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Chapter Four: The Return of an Old Friend

"Did you hear that?"

"I didn't just hear it," exclaimed Cassie, "I felt it!"

Tamira just giggled like she always did not scared of the gigantic earthquake. "Big boom!" she giggled again.

"She doesn't scare easily does she?"

"Apparently not," shrugged Brendan. "I wonder what that..."

"Cassie come in," a voice came from the pink ranger's communicator.


"Cassie here," she replied looking at Brendan. He had a look of confusion on his face.

"I think you should see this."

"Alright, I'll be right there Ashley, Cassie out."

Brendan stared at Cassie, "What's going on?"

She looked at him, "Don't you know I'm a power ranger?"

Tamira giggled at the mention of the power rangers. "Power Minners!" she cried playfully, not able to say the word ‘rangers'.

"Power rangers? What are those?"

"You don't know who the power rangers are?" she asked. "I wonder why he's never heard of us," she thought to herself. "I'll explain it to you later, but I got to go," she said before they disappeared into a pink beam of light.

"Nice acting," congratulated the blonde child. "That's the best I've seen you ever do. You got her eating out of the palm of your hand."

"Thank you princess," he replied in gratitude as he put down the child who had transformed into the blue-haired yellow-eyed Crypttian, Tiara.

Brendan was covered in a black mist. When it cleared, it revealed a heavily armored warrior. "I must compliment you on your act of destroying the rangers' base of operations. Pretending that I kidnaped you, and then letting the rangers bring you to their Megaship was sheer genius. I couldn't have done better myself," he complimented the little girl.

"It was a good plan wasn't it," she agreed. "Who would have thought, a tiny toddler would spell the end of the rangers." She laughed evilly as a cloud of blue mist covered her body, when it was gone, an older Tiara was left. Though only a disguise, she looked at least seventeen. What was once the innocent looking child, had turned into the older version of herself, the fairy. This time she was full size and had no wings to fly. Her hair was long, and the color of the clearest ocean. Her eyes were as bright as the sun, and her smile could kill the strongest warrior.

"Shall we go and meet our enemies, or shall I send Gyarados after them?" asked the newly transformed Veikeros.

"No," she disagreed. "Send the Trekera, I want their morphing devices. I'm sure they can get them for me," she laughed.


"What happened!" exclaimed the pink lightstar as she appeared from the pink beam. "What is that?"

"That's . . . was the Megaship," replied TJ as his eyes watched the burning pile of metal.

"What could have happened? Where's Alpha?"

"He must have been in the ship when it happened," whispered Ashley, staring at Andros who obviously was holding back his tears.

"Poor little power rangers," a voice laughed from across the field.

The rangers raised their heads to see a woman dressed in black and light blue, standing with a warrior that they had met earlier that day.

They jumped into their fighting stances.

"It nice to see you again rangers. Too bad, I really wanted you to be in the ship when the bomb went off," she smiled as she held an alien toy to her stomach. "You really are gullible, aren't you?" she laughed again.

"What are you talking about?" shouted Cassie, brining her fists to her chest.

"Let me refresh your memory, Cassandra." Glared the older Tiara, showing her fangs. She raised her right hand and a cloud of blue mist formed in front of her, but only to reveal a hologram of the baby Tiara that the rangers had known. "Look familiar?"

"Tiara?" gasped Ashley. "It can't be! You left for Crypttian," she yelled.

An evil smile formed from her light blue lips, "You'd think so wouldn't you?" Tamira pulled her toy closer to her chest, both of them were engulfed into a cloud of blue mist. When the wind blew away the mist, it revealed Tiara's true form. The two-year-old child. "Trekera! Attack," she called on her warriors to fight the rangers. She jumped into Veikeros' arms to watch the fight.

"Should I call Gyarados your majesty?" asked the armored warrior.

The blue haired child thought for a while, "Isn't there another lightstar ranger? A silver one?"

"The legendary silver ranger, princess?" he questioned.

"Yes, I want you to call Gyarados. The silver ranger must not be able to interfere with my plan . . . yet," she commanded. "I have different plans for him." Her eyes flashed bright yellow as she watched her warriors as they were winning the battle.

"As you wish," he replied. "Gyarados!" Veikeros yelled.

"Yes, master? How may I serve you?" asked the monster.

"Our princess wants you to keep the silver ranger busy, so he will not interfere with her plan," explained the warrior.

"Would you like me to destroy him, majesty?" he asked Tiara.

"No," she snapped. "I have different plans for him later, just make sure he doesn't escape. He can't be allowed to come to the rangers' aid.


"Of course, your majesty," with that he disintegrated into wind particles and was gone.

By this time, Tiara's Trekera had trapped each ranger, who was at this time morphed into the Astro rangers. Both Veikeros and Tiara were trapped in black and blue mists, but were teleported where the rangers and Trekera were standing.

Veikeros gently placed the tiny toddler on the ground. Tiara giggled as she always does, and Andros tried to strike at her with his spiral saber. Even though the red Astro was being held back by two of Tiara's warriors, her guardian, Veikeros, drew his sword.

"That wouldn't be wise ranger," he warned bringing his sword to Andros' neck.

Tiara tugged his arm to bring back the sword, and he obeyed.

Immediately she transformed back into her older form, but only so she could stand face to face with the Astro rangers.

"I believe you five have something I want," she snarled as she walked toward TJ, the blue lightstar ranger. She placed her hand on his neck and choked him. Something happened and he was de-morphed. The now older Tiara laughed evilly removing her hand from his neck, causing him to gasp for air. She raised his right wrist, which revealed his communicator, which was also used for morphing into the blue Astro ranger. Tiara passed her toy to Veikeros, who was at her side, and took out her dagger from her black armband. The dagger was very unusual. The blade was made out of pure crystal, and the handle was designed with the pattern of a seahorse. Though made of crystal, it cut like a butcher's knife through the band of TJ's wrist communicator. Again she clasped his neck, but this time drained all of his powers as a ranger out into the device in her hand.

"Agh-h-h!" TJ cried out in agony as he felt his powers fade away. He felt faint and was barely able to stand on his own two feet. Feeling Tiara's hand leave his throat, he watched as she moved onto Ashley, who was on his left. Tiara repeated the ritual with Ashley, Cassie and Carlos, but she let Andros keep his powers.

She laughed as she backed away from the rangers, taking each communicator and crushing them into dust in her hand. The four lightstar rangers watched as their powers blew away into the wind. "I'll be back for you, red ranger. I have special plans for you and your silver friend." And with that, she and her companions were gone.

The rangers glared at Andros. "Do you know her Andros?" spoke up Ashley, just barely able to speak.

"I have no idea who she is," he told his companions. "But the problem right now is, what are we going to do?"

Carlos looked at his friends. "I have an idea, remember the wishes that Tiara gave us?"

"She was probably was tricking us, Carlos."

"It's worth a shot guys, after all, we have to try something. Four of us are powerless now," added Cassie.

"Alright," agreed Andros. "But what should we ask . . . wish for first?"

"I think we should wish for a place where we could work," suggested Ashley. "Like the command center we used to have before the other one was destroyed."

"I agree, we need a base of operations," added Carlos.

"Do you know what I think we really need, is Zordon."

"TJ, I don't think the wish could resurrect people. Haven't you seen Aladdin?"

"Aladdin?" asked Andros. "What is Aladdin?"

"It's a movie, there's this genie who grants wishes. But he can't resurrect people from the dead," explained Carlos. "But we are dealing with an extra terrestrial here. There's no telling what her powers can do."

"That's two wishes down. What about the third?" asked Andros.

"I think we should wish for our powers back." Added Ashley, "Or new powers to help us defeat Tiara."

"Okay, does everyone agree on the suggestions?"

They all nodded in agreement. "Alright then, let's do this."


"So the rangers want their wishes now, there's noting I can do to stop that." Tiara was back in her human form, her hair was in silverish-blonde pigtails on the side of her head, and her eyes were an aqua blue color. Veikeros had also changed into the tall, dark haired eighteen year old Brendan that had caught Cassie's eye earlier that day.

"Veikeros . . . or shall I say, Brendan," she called.

"Yes Tamira?" he answered her call.

"Where is Gyarados?"

"I believe, he's still fighting the silver ranger like you wanted," Brendan replied as he picked up the toddler. "Would you like me to call him back?"

"Yes, please. Tell him I have another mission for him."


"So who wants to say it?" asked Cassie.

"It doesn't have to be someone in particular does it?"

"I don't think so Carlos," replied Andros. "But I'll say it."

"Go ahead," motioned Cassie.

"Here it goes," he whispered. "I wish that we had a new command center!" he screamed to the air. Thunder clouds surrounded the lightstars, almost immediately they were teleported to a place that was unknown to them. They realized that the wish had worked, the rangers had a new command center to work in. It was better built than the last two, and was in the middle of a mountain.

"It worked!" exclaimed Ashley. "Maybe when we wish for Zordon, it'll work too."


"You called master," bowed the monster named Gyarados.

"I have a new mission for you, find the sister of the red ranger. Her name is Karone, here's what I want you to do."


"I wish," cried Cassie. "That Zordon was alive!"

The command center's lights flickered on and off as the last words escaped Cassie's mouth. The room fell dark, but the lights had come back on in a matter of minutes. And there before them, in a stasis tube, was their mentor Zordon (he was still a floating head though). To their surprise a robotic character stood beside him, it was Alpha 5, Zordon's assistant.

"Zordon? Is that really you?" gasped Andros.

"Yes Andros, it is me."

"Andros, come in! It's Zhane," beeped a voice from Andros' communicator.

"Zhane, you wouldn't believe what happened!"

"Tell me later, you gotta come here quick! It Karone, she's dying!"