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C's Stories

On Screen Series
The Alex Conflict: Adam's in love with the new girl, but so is Tommy. Will their feelings for her cause problems for the team?
Disclosure:: Will Billy's girl anxiety cause him to lose the girl of his dreams?
Summer Love: Summer's fallen for Jason. Will her love for him proven hazardous to her health?
Coming soon:
"Love Conquers All"
"Love's Return"
"Circle of Love"

S's Stories

A Hope For Love: Sierra's Found love in Adam.
Days Past: Rocky's having a hard time after the power loss.
The Birth: Sierra and Adam are expecting a special gif, but Divatox has plans to stop the delivery.

C&S Colaborations

Double Trouble: Ywice the Adam means double the trouble for Rocky and the gang.
Duo of Darkness: Rocky and Adam have kept a dark secret between them that surfaces when they find love.
Coming soon:
"A Test of Love"

Cheryl Roberts' Stories

Dagmar Buse's Stories

Kari Jones' Stories

Karma's Stories

Ellen Brand's Stories

Lanie Galupe's Stories

Willow Blessing's Stories

Echoes of Distant Rangers: Ever wonder why Billy didn't want the Zeo Powers?
Shattered(Edit): The Turbos have a new enemy who has trouble in store for Adam and his new girlfriend.
Lemonade: The truth about why Rocky gave up his powers.

Don Berry's Stories

A Different Shade of Blue: What would have happened if Zordon chose someone esle to be the Blue Ranger? Nothing good!
The More Things Change: A follow-up to "A Different Shade of Blue."

Rachel Dawson's Stories

The Venusian Encounter: Lordd Zedd's stirring up trouble and it means bad news for Kim.
Bridging The Gap: Tommy's feeling down after Kim's departure.

Silver's Stories

Orange Crush: The Rangers have new powers, but are three rangers short. Will they find them in time?
Part One
Part Two

Black_TurboRanger's Stories

Shocking Secrets: The new girl in town has some shocking secrets that involve Billy.
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

Deadly Secrets: Some of Ashley's secrets are revealed.
Chapter One
Chapter Two

The Gold Warrior Meets The Power Rangers Turbo: The Rangers gain a new ally.
Rangers of the New millenium: It's a new millenium with new Rangers.
Request and Dedication: Tommy finds out the truth about why Kim broke up with him.
I Love You Came Too Late: Will Andros wiat too long to tell Ashley his real feelings?
You're Not Alone: The sequel to "I Love You CAme Too Late".

Georgia Peach's Stories

Intruder or Friend?: There's a stranger in the Power Chamber.
The Quest: The Rangers have gained two new teammates, but first they must go on a dangerous quest.
What About Tomorrow?: Tanya goes to the future.

Astro Purple's Stories

Zordon's Ranger

Marques Jefferies' Stories

Doomsday Saga: The Power Rangers must join forces with several other superheroes to battle a new evil force.
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four

Hollytiger's Stories

The Jessica Hartgrove Series
Jessie's Story

Mele's Stories

Colaboration with Dagmar Buse
What Price Duty?: The Death of a teammate teaches the Rangers about Duty.

Funeral for a Friend: A funeral for Trini.

The Basement

MMPR: The Mission

MMPR: The Game

Johnny's Page

Garfield Says:

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