Created: April 4, 2000

Ellen Brand's Stories

Personality Conflicts Series
Personality Conflicts: The Green Ranger has come back to haunt Tommy.
Fathers and Son's: Adam and his father have a bit of trouble functioning as father and son.
Shadow Dancers: Billy is kidnapped form Aquitar and it's up to Tommy to rescue him.
Dying of the Light: Jason is dying.
Things Left Undone: Old friends return to Angel Grove.
Crystal's Light, Crystals's Dark: Two new Ranger's join the team and their power just may be enough to save Jason.
Two of Hearts: Love is in the air.
Crystal Blue Persuasion: Rocky is chosen to be the savior of a foreign world.
Revelations: Tommy makes a difficult discovery.
Dark Mirror One: Tiger Tiger: New allies, new foes.
Dark Mirror Two: Through a Glass Darkly: Tyler has a new friend; this spells trouble for the Rangers.
Dark Mirror Three: Heart of Darkness: Something evil is coming
The More Things Change: New villians, new powers.
Who You Gonna Call: Ghostbusters of course.
Inner Demons:There's a deamon after franklin and it's up to Rocky to save him.
Worlds Enough and Time: Billy's false memories start to make sense after some strange events.
Thicker Than Water: Someone from Jason's past comes to Angel Grove.
Family Ties: Scorpian's after Adam...again.
Green-Eyed Monster: Tanya and Tasha are the only ones who can save the Turbo Rangers.
Final Frontier: Dark Spectre is coming for the Earth.
Blows So Red: Andros is having a hard time adjusting to life of Earth.

Stand Alones
Final Farewell: Tommy is captured by Divatox.
Ashes to Ashes: A Ranger is killed in battle.
Comes the Dark: The Rangers are turned into vampires.
Green Magic: Someone is killing teens in Angel Grove and each victim has traits similar to a member of the gang.
Blue Eternity: Justin battles for his life after a fight with the Pihranatrons.
Midnight Sun: The Rangers have a new enemy.
Phoenix Rising: Tommy deals with his life's changes after giving his powers to T.J.
Blue is the Color of Mourning: Justin has a tough time dealing with the loss of his father.
Irresistable: One of the Rangers is the victim of a dangerous stalker.
Shadow of Fear: Someone is taking out the Rangers one by one.
Blood and Vengence: An alt. version of "Carlos And The Count"