Created: April 4, 2000

Kari Jones' Stories

The White Ranger Chronicles

White Ranger: A new Astro Ranger is chosen.
Return of Justin: Nikki finds some one to confide in.
Wedding Blues: Astronema always finds a way to ruin everything.
Things Change Over and Over: More changes for the Astro team.
Zhane Who?: The 5 older Astro rangers are taken captive, and Zhane is found on KO-35....still alive!
Everything for a Reason: Nikki receives help from an unexpected source.
Lies of Love: Nikki's cousin comes back to claim her, but what does he really want?
Lies of Love 2: Nikki's upset she never got a chance to say goodbye.
Lies of Love 3: Nikki and Justin are reunited, for a while atleast.
Lies of Love 4: It's up to Nikki now.
Lies of Love 5: Nikki's awake, but what happens next?
White No More: Thanks to a new monster of Astronema's, Nikki's powers are gone...Forever.

Stand Alones

Reflecting: An old man reflects his life.
In the Nick of Time: Muses aren't as bad as I thought.
The End: This is the stuff we don't expect to happen.
It's Not My Fault!: Muses. Two words. Kill Them!
More? You've got to be kidding Me!: I just made a HUGE mistake.