Only my self, but now I see how stupid that was."

"I guess we're more alike than we realized." Sky said knowing the how it felt to be unsure of herself where Billy was concerned.

"Yeah, but we have the rest of our lives to find out just how much."

"Yes, we do." she smiled as he placed his arm around her lovingly and pointed her in the direction of the Youth Center where they were sure to find all of their friends.

"Yeah, but there's just one problem."

"What's that?" she asked.

"I can't let you turn down that job just because you were crazy enough to agree to become my wife."

"But Billy-"

"I'm just gonna have to move to Indiana with you."

"You'd do that for me? You'd give up your friends, your family, the Rangers all for me?"

"In a heartbeat. You were willing to sacrifice the job for me. So I'm more than willing to go with you. My friends and family will still be just that. I just won't see them every day."

"Can you handle that?"

"As long as I get to see you everyday I can handle anything."

"Do you have any idea how much I love you right now?"

"I can't wait to find out."

Billy and Sky walked to the Youth Center. They wanted their friends, the people that had helped bring them together to be the first to hear of their engagement. Their reactions were varied and a little unexpected- all but Alex's that is.

"Oh my God! You're getting married!" she cried. "I knew it would happen for you too and I must say; I told you so! And, it's about time!" she said and embraced both of them.

After that everything was a blur. Everyone had joined Alex in saying congratulations and Ernie served the group fruit shakes on the house- a root beer float for Sky. They got question after question about when and where it would happen and what they planned to do after the wedding. The couple did their best to provide information before running from the juice bar to get a little peace and rest.

The wedding would take place at the park in two weeks, provided that it didn't rain and Erie was honored to hold the reception at the Youth Center. As for the honey moon they wouldn't know until Sky talked things over with Mr. Exton. And they would live in the apartment that would be given to her by the company when she moved to Indiana. They didn't care what happened for as long as they remained with each other they would be happy.

Billy went with Sky to meet with Mr. Exton the next afternoon. Their only hope was that he would allow them time for a honeymoon before she began work. They got much more than they had ever expected.

Not only had Mr. Exton been excited to her of the upcoming marriage he had been hoping that Sky would convince Billy to join the team in Indiana. Billy was offered the position of Sky's partner. Together they would head a team of scientist in new discoveries and inventions.

"...There's just one catch."

"What's that?"

"You must allow me to throw you a wedding. Anything you want is yours. Charge everything to my corporate account. And I will have my assistant plan a romantic honeymoon on the most beautiful and secluded Hawaiian Island.

"And that apartment that I offered you just won't do at all. I'll have a one of the company houses made ready for you- you're gonna need the room."

"...So you mean that Mr. Exton plans to pay for everything?" asked Alex excitedly.

"Yeah. It's wild isn't it?" said Sky.

"God. I can't believe you guys are really getting married."

"It's like a dream that I hope I never wake up from." Sky said.

"It's not a dream. You've agreed to be my wife and there's no backing out." said Billy as he put his head over Sky's shoulder.

"Wild horses couldn't drag me away."

"Enough you two, we have a wedding to plan."

The weeks flew by and the wedding plans were close to perfection. The Youth Center was being decorated and the park would be set up the morning of the ceremony. The day before the wedding the group surprised the couple with a wedding shower. It ws their prestent to them along with a few extras.

Zack, Trini, and Kim had taken off from their duties to witness the wedding of two old, but good friends. It was then that Billy chose his best man. It had been bugging him for weeks. Jason and Tommy were his oldest friends in Angel Grove and he cared for them deeply but it didn't seem right to ask either of them to stand up for him.

Zack had always been there for him in the past. He stuck up for him when Billy wasn't much of a fighter and always cheered hiim up when the taunts of a bully got him down. He was the logical choice for best man in Billy's mind and that was all that mattered.

Alex took her duty as the maide of honor very seriously. She made sure that everything would be perfect for her best friend even if she drove everyone crazy in the process. Everyone knew that if not for Alex, Billy and Sky may not even be speaking let alone be getting married and they understood her comittment to the event. So they all cooperated for as long as it took to make Billy and Sky's wedding a day that no one who attended would soon forget.

Chapter Four

"Well, let's see how you look." Alex said after finishing Sky's make-up. She stepped backand waited for Sky to stand and face her.

Katherine and Tanya, the bride's maides, walked into Sky's bedroom as she turned to face Alex. They were rendered speechless as was Alex.

"Someone say something please." Sky finally said as the silence got to her.

"Hey, girls we're here-"

"Wow!" was all Adam could say when he saw her.

"That's a start, but how 'bout an actual bloody sentence, please!"

"Oh Sky." was all Alex could get out at first. "Oh Sky...you look so beautiful."

"Really?" she asked nervously.

"See for yourself." Adam said and pointed her to the full length mirror on the back of a door.

Sky looked at herself for a long time. "I do. I really do. I can't believe this is really happening- it's like a dream." she said and looked as though she might cry.

"Don't you dare cry." Adam said, "You'll mess up that beautiful make-up job Alex did and Billy will think that someone punched you in the eye."
Sky laughed.

"That's more like it. Now, are you ready to become Mrs. William Cranston- cause he's waiting for you."

"Yes I am, Adam. Are you ready to take me to my groom?"


"Unless of course you want to run away with me." joked Rocky.

"Well that's a great offer, but I don't think I want Devin to come looking for me."

"Good point."

Sky and her two escorts took a limo to the spot in the park designated for her arrival. The bride's maides and the maide of honor followed close behind in their own car. All of the guests had been seated and now waited for the ceremony to begin.

Bill's heart began beating fast when the music started and signaled the wedding party to begin the march down the isle. Jason walked first going only halfway donw then pausing to wait for Tanya to come and take his arm. Together they walked arm in arm to the alter. Tommy and Kat soon followed suit. Billy's stomach did flip-flops for he knew that in a matter of seconds the love of his life would take the long walk to becoming his forever.

"Billy, you okay man?" whispered Zack.

"Nervous." was all he replied.

Alex walked alone carrying a beautiful bouquet of lilies.

The music changed when Alex stopped at her place. "Ave Maria" began and everyone stood and turned in anticipation of Sky's arrival.

At the last minute Sky grabbed Rocky and Adam for support. She was so weak from all of the excitement that she wasn't sure that she could make it on her own. She had always wanted to be escorted down the isle by her father, but that was impossible. Her father had died when she was very young. Sky believed that being walked down by two of her very best friends was more than a consolation and insisted that they each take an arm. With Adam on her right and Rocky opposite she began the journey of a lifetime.

Billy grabbed Zack's arm in order to steady himself. Seeing Sky's incredible beauty threatened to knock him from his feet. Zack only smiled.

Rocky lifted Sky's veil and kissed her cheek. Adam kissed the other cheek and then placed her hand in Billy's.

Billy and Sky were barely aware of what was going on around them. Everything went by in a haze. Everything that was said and done seemed so much like a fantasy. It didn't become real until they spoke their vows.

"Sky, I take you as my wife from this time onward,
to join with you and to share all that is to come,
to give and to receive,to inspire and to respond,
and in all circumstances of our life together
to be loyal to you with my whole life
and with all my being."

"Billy, I take you as my husband..."

"Billy, place the ring on her finger and repeat after me: With this ring I wed thee."

"With this ring I wed thee." Billy said lovingly after place the gold band on Sky's delicate finger.

"Sky, do the same."

"With this ring I wed thee." Sky said teary eyed.

"This union that has been joined by God, may no man break apart. Billy, kiss your bride."

Billy framed Sky's lovely face in his hands and kissed her ever so gently. Sky wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into a more passionate kiss. They smiled as everyone cheered- Alex being the loudest.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I now introduce to you, Mr. and Mrs. William Cranston."
Everyone applauded as the newly weds made their way down the isle and disappeared into a limo. They waited for the guest to leave for the reception.Then the entire wedding party took pictures in the park.

"Everyone, quiet down. The best man has a toast. Go ahead Zack."

"To Billy, my "Main Brain". Maybe Science has finally paid off cuz you found some real chemistry with Sky. Congratulations man. May your Bunsen burner never go out."

"Thanks Zack." Billy smiled.

"I have a toast as well." said Alex.

"Oh no. Here we go." chuckled Rocky.

"I'm gonna let that slide. To Sky, who was too stubborn to give up hope that Billy's shyness would finally give way to his love for her. You are the best thing that ever happened to each other and I'm glad one of you finally got tired of the guessing game and had the nerve to express your true feelings."

"Thank God Alex didn't have to get involved cuz you two would have been in trouble." said Adam.

"That's true. So congratulations on getting together before I had to stick my nose in. And I hope that you too stay as happy as you are."

Everyone danced and partied for hours. The reunion of their old friends and the soon departure of two more of them brought them close together to cherish their final hours together. For after that day nothing would ever be the same.

Alex caught the bouquet and Jason caught the garter. Everyone knew that Alex and Adam were the next in line for marriage so her catching the bouquet seemed only right. But Jason had felt strange catching the garter. He didn't have a girlfriend let alone someone that he would consider marrying.Perhaps this was a sign of things to come. He could only hope.

The party wore on for hours until Billy and Sky said their good-byes.Everyone was saddened for they knew that this would be the last time they saw their friends for quite a long time. It was both a happy and upsetting event.

"When we get settled into our new home we'll send you a letter."

"And we'll send post cards from Hawaii- if we have time." said Sky with a wicked smile.

"We are gonna miss you guys so much." said Kat.

"We're gonna miss you too." Billy said and huged each of the girls.

"Alex, don't you start. Cuz if you start then I will too." Sky said to her friend.

"I can't help it." she cried and threw her arms around Sky. "You are my very best friend and you're not going to be here any more."

"But you will always have me when you need me. I'll be just a phone call away." she said and squeezed her tightly.

"I'm gonna miss you."

"Me too, but never forget that I love you and you will always be my very best friend. You're the best friend that I've ever had or ever will have."

"Man, I can't believe you're really leaving us." said Rocky.

"Yeah things aren't gonna be the same without you." said Tommy.

"Yeah, but you guys don't need me anymore."

"Are you kidding?! Billy, you're our friend, we'll always need you. And no matter where you are you'll always be a Power Ranger."

"I know. Thanks guys. I couldn't ask for a better group of friends."