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Chapter Two: Three Wishes

"Is she alright Cassie?" asked TJ.

"She seems okay," replied the pink Astro looking down at the blue haired child. "But I wonder what those monsters wanted with her."

"I wonder where she's from. She can't be human, she has pointy ears."

"Good point Ashley," agreed Andros. "DECA, can you bring up the files on . . . Crypttians?"

"Bringing up files now," replied the Megaship's computer.

"Access image profiles."

"Accessing . . . images found," responded the female voice, as an image of a typical male and female Crypttian would look like. "Crypttians are very well known for their unusual mix of light blue hair and amber colored eyes," continued DECA.

"Any other information that can help us find out why those two were after her?" asked Andros.

"Crypttians, especially young children, have rare powers which can be taken away using the Dark Stone, only found in Darkquesque. Children, until the age of seven, have the ability to use magic to grant wishes. As they grow, these powers will fade."

"That must be why those two were after her, to take away her powers," exclaimed Ashley turning to the others. Just as she said this, the Crypttian child woke up. "Hello there."

The child looked at her surroundings, not knowing where she was. Then she looked at Cassie the ranger that had been holding her.

"You're going to be okay now, those two won't hurt you," she comforted the Crypttian. "I'm Cassie. This is Ashley, Andros, Carlos and TJ. What's your name?"

"Tiara," the child smiled at the other rangers. She lifted her toy to her chest. Somehow, the gem on the toy's stomach began to glow bright blue along with Tiara's eyes (shining amber). In a few seconds a tiny fairylike hologram appeared in front of Tiara. The fairy flew around the control room for a few moments then came to a halt.

"Who are you?" asked Cassie.

"I am the future Tiara," answered the fairy dressed in a very short blue skirt. "I thank you for saving us from Gyarados and Veikeros. They almost drained us."

"How can you be the future Tiara, when she's still here?" asked Carlos who had been very quiet through the whole ordeal.

"Silly humans, don't you know that child Crypttians can call their future forms to the past? It's the way that they grant wishes," explained the fairy.

"So you're here to give us wishes?"

Both Tiaras's nodded their heads in reply.

"Why would you give us wishes?" asked TJ still in shock of the tiny being.

"Humans ask so many questions don't they?"

The baby Tiara giggled.

"Well, that doesn't matter. You will get your wishes no matter what is said or not," commanded the older Tiara. "I warn you that you only get three wishes for the five of you. So don't waste them you hear!"

"What do you mean by that?"

"I mean that once the words I wish' pass any one of your mouths, whatever you say next will be your wish," she explained. "Now we must go."

The five Astros watched as the younger Tiara jumped down from Cassie's arms.

"Where are you going?" asked Cassie.

"Home, her mother is probably wondering where we are right now. We've been away for so long."

"Bye-bye," waved the amber-eyed Crypttian as she tugged her toy harder.

"Good-bye, and remember you only have three wishes so be careful what you wish for," warned the older Tiara before they were both engulfed into a cloud of blue mist.

"Bye," whispered Cassie.