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The Doomsday Saga: Part 3



As Karone looked at her motionless boyfriend, her thoughts began to flashback to how they had first met. She had sent the Terror Bull to destroy the Rangers, and when the monster turned on her, it was Zhane who came to her rescue.

When she had been knocked unconscious by the monster, Zhane had taken her to a camp site, and nursed her back to health. Not only had he taught her how to roast marshmallows that day, but he had also shown her how to truly love someone. Now he laid on this bed motionless, and why? Because he had placed his life on the line for her.

"Zhane, I donít know if you can hear me or not. Zhane, I love you, and so do the rest of the Rangers. We need you to wake up, please. I just donít know what Iíd do if I lost you, so Zhane please wake up,"

Karone said. Just then she felt a comforting hand on her shoulder. When she turned around, her brother, Andros was standing before her.

"I brought you some breakfast," Andros said, offering his sister a plate of bacon and eggs.

"Iím not hungry," she replied.

"Karone, I know youíre very upset, but you have to eat something," advised Andros.

"Itís just that Zhane means so much to me, and I feel like itís my fault that this happened to him. If only I had just stayed here, like you told me," Karone brooded.

"Listen, Karone, you had no way knowing that this was going to happen, besides if you hadnít gone out there, Zhane and the Mystic Knights would be in the clutches of Darkstone, right now," said Andros.

"I guess youíre right," Karone said, glancing at Zhane. "So where are we?"

"Weíre heading for Aquitar," Andros replied. "Trey, the Blue Senturion, and the Phantom Ranger are going to meet us there."

"So weíre going to make our stand on Aquitar, huh?" the Kerovan girl asked.

"Yes. My guess is that those Hover Tanks wonít do Maddock any good on a planet covered by water," Andros revealed.

* * *


In ancient Greece, Xena, Gabrielle, and Joxer had just finished their breakfast, and were now preparing to make a journey to Athens. Xena had learned that Ares was terrorizing people there, and she planned to make him "play nicely."

"Xena, are you sure we want to start up trouble with the God of War?" Joxer inquired, nervously.

"Joxer, no one is making you come with us, so if youíre scared, stay here Ďtil we get back," replied the Warrior Princess.

"No, no, Iím not scared. The two of you are going to need protecting, and Iím just the man for the job," proclaimed Joxer.

"Yeah right," mumbled Gabrielle. Just then a spear whisked by Xenaís head, and the Warrior Princess jumped from her horse and took her usual fighting stance.

"Show yourself!" Xena yelled.

"Be careful what you ask for, Xena, because you might get it, and when you do, you might not like it," warned Maddock, as he jumped down from a tree.

"Gabrielle, Joxer, get behind me," Xena ordered. Xenaís two companions did as they were told.

"Since youíre so cute, Xena, Iíve got a proposition for you. Surrender now, and I promise not to kick your butt," stated Maddock.

"Hereís a proposition for you, Iíll go ahead and kick yours," snapped Xena, as she drew her chakram.

"Sworms, attack!" yelled Maddock. As the Sworms jumped from the trees, Xena, Gabrielle, and Joxer took their fighting stances. Gabrielle beat on a few Sworms with her staff, Joxer took on a few Sworms with a sword, and Xena sliced up a few more of the bear-like creatures with her chakram.

"Your defeat will make me famous, Xena," growled Maddock, as he removed his helmet, and spit an acid ball at the Warrior Princess. Xena dodged the ball, and tossed her chakram. The flying disc bounced off of a few trees, and then was caught by Maddock.

"Letís see if I can hit you," sneered Maddock, as he tossed the disc at Xena.

"Gabrielle! Joxer! Run!" Xena yelled, as she took her own advice. Maddock teleported ahead of the three heroes, and knocked Xena to the ground with a powerful punch.

"Aw, poor baby, let me help you up," laughed Maddock, as he extended a hand to Xena. Xena sprang to her feet, and stung Maddock with some hard hitting kicks and punches.

"Now youíve made me angry," Xena said, before kicking Maddock "below the belt." The monster dropped to the ground in pain, and Xena took this opportunity to retrieve her chakram. Xena drew her sword, and was just about to cut off Maddockís head, when Nanus seized Gabrielle.

"Drop your sword, Xena, or Iíll break little Gabbyís neck," ordered Nanus. In one motion, Xena tossed the chakram at Nanus. The disc sliced into Nanusí arm, causing him to release Gabrielle. Joxer then smacked Nanus over the head with a rock.

"Never turn your back on a villain!" yelled Maddock, as he delivered a mighty punch to the back of Xenaís head. The Warrior Princess fell to the ground in a heap.

"No! I wonít let you hurt Xena!" screamed Gabrielle, as she held out her staff.

"So youíre Hopeís mother. Sheís told us so much about you, Gabrielle," stated Maddock. At the mention of Hopeís name, a feeling of sheer terror crept into the Greek Amazonís body, and suddenly she couldnít move. Nanusí chanted a spell, and the rest of his arm grew back. At the sight of this, Joxer fainted.

"One down, one to go," stated Nanus. "What are we going to do with Gabrielle and Joxer?"

"Weíll bring them with us. Lord Darkstone might find some use for Gabrielle, and Iím sure Joxer would be an excellent dinner for Lord Darkstoneís pet Anaconda," Maddock stated.

"No!" yelled Gabrielle, as she regained her senses. Maddock quickly knocked Gabrielle out with a punch to the face.

"Okay letís get these heroes back to Abyss, before Xena regains consciousness," stated Maddock.

* * *

Meanwhile, in Ireland, Hercules was fighting off an army of Sworms.

"Where did these thing come from," Hercules thought, as he threw a Sworm into a lake.

"So youíre Hercules, huh," hissed Nanus, as he appeared near Hercules.

"Well you donít look so tough."

"Who are you, and why have you sent these creatures to attack me?!" questioned Hercules.

"I am Nanus, the loyal servant of Darkstone, and Iím here to capture you, strong man," explained Nanus. Nanus summoned a gush of wind, and sent it in Herculesí direction, but the Greek hero used his god-like breath to blow the wind back at Nanus.

"No!" screamed the evil sorcerer, before being frozen solid.

"So much for him," stated Hercules, as he walked up to the frozen villain. Hercules found the remote control, which opened the portals, and decided to investigate this further. He pressed a button, and a portal opened. Hercules scooped up the frozen villain, and entered the red portal.

* * *

On Aquitar, the remaining Rangers and the two Mystic Knights were formulating their next move.

"I think that we should figure out a way to get to Abyss," suggested Trey.

"We could place a dimensional tracker on someone. Have that person get themself captured, and then use DECA to track their biorhythm," suggested Andros.

"Okay, so whoís going to get themselves captured?" asked Delphine. Just then Androsí communicator began to beep.

"Whatís up, Alpha?" the Kerovan asked.

"A squadron of Hover Tanks has been detected in the area," the robot replied.

"This is not good," commented Cestro.

"Ashley, and I will return to the Megaship and try to hold off the Hover Tanks, while you guys ready your Battle Borgs down here," stated Andros.

"Iíll summon Pyramidas, and give you guys a hand," Trey stated.

"Thanks. I think weíre going to need all the help we can get," Ashley said.

* * *

The portal had taken Hercules into a corridor in Darkstoneís castle.

"I wonder who decorated this place?" thought Hercules, as he tip-toed through the corridor. Hercules carried the frozen Nanus, who was beginning to regain consciousness.

"Hay-yah!" came a voice, before Hercules was knocked to the ground.

"Surrender, you scumbag," said a Gold Ranger, as he stood over Hercules.

"Hold it, Nick, donít you recognize this man. Heís Hercules," revealed a Red Ranger, as he held back his teammate.

"Wow! Iíve read about you in school!" exclaimed the Gold Ranger.

"Ssshhh, keep it down. Iíve got a feeling that whoever is in charge of this place, isnít friendly," guessed Hercules.

"Youíre right. This is the home of the evil Darkstone. My brother and I came here to rescue our friends. We are members of a team called the Power Rangers," Chris explained.

"Well now that we know that weíre all on the same side, letís see if we can find your frien--," said Hercules before a familiar smell got his attention. "Strawberry perfume. Gabrielle must be here, and if sheís here then Xena must be also."

"Xena?!" said Chris curiously. "Weíre right behind you."

* * *

"Welcome to my humble abode, Xena," sneered Darkstone, as he stood over Xena, who lay chained to the ground.

"So youíre the monster behind this madness," said Xena.

"No, no, no, my dear, I am merely the instrument of a greater power," explained the green villain.

"Let me guess, youíre working for Dahak?" Xena guessed.

"You are as smart, as you are beautiful," complimented Darkstone, as he attempted to kiss the warrior woman. Xenaís only course of action was to spit in the villainís face.

"Foolish woman!" laughed Darkstone, before kicking Xena in the stomach, two times.

"Letís see you try that with us!" Chris yelled, as he, Nick, and Hercules entered the throne room.

"Sworms! seize them!" yelled Darkstone.

"Chris, go free Xena, your brother and I will take care of these beasts," stated Hercules. Chris used his blade-like baton, the Lionizer, to fight his way to Xena.

"Be careful with that thing," Xena warned, once she realized what Chris was going to do.

"Donít worry, I would never do anything to hurt you," said Chris calmly. In one motion the Red Ranger cut the chains, freeing the Warrior Princess.

"Thanks, now letís kick some alien butt," stated Xena, as she decked an advancing Sworm. Hercules tossed the hairy warriors around the throne room, like they were weightless. Nick used his Astro Blaster to sting the evil foot soldiers.

"You are mine, Red Ranger!" growled Darkstone, as he grabbed Chris. Chris wiggled out of Darkstoneís grip, and nailed the villain with a thrust kick.

"Now youíre going to feel the blade of the Lionizer," the Red Ranger stated, as he leaped into the air, but Darkstone teleported out of the way, and Chris crashed into the villainís throne.

"Now, youíll feel the power of my Shadow Beam," sneered Darkstone. Darkstone blasted the young Ranger with a powerful eye beam, which knocked him out. Xena took aim at Darkstone, with her chakram.

"Donít even think about it, Xena. The first beam only stunned him, but if the three of you donít surrender, my next beam will kill him," warned Darkstone.

"Okay, we surrender, just donít hurt my brother!" begged Nick.

"Sworms, take Chris and Nick to join their fellow Ranger friends. Take Xena to play with my Anaconda, and give Hercules a cell by himself, and donít forget to energize his chains, so he canít break free," Darkstone commanded.

"You will never succeed in your evil plan," warned Hercules.

"Soon, their wonít be anyone left who can stop me," laughed Darkstone, as he watched the Sworms escort the four heroes to their various destinations.

* * *

"Here they come!" yelled Ashley, as she, Zedd, Rita, and Andros piloted the Megaship.

"Rita, go tell Karone to brace herself, because the ride is about to get bumpy," stated Andros.

The Megaship maneuvered its way through space, blasting every Hover Tank in sight.

"Trey, where are you, man?" thought Andros. Just then, Pyramidas arrived, firing missiles at the Hover Tanks.

"Yeah, its time for a Gold Rush!" yelled the Triforian, as he piloted his golden zord.

"A distress signal is coming from the Aquitian Rangersí headquarters," informed DECA.

"Patch us through," ordered Andros.

"Andros, weíre under attack. Maddock and an army of Sworms are in here," stated Cestro.

"These Hover Tanks must have been sent to distract us," assumed Andros. "DECA, take us down to Aquitar."

"Andros, itís too late for us, now. Return to Earth, before they come after you and the others!" yelled Billyís voice. Andros, Zedd, and Ashley could hear Maddockís evil laugh, in the background.

"What do you want me to do?" asked DECA.

Andros thought for a moment and then replied. "Set a course for Earth."

"Iím right behind you guys," stated Trey.

* * *

"Well, look at you now, mother," hissed the evil Hope, as she slapped Gabrielle, who was chained to a wall.

"Donít you ever call me that again!" screamed Gabrielle.

"Whatís wrong, mommy? Are you regretting not killing me when Xena told you to?" Hope taunted. "You are such a coward. I canít believe a mighty warrior like me came from a weak, pathetic loser like you!"

"I guess you get your personality from your fatherís side of the family," mused the blonde Amazon.

"Yes, soon, Father will control every dimension in existence. You should have joined us when you had the chance, but now you must suffer the same fate as Xena and the other heroes," laughed Hope.

"Dahak will never win. Its impossible for evil to defeat good," Gabrielle explained.

"Yeah, right. Well how come Darkstoneís forces have easily captured such mighty heroes as the Power Rangers, the Sailor Scouts, the X-Men, Liu Kang and his Earth Defenders, and your best buddy, Xena? Explain that mother dear?" laughed Hope, as she slapped Gabrielle again.

"As long as there is at least one hero in the universe, the powers of good have a chance of winning," stated Gabrielle.

"You make me sick, Iím outta here," said Hope, before leaving the dungeon.

"Come on, Xena, where are you?" thought Gabrielle.

* * *

"Get down there, you she-man!" laughed two Sworms, as they tossed Xena, into a dark pit.

"Xena! Help me!" yelled Joxer.

"Joxer, I canít believe youíre still alive," said Xena, as she rose to her feet.

"Xena, I sure do hope youíve got a plan to get us outta here, because thereís a really big snake lurking around," said Joxer, in fright. Just then, the two heroes heard a hissing sound. "Ahhh! Heís back?" screamed Joxer, as he jumped into Xenaís arms.

"Joxer, if you donít get off of me, Iíll leave you down here with that thing," warned Xena. Once Joxer had gotten safely behind her, Xena drew her chakram. "Okay, snake, Xenaís gonna make a pair of boots out of ya."

As the large snake made his move, Xena leaped into the air, and landed on the snakeís head. The Anaconda swayed back and forth, trying to shake off the Warrior Princess, but Xena had another idea. She struck the snake directly between the eyes with the chakram, blinding him. She then jumped to the ground.

"I think you made him mad," commented Joxer.

"Well now Iím going to make him dead," replied Xena, as she tossed her chakram. The flying disc bounced off of the wall, and then sliced off the snakeís head, before returning to Xena.

"When we get back to Greece, will you please buy me one of those things?" asked Joxer.

"Only if you behave yourself for the rest of this adventure," Xena joked. Xena then used her sword and chakram to make a ladder out of the dead snake. Xena grabbed the tail of the snake and swung the body to the top of the pit.

"You want climb up first?" offered the Warrior Princess.

"Oh no, ladies first," replied Joxer.

"The first thing weíre going to do is find Gabrielle, and then weíre going to kick that green guyís behind," stated Xena, as she and Joxer climbed up the snake.

* * *

Onboard the Megaship, Alpha had hacked into Angel Groveís phone line, and Andros was now talking to Tommy.

"Have you found Justin?" the Kerovan asked.

"Yes, heís here with Kimberly and I," Tommy replied.

"Good, once weíre within teleportation range, weíll teleport the three of you up here," stated Andros.

"Andros, Iíve got a strong feeling that Darkstone is going to try to attack Earth, now that almost all of the Power Rangers have been captured. I think we should rally up all of the citizen who are willing to fight," stated Tommy.

"Teleport me down there. I want to help him," stated Zedd.

"Okay, Zedd, Iíll send you and Rita back down to Earth to rally the citizens. The rest of us will head for KO-35. Maybe my people will be willing to help us fight," suggested Andros.

"We are now within teleportation range of Earth," DECA announced.

"Good luck," said Rita.

"You too," replied Andros, before teleporting the couple back down to Earth.

* * *

In the infirmary, Karone was running her fingers through Zhaneís hair.

"That feels good," commented Zhane, in a very low voice.

"Zhane! Youíre awake!" exclaimed Karone, as she kissed the Silver Ranger, on the forehead.

"Gee whiz, I should go into a coma more often," said Zhane.

"Donít you ever scare me like this again," Karone stated.

"Okay, I promise not to. Now will you help me get---," Zhane said, until he realized that he was missing something. "Karone, where are my pants? Someone has taken my pants."

"Zhane calm down. Andros was worried that you might wet the bed, so he told Alpha to take your pants," explained Karone.

"How could I wet the bed when I was in a coma?" questioned Zhane. "Besides, he let you stay in here. Hey you didnít look at my Scooby-Doo boxers, did you?"

"No, no, no, I donít even know who Scooby-Doo is," said Karone, as she began to blush at Zhaneís line of questioning. "Iíll tell Andros that youíre awake, and Iím sure heíll bring you your pants." With that, Karone exited the infirmary.

"Andros my foot. Iíll bet she took my pants," thought Zhane, before bursting into laughter.

* * *

"Gabrielle, letís go," stated Xena, as she and Joxer entered the Greek Amazonís cell.

"Xena, I knew youíd save me," said Gabrielle, as Xena sliced the chains with her chakram.

"So how are we going to get out of this place?" asked Joxer.

"With this," replied Xena, as she showed Gabrielle and Joxer the portal remote control. She then explained that Hercules had given her the remote, during the battle in Darkstoneís throne room, and briefly explained what it did. Xena opened a portal, and the three heroes entered it.

* * *

Chris awoke to find himself demorphed, and chained to a wall.

"Where am I?" he asked, as he looked around.

"Weíre in a dungeon," replied a male voice, adjacent to Chris. When Chris looked to his right, he saw a man dressed in a blue uniform, with a golden "V" on his chest, and a gold mask on his face.

"Youíre the Dynamite Kid, arenít you?" Chris asked.

"Yes, and this is my friend, Karate W," replied the young man, as he directed Chrisí attention to a girl, who was dressed in a red uniform, and wearing a white mask on her face.

"My brother and I idolized the Vikings when we were younger. I guess you could say that the Vikings are the reason why we always dreamed of being superheroes," Chris explained.

"So whatís your name?" Karate W asked.

"Um, well just call me, Red Ranger, for now," replied Chris. There was something strangely familiar about these two superheroes, but what it was Chris couldnít quite figure out.

"And what am I, chopped liver," commented Nick.

"Sorry, bro, I didnít notice you were in here until now," Chris apologized.

"So, does anybody know when those furry things are going to feed us?" asked Nick.

"How can you think about food at a time like this!" scorned Chris.

* * *

On Earth, Tommy, Kimberly, Zedd, and Rita were rallying up a small army of people to fight off Darkstoneís forces.

"Bulk, Skull, and Prof. Phenomenus, what are you three doing here?" asked Tommy.

"We want to help fight off those monsters," stated Bulk.

"Yeah, we helped the Rangers fight off Astronemaís forces, a few months ago, and now weíre itching for another battle," added Skull.

"Whadaya think, Tommy?" questioned Kimberly.

"We could use all the help we can get, so welcome to the team, fellas," Tommy stated.

"We wanna fight also," stated Xena, as she, Gabrielle, and Joxer walked up.

"Welcome to the team," Tommy and Zedd, said in unison, after noticing Xenaís muscles.

"Men," commented Kimberly and Rita, in unison.

"Tommy, I just got off of the phone with Lt. Stone, Ernie, Adelle, and your brother. They all want to help in the battle," stated Divatox, as she walked up.

"Hopefully when the time comes every man, woman, and child will be willing to defend our planet," stated Tommy.

* * *

"So how is the patient doing?" asked Andros, as he and Karone entered the infirmary.

"The patient wants his pants," replied Zhane.

"Zhane, what are you talking about?" asked Andros.

"Karone told me that you were afraid that I would wet the bed, so you took my pants," replied Zhane. Andros gave his sister a stern look.

"Okay, okay, the truth is Iím making a Purple Ranger outfit for myself, and I needed some sample material. I borrowed your pants, because, well you werenít using them at the moment, but I didnít look at your boxers," stated Karone. She then tossed Zhane his pants.

"Thank you, now turn your head so I can put them on," replied Zhane.

"Oh, well Iíll go see what Alpha and the Knights are doing on the bridge," stated Karone, before leaving.

"She took my pants," grumbled Zhane.

"Well she had a good reason," replied Andros, before bursting into laughter.

* * *

"An incoming message from Earth," stated DECA.

"Patch us through," stated Karone.

"Karone, weíve got a lady here who has a portal opening device," stated Tommy.

"Thatís great, now we can go rescue the other Rangers," replied the Kerovan girl.

"Tommy, my people have agreed to join us in battle. They are accompanying us back there, right now," Andros said, as he walked onto the bridge.

"How soon will you guys arrive?" asked Kimberly.

"Within the next twenty minutes," replied the Kerovan Red Ranger.

"Weíll see you then. Tommy and Kimberly out," stated Tommy.

"Weíll save you, my friends," vowed Andros, as he looked at a picture

of the whole Ranger team.

* * *

"Xena, my mother, and Joxer have escaped," revealed Hope, as she stood before Darkstone.

"No matter, we have a large quantity of the guardians of light. I have drained enough of their good energy to make my army invincible," Darkstone proclaimed.

"Lord Darkstone! My remote has been stolen!" yelled Nanus, as he entered the throne room.

"Where have you been?! I was nearly overtaken by a small group of warriors!" growled Darkstone.

"Hercules defeated me, and used my remote to come here," Nanus pleaded.

"He didnít have the remote with him, when we chained him up," a Sworm said.

"He must have given it to Xena," Hope guessed.

"Master, Xena is sure to seek out the remaining heroes, and theyíre likely to come back here, for their friends," explained Maddock.

"That is true. Prepare the army! We will attack Earth immediately. Nanus, you and Hope will stay here and guard the prisoners. Kill anyone who shows up. I will lead the attack on Earth, myself!" Darkstone proclaimed.

"The end of all goodness is at hand!" laughed Dahak, as he listened to Darkstoneís plan, from a nearby fireplace.

To Be ContinuedÖ