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The Doomsday Saga: Part 4



"Look at that sunrise," commented Tommy, as he, Zedd, and Andros stood at the ruins of the Power Chamber.

"Its hard to believe that this might be the last time that the three of us witness a sunrise," Zedd added.

"Thatís right, but the entire universe is depending on us to save it. If we donít, who will?" the former White Ranger replied.

"Tommy, in case we do die today, I just want you to know that I have always admired your fighting spirit. Even, when we were enemies, I always thought of you as the biggest threat to my evil plans. Maybe it was because you were always willing help your friends, even though you knew that doing this would take away a little bit more of your powers. I

guess thatís why I was so relentless in draining your Green Ranger powers," Zedd revealed.

"Thanks for those kind words," Tommy replied, as the two men shook hands.

"Sacrifices, thatís what being a hero is all about," Andros mumbled.

"Andros, whatís on your mind?í Tommy asked.

Andros snapped out of his trance, and then replied, "Oh, I was just thinking about Zordon, and how he sacrificed his life to save the universe from the UAE. I was just thinking about if I could make such a sacrifice, if that situation arose again."

"Letís all hope that, that never happens, my friend," replied Tommy.

The Kerovan looked at his watch, and then said, " Weíd better get back to the others." The three men returned to Tommyís car, and headed back into town.

* * *

"Hello, prisoners," stated Darkstone, as he entered one of the dungeons.

"Darkstone, when we get out of these chains, youíre going to be in big trouble," vowed T.J.

"Yeah, you and that freak, Maddock, are going to find what the forces of good can really do," added Jo.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! You heroes arenít going anywhere, and if even you did escape, which you wonít, after today, you wonít have homes to return to," stated Darkstone before exiting the dungeon.

"Heís going to attack Earth," guessed Jason.

"If only we could call on our Mystic Armor," Ivar stated.

* * *

Outside of the West Angel Grove Apartments, the remaining heroes gathered, to begin putting their plan into motion.

"Hereís the plan: A small team, consisting Xena, Gabrielle, Rohan, Deirdre, Karone, and myself, will head to Abyss, and rescue the other heroes. Tommy, Zedd, and Zhane will lead the rest of you into battle against Darkstone and his Sworms," Andros explained.

"A squadron of Hover Tanks have entered this dimension, and are attacking downtown Angel Grove," DECA informed.

"You guys had better get going," stated Zedd. Xena pressed a button on the remote, and the red portal appeared.

"Give Darkstone a black-eye for me," said Xena, before walking through the portal, followed by Gabrielle, Rohan, and Deirdre.

"Be careful, Zhane," said Karone, before kissing Zhane.

"You too," the Silver Ranger replied.

"Bring the others back safely," Ashley said, as she hugged Andros.

"I promise," Andros said. "Címon, Karone, letís go." The remaining heroes watching as the Kerovan siblings ran through the portal, and then it closed.

"Okay, team, letís go save our world," stated Zhane.

"Yeah!" yelled the heroes.

* * *

"So this is Abyss, huh. It could use some redecorating," Deirdre commented, as she looked at the dreary corridors.

"Iím willing to bet that Darkstone left someone behind to guard the captured heroes," Xena whispered, as the group walked through the corridors of the castle.

"The dungeons are just down those stairs," Gabrielle explained, as she pointed to a stairway.

"Mother! Oh, mother! I know you are here! Iím coming to get you! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!" echoed Hopeís sinister voice.

"Not if I get you first," Gabrielle stated, as she ran into a side corridor.

"Iíll go help her. You guys go free the prisoners," Xena said.

Andros, Karone, and the two Mystic Knights walked down the stairway, keeping a close look out for any Sworm soldiers. Finally, they reached the bottom of the stairs.

"Whoa! thereís about six Sworms guarding the dungeons," stated Rohan, as he peeked around a corner.

"What we need is a distraction," stated Karone.

"Hmmm, I wonder?" Andros said as he glanced at the two females.

"I know what youíre thinking, and Iím not gonna do it," Karone replied.

"Címon, sis, we need to distract them somehow, and you and Deirdre using your feminine charms is our best bet," Andros explained.

"If it is the only way, then I will do it," the Kelltic princess replied.

"Okay, than count me in, also," stated Karone.

As the six Sworms stood guard, Deirdre and Karone walked up to them.

"Hi there, fellas," Karone said, in her Astronema voice.

"Weíre looking for a little romance," Deirdre said, as she patted one of the Sworms on the head.

"This must be our lucky day," a Sworm commented, as the creatures all began to grin from ear to ear, but their smiles didnít last long. Andros and Rohan attacked the beasts with blasts from the Astro Blaster and Mystic Weapons.

"It was a trick!" the Sworms exclaimed, as they began to battle the four heroes.

In the mist of the fighting, Karone blasted the door off of one of the dungeons.

"Karone! Help us!" yelled Cassie, from inside.

"Well look at all of you," commented the Kerovan girl, as she looked at all of the heroes.

"Tell Andros and the other two Mystic Knights not to come in here. If they do theyíll loss their powers," explained T.J.

"Well Darkstoneís magic has no effect on my Wrath Staff, so Iíll free all of you," Karone replied. Karone used her staff to free each hero.

"Finally! Now letís get out of here!" stated Rocky.

"There are more people, who need freeing," stated Jason.

"Iím on it," Karone replied.

Once everyone had been freed, all of the heroes gathered together in a corridor.

"Is everyone okay?" Andros asked.

"Yeah, but weíll feel a whole lot better once weíre all back home," Dynamite Kid replied.

"Xena has the remote control, so none of us are going anywhere until we find her," stated Rohan.

"Iím itching to rumble with those teddy bears, again," stated Wolverine, as the good guys ran through the corridors of the castle.

"Well Iím sure youíll get your chance," replied Spider-Man.

* * *

Xena and Gabrielle found themselves in the exact location that Darkstone and Dahak held their conversations, the pit.

"Welcome, mother. And, you brought Xena with you," commented Hope, as she stood in front of the pit. "Sworms seize them."

"Xena, can you handle the Sworms. Iím going to give my daughter some tough love," stated Gabrielle.

"Be careful," Xena warned. The Warrior Princess then began to battle the Sworms.

"Maybe you are braver than I had originally thought, mother, but Iím still going to kill you," vowed Hope, as she swung a sword at Gabrielle.

"Iím good and youíre evil, so youíre the one who is going to lose," the Greek Amazon replied. The two clashed swords, with Hope gaining the early advantage.

"Iím a god, mother. I donít get tired," Hope reminded. The evil goddess knocked Gabrielleís sword out of her hand. "Aw, poor mommy doesnít have a weapon to fight with." Hope backed Gabrielle up to the edge of the pit.

"Hope, donít do this!" Gabrielle begged, as she dropped to her knees.

"Thatís it, mother. Beg for your life," hissed Hope. "However, Father wants me to kill you, so say good-bye to Xena." Hope raised her sword to cut off Gabrielleís head, and as the goddess brought down the sword, Gabrielle remembered that she had a small dagger tipped with Hindís blood. At the last possible moment, Gabrielle stabbed her daughter in

the heart, with the dagger. "Nnnnnoooo, I canít believe you actually had the guts to do it!" screamed Hope, before collapsing to the ground.

"Gabrielle! You killed Hope!" yelled the voice of Dahak, as the wall of fire rose from the pit.

"Why donít you take me on!" yelled Xena.

"He can take on all of us. If he has the guts," stated Hercules, as all of the heroes arrived.

"There is too much goodness here, so I think Iíll see whatís happening on Earth. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!" laughed Dahak, as the wall of fire vanished.

"Weíve got to get back to Earth," stated Carlos.

"One portal coming up," stated Xena, as she pressed a button. All of the heroes filed through the white portal.

* * *

On Earth, Zhane and his troops were having a tough time with the Hover Tanks.

"Every time we destroy one tank, another one shows up!í yelled Kimberly, as she and Tommy drove the MegaTank.

"Skull! Look out!" yelled Bulk, as he blasted a Sworm that was about to attack Skull.

"Thanks, Bulkie," replied Skull.

"Anytime, pal," Bulk said, as the two men continued to fight the Sworm soldiers.

"Look! here comes Lt. Norson and the Angel Grove Special Crimes Unit," stated Adam, who just been released from the hospital, two hours earlier.

Ashley piloted the Megaship, and was faring a little bit better than the ground troops.

"Alpha, do we have enough power to transform into the Astro Megazord?" Ashley inquired.

"Yes, but at the rate that these Hover Tanks are attacking us, we wouldnít have enough time to transform, without being attacked," the robot replied.

"Andros, where are you?" Ashley thought.

* * *

"Look out, Darkstone, the guardians of justice are on the scene," stated Andros, as the heroes arrived on the battlefield.

"Andros!" yelled Zhane. "Boy am I glad to see you. Weíre getting our butts kicked."

"Well letís see if we can turn the tables," commented Gambit, before destroying a Sworm, with the use of an exploding card.

"Beetle Bonders! Beetle Blast! Input Cards!" yelled Roland, Drew, and Jo, as they transformed into the Beetleborgs Metallix.

The Mystic Knights took the Beetleborgs lead, and called on their armor.

"Okay everyone letís show these Sworms what the forces of good can really do!" yelled Rohan.

"Yeah!" yelled the other heroes, as they began to attack the Sworm soldiers.

The six Space Rangers combined the Power Weapons, and began shoot down Hover Tanks.

"Címon, X-Men, we canít let the Rangers, Beetleborgs, and Mystic Knights have all of the fun," stated Cyclops. The X-Men leader then began to fire eye beams from his visor, at the Sworms.

"Finally some action," stated Wolverine, as he drew his anamatium claws, and began to fight the Sworms.

"Hey, heroes! This planet is Darkstoneís now!" yelled Nanus, as he stood on top of a building.

"Hey, Andros, I think its time for the two of us to introduce that guy to the Battlizer," suggested Chris.

"An excellent idea, my friend," the Kerovan replied.

"Red Battlized Rangers!" yelled the two Red Rangers, in unison.

"Okay, Nanus, now youíre going down!" yelled Chris.

"Your fancy armor is no match for my magic," Nanus stated, as he waved his hands.

"Red Rangers! Heís calling a freezing wind storm!" warned Hercules. "Youíve got to destroy him, now!"

"Battlizer Missiles Fire!" yelled the two Rangers. Nanus jumped off of the building to avoid being hit by the missiles.

"Weíll get him with our Mystic Powers," suggested Rohan. The Mystic Knights summoned their armor, and blew Nanus to ashes with their weapons.

"Yes! Weíve finally beaten one of them!" exclaimed Karone.

"Well letís see how you fare against me!" yelled Maddock, as he walked out from behind a parked truck. The monster then grew to his giant Minotaur form.

"Wind, I summon your arctic blast!" yelled Storm, as she soared through the sky.

"Your powers are not strong enough to defeat me, weather woman!" laughed Maddock.

"I donít want to stop you, just slow you down," replied Storm. The freezing wind struck Maddock, causing him to shiver.

"Thanks, Storm! Now its our turn," T.J. stated. "Letís Rocket!"

"Weíre with ya," replied Nick, as the other group of Rangers morphed also.

"We need Astro Megazord Power, Now!" yelled Andros.

"Andros! Weíve got trouble up here, and the ship canít change right now," stated Ashley.

"Then weíll bring in the Dark Fortress," suggested Karone. Karone waved her Wrath Staff, and the Dark Fortress exited its resting place, at NASADA, and flew to the heroesí location.

"It wouldnít happen to have a Warrior Mode, would it?" Cassie asked.

"Actually, it does," Karone replied. Karone, Cassie, T.J., and Carlos teleported aboard the Dark Fortress.

"Okay letís do it," T.J. said.

"Right!" Cassie, Karone, and Carlos replied.

"Initiating Dark Fortress Warrior Mode, Now!" Karone said, as she pressed a few button buttons on the control console. The space base reshaped itself into a black and gray Megazord.

"You kids donít have what it takes to beat me!" growled Maddock. The monster began to spit acid balls at the Dark Megazord.

"Karone, what kind of weapons can this thing fire?" Cassie asked.

"Thanks, Cassie! You just gave me an idea. Patch me through to Zhane," Karone stated.

"Whatís up, Karone?" Zhane asked.

"Do you wanna take another shot at Maddock?" the Kerovan girl asked.

"Definitely," Zhane replied.

"Carlos, fire the Satellasers," Karone said. As Zhane, Andros, and Chris stood on the street, the beam of light caused them to grow.

"Super Silverizer!" yelled the Silver Ranger.

"Red Lionizer!" yelled Chris.

"Spiral Sabre!" yelled Andros. "Okay, Maddock, this time weíre going to get the last laugh."

"I can beat all three of you!" snarled the Minotaur. The three giant Rangers began to beat on Maddock with their weapons, causing the monster to rethink his statement. Maddock finally managed to grab Andros by the neck.

"Let my friend go!" yelled Zhane, as he blasted Maddock with a few shots from his Astro Blaster. Andros broke free, and used Option "2í on his Battlizer to deliver a Power Punch to the monsterís face.

"Ahhh!" screamed Maddock, as he shrank down to his humanoid form.

As Maddock stumbled around in pain, Kat, Zack, and Jason took this opportunity to attack the monster.

"Letís see how you like being beat up," stated Kat, as she struck Maddock in the chest with a 2x4.

"Iíve-Iíve-Iíve got to get back to Abyss," Maddock said, as he opened a portal.

"Oh, no you donít," Xena said, as she tossed her chakram. The disc soared through the air, and struck the villain in the back of the head, causing him to burst into flames.

"Yes! No more Maddock!" cheered the heroes. Karone returned Andros, Chris, and Zhane to their normal sizes.

"Now letís go find Darkstone," stated Hercules.

Just then, an image of Darkstone appeared in the sky.

"You have fought bravely, Guardians of Justice, but my Sworms continue to advance on this world. You have no hope of defeating me, so surrender now," ordered Darkstone.

"Weíll never surrender to the likes of you!" yelled Zedd.

"Yeah!" added a group of citizens.

"Do you hear that, Darkstone?! The people of Earth would rather fight, than bow to you and your evil master!" Andros yelled.

"Very well. Sworms destroy this pitiful planet, now!" yelled Darkstone.

"You coward! Why donít you come down here and fight us, yourself. Some ruler you are!" yelled Zedd. Zeddís comments enraged the green overlord, and he teleported down to where the heroes were standing.

"So who wants to die first?!" yelled Darkstone, as he began to fire Shadow Beams at everyone.

"There will be no more killing," proclaimed Simien, as he arrived with a fleet of Puriusan starships. "King Linus has placed this world under the protection of New Purius. So take your troops and leave!"

"Ah, Simien, my only son. Though you are misguided, I would hate to ruin this reunion with blood shed. I will leave this world," replied Darkstone, as he opened a portal.

"Yeah, you cheap imitation of a villain, get off our planet!" yelled Zedd, as he tossed a pipe at Darkstone. The pipe struck Darkstone in the back of the head, causing him to fall to the ground.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, the big, bad alien fell down!" laughed the people of Angel Grove. Darkstone rose to his feet, enraged at their laughter. "Laugh at this!" he yelled, as he fired a Shadow Beam. The Beam struck Zedd, causing the former villain to fall to the ground.

"Zeddie!" screamed Rita, as she rushed over to her husband. Upon checking for a pulse, she burst into tears.

"Murderer!" yelled Andros, as he, Chris, and T.J. charged at Darkstone. The villain grew to giant size, and kicked them away.

"We need Astro Megazord Power, Now!" screamed the Space Rangers, in unison.

"Look out, Darkstone, cuz youíve made us angry!" yelled Ashley.

The Astro Megazord landed on the street, and the Rangers took their seats in the cockpit.

"Okay, I know everyone is upset about what just happened, but weíve got to finish this guy off, once and for all," stated Andros.

"Come on, Rangers, take your best shot!" taunted Darkstone. The Rangers hit Darkstone with every weapon in their arsenal, including the Astro Sabre, but nothing phased the beast.

"Fools! You cannot defeat Darkstone. He is invincible!" laughed the voice of Dahak.

"Dahak! Enter me, and infuse me with all of your evil power, so that I might destroy all that is good in one fatal blow!" Darkstone proclaimed.

"Yes, if we canít rule the universe, then we will destroy it!" stated Dahak. A ball of fire descended from the sky, and entered Darkstoneís

body, causing the monster to bulk up.

"This is not good," Tommy stated.

"What happened to him?" Gabrielle asked.

"The Dark One and Darkstone have joined together to form one evil entity," stated Simien.

"Now that we are one, we can journey between time and space and destroy every dimension in existence!" yelled the evil being. The heroes watched in terror, as Darkstone flew through a portal.

"Weíve got to go after him!" yelled Chris. The Megaship reformed, and the Rangers loaded all of the heroes into the Megaship and Dark Fortress, and headed after Darkstone.

* * *

The two ships arrived, in a windy area, where Darkstone was about to cut a glowing sphere in half.

"Thatís the core of the universe. If he destroys it, it will mean Doomsday for everything that we have fought so hard to protect!" yelled Simien, as he stood on the bridge of the Megaship.

"So how can we stop him?" asked Cyclops.

"Weíre between time and space. Think of this place as one big energy vacuum. It feeds off of the energy of good and evil. Darkstone and the Dark Oneís appearance here have caused an imbalance," Simien explained.

"So if we all jump into the void, all of our good energy might be able to destroy Darkstone, Right?" Rohan asked.

"That may be true, but it is also possible that the void would destroy all of us. Which would leave your respective dimensions without defenders," Simien warned.

"I think I speak for all us, when I say that itís a risk weíre willing to take," stated Tommy.

"If Darkstone and the Dark One destroy that sphere, we wonít have dimensions to return to anyway, so letís do it," stated T.J.

"Yeah!" stated Spider-Man.

"Count me in," stated Garrett.

"Me too," added Chris. Soon all of the heroes had voiced their approval of placing their lives in jeopardy, to save the universe.

"Okay, everyone, letís do this for Zedd," stated Andros. All of the heroes jumped out of the two ships. The essence of time and space absorbed their good energy, transforming the heroes into one giant golden wave.

"This cannot be!" yelled Darkstone. "A massive Good Wave."

The golden wave washed over Darkstone, causing him to lose his strength.

"NNNNoooooo!" screamed Darkstone. "The good energy is too strong!"

"Yes, Darkstone, your reign of terror is over. You will now cease to exist," proclaimed a voice. "And you, Dark One. Your punishment will come, as it is written in the Holy Word."

Once the two villains were gone, the wave began to travel from dimension to dimension, returning the heroes to their home worlds.

* * *

On a sunny afternoon the Power Ranger family, Divatox, and Rita gathered to pay their final respects to Zedd. Zedd had been buried in a cemetery on the planet, Iric. This burial place was usually reserved for Morphing Masters and Power Rangers, who had given their lives in the protection of the universe. All of the heroes had agreed that Zedd deserved the honor of being buried, in same place as such heroes as Zordon, and the

Power Rangers of centuries passed.

"Farewell, old friend," stated Andros, as he placed a flower on Zeddís grave. "In the end the world didnít need a super hero, just a brave one."

The End