Disclaimer: Second part of my series ĎWhite Rangerí

Disclaimer: Second part of my series ĎWhite Rangerí. I advise you read the first part unless you like to have no idea whatís going on. Oh yeah. I do not own any of the rangers just Nikki. Please e-mail when youíre done reading this and tell me what you think.

If you canít remember whatís going on Iíll clue you in a bit. Thereís a new white ranger. A 13-year-old midget whose parents have died and she lived at the Angel Grove Home for Children. She becomes a ranger and gets kidnapped that same night by idiotic Astronema who hold her ransom for their powers. She gets out of it with a broken arm that canít heal fast because the powers arenít used to her system yet. Astronema takes Zordon for giving them fake power coins and soon after Nikki starts to have nightmares about it being her fault her parents were dead. On with the story.


Return Of Justin


I shook my head frantically trying to get the words erased from my memory. Someone had laid a light blanket over me and I tore it off jumping out of my bunk. I glanced across the room to find Cassie and Ashley sound asleep. I quickly padded out of the room my bare feet silent as I ran down to the bridge. For the first time I was glad that Zordon wasnít here so I could teleport without him stopping me. Something held me back as I typed the teleportation code into the computer but I ignored it and soon found myself in my parentís cemetery.

A cool breeze filtered itself through my thin cotton pajamas and I wrapped my arms tightly around me. It didnít take me long before I realized that I was in a cemetery in the middle of the night with a bunch of dead people and a full moon of all things. What the heck was I doing in a cemetery? I hate cemeteries! I reached down to my communicator to get out of here and found it not there.

"I left it in my room! How am I supposed to defend the world when I couldnít even remember my communicator and morpher?" I muttered.

In the distance I heard a gray wolf howl. Perfect. A full moon and Iím alone with a werewolf. The wind started picking up and then it happened. Rain. Buckets of rain burst out of the sky quickly soaking me to the bone. I ran toward the gazebo in the center of the cemetery before my cast deteriorated completely.

I climbed up onto the bench and pulled my legs to my chest trying to keep as much heat within me as possible. I swear. The things I get myself into. I must have fallen asleep, donít ask me how, Ďcause the next thing I remember is some one calling me name.

"Nikki! Nikki wake up!"

I opened my eyes and sneezed on Androsí face.

He wiped his face off and went on. "What are you doing in a cemetery?"

"I had to see if it was true. I just had to." I answered my teeth chattering.

"If what was true?"

"My parentsÖ" I jumped up and ran around Andros and out of the gazebo. I heard Andros telling me to stop but I ignored him and the unbearable headache and cough I had developed and ran all the way to my parentís grave sights.

I kneeled down and quickly read over the stones. I felt my self sigh with relief. They read just as they always had.

Some one put their hand on my shoulder and I returned to reality.

"Nikki are you ok?"

"I am now."

"Well then we better go cause you look like a wet rat."

I didnít care or hear what he was saying I just stood up and let Andros teleport us back to the ship. The bridge contained four worried teens and robot whose eyes went wide with the sight of me.

Ashley came running over. "Nikk what happened to you?" She asked pushing the drenched hair out of my face.

"Nikki just spent a night in a cemetery with a rain storm." Andros explained frowning.

A cemetery? Why were you in a cemetery?"

I looked at her for a sec and then turned away coughing which sounded like my insides were rattling around.

"Wow you donít sound so good." She said bringing her hand to my forehead. " Ohmigosh! Sheís burning up! Andros why didnít you tell me she had a fever?"

Andros then brought his hand to my head. " She feels normal to me."

Ashley smacked Andros. " I swear guys donít know anything."

" Hey!" Andros yelled bringing his hand to his shoulder. " What was that for?"

" Figure it out." Ashley answered before taking my arm gently leading me out of the bridge.

She took me down to the medical bay where Alpha found that I had an hundred and three temp. And some very fluid filled lungs. Andros came down when I was arguing with Alpha about taking some nasty looking medicine.

" Nikki you never told me why you went down to the cemetery." He said.

I stopped yelling and turned toward Andros. Alpha took this as an advantage and jammed the cup in my mouth and tilted it upward. I tried to push it away but Ashley grabbed my hands. To late it was already swallowed. Ashley finally let go and I brought my hands up trying to get the taste out of my mouth.

" Ewww. What the heck was that?" I asked trying to make my self puke it up.

" It will help you stop coughing and help you heal faster." Alpha said putting another batch of the stuff in the cup.

" OH no. I rather hack up my lungs then take any more of that."

" Nikki come on. Please take it. Itís not that bad Iíve taken it before." Ashley said reasoning with me.

" Did they jam it down your throat too?" I asked crossing my arms.

" No they didnít because I was being mature and took it so I could feel better."

I glared at her for a moment and then took the cup from Alpha.

" Fine Iíll take it."

" I hope it tastes better to you because you have to take that stuff every two hours." Alpha mumbled, as he looked at my sopping cast.

" Every two hours?"

Andros stepped in and started talking before I could say anything else.

" Nikki tell me why you were down at the cemetery."

" I had a horrible nightmare about my parents so when I woke up I had to go see if was true. And, stupid me, I forgot my communicator. And now Iím paying for my forgetfulness with pneumonia." I answered promptly coughing.

"Nik, you got to tell me if what was true."

"Well, I dreamt that my parents were killed and they were these burned up corps talking to me blaming me for their deaths. Then my pastor and Astronema were blaming me. I woke up with a horrible phrase running through my head, it was something like, Ď I can torture you in your dreams and when youíre awake.í" I finished shuddering at the memory.

Andros stood silent for a moment as if thinking it through. He finally spoke. " You know something about that just doesnít seem quite right. Itís almost as if some one were controlling your dreams."

He put his hand down beside and rubbed his forehead. He looked really stressed out. I donít blame him.

Alpha was busy with my arm putting more plaster on it. I sighed. I didnít see why I couldnít just wear a brace. My arm would probably be healed in a couple of days after the powers get used to my body.

I waited patiently while Andros stood rubbing his head and mumbling in another language. He finally looked up at me and frowned. I raised my eyebrows. What a face. He glanced at me for another second before turning to Alpha.

"Alpha will you do a few tests on Nikki? I want to find out if there is anything unusual in her system."

"Sure thing Andros." Alpha answered picking up some sort of wand up and waving it over me.

It made a low tone on one side of my head and I jumped.

"Ay yi yi! Nikki you have a computer chip somewhere on the left side of your head!"

Right. A chip in my head. Sure.

Alpha reached for another instrument and held it next to my head. It beeped for a few seconds before Alpha took it away and sat down at the computer across the room. He typed in the information that the little devices had given him and then walked back to me.

"Well the good news is that I found the device those idiots are using to hear our conversations. The bad news is itís somewhere in Nikkiís head."

" Excuse me?"

" Now Nikki there is nothing to panic over." Alpha said reassuringly.

" Easy for you to say you donít have chips in your head!"

"Well actuallyÖ"

I turned and glared at Andros shutting his mouth.

" The computers have narrowed it down to one small area of about a square inch on your head but they canít do anything better than that." Alpha explained glancing at paper from the computer.

"What do you mean a square inch? What are you talking about? You better not be cutting my head open." I said in disgust.

" Oh Iím sorry Nik, I didnít explain it very well. The device is in the root of your hair. I just have to take all the hair out within the square inch to find it."

" How did they get it in there, Alpha?"

" I really donít know. They had to have done it while you were sleeping I canít think of anyway they could have put it there when you were alert."

" I know itís not my fault but I feel really guilty. If it wasnít for that device they would have never known that we were going to be gone!"

"Nikki there is no reason to be guilty. Astronema is smarter then weíd like to think and weíll probably never know just how they did it. The best thing you can do is forget about it and set your mind on finding Zordon before Astronema thinks of something to destroy him." Andros said speaking for the first time in a while.

I nodded. I knew he was right but I was still going to feel guilty until Zordon was back. I was deep in thought and barely noticed as Alpha placed another something next to my head. (It resembled a toaster as far as I was concerned) I only came back to reality when a large clump of my hair fell beside me.

I slowly brought my hand to my head and felt a large bald spot right behind my ear. Alpha had already taken the hair under a microscope and was studying it intensely. A few minutes later he turned back to us with me still rubbing the hairless spot and feeling like I was going to throw up.

" I found it. Itís the tiniest computer chip Iíve ever seen. Iím gonna put it in the computer and see if there is any information on it."

He walked over to the computer and placed the chip into a small slot and waited for the information to come up. Once it did he read it quickly and then printed it out. He handed it to me and I looked over it. It said stuff about where it was made by who and what it did. It also controlled the computer by sending waves out into the computer and doing whatever it was programmed or told to do. It had been sitting in my head for three weeks right after Zordon had decided to choose a White Ranger. As soon as Astronema had gotten a hunch that it was me she put it in my head while I was sleeping. They also gave me a drug that kept me unconscious. As I think back on it and can remember one morning when I woke up with a stomachache and threw up all day. Gina, the overseer of the Angel Grove Home for Children, had just passed it off as the stomach flue but Alpha thinks it would probably be from the drugs.

I sat quietly while they talked for a little while and decided they would put it in a safe place where no waves could escape and no one could steal it. Alpha reprogrammed it so it wasnít programmed for evil purposes and then locked it away. Alpha gave me some pills that he promised would grow my hair back to its normal length within two weeks and then they sent me to bed. I walked slowly down the corridor thinking about all the stuff that was going on. It was so weird and my head hurt so bad that I dismissed the thoughts and climbed under my blankets. Although I was really tired and sore my head just wouldnít go to sleep. I tried everything but I just couldnít fall asleep. It was annoying but there was nothing I could do about it except take some sleeping pills and I didnít want to do that with all the other medicine floating around in my system.

I finally gave up and got out of bed. My pajamas were really bugging me and I felt slimy from spending a night in a cemetery so I just hopped in the shower. I stayed in for a long time letting the warm water relax my muscles. Toward the end of the shower I turned it to cold so I could wake up and then got out. Not wanting to put on pajamas on I pulled on a pair of white jogging pants and a yellow shirt that had a Nike logo across the back. I spent forever brushing my hair doing my best to comb over the bald spot. When I was finally satisfied that it was unnoticeable I pulled a pair of socks on and walked down to the cafeteria. They were all there eating lunch and I sat down to join them.

"Hey Nikki. Did you have a nice nap?" Carlos asked his mouth full of peanut butter sandwich.

Cassie smacked him. "Come now Carlos you have better manners than that."

I smiled before answering. " I couldnít sleep so I just took a shower."

" Alpha could give you some sleeping pills if you want." Andros offered.

"No thatís ok. I think I have enough medicine going through my blood at the moment."

"Speaking of medicine take this." Ashley told me pushing a cup toward me.

I peeked in to find another batch of that nasty liquid.

"Alpha said I only had to take it every two hours!"

She pointed to the clock on the wall. I sighed.

" Fine fine."

I tilted the cup into my mouth and quickly swallowed.

"It tastes horrible." I moaned wiping my mouth on the back of my hand.

" You only have to take it for a week. By then your pneumonia should be cleared up." Andros answered.

" We have to go get some supplies from earth but weíll be back by dinner." Ashley said once again looking at the clock.

" And they have a sale at the mall today Ash. Maybe we can get the boys to get the supplies and weíll shop." Cassie reasoned smiling at the boys.

" Whatever. Just as long as we donít have to shop with you." T.J. answered.

" Can I come? Please?" I begged not wanting to be left alone.

"Nikki youíre sick. You probably still have a fever." Ashley said touching her hand to my head.

" Come on. I really donít want to be left alone. Iíll take sleeping pills when we get back so Iíll still get enough sleep."

Ashley turned toward Andros. He shrugged his shoulders. " Itís probably not the best thing to do but I can understand why you donít want to be left alone. Alright you can come but just promise me youíll take a break after this for a week or so."

"I promise." I answered quickly.

We finished eating lunch and then went to get ready. I thought it was really neat how we always wore the same color clothes. And all of us had always loved the colors that had been given to us so it wasnít any big change. Although white got dirty easy I wasnít a very messy person and I didnít find it hard to keep my white clothes without stains. Ashley was the one that usually chose to wear skirts while Cassie and I were more comfortable with jeans and shorts.

It didnít take us long to get ready and Ashley helped me pull my hair back so that you couldnít even tell I was missing any hair.

We teleported down to the park and walked the rest of the way to the mall. The boys went off to do their thing and I followed the girls into a big clothing department. I soon grew board as the girls tried on endless clothes and asked if I could go back to the park and take a walk. They said I could and Ashley handed me her watch and told me to back in an hour at the food court. I nodded and quickly escaped into the warm sun.

I headed to the park at a quick pace now glad for the medicine that made me feel as usual except for the coughing. I headed down one of the trails into the woods and let my mind think back on all things that had happened in the past few days.

Well I become a power ranger and am off to defend the world like an ordinary super hero. Then this idiotic witch kidnaps me and holds me ransom for our powers. I escape with a broken arm and a hole in the head. Then I have nightmares and find out that Astronema put a chip in my head and can hear all of our conversations. She takes Zordon and who knows if weíll ever see him again. I get pneumonia from sitting in pouring rain for night in a cemetery. Of course I wouldnít have if I had remembered my communicator. Now I have to live with the fact thatís itís my fault that Zordon is gone and my parents are dead. Sigh. I know itís not my fault but I still feel guilty. Now I have to find Zordon before Astronema does something really horrible to him. But I guess all of this comes with the package when you except the responsibilities of being a ranger. Oh well I better get used to it.

I wasnít aware that I had come out of the woods until I bumped into a boy about my age sending his books flying. I leaned over to help him pick his things up so conveniently hitting him in the head with my cast.

"Oh Iím sorry I didnít mean to hit you. Iím not used to my cast yet." I apologized as I stood up.

The boy stood up rubbing his head. " Thatís ok. I should have been watching where I was going."

"I was the one who ran into you not visa versa."

" Ok fine. Iím Justin." He said holding out his hand.

"Nikki." I answered shaking his hand.

I guess it didnít click what his name had to with anything. I probably would have known who it was if they had ever given me that picture.

He put his books in his bag and turned toward me. Something unusual sparkled in his eyes.

" Do you want to go get a drink or somethin'?" He asked.

I checked my watch. "Sure. Just as long as I go tell my friends what Iím doing. I donít want them to worry with this cast and all."

"Ok where are they?"

"At the mall."

"Great we can tell them and get a drink from the food court."

I smiled. I hope it was safe to be going off with a boy I didnít even know. I guess he seemed harmless enough. We started back through the trail. We talked for a little while about each other. He had just moved back with his dad and he would be attending Angel Grove High this fall same as me. We had almost reached the other side of the park when Quantrons appeared before us.

" What the heck are those?" Justin asked jumping into a fighting stance.

"Umm. I donít know. Go get help and Iíll take care of these jerks."

"Me? Why donít you go get help."

I looked at him not wanting to argue with a guy I just met.

"Ok fine. But we better do something fast these guys are surrounding us."

He nodded and kicked the nearest one away. Hmm. Itís a good thing I didnít send him away.

Justin threw his bag at one of them sending it flying. I pulled my self into a fighting stance and waited for a quantron to come toward me. One stared at me strangely knowing that was not what rangers usually did. I knew it to but I wasnít about to go running and let one of them beat me up. I wasnít paying attention as one grabbed me from behind and held my arms tightly. I could feel my temper flaring and ignoring the pain in my right arm I flipped him over my back. He fell on the ground. I clenched my teeth at the pain and went toward the next one kicking him in the chest. I really wanted to get a hold of the others but I wasnít going to give up my identity unless it was a life or death matter. I never did need to contact them. Justin and I managed. He beat off more then I did but I guess I did my share with a broken arm. By the time the quantrons were gone the pain in my arm was unbearable and I leaned back against a tree trying to will the pain away. Justin picked up his book bag and walked over to me.

"Are you ok?"

"Besides my arm yeah."

" Come on letís go."

I wondered why he didnít ask what I thought about quantrons attacking us. But I didnít think anymore about it and let Justin lead me out into the park. I barely noticed as Justin took my hand and led me out of the park and down to the mall.

I entered the department store to find Ashley and Cassie still looking t clothes. I saw the boys outside the dressing rooms with their bags of supplies sitting on the floor half dead. I slipped my hand out of Justinís and ran toward them.

"Hey guys. I guess you got suckered into being judges as the girls modeled their clothes."

They nodded tiredly. "Weíve been here for a half hour telling them over and over that it looks great buy it."

Andros moaned.

" And every time we say it they say weíre lying and go off to find another outfit." Carlos mumbled.

I smiled. " Well while you guys were sitting here I met a boy in the woods and got attacked by Quantrons."

They jumped up. " Why didnít you contact us?" Andros asked.

"I couldnít Justin wouldnít leave."

"Justin? As in Justin Stewart by any chance?" T.J. interrogated.

"I donít know ask him your self. I ran over to you guys and left Justin back there." I answered nodding my head in the direction.

Justin came walking around a clothes rack then and his mouth dropped open.

"T.J. Carlos!" He yelled running over.

The boys quickly gave their young friend a hug.

" Justin what are you doing here? I thought you moved to San Francisco!" T.J. inquired.

"My dad found a better job here so we moved back." He answered a huge grin on his face.

"Hello? Over here. How do you guys know each other?" I questioned.

T.J. pulled me closer. "Didnít Zordon tell you about Justin?" He whispered.

It finally clicked. "Oh my gosh. I never even thought about it."

Thatís why he wouldnít leave. He knew what he was doing.

I turned toward him. " Did you knowÖ"

He nodded. "The whole time."

I smiled. "Well at least we donít have to worry about him giving us away."

Ashley squealed behind me. I turned around and saw her drop the pile of clothes in her arms. She ran around me and pulled Justin into a hug. Cassie behind her did the same.

" Justin what are you doing here?" Ashley asked picking up the clothes.

"I moved back to Angel Grove. My dad found a better job available here that he wanted before we moved."

"Thatís awesome. Does that mean youíll be going to Angel Grove High this year?" Cassie asked.

"Yeah. And Nikki told me that sheís a sophomore this year too."

"When did you meet Nikki?" Asked Ashley.

" We met in the woods right before Quantrons attacked us." He answered saying the last phrase quietly.

"Nikki why the heck didnít you contact us?" Questioned Cassie placing a pile of clothes on the rack.

"Nikki wouldnít because I was there." Justin said laughing.

"Hey!" I answered hitting Justin, "You wouldnít have contacted the other rangers if there was some one there."

"Youíre right I wouldnít have. I guess I should have just told you have after I got the hunch but those stupid Metal heads kinda ruined it."

"I know what you mean. Now my arm is killing me. One of those stupid idiots grabbed it."

"Well Ash and I are done now so letís go get something to eat." Cassie said picking up her purse.

"Thatís where Nikki and I were headed." Justin answered.

"Gosh Justin you donít even know her and youíre already asking her out." T.J. laughed smacking Justin on the back.

The redness in Justin cheeks was quite noticeable. "I didnít ask her out. I just asked her if she wanted to get a drink." Justin answered mumbling.

"Sure. Whatever you say buddy." Carlos snickered.

"Come on Nik. Weíll get a sling for your arm so you donít have so much weight." Andros said pushing me forward out of the store.

"Yeah we gotta get out of here before the girls find another sale." Carlos muttered under his breath only to be hit by Cassie.

Justin fell back beside me. "Iím sorry I didnít say anything. I probably should have so we could have gotten back up and you wouldnít have hurt your arm."

"Itís ok. I know my arm wonít hurt forever. Itís a good thing you were there. I probably would have ended up on the dark fortress for the second time in a week if wasnít for you."

He smiled. "Glad to be of service."

I smiled back and let him again take my hand. We walked out to the food court listening to the others talk quietly about Zordon and the ship.

Once we had sat down Justin leaned across the table, " What are you guys talking about? Is Zordon missing?" He whispered.

"Astronema took him just two days ago. She promised us that we would never see him again. Obviously sheís wrong because Iíll die searching for him." Andros whispered back hitting his fist on the table.

I sipped quietly at my soda listening to the others talk. I was getting really tired and I knew I wasnít going to last much longer without a pillow. Justin announced a bit later that his dad expected him home by five so he could help unpack. He lived about a mile from the mall and we decided to walk him home. They decided I would have rather gone back to the ship and sleep. Justin walked beside me on the way to his house chattering a mile a minute about who knows what. I really liked Justin but I was so tired I didnít hear a word he said. I smiled politely and concentrated on not walking into a tree. I almost did once but Justin pulled be back just in time.

"Are you ok?" He asked keeping his hand on my arm so I wouldnít run into anything.

"Iím sorry. I am really tired. I spent last night in a cemetery and I had a hundred and three temp. this morning. Alpha gave me some stuff and Iím thinking he put sleeping pills in it when I told him not to."

"Yeah they said that in the food court but they didnít say you were sick."

"Did they tell you about the computer chip?"

"Yeah. That had to be scary having nightmares like that."

Jeez. Maybe I should have been listening at the mall a little better.

" Oh thereís my house. Hi dad!" Justin said pulling me up a driveway.

"Hey kiddo. I assume thatís Nikki." A tall man said in the garage.

I turned around looking for the others. "Justin were did the others go?"

He looked at me his eyes wide. "They left like five minutes ago."

"Why didnít they tell me?"

"They did and you told them youíd see them in a bit."

"Why am I still here?"

"Nikki I called my dad to see if you could stay for dinner. Remember?"

Vaguely. "Oh yeah. Iím sorry Iím really out of it. Do you have some Tylenol by any chance?"

"Yeah itís the kitchen. Iíll go get some."

He left me outside the garage and walked up the path into the house.

"Hey Nikki. Iím Mr. Stewart. You can call me Mike if you want." Mr. Stewart greeted coming out of the garage wiping his hands on a rag.

I smiled. "Ok. Hi Mike. What are you doing in the garage?"

"Putting up some bike racks and shelves for supplies and stuff."

"Cool. Justin told me you got a job here and moved back. What do you do?"

"Iím an accountant. Justin and I moved back after the job I wanted here opened. Iím really glad that we could move back cause Justinís friends are here and it was easier for him to fit in. He told me on the phone that you are in tenth grade too."

"Yeah itís pretty cool. Itíll be even better with another kid my age there. Itís hard to be in high school when you look like an eleven-year-old."

"I know what you mean. When I was 13 I was only five feet tall. Very bad for a kid in eight grade when youíre really smart. I got beat up every day until I was 16 and had a growth spurt over the summer and made it to six-two by the time I was 21. It was the best thing in the world to be six feet. Justin has my growing skills. Although he beat me by two inches."

"What do I have?" Justin asked coming back down the path.

"My growing skills."

"I should say so. I hate being short."

" Iím three inches shorter than you. How do you think I feel?" I said smiling.

He handed me a glass of water and a couple of Tylenol's.

"Thanks." I quickly swallowed them.

"Oh and they said to make you take this at dinner." Justin added pulling a sealed cup out of his bag.

I took it from him and sighed.

"Well Nikki. Do you have any restrictions for dinner?" Mike asked me.

"I donít want to be a bother but I am a vegetarian."

"No problem I am too. I always make different stuff for myself and then make meat for Justin. How does a Caesar salad and breadsticks sound?"

"Excellent. Thatís my favorite meal."

"Mine too. Iíll just make chicken to put in Justinís. Ok?" He said turning to his son.

He nodded. "Thatís fine."

"Good letís go inside and you can talk while I make dinner."

Justin and I followed Mike into the house. Justin led me into the living room and sat down on the couch.

I sat down beside him.

" Justin why did they say I could stay for dinner?" Once we had settled on the couch.

" Where were you? You argued with Andros for five minutes about coming over. You finally promised you wouldnít leave the ship for a week if you could go."

"I did?"

"Are you sure youíre alright?"

"Yeah I am now after I got that Tylenol. But this afternoon is a blur. Maybe I still had a fever. Iím fine now though. Donít worry."

"Ok. I wonít."

We talked about ourselves a bit and our families. We both knew how it felt to lose some one close to you. Justin lost his mom when he was eight. I had it off worse but it was still kind of the same. We talked quietly about being a Power Ranger until Mike came in upbruptly ending our conversation about Zordon.

We sat down at the table and I found it comforting that Mike blessed the meal as I had always done with my parents.

We talked about the upcoming school year. I planned to take tenth over again since I didnít really do anything after my parents died. Mike told us about how he used to get in trouble all the time for playing pranks on the principal and the others students. He got suspended five times in 11th grade. I had never even gone to the principalís office so I donít think Iíll be getting suspended any time soon.

Mike gave us hot fudge Sundays and then told us he had to go get groceries and that heíd be back in an hour. Justin and I washed the dishes since the dishwasher was old and they hadnít gotten a new one yet, and then went out on to the porch. I ran back in for a moment and took my medicine and then walked back out to find Justin on the porch swing. I climbed onto to it and sat quietly for a moment while Justin set the swing into a slow rock.

"I canít believe I met you."

I turned toward Justin. "Whatíd ya mean?"

"Itís fate. We weíre both Power rangers, or used to be, weíre the same age and weíre both in high school when weíre supposed to be in eighth. I bet anything Zordon made it this way."

I smiled at him curiously. He looked so cute just staring off into space rambling on.

He turned toward me. "Donít you think so?"

"Yeah. I guess I do."

I had never even had a crush on some one and here I am liking a boy I just met this morning. Justin was so sweet. I guess maybe it was fate.

I started shivering a moment later and Justin noticed and handed me the flannel shirt he was wearing over his T-shirt.

"Thanks." I said slipping it on.

He nodded. A moment later he inched closer to me and draped his arm around my shoulders.

I sighed contently welcome for the warmth and new best friend.

We talked for awhile longer before Mike pulled in the driveway with a few bags of groceries. Justin helped me out the swing and we walked down to help him bring the stuff in.

"You didnít kiss her yet did ya Justin?" Mike asked as he handed us each a bag of groceries. We both blushed at his comment.

" No dad I didnít kiss her."

Mike slapped Justin on the back. "Good. You have to save something for the first date."

We put the groceries on the counter and then walked back outside.

"I better get going. I donít want them to worry." I said glancing at my communicator expecting it to go off any second.

"I know what you mean. Iíll se you in a week then I guess."

"Sooner if I can help it."

I glanced through the window before teleporting myself to the ship.

"Hey Nik. Did you have a good time?"

I turned to see Andros working at one of the computers.

"Yeah I had a great time. Justin is really nice and I love his dad."

"Iím glad youíre getting along with him. But I mean it. You really need to get some rest or youíre going to get sicker. Just take it easy for a couple days, Ok?"

"Three days."

"Donít even start. Youíre staying on the ship for a week. End of discussion."

I opened my mouth to argue but Ashley and Cassie walked in.

"Hey Nik. When did you get back?" Ashley asked.

"Just a minute ago."

" Did you have a good time?" Questioned Cassie.

"Yes thank you." I answered again.

"Iím so glad you hit it off." Ashley squealed.

"Why are you so happy?"

"Well you guys have so much in common. I really think that you can help each other get on with your lives after the deaths of loved ones. And besides. You look so cute together!"

Andros rose a hand to his mouth trying to stifle a laugh. Cassie was not even trying to restrain herself. She was laughing hysterically.

"Itís not funny!" I demanded crossing my arms over my chest.

Cassie stopped laughing for a moment. " Youíre right itís not funny."

She held a straight face for barely a second, before she burst out laughing.

I shook my head and left the bridge. I could not see what was so funny. I walked down to my room and pulled a new pair of pjís on. I sat down at my laptop and went into the Internet updating my site for the first time since before my parents died. It was site for my favorite cartoons, Batman and Superman. It was a very successful site. My web counter read 10,000 visitors since the last time I reset it. The night before my parents died. I went into my message board and found hundreds of messages concerning my parents death. It had been in the paper and I guess it spread around.

I spent three hours updating the site and putting a tribute to parents. I checked the e-mail and found two hundred and fifty e-mails. I laughed as I read them. The people at my site were so kind. A lot of the e-mails also had fanfics for Superman and Batman so I posted those and placed along message at the board thanking everyone for their support and that I was doing much better. I gave them my new e-mail and told them to feel free to e-mail me.

I no sooner got off my site and was ready to turn off my computer when my little got mail song played. I got into it and found twenty e-mails. My gosh. Those people were ready to have me back. I answered the e-mail quickly and turned it off before anyone else could e-mail me. I looked at the clock and found it 11:30.

I stretched and went looking for the others wondering why they hadnít come in yet.

I found them on the bridge.

"Hey guys." I greeted.

"What are you doing up?" Ashley asked turning from the computer.

"I was just updating my site. You will mot believe how long itís been since Iíve done that."

"What site is it?" Carlos questioned.

"Umm. Itís a superman, Batman site. Itís called the ĎSuperheroes Lairí. Itís a lot of fun to take care off. I have a ton of stuff there. I just put up a tribute to my parents tonight and added all the fics people sent me. Now Iím tempted to add Power Rangers to it. I want to know what they think about us."

" Iíve been there before. I used to leave messages at the board." Said T.J.

"What name did you use?"

"I think I actually used the silver ranger."

"That was you? Oh my gosh. I used to have so much fun reading the messages you posted. You were the only one that ever talked about Power Rangers!"

The others laughed.

I talked to them for a few more minutes about Zordon before they shoved me out the door and told me to get some sleep.

I crawled into my bed and fell asleep pondering over what things were going to happen next in my life as the White Ranger.

Authors note: So what did you think? I had so much fun writing this story. Please tell me what you think. The next story, which I hope to be in next week, is "Wedding Blues: Astronema always manages to find someway to ruin everything."