Chapter Seven: Gifts from a Princess



Ashley was pacing up and down the command center, anxious to know what happened to Andros. I hope he's okay.

"Ash, relax a little they'll be fine," TJ assured the former yellow ranger. "Zordon said that Tiara won't hurt Andros or Zhane. They'll make it back okay."

"I hope so TJ."

A few moments later three black mists, along with a tiny blue one, appeared in the command center. The four powerless rangers fell into their fighting stances as the mists cleared.

"Andros!" exclaimed Ashley running toward her boyfriend for a hug. "I'm so glad you're alright."

Cassie looked at the third person in amazement. "Brendan? What are you doing here?"

"It's a long story," he told the Asian girl he had meet earlier.

"It's good to have you back rangers," greeted Zordon. "It's nice to see you again Veikeros."

Brendan looked up to the giant floating head, which was once his mentor. "I'm glad to see you again too Zordon."

"You know Zordon Brendan?" asked Carlos who was very confused.

He nodded in reply, before he could explain the siren went off.

Cassie turned to Alpha, "What's going on now?"

"I'm not sure, I'll try to bring an image to the screen," replied the robot named Alpha 5. "There, I got one." The image showed nothing but shadows in the moonlight.

"What's going on Zordon? What are those things, there's nothing but a shadow there," asked TJ.

"S'ades," replied a tiny voice, she had been awakened by the loud sound of the siren.

"Tiara!" exclaimed Cassie finally noticing whom Brendan was carrying.

"Relax Cass, she's on our side now," Zhane whispered to the pink ranger. "I'll explain it to you later."

"What did she say Brendan?"

"Shades," he answered Carlos. A worried look fell upon his face as a memory came back to him. "Alpha, could you do something for me?"

"Sure, what is it?" asked Alpha.

Brendan put down Tamira, and went with Alpha to a control panel. She hugged her toy alien, as she always does. Looking around the command center, her eyes fell upon Zordon's stasis tube. "Big head!" Tamira giggled as she saw Zordon.

"There got it!" cheered Brendan from where he was working with Alpha. On the screen, appeared things that looked hideous.

"‘Ukie s'ades!" exclaimed Tamira hiding behind her stuffed alien.

"What are those?"

"They're called Shades," told a new voice. "Without your powers, they'll obliterate all of you."

The new voice caught the attention of everyone in the command center. It was a girl, she looked very much human but didn't seem like one. Her hair was jet black with thin streaks of red, her eyes were a very, very bright shade of red also. She wore a black strapless dress with a very long skirt, also in her hand was a staff that looked almost like the one that the grim reaper holds.

"Princess Emiline!" bowed Brendan. "What brings you here?"

"An'ie Emi'ne!," exclaimed Tamira as she ran to give her aunt a hug.

Emiline bent down to catch the tiny girl. "Hey girl, long time no see! Hello Zordon, Alpha."

The rangers, and even Brendan, were still stunned at the appearance of the girl.

"It is a pleasure to see you again princess," greeted Zordon.

She smiled and looked at the rangers. "If you would like to defeat your new enemy, I suggest you come with me," Emiline commanded as a gateway appeared in one of the walls of the command center. The princess held Tamira's hand and walked through the gateway, followed by Brendan who knew where they were going.

"Zordon, should we?" asked Andros who didn't know what to do.

He nodded. "You must learn to trust others, especially when others can too."

Still unsure, Andros led his friends through the gateway.

The place that they were lead to was like a cave. On its walls, hung weapons that were handcrafted to match their carrier's spirit animal. On a different wall, a bed was placed in order for someone to live there along with some other materials.

"Look at this place," exclaimed Cassie.

"I think it's pretty cool myself."

"Karone?" Andros asked as he saw his baby sister in a purple dress with six medallions hanging from her neck.

She smiled, "Like the dress? I personally think I look good in purple."

"How did you get down here?" asked Zhane staring at Karone's skimpy dress.

"I brought her down here," spoke the Princess as she walked onto the floor where the rangers were standing.

"Why are we here?" asked Carlos who was still admiring a the weapons.

"Do you want to defeat King Acelos?"

"Who's that?" spoke up the blue ranger.

Princess Emiline ran her hand over her staff she held in her hand. "He is your new enemy," she told them. "I am offering to help you in your battle against him and his minions, that is if you accept."

"What if we don't?" asked Ashley out of curiosity.

Emiline sighed heavily, "You will perish against the Shades alone, and they are his weakest fighters. Do you accept my offer."

Andros glanced at his fellow rangers for a moment, then looked at his sister. "We accept."

She smiled, "Good. Karone, can you please retrieve my other medallions from the case in the other room please," Emiline asked the only female Kerovan.

"Sure," Karone responded cheerfully.

"These powers I am about to give you, I warn you, may not last with you for all time," told the princess. "The powers belong to certain individuals, but it may not be any of you."

"Then why are you giving us the powers?"

"Because each of you are experienced in the form of power that you will receive. However, the these powers were especially formed for a certain individual in this universe. I need you seven to find them," she explained.


"Yes Cassandra, Karone as also accepted the responsibility I will give each of you."

Karone walked back to room carrying two handfuls of blank medallions attached to black chains. "Here you are Emiline."

"Thank you Karone," replied the Princess. "Trever Joseph, please step forward," she called.

TJ walked up to the Princess nervously, not knowing what was to happen next.

"I place in your hands the Earth Emerald. The powers of those who possess it, harness the powers of earth. I give you the responsibility of finding those who the powers belong to. Do you accept the power and the responsibility that comes with it?" recited Princess Emiline.

TJ sighed heavily, then responded with no hesitation "I accept."

With six chains in her hand, she placed the necklaces around his neck. "I give you the power of the Earth Emerald. You may step down," she whispered to him. "Ashley Sarah, please step forward."

She repeated the speech with each ranger, giving Ashley the Cardinal Fire, Cassie the Amber Light, Carlos the Sapphire Water, lastly, she divided the Crystal Celestial between Zhane and Andros. Earlier, Emiline had given the responsibility of the Amethyst Wind to Karone who accepted them gladly, even though she had no experience of being a power ranger.

"I suggest you go and defeat those Shades before they reach the citizens of you city," Princess Emiline warned them. "They will destroy anything that come into their paths."

"But how can we defeat them if we've never . . ."

She laughed out loud. "When in battle, listen carefully to what the spirits tell you. You will eventually learn how to defeat them," explained Emiline. "Trust me."

"Alright," agreed Andros. "You ready guys?" he asked the rest of the team.

They all nodded in return. "Power up!" the team called.


 End of Series One