Chapter Five: ‘Til Death do us Part


"What do you mean Karone is dying!" exclaimed Andros from the communicator.

"We were attacked by a wa. . . monster. Then he disappeared for a while, but when he came back he stabbed her." Zhane explained. "You gotta come quick! She's lost a lot of blood," he finished.

"I'm on my way, Andros out."

Zhane knelt beside Karone. "You're going to be okay, just hang on


Her body was almost lifeless; the only sign of life in her body was her breathing. Karone was unconscious and was bleeding from her abdomen.

Two beams of light appeared out of thin air before them. "Karone," whispered Andros under his breath, "what have they done to you?" He gazed at the dying body of his only sister. He knelt down on one knee beside his best friend. The red astro picked up one of Karone's bloodied hands, "I won't let you die on me," he swore to himself.

"Andros," interrupted Ashley, "we should get her to the command center before she loses anymore blood."

"Command center?" asked the silver lightstar.

Andros nodded and gently lifted Karone in his arms, "Let's go."

Holding her boyfriend's communicator in her hand, Ashley pressed a few buttons and the four of them were teleported to the command center.

Alpha raced to Andros and Karone, "Quickly, place her in the Medichamber," commanded the robot.

Gently, with the help of Zhane and Carlos, he placed Karone's body in the Medichamber, a little chamber made for quick healing. Ashley watched as Andros stepped away from the device to watch what was going to happen to his sister. His clothes were stained with Karone's blood. She walked over to Andros and gave him a hug to comfort him.

"She'll be okay," she assured him. "We'll use our last wish to help her if we need to."

After ten agonizing minutes, the mechanical assistant that belonged to Zordon completed the tests on Karone. "I'm sorry Andros, but I don't think there's anything we can do to help your sister."

"There has to be something," he cried again holding back his tears. "You can't die on me now Karone," he thought to himself.

"The stab wound was too deep, she's lost too much blood," Alpha 5 explained to the kerovan.

TJ thought to himself, "What if we use our last wish?" he asked the other rangers.

"Can someone please tell me what's going on?" exclaimed Zhane who still hadn't been told of what was happening.

Ashley walked over to the red astro ranger who was still gazing at the lifeless body of Karone. She placed a hand on his shoulder, "Are you going to be okay?" she asked. No reply came from his mouth.

"Everyone agreed?"

All the rangers, but Andros, who remained still, nodded in agreement. Alpha removed the glass, which covered the almost dead Karone. Andros grabbed her bloody hand and recited, "I wish Karone was alive."

Her eyes opened suddenly and glowed a bright aqua color. As if by magic, the incision where Gyarados' sword had stabbed her, disappeared. Karone's eyes faded into the shade of brown that it had normally been, "Andros? Where am I?"

"It's okay Karone, you’re safe now. Just rest," replied Andros.

A loud siren had filled the entire command center, and caught the lightstars unaware.

"What's going on?" exclaimed TJ, turning to Zordon then to the large screen on the wall. Images of Tiara's trekera's filled the screen, attacking buildings and people.

"I'm afraid Tiara is once again reeking havoc on Angel Grove," answered the giant floating head.

"But Zordon," started TJ. "She stole our powers, only Andros and Zhane can fight against them and have a chance of winning."

Zordon looked at his warriors, "You forget rangers, the powers I have given you may be destroyed. But the true powers come from within each of you," he explained.

"Once a ranger, always a ranger I always say," added the little robotic assistant.

Cassie glanced at the nervous faces of her friends, realizing that they won't stand a chance against the likes of Tiara. Especially without their powers. "You guys," the pink astro spoke up. "Zordon's right, it doesn't matter if we don't have our powers. We still have

to try," un-assured by her own words.

"Alpha, teleport us to the park. It's time to kick some alien butt," cheered Zhane.

"Rangers, please don't hurt Tiara," asked Zordon. "She is only a child."

"Right," replied Andros. "Let's Rocket!"

"It worked Veikeros," smiled Tiara watching as the rangers ran towards them. "Here comes those pathetic power brats now."

"What are you doing her Tiara?" screeched Ashley. "Go back to where ever you came from."

The Crypttian glared, annoyed by the yellow ranger’s rude remark. "I just wanted to play," Tiara laughed evilly. Raising her right hand she called on her fighters to attack the rangers. "Trekera attack!"

"Gyarados!" commanded Tiara’s guardian.

"Yes, master. What do you wish of me?" bowed the blue armored fighter.

Veikeros glanced at his princess waiting for her command for her warrior. Her eyes were growing brighter as she watched her trekera winning against the rangers. Tiara was silent watching and waiting for the perfect moment to launch her own attack. Veikeros turned to Gyarados, "Keep the rangers busy while our princess does her business."

"It seems to me that there are only two rangers left. Would our majesty like me to dispose of them once and for all?" asked Gyarados.

"No," he snapped. "Don't touch the morphed rangers, the princess has special plans for them. She will be the one to dispose of them," commanded Veikeros. "But do whatever you like with the other four, they're helpless now. They will be easy prey for you."

Gyarados nodded to the order, then left to fight the powerless rangers.

"Princess, it's time. Gyarados is distracting the others," commented her guardian.

Holding her stuffed alien closer to her, she whispered a command to it. The yellow eyes of the toy, that Tiara had cherished so much, glowed in harmony with the blue gem that rested on its stomach. Almost immediately a gigantic wave of water came out from the sea- blue jewel, capturing the morphed and silver rangers.

"Andros!" cried Ashley as she watched her boyfriend being engulfed by Tiara's spell.

"Zhane!" echoed the pink ranger, before she was knocked to the ground by a powerful trekera. Nearly unconscious, Cassie watched as the gem of the Crypttian's toy turned from blue to a red- silver combination. The last image she saw was Tiara and Veikeros disappearing into their colored mists, then she passed out.