Star Crossed Lovers

By: Krissy Moser

Disclaimer: OK, we all know the drill. All Power Rangers, Angel Grove, etc. belong to Saban Entertainment. I'm doing this just to pass time, for fun. The characters, Kathy Hart-Gunther, Rick Gunther, Jesse Willow, Denny, and any other characters not being recognized are mine. (At least I think they are!) Oh, and I'm not in any way associated with Saban. And before I forget, Romeo and Juliet belong to William Shakespeare, just so any one doesn't know!


"OK, Mom, the Willow's are that way!" Kimberly Hart said pointing to the left.

"Alright, left on Parker." Kathy Hart-Gunther agreed. She turned left and headed down Parker Avenue. "Kim, can you get the bag?"

"Sure," she agreed. She reached back behind her and grabbed the bag containing the gifts for the birthday party they were going to attend. She grabbed it and turned back just in time to see a car coming speeding at them. She screamed, then the world went black.

Miami General

Kimberly Hart's eyes fluttered shut for the last time. "Bye Mother. Tell Tommy I love him," Kimberly whispered, gasping for breath. Kathy Hart-Gunther cried softly as she watched her daughter's heart stop heaving.

"Good bye sweetie, good bye," Kathy whispered as the doctor pulled the plug on the monitors and machines.

"It's OK Kath," Rick Gunther whispered pulling his wife closer to him. He gazed at his stepdaughter before leading his wife into the hallway.

"We'll have to tell Tommy and the others," Kathy whispered as she sobbed. "I know Tommy'll take it the hardest."

"Don't think of it right now, we'll go to Angel Grove tomorrow. We'll have the funeral in Angel Grove, and bury her in the spot she requested. On the hill, with the view of the lake."

Kathy nodded as she let Rick guide her to their car.

Angel Grove, California

"Tommy, come on! Let's go to the park," Tanya Sloan suggested, as the four teens sat around the table at the Youth Center.

"Yeah, please?" Justin Stewart begged. The Power Rangers Turbo were discussing what to do that day, as soon as Adam Park arrived from his last stunt show for the day.

"OK," Tommy said sighing.

"Let's invite Michel along," Katherine Hillard said, naming her boyfriend.

"Sure," Tommy agreed. "I wish Kim was here still, but she just left to Florida again," Tommy said thinking about his once again girlfriend.

"YES!" Justin shouted happily. "We're going to the park," he chanted.

Tommy, Kat, and Tanya rolled their eyes at each other.

"I saw that," Justin said as Adam came into the room.

"Hey guys," Adam said quietly.

"Hey Adam, we're going to the park, wanna come?" Justin asked as they stood up.

"Sure," Adam said smiling at Justin.

"Let's go!" Justin shouted. Before they left, Lt. Stone came up to Tommy, looking like a board had hit him on the head.

"What's wrong?" Tommy asked.

"Tommy, guys, can you come to the back storage room with me? I have something important to discuss with you."

Tommy looked at the others. He shrugged.

As soon as they were seated around the room, he started to pace.

"I just talked to Mrs. Hart-Gunther."

"Kim's mom?" Tommy asked, surprised.

"Yes, they were going to a party of a friend's when a car hit them."

Tommy felt something in his stomach. "How's Kimberly?"

"Tommy, she died an hour ago." he said looking away.

Tommy couldn't believe his ears. "D-d-d-dead?" he stuttered.

"Yeah. Kathy said when they get here in the morning she wants to talk to you five, and Jason, if it's possible."

Tommy, nodded. He felt sick to his stomach. The one person who meant more to him then the world was dead.

"Excuse me," he said getting up and running from the room.

Kat got up to follow him, but was stopped by Adam. "Kat let him go. He needs to be alone for a while."

"We can't leave him alone! He needs us right now!" she protested.

"Kat, I didn't know Kim as long as Tommy did, but I knew they were very close. I saw the way they looked at each other. And the way whenever Kim was in trouble, Tommy'd drop everything just to help her. I think he wants to be alone." Adam said quietly.

Kat nodded. "I know. But he shouldn't be alone!"

Tommy ran from the Youth Center, towards the lake. He seemed to have spent a lot of time here in the last year. First Kim dumped him, and he came here. When he was starting to get interested in Katherine, he'd come here to ponder his feelings for both girls. And now, he was coming here again, and it was Kimberly again. Kimberly Hart, his girlfriend, was dead. But she was more than just a girlfriend.

She was also his fiancée. The others just didn't know. He'd proposed to her the week before, the night before she left to Florida again. She'd said yes, and couldn't wait for the following year when she was going to be able to go to college at UCLA. They had planned a small wedding after they both had graduated from the college. Her mother probably had the ring. A huge diamond. He had saved for three months before Kim had even left for Florida. He had been planning on asking the night before she had left. But their schedules had been messed up. And then a few months later, she had sent the letter. But that was old news now.

Tommy sat on the ground in front of the lake and sighed. He didn't know what he was going to do. His body was starting to feel numb, and if he didn't get home, he wouldn't be able to walk. Like it really mattered. He quickly ran home and shut himself into his room and fell against the bed, in tears. Kimberly was gone. Dead. He closed his eyes and let himself be lulled to sleep by memories.


"This is so much fun," Kimberly gushed as they walked along the fair grounds.

"Yeah, I'm glad you decided to come." he told her smiling softly.

"Hey, I promised I would "accompany" you here. I wouldn't lie." Kimberly said sincerely. "Besides, you promised to win me a prize."

"And what shall it be? A brown bear, a white bear, or a panda?"

"No, this way," Kimberly said, dragging him by the arm to a booth they had passed on the way in. There were green dragons that were huge. "A green dragon, please."

Tommy shook his head as he got out the money for the game. How he had been talked into going to the carnival for their second date was beyond him, but he had been the one who requested that she "accompany him there as friends."

After several tries the attendant had handed him the stuffed toy, and he presented it to her with a flourish.

"Thank you," she whispered. She leaned up and kissed him softly on the cheek.

"Now what do you want to do?"

"Umm, the Tilt-O-Wheel!" Kimberly said glancing around at the different rides the small carnival was presenting.

Tommy shook his head. "I'm not quite sure I can handle fast rides right now,"

"Oh, come on!" she pouted. She dragged him over to the ride and got in the back of the long line.

"Kim, I don't think I can handle them after all the junk food you just forced down me," he protested holding his stomach.

"Oh yeah, right!! You ate a single corn dog and a small diet."

"And you fed me part of your cotton candy, snow cone, and a soft pretzel," he reminded her with a smile.

Kimberly rolled her eyes, but left the line. "Then you can buy me something! Take your pick!"

Tommy looked back at the line, then at Kim who was standing near a jewelry stand and was oohing and ahhing about some earrings.

"Tough choice, but I'd rather lavish you with gifts then get sick from the Tilt-O-Wheel!" he said walking over to her.

Kimberly picked up some earrings and held them to his ear.

"These are perfect for you!" She showed him some small silver hoops.

"I only have one hole, not four like you!" Tommy said, laughing at her expression. "But I do like the earrings. You can wear the other one," he suggested.

Kimberly grinned. "I'll buy them for _you_, and I can wear some kind of stud on the other ear." she went to the cashier and bought the earrings.

After getting her change she walked back to him. She took one of them off its package, took his gold stud out and fastened it on his ear. "It looks good on you,"

Tommy shrugged, putting an arm around her. "It'll look better on you."

Kimberly blushed and walked to the other side of the small tent. She stopped in front of some necklaces, and gazed at a gold locket. After checking it's price, she set it back down quickly.

"What's wrong?"

"I can't afford something like that. It's triple of what I can afford."

Tommy smiled at her. "How much was it?" Kimberly whispered it's price into his ear and he whistled lowly. "That is expensive."

"It doesn't matter. Come on." she said dragging him around the carnival.

After another three hours of looking, they headed back out to Tommy's 4 x 4. He drove to her house, listening to her chatter about useless things. Most of it concerning school.

When Tommy stopped the car, he sat quietly for a moment looking at his hands, before turning to her. "Kim, I had a lot of fun with you tonight."

Kimberly smiled at him. "Me too. A lot," she said in a husky voice.

Tommy gulped slightly and leaned over and kissed her lightly. He wrapped an arm around her, drawing her closer. Finally she pulled away and gave him a hug.

She moved to get out, but Tommy stopped her.

"Before you go, I have something for you." He pulled out a small paper sack containing the gold necklace she had admired earlier. It had set him back a couple months, but it'd be worth it.

She opened the bag, and gasped softly as she opened the box with the necklace in it. "Oh Tommy, you didn't have to buy it for me."

"I know, but I wanted to." in response she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him slowly.

She jumped from the truck, and walked over to his side of the truck. She tapped on the window and he rolled it down. She leaned over, and placed a single kiss on his lips. "See ya tomorrow." she said waving.

"Can I pick you up for school tomorrow?"

"Sure, I'll be waiting." with a wave, she disappeared into the house.

Tommy laid his head against the back of the seat and grinned. He was in love!

**Flashback 2**

Tommy rolled his eyes at Kimberly. "Kim, don't get me wrong, but the movie was more lame then going to the dentist!"

She stuck her tongue out at him. "You only didn't like it because you wanted to see A Lost World. I hated Jurassic Park, why see the sequel?"

He shrugged and wrapped his arm around her, pulling her to him. "Kim, Kim, Kim! What am I going to do with you? You actually wanted to see the movie! We were at a drive in, and you actually made me be quiet!"

"Oh hush! I know you wanted to kiss, so we'll do that now, unless you have to go home early..." she said pulling away with a mischievous gleam in her eye.

Tommy shook his head and wrapped an arm tightly around her. "Nope, my next match is next week, and I expect you there to cheer me on!"

"Of course, I haven't missed a match yet! Why would I start now?"

"I know. And I love you for it!" he kissed her passionately.

"Tommy, I love you," she murmured.

"I love you too, Kim," he whispered back as he continued to kiss her.

A few minutes later she pulled away. "Easy Tommy, we can't kiss for that long, and not come back up for air," she said lightly giggling.

Tommy nodded. "I know, but it's so easy to get lost in my emotions for you. I can't help myself sometimes."

"Goes double for me, too. But Tommy, we can't go very far, without wanting to continue to go deeper. I love you with all my body, but it scares me sometimes."

"I know, Beautiful." Tommy agreed.

**End Flashbacks**

The next morning Tommy laid in bed, thinking about what he'd lost. His girlfriend, his true love, and best friend. She left the world of living without even a good bye.


Tommy sighed as he heard his mother call him.

"Tommy?" his mother appeared at the door. "Mrs. Hart-Gunther is here. They just arrived from their plane, and want to talk to you."

"I don't want to see them," Tommy answered staring at the ground.

"Please, Tommy, just talk to them!"

"I'm not going downstairs!" Tommy declared staring at his mother. "I don't have to listen to you!"

"Thomas James Oliver! I know this is hard on you, but they came all the way from Miami to see you! I want you up, dressed, and downstairs in twenty minutes to see them!" With that, she left the room, leaving Tommy staring after his mother in surprise.

Sighing, Tommy got up, quickly showered and dressed. Walking down the stairs, he was overcome by a familiar smell. It was the same perfume Kim wore. Then he remembered the T-shirt he was wearing. It was the one he was wearing when they got back together again. He felt tears well up in his eyes. They laid on the couch just kissing, and her perfume had left its impact on the clothing.

He walked the rest of the stairs and went into the living room, where Kathy Hart-Gunther sat, her head on her husband's shoulder. "Tommy, hi," she said sadly rising and giving him a hug.

"Hi." he whispered, backing out of the embrace and sitting on the arm of a chair.

"I'm sorry this happened. I know how much you loved her, still love her," she said as a tear rolled down her cheek.

"Yeah, I do. I know you do too," he whispered.

"Tommy, Kim's funeral is tomorrow, I was wondering if you'd speak about her? I know she loved it when you talked about her."

Tommy nodded. "Yeah, sure. What time is the funeral?"

"Well, since Kim hated mornings, tomorrow around 4:00 p.m."

Tommy nodded, smiling sadly. "Yeah, Kim always hated morning. She complained that it was nightmarish when she had to get up for one of my Martial Arts match!"

Kathy nodded, smiling softly. "We also brought all her belongings with us from Florida. And we found a box of some things you might want."

"Thank you," Tommy said gratefully as Rick handed him a medium size box.

"No problem. We better be going, we still have some relatives to talk with. See you tomorrow, right?"

"Yeah, tomorrow." Tommy echoed.

"Tommy, you can go back to your room, I guess," his mother said as she noticed Tommy's sad expression. "I don't want you to being miserable out here, when you can do it in your room."

"Thanks," he walked back to his room, carrying the box with him. He walked back into his white room, and locked the door. After sitting the box on his desk, he got out a pair of scissors and opened it.

The first thing that hit him was the smell. It was Kim's perfume. There was a practically full bottle at the bottom of the box. He smiled as he remembered all the times she wore it. Whenever they had gone out, she'd squirt it on. Whenever she was at a match, she wore it. Almost all day long!

He pulled it out and squirted it several times in the air. He took several deep breaths, and exhaled slowly. It was so familiar!

He next found a green dragon, with mismatched eyes. He smiled. It was the dragon he'd won her at the carnival. He patted the soft green fur and hugged it to him. He missed her so much! He set it down, and went to the next item. A huge book. A picture album. He leaned on the bed and opened it up.

The first picture he saw was a picture of the Green Ranger and Pink Ranger. They had their arms around each other. He remembered that day. It was a day or so after he had been freed from Rita Repulsa's spell. The next page was a group shot, with the Green Ranger and Pink Ranger in the middle.

The next few pages were of the Rangers in costume, with the different groups. Numerous ones of the White Ranger, even a picture of Dulcea. And there were a couple of the Zeo rangers and the Turbo Rangers, but not as many, since Kim wasn't on the team then.

The next pages made him smile. There were group shots, but in their real identity, not in uniform. Most of them were of him and Kim, but there were a few of each Power Group. There were many with Rocky and Zack looking goofy, and ones of him and Jason trying to act serious, for a prank. Even a couple with Bulk and Skull at their Police Graduation thingy. Why Kim had taken those pictures was beyond him.

He set it down, already feeling sad again. He reached for the next item, a flowered journal. He opened it to the middle and began to read it.

Feb. 14, 1996

Hey Journal,

Today is the saddest day of my life! I broke up with Tommy today. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. And you're probably going to ask why, since we loved each other, so I'll tell you. We, well mostly me, were having doubts. Now I'm not sure how many Tommy was having, but I knew he was thinking about us too, but me, I had a lot of unfinished thoughts. I guess it has a lot to do with my parents divorcing. I guess I felt if I continued in this relationship, he'd leave me just like dad left mom. And I wouldn't be lucky enough to find another person, like mom found Rick.

And then, there is Denny. I doubt I'd go out with him. I think he'd be just after my body....but Jesse was trying to get me to go out with him. I think I'd go out with Jesse before I went out with Denny! Jesse's more a best friend, then a boyfriend, but I'm glad he's here for me. He reminds me a lot like Tommy, only difference is he has really, really short black hair, not long, gorgeous hair! And Mary Beth seems to want me to go out with Denny too. But that's only because she has the hots for Jesse, and wants me to stop spending time with him. But me and Jesse are too close. I wonder how'd he'd ever react if I was gone! If I died all of the sudden! I wonder especially about how Tommy'd react to that. I've also been wondering about what Madame Lorraine said the other day. Those tarot cards of hers! How they freaked me out. One said lovers, but the other one represented death. I can't remember what its symbol was, but it was death!

Tommy stopped reading as he felt tears trickle down his cheek. She had already known she was going to die! Why couldn't she have said anything to anyone about her concerns? He knew she believed in that kind of stuff, heck even smart, down to Earth Billy believed in tarot cards!!

Tommy threw the book onto carpeted floor and crawled into bed and fell into a dark, nightmarish night.

All night, Tommy had nightmares about Kimberly. They were all about her dying. One of the last ones scared him the most. He was the Green Ranger again, and under Rita's control. He and Kim were in the Command Center, and he was choking her, and she died in his grip. They continued to grow worse as the night went along.

Finally, after about three hours of sleep, Tommy sighed and showered since it was 5:30. He quickly dressed and jogged to the lake. He sat in the spot where he and Kim had shared their first kiss and stared out at the water. Glimpses of the dreams flashed through his head. He started to cry softly.

"Excuse me, can you by chance tell me where the coffee shop is?" a voice asked from behind him.

Tommy turned and looked at a guy with short black hair and dressed in blue jeans and a white tank top.

"Yeah, sure," Tommy said wiping the tears from his cheeks. "I can take you there, it's on the way back to my house." Tommy stood up and wiped his sweaty hands on his sweat pants. He'd thrown on an old green jogging suit that he'd practiced in when he had been the Green Ranger. Somehow, whenever he was wearing green, he felt like he was connected to Kim. Perhaps it was because he'd been the Green Ranger when he first told Kim about his feelings for her.

"Thanks. This is my first time in this town. I wish I could be visiting on better circumstances." the guy said quietly. "Do you by chance know a Tommy Oliver?"

"That's me. And you are....?"

"I'm Jesse Willow, a friend of Kimberly Hart. Or I should say was a friend of Kimberly Hart." he said extending his hand. "Kim told me a lot about you. I'm glad I finally have a face to put with the name."

"Hi. Yeah, she told us a lot about a Jesse. I'm glad to meet you. It's nice to know there are people in Miami who care about her too."

"Trust me, there are quite a few people. Especially Team USA. You knew she had applied for the team, hadn't you?"

"No, actually, I hadn't. Was she going to be on it?"

"No, because she couldn't...not in her condition!"

"What condition?" Tommy asked gazing at him in a puzzled look. "I don't recall her having any diseases!"

"You didn't know?" Jesse asked startled.

"Know what?"

"Kim was pregnant!"

"What??!!" Tommy exclaimed.

"Yeah, I guess almost a month along! She didn't tell you? Are you sure? It didn't slip your mind?"

"No, she didn't." Tommy said softly. "How come you knew? I'm the father, and she didn't even tell me!"

"I was the one who took her to the doctor." he explained.

"Great," Tommy muttered as they walked along the dirt path. "I not only lost my fiancée, but my child as well! Was it to early to tell if it was a girl or a boy?"

"Yes, by at least three months," he said. Jesse saw his crestfallen face. "But she was hoping for a boy."

"Why?" Tommy asked.

"She wanted someone to carry on the Oliver name and his father's good looks." he said with a small smile.

Tommy smiled at that too. He stopped in front a brick building. "Here you go."

"Thanks, will I see you at her funeral later?"

"Of course. I'm making an eulogy."

"Oh, later then." Tommy nodded good bye and headed for home. He sighed as he walked along the road. Jesse seemed nice and all. It was nice to meet other people who cared for her too. But the news he told him! Kim had been a month pregnant! And she hadn't even told him! He thought sadly of a child that would never see the day, the sun, or ever have the chance to meet his mother's cheerful smile. But maybe they were together, in Heaven. Tommy hoped they were.

He stopped in front of the Youth Center. Maybe he should talk to the guys. He knew they'd want to talk to him. He shouldn't have run off the other day. He knew Kat would've have come after him. She was just that kind of person. But Adam or Justin probably stopped her. He was grateful for that, too. What was he going to say to them?

He sighed and walked into the busy room. The room seemed somber. More quiet then usual. To Tommy's surprise, almost everyone was wearing black, dark green, or blue. And to double surprise, Eugene Skullovich, or Skull, was in tears in a corner. Farcus Bulkmeyer, or Bulk, was trying to console him. His heart went out to Skull too. He'd always loved Kimberly. Who in the world didn't?

"Tommy!" a voice exclaimed.

"Why are you here?" another person asked, almost as shocked as the first voice.

Tommy turned and looked at Tanya and Kat, who were sitting in a corner quietly talking.

"I...I..." Tommy stumbled, not sure how to answer.

"Girls, leave the poor guy alone!" another voice echoed.

All three turned and looked and watched as Billy Cranston came into the room.

"Billy!" Tommy said quietly, smiling at his best friend. "How come you're back?"

"Oh come on, Tommy! You know how close Kim and I were! I wouldn't have missed my last chance to say good bye." Billy said wiping away a tear, as it snaked down his cheek.

"I know." Tommy agreed, as the two shared a sad hug.

"I just wish we'd be having this reunion on better circumstances."

"I know, so do I." Tommy said sadly. "What reunion?"

"Everyone's coming home. We're all going to meet in the Power Chamber after the funeral. Zordon's even coming home to watch the Funeral on the Viewing Globe."

"When is everyone getting here?"

"Now in fact." as if by magic, the door opened revealing a crying Aiesha Campbell and Trini Kwan being comforted by two tearful male teens: Rocky DeSantos and Zack Taylor.

"Where's Jase?" Tommy asked as the foursome walked over to them.

"I can't find him. He's locked off all communicator signals." Billy said helplessly.

"It might even be better if he doesn't know," Zack said quietly as the teens exchanged hugs. "He always felt responsible for the team. Even if something that didn't involve being a Ranger, hurt them."

"He'll need to know." Billy and Tommy both said.

They agreed and sat at a table and talked sadly about Kim.

An hour and a half later, Tommy decided to return home and get ready for the funeral. It was 2:30, and he was supposed to be there at 3:30.

An hour later, he and his parents went to the cemetary and walked to the spot with he view of the lake. Kimberly's parents were there, along with a priest and a brown casket.

"When is everyone going to be here?" Tommy's mother asked.

"Within 15 minutes. So Tommy, if you want a private good bye, you might do it now." Kathy said starting to cry. The others walked over to the chairs and sat down, giving him distance for privacy. He walked over to the casket and looked down at Kimberly. She was so beautiful. She was dressed in a pink dress and her hair in a braid beside her head tied with a white ribbon.

Tommy started to cry as he gazed at her. He reached for a bag besides his feet. It contained things he wanted her to have in the after life. He slipped the first item out. The green dragon stuffed toy. He put it beside her right arm. Next he removed the engagement ring from his pocket and slipped it on her left hand. He wanted her to remember him always. Even if they couldn't be together. He was about to slip the necklace in the casket, when he decided otherwise. He fastened it around his neck and took out one last item. It was a group shot his mother had taken just before Kim had returned to Florida for the second time. In the picture was him, Kim, Kat, Adam, Tanya, Rocky, Justin, Jason, and Bulk and Skull. It was shortly after they had gotten the Turbo Powers. Bulk and Skull had just happened to be there, and Kim had asked them to pose with them.

He gazed down at Kimberly's lifeless body and choked back his tears. He leaned down and kissed her softly. She was so cold! Before he could stop himself he leaned down and put a kiss on her stomach. "Remember me," he whispered, hoping that the spirit of their child was watching, or at least listening. He kissed her lips one last time and walked over to a chair and slouched down, watching silently as the priest and workers finished getting the small area ready.

Shortly later, everyone arrived. They all wished Kim's parents their best and most people who knew Tommy came over and gave words of sympathy.

Tommy barely heard a word, until Kat nudged him, saying they were ready for him to speak. Tommy swallowed hard and walked to the front of the room. He didn't like speaking in front of crowds, but this was different. He knew everyone and they were all there for the same purpose: saying goodbye to Kimberly Hart.

Tommy cleared his throat. "I had a speech prepared, but then I decided I couldn't use it. Kim wasn't like that. She was the kind who...who always came up with things at the last minute. She was always spontaneous. I guess that was one of her many traits that everyone adored." he took a deep breath and continued. "I don't know what to say, but I'm glad there are so many people who care about her, like this." Tommy quickly sat back down, and Kat wrapped an arm around him as he cried.

Thirty minutes later, they buried her into the ground. Everyone told Tommy it got better. Just wait and see.

Six months later. . . . .

Tommy Oliver was laying in his room, reading his homework. They were reading Romeo and Juliet. It was such a sad story. The Capulet's and Montague's hated each other! But that didn't stop Romeo and Juliet!! They continued to see each other through it all.

It wasn't the first time he'd read this. Kimberly Hart had bought it for him years ago, making him read it so he could try out for Romeo for the annual school play. In this book, Kimberly had etched messages in her neat writing off to the sides. Little clues, to what certain lines said.

He sighed and got up and looked at the picture of her on his desk. How he wished he could talk to her. But he couldn't. She was dead.

He pretended to be better, over her death. But, God how he wasn't! He missed her terribly. He felt as though he held a void in his chest. He didn't feel complete! He walked back to the book and skipped to the end, where Romeo poisons himself when he learns Juliet is dead. He thought back to the last six months. It'd been terrible!!!!! He'd barely passed his classes, and his mother had threatened that if he didn't pull up his grades, certain privileges would be disappearing. Like being able to teach at the Youth Center. Like he cared!

He went to his desk and pulled out an object he'd obtained a month ago. It was black, and it's metal was smooth. It was a gun. A 357 magnum. It was his father's. It was something he'd been pondering for the last month. Should he? Could he? Suicide was what he felt his only option was left. He'd talked to his parents, but they seemed to tell him it'd go away in time. He'd talked to his friends, the only one's who seemed down was Trini and Aiesha. They were her best friends. Billy had left a week after the funeral. He'd said he couldn't stand the thought of being around familiar places and people. So he'd gone back to Aquitar. Everyone else was around, and starting to shows signs of forgetting. Tommy couldn't understand it.

How could anyone forget Kim?

He looked at his options. He could be dead and be with Kim again, and their child. Or he could stay here and be miserable for the rest of his natural life. Which way would be the best? His mother had two other children. Brittany, his older sister, who was married and had children of her own. And a younger brother who was in grade school.

He picked up the gun and brought it to his head. Just before the world went dark, he whispered, "I'm sorry."


Katherine Hillard cried softly as her boyfriend held her. They were sitting once again in the cemetery. But this time the funeral was for Tommy Oliver. He had committed suicide two days before.

They should have noticed his behavior. They all knew the signs of suicide. The school lectured enough on it. One of the ones that Tommy had shown the most was depression. He had been depressed ever since learning his girlfriend had died in a car accident, six months before.

They had tried to talk about it with him, but he closed himself off, and whenever he brought up the subject, he got morbid. It scared everyone the way he had talked, so they had pretended they were beginning to forget.

Kat listened as the priest talked about Tommy.

Kat got up a few minutes alter when the funeral was over. She went over to Adam Park and Tanya Sloan. "I was thinking about our homework, you know we're reading, Romeo and Juliet?" Kat asked.

"Yeah, why are you thinking about that?" Adam asked surprised.

"I was thinking, you know they were called 'star-crossed lovers'?"


"They're star-crossed lovers! Tommy couldn't think about living without Kim, so he ended his life just to be with her!"

Tanya and Adam agreed. "Yeah, I guess they were!"

With that thought, they went and talked to his parents.