I do not own the Power Rangers

I do not own the Power Rangers. This story takes place after Count Down to Destruction.


I sat back in my chair thinking about all the wonderful things that had happened over my seventy five-year life. My name is Justin Stewart. I have lived a long wonderful life. Now as I think back over it I smile and take my cane from beside me, pulling myself up. I cross the front porch slowly silently and my old pathetic bones. I pulled the screen door open and stepped in to my cool one story ranch house. I have lived here for fifty years.

My wife passed away 10 years ago. Bless her soul. She gave me three wonderful children who have also given me wonderful grandchildren. I take out one of my many picture albums and settle myself onto the couch. The first page is filled with pictures of when I was only twelve years old. My early days as a power ranger. I lightly touched the fading photographs and let my mind wander back to those days as a young teen.


Fighting monsters, hanging out with the others, living my life as an above average student who was constantly teased. A boy who didnít have much of a father until he was almost 13 years old. My father passed away thirty years ago. I was the only earth ranger still alive. A drunk driver killed Carlos and Cassie shortly after they had defeated all the evil in the world. We missed them terribly. I remember their funeral perfectly. Their identities had been reveled earlier and everyone was shocked by their deaths as healthy active rangers who still had their power but yet it wasnít strong enough to keep them alive. Tommy and Kim had gotten married later. Kim died giving birth to quints. (Donít ask me how that happened.) Two of the babies also died at birth and two others died shortly after birth. So Tommy was left with a premature baby girl who was named after Kim in respect. Little Kim became blind when she was five. Tommy went on loving her. Tommy died five years ago. Little Kim got married shortly after his death and is living in New York as an author at the present time. Tanya died of natural causes a few years ago. Billy, Aisha, Rocky and Trini also died of natural causes in the past years. Letís see. How many others are there? Oh yes. Andros and Ashley married years ago and died in a house fire when they were only thirty years old. Their small child, Nikki, came to live with me and she moved out when she was 19 and got married. Iím having trouble remembering who else there is. My poor old memory. Oh yes T.J. and Adam. They got married and had kids and died a few years ago from heart attacks. After the last of them were gone five years ago I went through a terrible depression and was in the hospital for about six months. Then one night in a dream Tommy told me to knock it off and get on with whatever rest of my life I had. So I did and moved back into my house. Now as I look back at my life I realize. I had a wonderful life. All my friends to support me when I found out that I was the youngest power ranger in history, we all had each other to support when Cassie and Carlos were killed. I cried for ever after they died. I kept telling myself that 18 years olds arenít supposed to die. In some ways I blamed myself because they had asked me to come see the movie with them the night they were killed but I said no because I hoped it would have started a wonderful relationship if they had gone by themselves.

Of all the things that had happened during my life my favorite moments were when Zordon had told me I would be the new Blue Ranger, and when I had first set my sights on Nikki Thompson. She gave me the best forty years of my life.

As I close the last album I feel a strange feeling in my chest and I suddenly know it is my time to go. I slowly close my eyes and put a small smile on my face so people will know I was happy when I died looking at my very special life.

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