Disclaimer: Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, the Silver PRiS Ranger and all other trademarks of PR belong to Saban Entertainment. Kiah belongs to me, but my friend Ashley/Kalista came up with the name. Brent is technically mine, since PR never had him, but he's based after one of my online best friends, Brent Crane, so it's almost half 'n' half there. This was going to be just one fanfic, but I got a lot of ideas so I'm going to space it into a series, so this is fanfic #1 in a new series. :)
Author's Notes: This would take place shortly into the Ninja Ranger time period cause that's my fav era of PR. The short little song at beginning is something I wrote so please take no offense to it. Spice Girls are one of my favorite groups so I'm not trying to affend anyone.

The Silver Introduction
by Krissy M

If you really want my life, forget my heart
If you wanna die with me better make it quick
Now don't go wasting my precious breath
Get your killing together we could be just dead

Kimberly Hart sat on the edge of the picnic table in the park singing lightly to herself as she wrote in a notebook. Her eyes gleamed with sadness as she wrote; her voice soft with passion. In a corner of the faded white paper, the name Tommy Oliver was written in her fast scrawl; she gazed at it, then blinked back tears as she continued to write. A brief conversation flashed back in her mind from earlier that day:

"I thought what we had was really special. But I guess I was wrong."

"But it is! Can't we just talk this over? Please?"

"No, Kimberly. I'm through with talking. Trust is very important for me with you. And if I can't trust you when you're with other guys, then there's nothing with us."

Kimberly gazed at him, eyes filling with tears. "He kissed me. I didn't kiss him, really, that's how it was!"

"Bye Kimberly." with that, Tommy walked away from her.

Kimberly blinked back tears as her eyes went out of focus. She set a hand on the table, to balance herself and softly began to cry. "I didn't mean to hurt you . . ." she stood up and set her notebook into her pink backpack.

"Rather interesting song you were singing," a soft voice commented from behind her. Kimberly spun around and spied a young man standing a few feet away from her. She studied his profile as she wiped away tears from her face.

"Yeah, it's kind morbid," she admitted with a slight smile. "I'm just really sad right now and that just kind of . . .came out as I was writing in my journal,"

"Why would a pretty girl like you be sad?" he questioned. He stepped closer to her, and she watched him more clearly. Soft brown hair, crystal clear blue eyes. She smiled lightly, her eyes traveling the length of him then going back to his perfectly featured face.

"I . . ." she paused; her gaze once more stopping and watching him. She opened her mouth to speak, and she sighed. "My boyfriend caught another guy giving me a kiss and broke up with me today," she shrugged, her gaze lowering to her black heeled boots. She leaned back against the table, hands sliding into her jeans pockets and her eyes glancing up to the sky where the sun stood brightly above on them, casting shadowy glares around the covering trees.

"Oh," he paused and smiled slightly at her. "Without it sounding like I'm trying to pick you up, or this being totally tacky, would you like to join me at the Juice Bar for coffee or something to drink and if you want, maybe I can help you?"

Kimberly stood up and watched him for a moment. He seemed like a nice guy with no other motives. Still, she was hesitant. "I don't know. . .I don't even know your name."

He grinned, "I can fix that if that's the one thing stopping you," she cocked her head at him. "I'm Brent. . .Speaking of names, I don't know yours."

"Kimberly," she admitted with a smile. "I guess since I know your name at least I can join you at the Juice Bar, since lots of people go there anyway."

He nodded, "Then shall we go?" She nodded, and with one last glance at the sunlight, she turned and headed to the Juice Bar.

Kimberly sat down at the table, her eyes glued to the Pepsi that sat in front of her. She was very aware of the fact that Tommy sat at a table about six feet away from her, watching her with hawk eyes. She glanced up as Brent sat in the other chair on the opposite side of the table.

"Are you okay?" he asked gently.

"Yeah, I am. If not, I will be in time." she glanced over her shoulder and caught Tommy's eye. He turned away from her and started talking to Adam Park, Rocky de Santos, and Billy Cranston, the other guys who sat among him so he didn't have to watch her.

"Is that him?" Brent asked, his gaze going from her to the tall longhaired brunette who sat the short distance away.

"Yeah." Kimberly sighed and reached for her drink. "That's Tommy. . ." She pulled it in front of her and swirled the straw absently. She looked up at Brent and her eyes were fixated. "Now that I think of this, I don't think I've ever seen you around Angel Grove. New here?"

"Yeah," Brent nodded. "Just moved here from the East Coast."

"Enrolled at Angel Grove High?"

"No. Actually, I'm not. Home schooled," he added at her puzzled look.

She nodded, and she took a sip of her Pepsi. "Ah okay."

A high pitched whine sounded at the moment. Brent looked startled when he asked, "What was that?"

"Oh, that was my. . .um. . .watch!"

"Your watch?" he asked doubtfully. "I've never heard of one making that sound."

"It's new, and I just remembered I have to meet up with a friend. Catch ya later?"


Kimberly hopped up from the table and left the Juice Bar. Brent stared after her, shaking his head. Meet a friend? Yeah right. . . With a sigh he stood up and looked over to an empty table. The Tommy guy and his friends had disappeared from the room as well as Kimberly. His gaze flickered around quietly, observing the seemingly normal activities of everyday life. Guys sparred on the mats, a girl was teaching a small class of gymnastics, and two other teenagers were serving food and drinks to people near the Youth Center entrance.

"Hey you, by chance are you free?" Brent spun around at the voice and viewed a middle-aged man with dark brown hair, slightly large, with a friendly but stressed frown on his face.

"Yeah. . .Why?"

"I could really use another helper around here to run the cash register. My other employee broke her leg this morning and had to quit."

"Oh, um sure if you really need someone I'd be glad to help."

"Thank you SO much!" the man smiled with relief. "I'm Ernie, by the way."

"It's not a problem," with a smile Brent disappeared behind the counter with Ernie. "And I'm Brent."

"I'm getting such a headache," Rita Repulsa moaned in her Moon Palace. She stood on the balcony, overlooking Earth and other planets, as the fight down on earth grew with the massive zords constructing the Megazord. A pattern, she knew all too well, was forming as the monster grew weaker and weaker and then finally exploded into the light of flames.

"Hey Sis, Ed." a voice floated into the airy room as the skeleton form of Rito Revolto sauntered in.

"Hello Rito," Lord Zedd, emperor of all the evil, muttered. Under his breath was added, "It's Zedd! Z-E-D-D!"

Rita suddenly turned around, eyes twinkling. "I have an idea!"

"Oh yay for us," Zedd muttered.

With a glare at her husband, Rita turned to think for a second before smirking and talking, "Remember Kiah?"

Zedd's head snapped up. "Oh dear God no."

Rita nodded, a light smile beginning to form. "Yes. If Kiah could kill a whole planet by just accident, think what it could do when used on purpose."

"Yes dear, but. . ."


Brent sat behind the counter, idly drying a cup as he watched the on goings of the room. Teens still sparred and taught gymnastics. It was very quiet in there. The Power Rangers were fighting a monster in the warehouse district; while the news reporters all reported the exact details.

"Hey you!" a voice suddenly yelled in his direction. Brent dropped the cup to the ground in surprise and watched in disbelief as it shattered.

"Great," he groaned and then sighed.

"I said, 'hey you!'" the voice repeated.

"What?" he snapped, looking up.

"Never mind,"

Brent shook his head as the person left the counter. "I wonder how much this will be to replace," with a grumble he went to retrieve the broom to sweep the shattered mess up. He returned and began quietly sweeping. After the glass was put into the trash, he hesitantly picked up another cup and began to dry it.

"Hey you!"

"Don't "hey you" me, person. I'm not going to pay for more glass!" Brent looked up at two young police officers.

"Uh sorry. I'm looking for Ernie. Seen him?"

"Not for an hour, why?"

One of the two officers sighed. Brent observed him silently, noting the bulkiness of clothes and right down to his scrawny friend who stood close behind him.

"Nothing important. . .Say, you're new around here, right?"


"Watch your back," the bulky one stated. He turned around leaving, the other following close behind.

"Weird," Brent mused as he went back to his current task.

"The contents of this vessel I give to thee, Great Demons. Exchange these experiences for spirits and tokens anew."

"Rito!" Rita glanced around, her eyes finally landing on her brother. "Go down to earth and bring me back a human worthy to receive this power."

"Uh, sis?"


"How will I know who to. . .choose?"

"Just bring me someone!"

Rito nodded at last and turned to leave. Zedd walked in at that moment and Rito mumbled, "Hey Ed," as he walked away.


Rito grumbled lightly to himself as he walked through the park. There weren't many people around that didn't run away from him. In fact, almost every person did! It was getting very annoying at that and very hard to find someone for his sister when they all ran away before he could look.

"Hey you!"

Rito looked up and spied a young child, who looked to be possibly around 8 or 9.

"Maybe I can use him," Rito mused as the child ran closer to him.

"Eww!" the child backed up once he was within a few feet.

"What?" Rito demanded with a glare to the child.

"You smell! Not to mention you are just bones!"

"Yeah, yeah." Rito murmured. "You suck too."

The kid's eyes widened and he began to whimper. "Mommy, that guy said I sucked!" and with that comment, the kid turned and fled, whining for his mother the whole time.

"All kids suck," Rito grumbled as he walked. He looked up as he approached the Angel Grove Juice Bar. "I remember this place," he mused to himself. "The Power Rangers hang out here, so maybe I can find someone in there!"

He turned towards the huge building and pushed the glass door open with a BANG! A few people looked up and screamed when they saw him. Rito ignored it and charged into the room, eyes lowering as he scanned the area.

"It's that skeleton thing again!" numerous shouts were called out angrily. Rito ignored the comments and his eyes flickered across the people, hoping to find someone he thought would be okay. No one was exactly what he hoped for. Then his eyes lit up as a brown haired guy walked into the room behind the counter.

"Hey YOU!" Rito shouted out, his voice rising above the screams.

A sound of shattering glass was heard as a hasty, "What now?" was snapped out by the brunette. Brent looked up, eyes widened at the sight of the skeleton guy. "I heard of you. . .Stay…stay away from me!"

"No, can't do that." Rito smirked and approached him, knocking people out of the way with his sword as he walked. "I need you."

"You need me?" he paused and stared at him. "Why…?"

Rito stared at him for a second then growled. "I need you for my sister. She has plans."

"Not with me, you don't." Brent turned and ducked from Rito's view.

With a growl, Rito spun and looked around. "I don't know where you went, but trust me, you won't be happy once I find you!"

Rita watched the scene in the Youth Center, a frown creasing her face. Rito did not seem to understand the concept of kidnapping. "Never send a mutation to do my job," she noted with a sigh. "Oh Zeddy!"

"What, dear?"

"Go and get me that boy that Rito was taunting or whatever he was doing,"


"Why?" she screeched, "Because I said to!"

"Oh, right dear. Anything for you," Zedd said, his voice straining with sweetness. Muttered lightly as he left, "Anything to get away from your screeching!"

Brent stood in the parking lot of the Juice Bar as he heard the crashing and banging of dishes and other objects being thrown around in the Juice Bar. He cringed at more shattering glass then Rito's "I know you're in here!"

"If only he knew I wasn't!" he snickered lightly. He jumped up from his crouch and glanced around. The parking lot was deserted. A light gasp escaped his mouth as a hand came down on his shoulder. Ever so slowly he turned around, and his eyes widened at the sight before him: a mass of muscle with a radiator for a supposed mouth. "Who … who are you?" was all he could get out.

"That's for me to know, and {son}, for you to find out!" with a smirk, Zedd grabbed for Brent but Brent backed up, eyes glaring at the form.

"First it was that skeleton guy, now you. I don't think it was wise for my family to move to Angel Grove," {I'm confused, is Brent suppose to be scared or brave? The tone of the writing makes him seem brave} "Hey Ed, what are you doing here?!" the skeleton guy walked out of the Juice Bar in an almost huff. "I couldn't find this guy. . .There he is!"

"No, I'm not him really," Brent said lightly, he flashed the guy a smile.

"Okay, if you're sure. . .Wait a sec, yes you are!"

"Rito, its ZEDD and yes I know that's him. Why haven't you gotten him yet!?"

"Cause I outsmarted him?" Brent wondered.

"Anything could outsmart him." Zedd grumbled lightly. He turned to Brent. "Time for you to say good bye!" without a comment more to Brent he turned to Rito. "Capture him now!"

"Right away Ed. . .Zedd," Rito grabbed his sword and smiled at Brent. "Time to say good bye,"

"You wont get me," Brent smirked.

"Tell that to me at another time," Rito remarked. Before neither Brent nor foe could utter another word, Rito brought down the sword, knocking Brent to the ground unconscious. "Oh no I killed it!"

"Shut up Rito, and lets go!" with a flash the three disappeared.

The last putty of the moment disappeared in a flash of silver light, blowing up into a million shards of clay. The six Rangers demorphed, falling back into their usual color-coded civilian uniform schemes.

"Well, once again we scared them off," Aisha Campbell remarked with a happy, almost too cheerful, smile. She looked up at the sky, "It was the perfect day too, and it looks to be remain that way."

"Perfect," Tommy noted with little scorn. "The day it was perfect is the day I'm Lord Zedd's child!"

"Woah...What's wrong?" Aisha wondered, then instantly regretted asking at his glare.

"You want to know what's wrong?" Tommy Ask HER then!" with a glare at Kimberly, he turned around and left the park.

"Kim, what happened?"

"Remember, uh, Milton?" she asked softly. Aisha nodded. "Well he kissed me."

"And that made Tommy jealous?" Aisha's eyes lit up as she realized the situation.

"You let THAT dork kiss you?" Rocky's voice demanded. "He's worse then the horror stories I've heard of Billy from his freshman year!"

"Hey! Don't bring ME into this mess!"

"Sorry man," Rocky quickly apologized. "I don't know WHAT I was thinking. You weren't ever as bad as Milton is," he snickered and turned to glare at Kimberly. "If you really did love Tommy, you wouldn't have let Milton kiss you!"

"But I do," she sighed. "I'm not up to arguing this right now. So see ya later, maybe." she turned and left, leaving the others staring after her.

"Way to go!" Adam mentioned softly. "It's not her fault another guy kissed her!"

"Yes, but she still let it happen! Tommy's my best friend! She hurt him so much!" Rocky retorted with a glare.

"They're both my best friends and it's not right to get mad at Kim because of this," Aisha retorted. She glared at the others. "Don't you agree?"

"I agree with Aisha," Billy said. "I've known her since forever and she loves him, or did, I don't know."

"I'm with Aisha too," Adam said gravely. "She didn't ask for the kiss."

"Fine!" Rocky threw his arms into the air and marched off.

"What a mess," Aisha noted with a sigh.

* * *

To be continued...