A Hope For Love

By: Stacey Burgess

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"You and Adam Park?!! Ya right. He's only one of the three most gorgeous men in Angel Grove High. Are you crazy?" Anne laughed.

"I know she's right. Why should he go out with me? I'm not pretty or even popular. Just because he has given me some extra attention because we have been working on a project for school doesn't mean that he will want to voluntarily spend time with me."

Sierra was a girl who had had everything taken away from her when she was young and never felt .like she deserved anything better. When she was about thirteen her best friend and she had been together at her house when a burglar had come and killed her parents, siblings, and her best friend. Then he had taken a knife and sliced her cheek because "This way you'll never forget this night." According to that man. She would never forget that night because she would be alone for the rest of her life. She was now living at Angel Grove Orphanage.

"Plus he is going out with Tanya." Said Anne.

"No he's not. He says that they are just good friends."

"Sure. Go ahead and ask him to the winter dance and watch him turn you down cold."

She was going to ask him no matter what anyone else said or thought. She still had a small hope left within her soul that someone would want her.

The next day she put on a real pretty dress and fixed her hair. Sierra thought that she looked pretty good. She decided that she would ask him after school at the Youth Center. School seemed to drag. Finally it was over. She arrived at the Youth Center and went into the kitchen to find Ernie.


"Sierra there you are. Wow you look very nice today."

"Thank you. I'm going to ask Adam to the dance. Do you think that he will go with me?"

"With such a pretty girl he'd be a fool not to."

"You are so nice to me." Ernie had taken her in like a daughter. He had given her a job at the Youth Center when she had first moved to Angel Grove and ever since he was the only friend she had. She turned and walked out of the kitchen and strode confidently over to the table where Adam and Tanya were sitting.

"Hi Sierra!" Said Adam with a smile.

"Hi Adam. I have a question for you."

"All right shoot."

"Would you escort me to the dance tonight?"

"He's going with me. He can't." Said Tanya. Her eyes pounded into Sierra's.

"Oh." Sierra said meekly. "I'm sorry, I didn't know, I'd better go." Sierra ran out of the Youth Center. She didn't want Adam to see her cry.

"Why in the hell did you say that?! We are not going to the dance together."

"Why would you take her to the dance? She is such a looser and have you seen that scar on her face. You'd want to damage your reputation by going out with a misfit."

"You are such a bitch!! She is a beautiful young lady! She has a cool personality and I really shouldn't be defending her to you. You are such a.. ah nevermind." Adam turning red slams his chair into the table and walks away.

Later that afternoon, about an hour before the party, Sierra arrives to help Earnie with the last of the decorations and preparing the food.

"So is he taking you to the party?"

"No. I guess Anne was right. So I don't need the night off. I'll stay in the kitchen and help with the food. Tomorrow is Christmas and I have absolutely no one to spend it with."

"What about the people in the orphanage?"

"Everyone in my room has found someone to stay with. I'm so alone. I can understand why Adam wouldn't want to go out with me."

"I want you to put on that pretty dress that you've been telling me about all week and I want you to do your hair up the way you've been telling me and I want to see you here for the party."

"Why? So I can stand out there and wait for no one to ask me to dance? I'll wear the dress so you can see it but other than that there is no other reason for me to wear it."

"Don't put yourself down." She looked down at her feet . He always told her that but she figured that if the shoe fits wear it.

At the party all of the rangers entered the room. Tommy and Kat went immediately to the dance floor and started to dance. Rocky had come with brunet and they started to dance.

"Adam lets dance."

"No Tanya. I'm going to wait for Sierra and I'm going to spend this evening with her."

"Fine be that way. I'm sure there are a lot of nice men who would die to dance with me."

"Fine go and find these so called men."

Sierra arrived late to the Youth Center and ran straight to the kitchen.

"Sorry I'm late Ernie."

"That's all right Sierra. Let me see that dress." She takes off her coat and reveals a red velvety looking dress with green trim around the bottom. She had curled her hair and pulled it up away from her face. She looked beautiful.

"You look great Sierra."

"Thanks." She looked depressed.

"Why does such a pretty girl look so depressed?"


"Go on and join the party."

"No I think that I'll stay right here where it is safe."

"Suit yourself." Ernie left the kitchen. He saw Adam standing at the entrance to the Youth Center and noticed that he was looking for someone. Ernie went over to the refreshment table and put down the drinks that he was carrying and then went over to Adam.

"Who are you looking for Adam?"

"I'm looking for Sierra, Sierra Kelly. Have you seen her?"

"Yes I have. She is in the kitchen helping me out with the refreshments."

"Can I go back there and talk to her."

"Of course."

"Thanks." Adam walks to the kitchen and he sees her back. The form fitting red velvet dress fit her well and she could carry it off. "Hello." The sudden noise startled her.

"Adam!" She said amazed. "What are you doing here?"

"I was wondering if you would be my date for the dance this evening?"

"Yes I would like that." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a nicely wrapped box.

"Merry Christmas." He gives her the box and she opens it. Her eyes light up. It was a necklace with a crystal charm on it.

"It's beautiful. Thank you."

"Beautiful things for beautiful girls." She blushed. Adam took the necklaces out of her hands and stood behind her and clasped it in the back and pulled her long curls out from under the chain. "Now come on I want to show you off to my friends." She took his outstretched hand. His hand was almost twice the seize of her little hand, but they seemed to fit together like they were made for each other. They made their way onto the dance floor and they started to dance. Sierra was enjoying herself. From the look on Adam's face he was having a great time also. His friends all came over and complimented her dress and Rocky even asked if he could cut in and dance with Sierra, but Adam wouldn't let him. Rocky just smiled and continued dancing with his date. Sierra hadn't felt this loved in years. She hoped that the night would never end.

"How about we go for a midnight stroll by the lake?"

"I'd love to." The two of them were getting ready to leave the Youth Center when Ernie pulled Adam aside.

"Take care of her or you'll have to deal with me." Adam smiled.

"Understood sir." Adam rejoined Sierra.

"What did he say."

"Oh nothing. Come on let's go." Adam and Sierra left the room.

The night was beautiful. The moon was centered in the sky, and the light played off the water and the air was cool. Adam's face was framed by the light and he almost looked like an angel.

"Thanks for the mercy date. I've had a great time."

"This is not a mercy date. I really like you Sierra."


"I wouldn't date someone I didn't like." Adam smiled. He bent to accommodate her height and kissed her. Her mind raced. This was incredible! Her first date and her first kiss. He pulled away and it took her a moment to catch her breath and to put her emotions back into perspective.

"All right so I like you a lot." Sierra smiled. "How about I take you home."

"That would be nice." Sierra shivered in the cold. In the hustle of getting out of the Youth Center she had forgotten her coat.

"Are you cold?"

"A little." Adam took off his coat and wrapped it around her shoulders. The coat was warm from his body. They headed back to Adam's car and went to take Sierra home.

"Where do you live?"

"Not far from here. The orphanage is--"

"You're an orphan?"


"That must be horrible around Christmas time."

"Ya usually but this year you've made it great. Thanks."

"No problem. So what are you doing tomorrow night?"


"Why don't you come over to my house for dinner."

"I'd love that."

"Great I'll pick you up around 6:30 all right?"

"That sounds good." She closed the door and watched as Adam drove away in his sleek green car. She smiled and ran up the stairs and caught Anne as she was packing her things to go to a friends house for the holidays.

"Anne!! Guess what?!"

"What?" Anne gave Sierra her 'I really don't care but tell me anyway' look.

"Adam kissed me. "

"No way. Adam Park?" The cute guy with the short, shiny, black, curly hair and those beautiful dark mysterious eyes?"

"The very same. He even invited me over for dinner tomorrow night."

"No way."

"Yes way."

"Does he kiss well?"

"The best. His lips are so soft they feel like you're kissing a cloud."

"I can't believe he turned down a beautiful girl for you." Sierra looked over and saw Stephanie. "Need I remind you that he is one of the most popular people at Angel Grove High? And that this is probably some joke between him and his friends."

"No! It's not. Adam really likes me and he is not that mean." A tear streamed down her face. "Why is it that you see it fit to destroy the very best nigh of my life? Does it give you some perverse pleasure to see me hurt? I have never wished such evil things upon you. So I want you to either say something nice to me or just get out of my sight!!"

This sudden outburst took Stephanie aback. "I'm sorry." She snapped back. Then turned on her heal and walked out of the room. Anne was finished packing her things when Sierra came out of the bathroom in her pajamas.

"Sierra I want you to have this. It's my present to you." She held out a nicely wrapped box to Sierra.

"Thanks." She tore into the wrapping, opened the box. In the box was a deep green dress and a black sweeter that went over it. "This is so lovely thank you."

"Merry Christmas. Have a great time at Adam's."

"I will." Sierra got into bed and was almost snuggled in when she noticed that her hair was caught around something. She felt back there and felt the necklace that Adam had given her and she smiled. She pulled the charm close to her heart and went to sleep.

"Mom! I'm home!" Adam rushed into the kitchen and found his mother.

"Why are you so happy?"

"I just had the most wonderful date that I have ever had."

"Adam, do I want to know what it is that you've done?"

"Mom! No, Sierra and I-"

"Not Tanya?"

"No. Any way Sierra she is so beautiful, smart and she has a wonderful personality. Just talking to her makes me smile. Her eyes just play like to emerald balls. We went to the beach and strolled in the moonlight. Oh god mom, I think I love her."

Adam's mother smiled. "I'm glad that you have found someone that you feel this way about. I just hope it lasts."

"Oh it will. I invited her over for dinner tomorrow night."

"Well you must like her. You're bringing her over awfully quickly. You go on up to bed. I'll see you in the morning."

"I don't think that I'll be able to sleep." He kissed his mother and ran up stairs.

Sierra was getting ready at 6:00. She looked at herself in the mirror, and she frowned. The dress looked so much better in the box. She seemed to take all of the beauty out of the dress. But it was all that she had so she would live with it. She heard the car pull up. She ran down the stairs and went outside. Adam got out of the car and opened the car door for her. She smiled. He made her feel like a queen. He got into the car and started to pull away.

"You look very nice this evening."

"Thank you." She blushed.

"My family is looking forward to meeting you."

"I hope they aren't disappointed with me."

"Oh no way that they will." About five minutes later they pulled into Adam's driveway. About five people greeted her at the door. His mother, father, and three brothers all younger than Adam.

"Mom, this is Sierra."

"A pleasure to meet you Mrs. Park." Sierra stuck out her hand and Mrs. Park shook it.

They said their pleasantries and they sat down to dinner. Adam's brothers snickered as Adam pulled out the chair for Sierra to sit in. And Adam seemed totally oblivious to their snickers. Adam sat right next to Sierra. Then Adam's father came in. This was the first time that Sierra had seen Adam's father. He looked like an older version of Adam. Well minus the curls. His fathers was hard looking though. But she saw happiness in his eyes.

"You must be Sierra."

"Yes sir. A pleasure to meet you."

"Yes, it is a pleasure to meet you as well." He had sat down they passed the food around and then began to eat. "So what is your family like?"

"I don't have one anymore sir."

"What do you mean?"

"They all died when I was about thirteen."

"I'm sorry."

"That's all right."

"Then who takes care of you? An aunt and uncle?"

"No. None of them wanted me so they sent me to an orphanage not to far from here. I haven't seen them since."

"That is no family then."

"No it's not." The evening went well and around ten Adam took Sierra home.

"Thanks so much for everything to tonight."

"Well I had a great time with you." Adam put his hands on her hips and leaned in and kissed her on the lips. His hands moved farther and farther up her sides, and he kissed deeper and deeper. Until a voice from inside the orphanage screamed for them to stop.

"I'll see you tomorrow Sierra. Youth Center noon."

"I'll be there."

Adam got home and his mother was waiting for him. She wiped his lips. And shook her head. Adam smiled and blushed.

"So what do you think of her Mom?"

"She is very sweet."

"I think so. What does dad think?"

"He approves." His mother smiles.

"Great. I was so afraid that he wouldn't like her. I'm going to go to bed."

"Good night."

Adam walked up the stairs and heard his brothers talking. He knocked on the door. The invited Adam in.

"What are you guys talking about?"


"That is my girlfriend. Hands off." Adam smiled his famous smile. His eyes, what you could see of them, glittering.

"We like her. I hope you keep this one."

"I think I will don't worry."

Adam dazzled Sierra. Her life was going great. His family treated her like one of the family. She and Adam were going to go out the following day and then the following and so on. Before they both knew it was time for them to get out of school for summer break.

"I can't believe that we've almost been going out for six months." Sierra said.

"I know. Sierra, how about we make our relationship a little more permanent."

"What do you mean?" Sierra attempted to move a stray lock of brown hair out of her face that the wind had so carelessly blown into her face. Adam removed his class ring from his finger and picked up her delicate hand and slid it on.

"I want to go steady." Sierra looked at the ring on her finger the sun glistened off of the blue stone.

"I'd love to." They leaned in and they kissed. "Here. I think that since you are giving up your class ring to me that I should give up something that is special to me." She unclasps an old bracelet with a charm that the writing was almost worn off because of wear.

"What is this?"

"This bracelet was given to me by my best friend, the day she was killed."

"Then I can't accept this." She wrapped the bracelet around his wrist and clasped it.

"Yes you can. It is a symbol of how much I care for you. She gave it to me because she cared for me, and I give it to you because I care for you."

"Do you mind if I asked how she was killed?"

"No. I haven't told anyone this story since the trial. All right here it goes." She took a deep breath and began. "Well she came over around six. We had had a miscommunication about the time so she got there later then we had agreed on. We were supposed to have gone to the movies that night. Well anyway we had run off to my room to talk about our favorite t.v stars like always. We were talking and giggling like any other teen age girls. Later that night around eleven o'clock we heard the front door open and shut. I thought that my dad had left to go and get milk or something, so we continued talking. Then we heard two shots go off. We panicked. Then we heard someone rush to the back of my house and fire another shot. At this time I was trying to get Shelly under the bed when he burst in my room and shot her and then he grabbed me. Shelly wasn't dead yet. So I heard her screaming in pain and was pleading for her life not mine when he shot her again and then he took out a knife and slashed my face and told me: "This way you'll never forget me or this night." Then he threw me to Shelly and ran out of the house. Even though I was hurt I went to see each of my parents and sister and then I collapsed to the floor right after I called for help. I'll never forget that night or the look on Shelly's face when he fired the last shot."

A tear streamed down Sierra's face and Adam wiped it clean. She laid on his chest and cried for a moment when a melodic beep went off.

"Sierra, I have to go."

"All right, Thanks for listening."

"Sure anytime. I'll see you later all right?" She nodded her head. Adam rushed over to a nearby tree and hi behind it and touched his communicator. "What is it Billy?"

"We need you in the Power Chamber."

"Be right there." He pressed a button on his communicator and in a whoosh he was there. "What's up Billy?"

"I'm afraid we have a major problem."

"What is it?"

"We are the only ones left."

"What do you mean?"

"There was a problem with the cogs and the other ranger went to go an deal with the problem. We didn't call you because you were with Sierra and we didn't want to arouse suspicion. So they went and fought the cogs. Then putties, Tengas and even Rita's putties appeared. They overwhelmed the rangers and just as I was about to call you Rita and Zedd blocked my communications with you. I watched the viewing globe and the ranger disappeared, Then Rita and Zedd came in here and well there is a visual record so I'll let you see it." Billy moved over to the console and started to fuss with some of the controls. "There that should do it. It'll come up on the viewing globe."

ZEDD: "So Billy what are you going to do now? There aren't any rangers to protect you now is there?"

ZORDON: Give it up Zedd.

ZEDD: Shut up you inflated windbag.

Zedd and Rita lifted their mighty staffs and crossed them and then shot a bolt of energy at Zordon. And then another one at Alpha. Then Alpha and Zordon were gone.

BILLY: What did you do with them, and my friends?

ZEDD: Oh they are just somewhere where I can keep an eye on them and make them join my evil force.

BILLY: You can't do that to them!!

ZEDD: Watch me!!

Billy turned off the monitor and looked at Adam.

"I think we are on our own."

"What about all of the former rangers. Like Kim or Aisha?

"Zedd has taken them to and we wouldn't have enough power to empower them any way."

"How about my Zeo crystal? Can't I divide my power and find someone else to share it with?"

"Adam your Zeo crystal is gone to."

"Then what are we going to do Billy?"

"I have an idea. But I'm going to need Sierra to do it. Teleport down and get her."

"Right." Adam teleported down and found Sierra sitting at a nearby table,

"Sierra I need your help."

"What?" Sierra's eyes were filled with confusion.

"Just come on." They went behind the tree and teleported to the Power Chamber.

"Where am I?"

"You are in the Power Chamber. Billy! Billy where are you?" Billy comes running out of his lab.

"I'm right here. Hi Sierra. I'm Billy."

"Hello nice to meet you. Adam what am I doing in the.. the.."

"Power Chamber."

"Thanks. What is a Power Chamber?"

"This is the place where Zordon gives us our orders and Billy helps build the Zords and the Power Rangers retreat to regroup and plan how to defeat the monsters."

"So the both of you are.."

"Power Rangers." Both boys said in unison.

"Ya. So what do you guys need with me?"

"I need someone with your mental strength to help power the power coins."


"You see you have a great mental strength that has come from probably a horrible ordeal in the recent past. You built up a strong mental block and now you don't use it so I could feed it into the Power Chambers center control systems and that would set off a chain reaction that would make increased power in which I would have to expel somewhere. So I could feed it into two power coins and thus be able to morph."

Both Adam and Sierra stood there dumbfounded.

"Will we be able to use Zords."

"Yes but I'm afraid the only ones that don't suck power are the Thunderzords. I guess those will have to do."

"What ever works."

"Are you in Sierra?"

"Will it hurt me?"

"No as a matter of fact it won't. When we go and look for the other rangers I want you to keep an eye on the Power Chamber controls. And keep me advised of our power status."

"All right I'll do it."

"Then let's get started." Billy gestures for her to move over to the bed scanner and lie down. She does as instructed and Billy then begins to put patched on her left temples with wires connecting her to the main computer. "All right I want you to relive the bad experience."

"All right." She closes her eyes and starts to relive that awful night. The computer light started flashing red, and then they started to blink. Then the warning light went off and then the sirens.

"That's enough." Billy quickly moves over to the power coins that he has laid on the counter. He then takes the patches off of Sierra and puts one on each of the power coins. Then he flips a button and the power coins start to glow their respective colors, red and white. "There that should do it." Billy removes the patches from the coins.

"I'll try it out Billy."

"Are you sure Adam it could be dangerous?"


"They respond to the same voice command as they used to."


"TYRANNOSAURS!" In a flash Adam had morphed into the Red Ranger.

"How is it?"

"Fine. I'm surprised it fits me so well. Rocky is built so differently then I am."

"The suit adjusts to the wearer. That's why it fit Jason before Rocky."

"Oh." Adam takes off his helmet.

"Well now all I have to do is siphon the rest of the power into the Red Dragon Thunderzord and into the White Tiger Zord." Billy fusses with a few buttons on the control panel and the light on the panel returns to the normal green color.

"There we go everything has the right amount of power and we are ready to go."

"Billy you forgot something."


"You aren't morphed."

"It's been such a long time. Here goes nothing. IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!!"


Billy stood there clad in the White ranger costume with Saba hanging at his side. He looked just like Tommy did. There was virtually no difference other than height. You couldn't tell Tommy's build with the shield on and you can't tell Billy's either Sierra stood the in awe. Her boyfriend is a Power Ranger and all of his friends are Power Rangers also. Billy removed his helmet.

"How does it feel to be back in the saddle Billy?"

"Pretty good. Sierra, this is the communications control. If you need to contact us press this button."
Billy gave Sierra a crash course on the Power Chambers workings.

"Well I think that is all that I can help you with." Sierra nodded her head and the alarm goes off.

"What does Zedd do? Wait for us to finish whatever we are working on to attack?"

"Seems like it don't it Adam? You ready to Rock and Roll?"

"New vocabulary Billy?"

"Shut up! BACK TO ACTION!!" Both put their hand to their morpher belts and they were out of there.

"Good luck you guys." Sierra said to the air. "Okay which button turns on the Viewing Globe?"
Sierra looked at the buttons and pressed one and half of the lights went out. "Apparently not that one." She pressed it again and the light turned back on. She looked a little more and pressed another one and this time the viewing globe came on and she saw Billy and Adam land on the ground.

"It is time to fight you pathetic ranger and has been ranger." Zedd cackled. "It is useless to fight us because we know everything about you guys. I have downloaded everything from your puny robot, and forced your friends to tell us your weaknesses."

"That won't work Zedd." Adam yelled confidently.

"Big talk for a ranger who will soon be on his knees begging for mercy. Minion number one, begin."
Some kind of blonde creature appeared and charged after Billy and Adam. They started to fight it, they were both significantly better than it.

"Minion number two commence." Another minion appealed but this one was shorter and more agile than the other one. But this one was not extremely hard to fight.

"Adam blade blasters up and we can defeat these two creatures with one blow."

"Right." then their communicators beeped.

"Adam! No don't wipe them out! They are you friends they have human DNA. Get them back here and try to help them! They appear to still be human. Well kind of."

"Billy did you hear that?"

"Sure did. Sierra can you get a lock on them?"

"Yes I can."

"Teleport them up. I'll be there in a minute."

"All right." Just then the monsters teleported up.

"Keep an eye out here. I'll be right back."

"You got it man." Billy put his hands to his morpher belt and was gone.

Billy ran to the console and put a containment field around the disorientated creatures.
"Have you run a scan on them?"

"Ya. But I'm not sure what it means. It brought up on the screen a picture of Kat and some girl I don't know."

"Let me look" Billy runs over to the controls and reruns the scan and they come up on the big screen.
"Oh God it's Kimberly and Katherine." Billy picks up a hand held scanner and scans the two girls.
"Maybe if we sedate them we can find an antidote."

"I could try. I'm very good in most Biology type classes. Will the computer be able to help me?"

"Yes it is very--"

"Billy!!, Tommy is out here and he is hurt bad."

"We'll teleport him in here."

"I got it." Sierra said moving over to the controls. She presses the button to teleport when the sirens start to sound.

"What is it Sierra?"

"It claims that an intruder is trying to teleport in with Adam."

"I'll teleport down you sedate the others and try to find an antidote."


"Thanks so much."

"No problem."


"Billy why didn't you teleport us to the Power Chamber?"

"Because there is something wrong with Tommy."

"Ya. he's hurt. Look at him." Adam is holding on to Tommy's arm. Tommy is covered in blood. His hair is matted together with crimson blood and his eyes are sunk in and he is breathing hard.

"Tommy how bad are you hurt."

"Real bad. I'm having a hard time standing."

"We don't have time to help you right now. We have to help the girls."

"Billy!! Can't you see that he is hurt?!?!"

Tommy's eyes glow yellow, then he slaps Adam and that sends him flying backwards. Billy goes over to help Adam. Tommy smiles and shows his fangs. "Go ahead try to save the others. But I'll be back and we'll destroy the rest of you Power Rangers." Tommy cackles and is gone in a fiery flash of light.

"Billy how did you know?"

"When we tried to teleport him with you he registered as non-human."

"But then how did the others get transported?"

"I'm not sure. I'll have to ask Sierra. You have one smart girlfriend on your hands." Adam smiled. It was nice to get some praise from Billy. Billy didn't hand out compliments like they were water. So when one of the rangers received them it meant that you had done something really well.

They teleported to the Power Chamber and found Sierra working at the controls and the two girls sedated and put on make shift beds on the floor.

"Sierra how did you get the others to teleported in here when Tommy couldn't?"

"They had human DNA but this Tommy didn't, he was pure evil."

"Could Tommy have been taken in completely."

"I'm not sure Adam. Since he's been evil so many times I'm not sure what kind of brain washing they could do to him. It may not even be the real Tommy it could be a clone, hologram, or even a Tommy from another dimension. There are just to many possibilities to calculate."

"It's the real Tommy."

"Are you sure Sierra?"

"Yes. While Billy had him talking I ran some tests. There is a lot of information on Tommy in the computer so I compared and it matches up almost perfectly with the 'normal' evil Tommy brain waves."


"Tommy is fighting this one so hard it is showing up on the monitor as a chemical imbalance in his brain. If we're not successful in saving him soon, even if we do correct him he will be mentally unstable for the rest of his life."

"Talk to me like I'm stupid please." Adam said frustrated.

"He'll go nuts."

"Oh thank you. Then what do we do?"

"How about we capture him and help the good Tommy triumph."

"How?" asked Sierra.

"Give him the full White Ranger powers."

"What will that do?" asked Adam.

"The White Ranger powers were made out of the light of goodness and could never be used for evil. Since Tommy's nature is good, this should do the trick."


"The white power coin will infuse him with the light of goodness."

"Can you guys capture him?"


"Then I can contain him."

"Let's do it!"


In the park Adam and Billy landed. "So where are they?"

"Hey little rangers come and get me." A gruesome Tommy steps forward. His face is mauled and his teeth pointed and yellow. His hair that was earlier matted with blood was now coming alive with snakes. His fingers tips were laced with daggers, and they were pointed right at Adam and Billy.

"Tommy we can help you."

"I don't want to be helped this time rangers. My true nature is evil. My friends and I are here to finish the job so many have tried and failed. My evil friends attack!!" All of Billy and Adam's friends start attacking them.

"Billy what do we do?"

"Go after them like you would putties."


"Just do it!"

They commence fighting and one by one they start attacking Billy and Adam. As each attacked they were teleported to the Power Chamber.

"Billy what's going on?"

"Tell you later."

The last minion standing between Tommy and the others teleports out.

"Adam go back to the Power Chamber and help Sierra."


"GO!" Adam teleports out. "All right Mr. Tommy! It is just between you and me."

"All right stick boy. A black belt against a red belt."

"Come on Tommy. Come after me." Tommy charges Billy and steps on the trap that Billy has carefully laid out. Tommy steps on the communicator and teleported out."

"Red belt Ha! I have a brain!" Billy teleports back to the Power Chamber.

In the Power Chamber everything is silent except for Adam, Sierra, and Tommy.

"Let me out of here now!!!"

"Shut up Tommy," said Adam.

"How are things going guys?"

"We can save them. But it's going to take a little time."

"Need help?"

"Yes." Billy demorphs and puts the power coin just outside of the forcefield protecting the outside world from the now very dangerous Tommy. Finally a few hours later they start administering the serum into the unconscious rangers. One by one they wake up.

"Billy where are we?" asked Trini.

"You are in the Power Chamber. It's an updated version of the Command Center."


"Guys we need your help."

"What can we do? I mean Kimberly, Trini, Aisha, Zack and myself have no powers."

"But Tanya, Catherine, and I do."

'''Fraid not Rocky. I need all of you to hold Tommy while I get him morphed and have Saba bite him."

"That shouldn't take much."

"Look at him." They go over to him and look at him. "Lets go. Sierra forcefield." They lower the force field and they all grab hold of Tommy and Billy stands him over the power coin that he had laid near the force field. "Power of the Tiger reside in you Tommy Oliver. The pureness of light and mind. I call upon the power of the White Tiger for you. TIGERZORD."

"White light starts to encase his body and he slowly morphs into the White Ranger. Tommy stops struggling and then they slowly let him go. He slowly takes off his helmet. Tommy is back to normal.

"What's going on? Why am I the white ranger?"

"Long story." Tommy demorphs back into his old self. They all venture over to the console and start talking to each other. Tommy sticks his hand into his pockets and finds something strange in there. He pulls it out and looks at it. It is a key.

"Billy look at this." Billy looks at it and then his face lights up.

"Give it to me." Billy runs over to the darkened corner of the Power Chamber and puts the key into the hole and turns it and Zordon comes back on line and Alpha snaps back into reality.

"Good job Billy, I told you that they're was a reason that key hole was there, " Zordon stated. "Sierra I wanted to commend you for you help. I would like to present you with this communicator. So whenever we need help you can come and help out.

"Sort of like me." Billy smiled at her. Sierra blushed and Adam took the communicator from Billy and clasped it around her arm.

"It's green."

"Just like mine." Adam smiled.

A couple of weeks later, Adam and Sierra were in the park. "So my boyfriend is the Green Ranger,"

"Ya. Especially since we were able to recover the Zeo crystal."

"Thanks so much for letting me in on all of your life."

"Your my girlfriend."

She smiled and they both kissed.