MMPR: The Game


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In the interest of not wanting to feel left out of the trend that other seem to have of creating drinking games dedicated to the object of their affections, we, the of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Yes, we do exist. Deal with it.) submit for your approval the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Drinking Game. The Game is pretty self explanatory...Basicaly, you ingest....


1 sip every time "The day that [Zordon] fears has arrived."
1 sip for each time Zordon explains the plot of the rest of the show while describing the monster du jour.
1 sip whenever Alpha 5 works on a new weapon for the Rangers.
Add a sip if any of the Rangers help him.
1 sip for every "yi" Alpha says (chug the whole thing if he goes over 20).
1 sip each time an exterior shot of the Command Center is used to kill time.
2 sips if the shot includes the Rangers teleporting into the Center.
1 sip each time the Rangers are told to look at the viewing globe.
1 sip whenever you begin to wish you could just deactivate Alpha 5.


1 sip each time Jason says, "I read you, Zordon."
1 sip each time Jason says, "Now."
1 sip whenever any other Ranger says it.
1 sip when someone's voice other than Austin St. John's is used for the Red Ranger voiceover (pre-Power Transfer episodes only).


1 sip for each of Billy's inventions that involve the use of sparklers.
1 sip for each time Billy appears without glasses.
1 sip when a certain Nursing student in Virginia swoons about it the next day.
1 sip for each of Billy's Technospeak phrases. Chug if you can interpret them (you've been cheating!).


1 sip when Trini interprets Billy's technobabble (like the white and black cop on Sanford and Son).
1 sip each time Trini points her fingers to make a point.
1 sip each time Trini crosses and uncrosses her arms.
Chug if Trini's fight scenes actually look effective.


1 sip each time Zack breaks into song/dance...and there's no music playing.
2 sips if it happens during a fight scene.
1 sip each time Zack says, "Oh, man!"
1 sip each time Zack asks Angela out.
Finish the glass if she says yes.


1 sip whenever Zordon decides the Green Ranger should not go into action with the others because his powers are failing.
Another if he changes his mind after the others begin having trouble with whoever they are battling.
1 sip for every time Tommy is reminded of his failing powers (pre-White Ranger episodes, only).
2 sips when Tommy reminds everyone else.
1 sip for every memory slip Tommy has.
1 sip every time Saba speaks.
Chug if he actually has something intelligent to say.
1/2 sip if Tommy is practicing yet another kata.
2 sips if he's doing it just to show off.
Drink the entire bottle every time you get to see Tommy minus shirt...


1 sip for every time that Kimberly says "Weird" or "Scary" in that inimitable ditzy-babe tone. 1/2 sip if said head bob involves a hair flip.
1/2 sip each time Kim displays her "I'm worried, so I'm going to bite the corner of my bottom lip" look.
1 sip when she says, "You guys..."
1 sip when she does that silly laugh
1 sip for when she hits any of the other Rangers


1 sip whenever you wonder if that thing Rita wears on her head was stolen from the Madonna's bra drawer.
1 sip for each of Rita's headaches.
1 sip when Zedd _doesn't_ glow when he is angry (as the second season premier indicated he would).
1 sip every time Zedd's giant evil zord runs out of power just before destroying the rangers.
1 sip each time that Zedd decides he has failed, but is sure he will triumph next time.
1 sip every time the PRs look defeated, and Rita/Zedd says "now I'll be sure to beat them if I make my monster grow! They won't call on their Zords, they'll just be crushed, yeah..."
1 sip every time Zedd makes a dramatic squeezing motion with his hand.
Add another sip if the resulting fist ends up being slammed on someone/thing.

=====Fight Scenes=====

1 sip whenever the Rangers call in the Zords.
2 if the Red Dragon ThunderZord does not combine with the others.
1 sip whenever the Rangers save The Child That Was Thrown Into The Story So The Kids Can Identify With Him/Her.
1 sip whenever someone is held hostage/kidnapped/captured, and held in a cave.
1 sip every time the lead villan creates an 'evil' team of power ranger wanna-bes to take on the real ones.
1 sip for each episode that involves Rangers going bad.
1 sip for every time Aisha is tossed by her teammates at the putties. Don't know if that will be a recurring item or not.
1 sip every time they have to go to some cave to fight the bad guys.
1 sip every time the PRs have sparklers going off all over their bodies
1 sip each time that the Rangers decide to quintuple-team the monsters instead of fighting fairly. Do this for the whole season.
1 sip for each time you see the Power Rangers overemphasise their arm movements.
1 sip for each time the "magic of reverse playback" is used.
1/2 sip for each stock footage scene (sure to get to you).
1 sip whenever we see a Ranger do a flying kick during the martial arts battle sequences.


1 sip whenever Lord Zed says the phrase, "...try this for size."
1 sip each time "It's Morphin' Time", or a variant of said phrase, is uttered.
2 sips if someone other than Jason or Tommy says it.
1 sip each time someone says "Back to Action!"
1 sip when someone says "I can't believe this is happening."
2 sips if it's Kimberly
Finish your glass when someone says "Eeyeww, gross."
1 sip whenever Rita says any variant of the phrase "Magic Wand, make my monster grow!"
Finish the glass if this arouses any sexual desires within you.


1 sip whenever Bulk beats/yells at Skull.
1 sip for every time bulk gets food dumped on him.
2 sips when the "Bulk and Skull" song starts. (just because you'll need it to actually find their antics as amusing as they were intended)
1 sip for every sound effect during a Bulk and Skull sequence.
1 sip everytime Bulk and Skull get splashed with a neon colored liquid or cake.
Add another sip each time the Rangers laugh at these people with already low self esteem or if Bulk strikes Skull, and Skull reinforces his own co-dependant enabler persona. We all have been asking the big question "why doesn't Skull leave Bulk, especially because he's being abused?" but they might have just been trying to show that drama in MMPR mirrors the drama in real life.
Drink the whole bottle if that awful diaper-changing song comes on!! Personal pet peeve....

=====Pet Peeves=====

A chug if an unmorphed PR's clothing doesn't have any of their color.
1 sip for every obvious inclusion of old footage to substitute a missing ranger, read Jason, Zack or Trini.
1 sip every time an ethnic stereotype is reinforced. The suburban ditzy girl goes shopping, the black guy is a hip-hop dancer, the asian girl is busy doing her homework or assisting the guy with glasses who is some kind of genius while the long haired guy isn't smart enough to remember his responsibilities and the leader is a white... "red"neck? Almost, but just not quite. Applies to first season only.
Make the sips into gulps if you have had a chance to see the original Dairanger or Zyuranger episodes and can't believe what they did to the footage ;) Better yet get me some copies (evil grin).. 1 sip every time you wonder where those buildings came from in Angel Grove Park when the rangers fight the final monster.

=====Teacher, teacher=====

1 sip for every class that Mrs. Appleby teaches (which so far includes english, math, science, and homeroom).
1 sip when the actress that portrays Mrs. Appleby portrays another character.
1 sip each time Mrs. Appleby addresses Bulk and Skull by their real names.
Finish your glass if you know what Bulk and Skull's real names are.
1 sip every time Mr. Caplan substitutes for Mrs. Appleby.
1 sip for each time Mr. Caplan is doing something that has absolutely nothing to do with being principal.
1 sip for each "Mr. Caplan's hair piece" gag used.
2 sips if you find this funny.
Chug if you find it funny after the 30th time.


1 sip every time Goldar grovels in front of/kisses up to Zedd.
2 sips if it's Baboo or Squatt.
1 sip whenever Goldar is "defeated" because someone knocks his sword out of his hand.
1 sip whenever Goldar is shown holding his sword for no apparent reason (such as when he is on the moon talking to Lord Zed.)
1 sip for each of Finster's creations that "aren't ready yet", but are sent down anyway.
1 sip every time you wonder why Scorpina is the only one who doesn't maintain her original appearance when she grows.

=====For you Mormons or other non-drinkers=====

1 sip everytime Zedd/Rita attacks somewhere other than Angel Grove when attacking Earth. Is there actually a reason for this?
1 sip every time Zordon's lips match what he is saying
1 sip if Bulk and Skull's contraptions do anything (that they are supposed to).
1 sip if the plot makes sense.
1 sip if you can even find a plot.
If the above does occur, put down your drink, fill a tub with water and ice cubes, and dunk your head in several times. You've been drinking too much.

=====And finally=====

1 sip whenever someone walks in to see you watching MMPR, and begins to ridicule you.
Chug the whole keg if s/he likes it just as much as you do. (don't forget to share some with your new friend.)


Kim's pic was borrowed from The Power Core.