Disclaimer: I wrote this concerning my latest story in my ‘White Ranger’ series, ‘Wedding Blues’

Disclaimer: I wrote this concerning my latest story in my ‘White Ranger’ series, ‘Wedding Blues’. I hated it. My ideas were off. I wrote stuff in just to take up space. This is my muse ‘Adli’ yelling at me about it.



Not my Fault!

Adli came up behind me hitting me with a rolled up newspaper.

"Adli stop it already. It wasn’t my fault!" I yelled defending myself from my little Dragon.

"How could you write such a bad story! I thought you were a good writer! You can’t just ‘fill up space’ in a fic! You have to think it through! Who cares if you don’t get a new part of your series into the library each week! People who read your stories will wait patiently for the next part!" Adli explained hitting me a few more times with the paper.

"Just leave me alone! You shouldn’t have gone to Tahiti on a cruise! You were supposed to be here helping me! I had to fend for myself! Here write it yourself you little hairball!" I screamed throwing my keyboard at him.

"For one thing I don’t have hair! And another thing, you promised to wait until I got back to finish the story!"

"You’ve only been with me for a week! You’re supposed to stay here! If you go on another vacation before I finish two more stories you’ll be on the stove in minute flat! And that’s a promise!"

I leaned back in the chair and put my hands behind my head smirking.

Adli flew down from the computer and pushed the chair over.

"Hey! You little devil! You’ll pay for that!"

I jumped out of my chair and wrestled Adli to the carpet. He bit my ear and I pulled on his wings bring a squeak from him.

A knock came at the door. We stopped fighting and I stood up smoothing my hair. Adli flew up and pulled my hair. I swatted him away and went upstairs to answer the door. Mason was fluttering in front of us scowling.

"What the heck are you doing? I can hear it half way across the country!" He yelled angrily.

Adli and I looked at each other and answered together, "He did it!" and "She did it!"

Mason shook his head. "What are you fighting about? You’ve only known each other for a week!"

"He left me and went to Tahiti when he was supposed to be helping me write my next story and now it sounds horrible and it’s not my fault!" I stated pulling away from Adli who had wrapped himself in my hair and was nibbling on my neck.

"She was supposed to wait until I got back to finish it! All she cares about is getting the story in tonight!" Adli mumbled beneath my hair.

"You guys are the best author and muse I’ve seen in awhile. I usually don’t see a muse and author actually battle it out in hand to hand combat!" Mason commented.

"Jeez. Just put it on Pay perview why don’t you! You’re not helping!"

I shut the door in Mason’s face and jumped onto Adli who was in my kitchen eating an apple.

We rolled around on the tile for awhile before we finally stood up and started laughing.

We picked up the Kitchen and went back down to the computer to work on my next story.

The viscous circle of writing and fighting continued.