Disclaimer: No, I donít own the rangers

Disclaimer: No, I donít own the rangers.

Authorís note: This is written in hopes that itíll help me get over Writerís block. This story has been nagging at me for a while and Iíve been wanting a few new buddies around the house. * grin *




More? Youíve got to be kidding Me!

I let out a shrill whistle and woke up Adli.

He jolted awake and rolled off the monitor landing on the keyboard.

He looked up at me and yawned.

" Come on, Adli! Iíve got some good ideas!" I beckoned placing him back on top of the monitor.

"Why are you a morning person? Canít you sleep in? At least until 7?" Adli mumbled.

"Thatíd be wasting the day. Now listen up. Iíve got to finish up ĎWhite Rangerí so I can start on my new series."

"Ok. Ok. What story are we working on right now?"

"The untitled one after ĎWhite No Moreí."

"You mean the one with that Bob guy?"

I nodded.

"Where the heck did you come up with a name for monster like that?" He asked stretching and reaching to put on his miniature bunny slippers.

I shrugged. "I wanted to be original."

"I should say so."

"Donít start. Now letís get cracking. Spring Breakís almost over, and I want to get through this story before then."

"Ok. Read what we have so far."

I read over the page and then waited for Adli to reply.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Youíre done? That was it? Looks like we better get to work."

We wrote and rewrote a few pages before I got really frustrated and deleted the whole thing.

"Kari! Whatíd you do that for?" Adli asked staring at the blank screen.

"It wasnít working. We need some extra help around here, Adli. We really do."

"Did some one ask for some help?"

Adli and I shot our heads upward to where my 3 stuffed animals sat across my monitor.

"Please donít tell me one of you spoke." I pleaded.

"Oh contraire. I spoke." George, my little brown ape, said raising his hands in the air.

Adli and I tossed each other a worried look.

"You said you needed more help and hear I am!" George went on swinging down onto my lap.

I looked down at him uncertainly.

"You always get to help! Itís my turn!" I slowly lifted my head to find Rudolph, my furry little ferret, so named because he had this bright red nose and all black fur.

"Hello? Itís definitely my turn!" My head turned toward Fredrick The Ankle Biter, my little 3 inch long pound puppy, so named because of a kid at school said he looked like an ankle biter.

George jumped back up to the monitor and socked Rudolph in the face knocking him off the computer desk and onto the tile below.

My eyes darted down there and Rudolph managed to shimmy his way up the desk and back onto monitor where a ferocious fight ensued.

Adli and I watched for a second still not wanting to believe that my stuffed animals just came alive.

Finally I stuck my fingers in my mouth and whistled sharply.

They stopped.

George still had Rudolph by the tail upside down. He dropped him and I caught him as he took the deathly course to the tile once more.

" Iím afraid that the Power Rangers are going to walk in here next." I muttered to Adli.

"Be careful what you ask for girl. Looked what you just did. We barely get along and now we have these guys to deal with." Adli shot back.

"Itís not my fault. I didnít think that stuffed animals were supposed to come alive!" I whispered.

"Did you think a dragon would come flying in your house either?"

He did have point. My life was getting stranger and stranger.

"Ok. I think I made a huge mistake. Are you sure you guys are alive?" I asked my face still full of surprise.

"Very alive, thanks to you. You have such an imagination that you brought us to life. Not to any one else but you. You better not talk to us when other people are around. Theyíll think youíre crazy." George warned batting at Fredís ear. Fred bit him in response.

"Too late." I declared.

Adli snickered from his perch on my shoulder.

I glared at him.

"So where do we start?" George asked swinging down and fooling with my mouse.

I rubbed my forehead thoughtfully.

"This canít be happening. Please tell me itís not happening." I mumbled.

"Would if I could Kiddo." Adli answered.

George scanned over my latest story, ĎWhite No Moreí.

"Wow! Thatís some good writing we got there! Now whatís the trouble? Canít figure out what to do next?" George exclaimed.

"Yeah. Iím totally stuck."

" I like this whole Zhane, Nikki friendship. Itís cute. Ok. Down to business." George started ordering people around. No one moved.

"Come on people! Letís get down to business!" He shouted.

Startled we snapped into motion, me arranging myself in my chair ready to type. Adli hopped up onto my head and settled into my hair peering down at the screen.

Fred hopped onto one shoulder and Rudolph onto the other.

"Why donít you bring back Tommy? If Nikkiís gone and lost her powers Tommy will be a good source to bring in. You can put him after the other rangers find out that Bob is Nikkiís clone. Ok?"

I nodded and jotted it down on the yellow legal pad next to me.

"Oooo! I have an idea!" Rudolph squeaked, scaring me half to death.

"Well what is it?" I asked, starting to get used to the idea of these guys.

"Why donít you have Bob trying to kill the other rangers? Iíd like to see little petite Nikki running around with an axe or something."

I snickered, and wrote it down. "I donít know about the axe thing, but that should work well."

"I have a idea also!" Fred shouted in the other ear.

I jumped again and decided after today they would be better off on the monitor.

"Shoot." I replied.

"Ok. We have the rangerís turn into pieces of furniture and sell them!"

The room was dead quiet and all eyes were on Fred.

He shrunk back. "Just a thought."

I shook my head. "Where do you guys get your personalities?"

"You created them. When you put us down at your computer you wondered about what weíd be like if alive. And as soon as you spoke about us we were here. Personality and all."

I nodded thoughtfully. "I guess youíre right."

"All weíre talking about ideas, I have one for a standalone."

I realized George was just like Iíd imagined. Strong, and full of ideas. Smart and bossy.

"Go for it."

" Ok. I know how much of a follower of Tommy you are. You and that blasted Pirate site." He scoffed.

I shot my head up and poked him the stomach with the eraser of my pencil. "Donít diss my site. Definitely off limits. Iíll tell Falconfyre and Iím sure sheíll make you regret it."

"Ok. Ok. Back to my idea. I know itís been done like a million times but I want to see what you can do with the whole letter to Tommy from Kim."

"Oh come one Georgey! Thatís been done too much! Itís overused!" Rudolph spoke up.

"I like the idea!" George challenged.

" I say she does something with Turbo. She hasnít done anything with Turbo." Rudolph reasoned.

"WellÖIf I might speak. The reason I havenít is because Iím waiting. Iím planning on a series with a whole new Turbo Season. I want to keep Tommy around a little longer."

George made a rude noise and crossed his arms over his chest.

I picked up my pencil again. "Donít make me hurt you, Monkey boy." I narrowed my eyes at him.

George stood out of reach, "Ok. Ok. Iíll keep my opinion to myself."

Now how did I manage to create him with a dislike of Tommy? Heís one of my fav. Rangers.

Fred spoke again. " Can we write a Tommy and Tanya story?"

"NO!" Adli, George, Rudolph and I shouted in unison.

I shuddered. "Please donít even SAY those names in the same sentence!"

Fred looked hurt. I guess he was the sensitive one.

"Donít worry about it Fred. Iíll use one of your stories as soon as possible, I promise!" I said patting him on the head.

He smiled.

"Ok. Back to ideas. I need to work on a Cassie and Phantom story one of these days. And I need to work on my ĎTots to Superheroesí series. Whatever possessed me to write that, Iíll never know." I mumbled.

"Weíll help you out with it." George reassured.

"But first you need to finish up the ĎWhite Rangerí series." Rudolph spoke.

"Right. Letís go work on that right now!" Fred barked.

We laughed and I went into my document.


THE ENDÖWellÖ for now at least.

Second Authorís note: This was made to help me out with Writerís block and did it help? No. And now I have 3 new muses to deal with. Well, anyway. Thanks for reading guys!