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The Doomsday Saga: Part 2


"Maddock, have you captured those kids from Charterville?" inquired Darkstone.

"Yes, master. Theyíre sharing a cell with the Scott man," replied Maddock.

"Excellent! Now I want you to return to Earth, and capture the other Rangers," ordered Darkstone.

"What would you have me do, Lord Darkstone?" asked a hooded man, with a skeleton mask on his face, as he entered the room.

"Nanus, you will take an army of Sworms, and capture the warriors known as the Mystic Knights of Tir na nog," ordered the evil ruler.

"I will leave for Kells, at once," replied Nanus.

* * *

At the hospital, the Rangers continued their conversation with the stranger from the other planet.

"Please forgive me for not introducing myself. I am Simien," the man said.

"Itís a pleasure to meet you, Simien," Andros said, he shook hands with the man. "So where does this Darkstone come from?"

"The Remega Computer can explain it better than I can," Simien explained, as he removed his backpack. He pulled out a small film projector.

"We can watch it in here," suggested Ashley, as she motioned for everyone to enter Adamís room.

Once they had entered the room, Simien aimed the projector at a blank wall, and pressed the on switch.

"Man, I wish I had some popcorn," Zhane joked, as a female voice began to speak.

Eons ago, there existed a world known as Purius. The people of this world lived in peace and harmony, until one day a young warrior named Banner made a deal with Dark One.

The Dark One promised Banner riches and power, beyond belief, if Banner would supply him with good energy. Once the elders of Purius learned of Bannerís deal, a war began between the forces of good and evil. So intense was the fighting that some of the weapons used, split Purius into two separate worlds.

One world, New Purius, ruled by King Linus, has flourished for centuries. The people of this world have worked diligently to spread goodwill throughout their galaxy.

The other world, Abyss, which is ruled by Banner, is a barren wasteland.

The sun never shines on this world, and nothing representing the forces of Light can survive there. Banner asked the Dark One to give him superhuman powers, so that he might vanquish all that is good. The Dark One granted Bannerís request, and reformed Banner into the benevolent Darkstone.

Along with his generals, Maddock and Nanus, and his foot soldiers, the Sworm, Darkstone seeks out planets with good energy, and drains them. Darkstone is an evil to be feared.

With that the film ended, and the Rangers again looked at each other in puzzlement.

"I am from New Purius," explained Simien. "My people have been fighting Darkstonesí forces for centuries. We hoped that the war would stay in our galaxy, but several months ago, we learned that Darkstone had figured out a way to journey from dimension to dimension.

"Yeah, we had a run-in with Nanus, two months ago," stated T.J.

"He brought a deadly drug here, and we had a whole city of addicts on our hands," added Cassie.

"Darkstone was no doubt testing your superhero abilities. I was sent here to warn you, Darkstone has embarked on a mission to capture all of the guardians of justice, from all dimensions, including this one," said Simien.

"That must be what happened to Jason," suggested Carlos.

"So the next question is, how are we going to stop Darkstone from accomplishing his mission?" Ashley stated.

"Darkstoneís warriors will eventually come after all of you, so youíd better formulate a plan quickly," Simien warned.

* * *

In another dimension four brave warriors spoke with a wise sorcerer.


"Okay, Cod, what was so important that youíd wake us at this time in the morning?" grumbled Angus.

"Last night, as I slept, an ominous dream haunted me. I saw an evil empire from another realm. These creature possessed powers far greater than any used by Midar and Maeve. These evil force invaded Kells and struck down the five of you," Cod explained.

"But, Cod, it was only a dream," Garrett stated.

"Garrett, Codís dreams are not to be taken lightly," Princess Deirdre warned. "His dreams have always foreshadowed an event." Garrett was relatively new to Kells, and though he was a brave and loyal warrior, his lack of knowledge about the ways of Kells sometimes required that the other Mystic Knights explain things to him, as they occurred.

"Cod, if an evil force is on its way here, we will be ready to vanquish it," Rohan assured.

Just then the Knights, heard the war trumpets sounding.

"Kells is under attack!" exclaimed Ivar.

"Letís go," Rohan stated.

"Fight bravely, my young friends," stated Cod, as he watched the Mystic Knights exit his chambers.

* * *

As soon as the Knights had reached the outside of the castle, they were attacked by an army of Sworms.

"What are these things?!" Deirdre exclaimed, as she punched one of the monsters.

"I donít know, but they donít look like anything that Maeve could have concocted," replied Rohan.

"You are correct, Mystic Knights, we are not from Temura," sneered Nanus, as he fired red beams out of his hands.

"We need our armor," suggested Garrett.

"Fire Within Me!" shouted Rohan.

"Earth Beneath Me!" shouted Angus.

"Air Above Me!" shouted Deirdre.

"Water Around Me!" shouted Ivar.

"Forest Before Me!" shouted Garrett.

Instantly, the five warriors were covered in armor.

"That was impressive, but your fancy armor wonít save you from the wrath of Darkstone!í yelled Nanus. The villain summoned a mighty gush of wind which froze all of the Knights, with the exceptions of Rohan and Deirdre, who were pulled back into the castle.

"The Knights of Fire and Air have escaped," commented one of the Sworms.

"This must be the work of the Druid," Nanus assumed. "Well three out of five isnít bad." Nanus then opened a portal, and then instructed the Sworms to carry the three frozen Knights through it.

* * *

"This is terrible, three of the Mystic Knights have been captured by a new evil force, and thereís no telling when Maeve will launch her next attack," groaned King Conchobar, as he paced back and forth in his throne room.

"And we donít even know where Angus, Ivar, and Garrett were taken," added Rohan.

"There may be a way to rescue the other Mystic Knights," Cod revealed.

"Tell us, Cod, tell us how we may save our friends?" urged Deirdre.

"Many years ago, I was taught a spell that could open a portal to another dimension, however there is a drawback. There is no way of knowing where the portal will take you. You could be taken to place where you might find allies to aid you in rescuing the other Knights, or you could end up in the hands of those who have taken your friends," the Druid explained.

"No, I absolutely refuse to allow you to take this risk," stated Conchobar.

"But, Father, even if we didnít take this risk, it would only leave Kells with two Mystic Knights," stated Deirdre.

"Your, majesty, I grew up not knowing who my family was, and now that I have become a Mystic Knights, the others have become the family that I never had. Please allow Deirdre and I to venture through the portal," Rohan pleaded.

"Very well, but Rohan please protect my daughter," the king begged.

"I will, your majesty," the Knight of Fire vowed.

"Weíre ready, Cod," instructed Deirdre.

Cod waved his hands in the air, and then spoke an ancient chant. The two Knights watched as a white portal appeared before them.

"Go my Mystic Knights, go and carry the honor of Kells with you," stated Conchobar.

The two Knights gave each other a quick glance, and then they each stepped through the portal.

"May the Great Spirits watch over you both, and bring all of the Mystic Knights home safely," stated Cod, as the portal closed.

* * *

On the west side of Angel Grove, Rita and Zedd were helping some children put together a skateboard ramp.

"Thank you for helping us," said Silvy.

"You are certainly welcome," replied Rita with a smile. How ironic it now was that Rita and Zedd were now trying to help the people, that they had spent so many years trying to destroy.

"Rita? Zedd? Is that you?" asked Karone, as she and Ashley walked up to the two former villains.

"Karone and the Yellow Space Ranger," stated Zedd, recognizing the two females.

"Did your brother send you down here to check on us?" asked Zedd.

"No. Actually, we came down here to look for Zack Taylor," Karone replied.

"Yeah, Tommy told us that he lives in 121," added Ashley.

"Yes, we saw him ten minutes ago," Rita explained. "He came back from his college classes, and said that he was going to take a shower and then come back down here, and help us finish up this ramp."

"Weíve got to talk to him. Heís in great danger," stated Ashley. With that Ashley and Karone raced up the steps to Zackís apartment.

"Zeddie, what do you think is going on?" inquired Rita.

"I donít know, but Iím sure the Rangers will make things right," assured Zedd.

* * *

As Zack Taylor slipped on his sneakers, he heard someone knocking on his door.

"Just a minute!í yelled the original Black Ranger.


"Zack! Please you have to let us in!" yelled Ashley. Recognizing Ashleyís voice, Zack ran to the door and let Ashley and Karone in.

"Thank goodness we got here before Darkstoneís warriors did," said an out of breath Karone.

"Whoís Darkstone?" Zack asked. Ashley and Karone quickly explained the situation to Zack, and the three young adults left the apartment hastily.

* * *

As Trini Kwan sat in Angel Grove Park, writing in her diary, a group of Sworm overtook her.

"Let me go, you creeps!" yelled Trini.

"Flattery will get you nowhere Powerless Ranger," smirked Maddock. "Take Miss Kwan to join Jason Scott and those Beetleborg kids." The Sworms then dragged Trini through a portal.

* * *

In England, Katherine Hillard was doing some warm up exercises. One of the biggest requirements of her ballet career was that she had to stay in top shape.

"I wonder how the other Rangers are doing," thought Kat, as she began to do a few sit-ups. All of the sudden she heard a commotion outside of her dressing room, and within seconds, the door burst off of its hinges, and Maddock led an army of Sworms outside.

"Katherine Hillard, youíre coming with us," sneered Maddock, as he aimed a blaster at Kat. Thinking quickly, Kat sprang to her feet and kicked the blaster out of Maddockís hand.

"I donít know who you are, but Iím not going anywhere with you," the Australian blonde said, sternly. As two Sworms charged at Kat, she met them with two powerful uppercuts.

"You are a feisty one arenít you?" smirked Maddock, who had picked up his blaster and was just about to fire.

"Hold it right there, Maddock!" yelled Carlos, as he and Cassie teleported into the room.

"Letís Rocket!" shouted the two Space Rangers, in unison.

"The two of you are no match for me," growled Maddock. The villain fired a blast at the Pink Ranger, who ducked, and countered by striking Maddock with her Astro Blaster.

"Good move, Cassie, now itís my turn," stated the Black Ranger. "Lunar Lance!" As Maddock tried to recover from Cassieís blow, Carlos smacked him in the head with his lance.

"Now Iím mad," growled Maddock. Maddock removed his helmet, revealing his Minotaur head.

"You could use some serious plastic surgery, pal," Carlos said, sarcastically. "And Iím just the man for the job." The Black Ranger then charged at Maddock, with his lance aimed at Maddockís head. Maddock leaned back, and blew a gush of cold air at Carlos.

"Oh no!" exclaimed the Pink Ranger, as she gazed at her frozen teammate.

Before Cassie, could act, Maddock sent her tumbling to floor, with a blow to the stomach.

"You losers should be called the Pathetic Rangers, because thatís the best way to describe your fighting skills," hissed Maddock, as he stood over Cassie.

"As soon as I get my strength back, Iíll make you pay for that remark," snapped Cassie, as she clutched her stomach.

"Sworms take Cassie and Carlos to join the others," Maddock commanded. Two Sworms lifted the frozen Black Ranger and carried him out of the room, while three Sworms dragged Cassie away.

Maddock looked around the room for Kat. "Here kitty, kitty, come out wherever you are. You canít hide from me Kat, cause when I do find you, its only going to make me hurt you even more."

As Maddock neared the closet, Kat slid out from under a bed and attempted a leg sweep. Maddock lifted his foot into the air, and delivered a rib crushing blow to Kat.

"Ahhh!" screamed Kat, as she rolled around on the floor in pain.

"Poor kitty cat. If you had just come along quietly in the first place, you wouldnít be in so much pain right now," laughed the villain. As Maddock scooped up the girl, and exited the room, the phone began to ring.

"Kat, pick up the phone," thought Tommy, as he waited on the other end.

"Either sheís not in or...," stated Tommy.

"Tommy, please donít say it," said Kimberly, as a few tears dropped from her eyes.

"Did you reach Kat?í asked Andros, as he entered the room.

"No," replied Tommy.

"Donít worry, I sent Carlos and Cassie to protect Kat," assured Andros. "Speaking of which, Iíd better contact them." Andros spoke into his communicator, and once he didnít get a response from either of the two Rangers, a worried expression invaded his face. "Theyíve been captured."

* * *

"Hey, Rita! Zedd! I brought the two of you some burgers from the Surf Spot," said Divatox, as she and Rocky walked up.

"Divatox, what are you doing with HIM," stated Rita.

"I was at the Surf Spot when she was leaving, and I offered to give her a ride home, thatís all," Rocky explained.

"So do you two want the burgers, or not?" asked the former space pirate.

"Of course we want the burgers. Weíd never turn down free food," stated Zedd.

"Iíll go get some sodas. Iíll be right be back," Rocky said, before heading to his car.

"So, Rita, whadaya think? What a hunk, huh?" Divatox whispered in Ritaís ear.

"Youíre crazy. Youíre a former villainess and heís a former Ranger," Rita replied.

"Well the same thing is true for Karone and the Silver Ranger," reminded


"She has a point there, Rita," Zedd said, putting his two cents into the conversation.

* * *

"Rohan, where are we?" asked Deirdre, as she and Rohan wandered down an alley.

"I donít know, but something tells me, we shouldnít stay in this area for too long," replied the Knight of Fire.

"Hand over all of your money or the girl gets it," threatened a masked thug, as he grabbed the princess from behind, and held a gun to her head.

"Okay, okay, I have three gold coins. Take them, just donít hurt Deirdre," begged Rohan. As the thug took the coins from Rohan, Deirdre saw her opening, and kicked the criminal "below the belt."

"You mess with royalty, you get hurt," stated Deirdre, as she waved her hand, in the injured thugís face.

"Címon, Deirdre, letís get out of here before someone else shows up," suggested Rohan.

"Now thatís the best plan youíve ever had," joked Deirdre, as the two Mystic Knights walked on.

* * *

"Hey, Jason, what do you think those guys are going to do to us?" asked Drew, nervously.

"I donít know, but I think we should start formulating a plan to get out of here," replied Jason. Jason and the three Beetleborgs watched as the Sworms brought in their newest cellmates, Kat, Cassie, Carlos, and the three Mystic Knights.

"Kat, are you okay?í asked Jason.

"No, Jason, Iím not okay. One of those monsters almost crushed my ribs," said Kat, as she burst into tears.

"Earth Beneath Me!" shouted Angus, but nothing happened. "Earth Beneath Me!"

"Give it up, Mystic thief," smirked Nanus, as he stood in front of the chained up prisoners. "These dungeon are enchanted, which means, no Borging, no morphing, and no calling Mystic Armor. Not only that, but your powers are being drained from you, and infused with Lord Darkstone."

"Our friends will come and rescue us!" yelled Cassie.

"Oh, I hope the other Power Rangers and Mystic Knights do show up, then we will have you all, ha, ha, ha," laughed Nanus.

* * *

Aboard the Astro Megaship, Andros, Ashley, Zhane, and Karone were desperately trying to find the two missing Space Rangers.

"DECA, begin scanning for their biorhythms," ordered Andros.

"Weíve just got to find them," Ashley said sadly.

"Rangers, there is a disturbance at the West Angel Grove Apartments," DECA informed.

"Karone, contact T.J., and have him meet us at the apartments," stated Andros. "Zhane, Ashley, letís go."

"Be careful," warned Karone.

"Donít worry, Karone, weíll be back before you know it," said Zhane, as he gave Karone a kiss on the cheek, and then followed Ashley and Andros off of the bridge.

* * *

At the apartment, Rocky, and Zack were fighting off a group of Sworms, as best as they could.

"Man, these guys are tough," commented Zack, as he smacked a Sworm in the chest, with a baseball bat.

"Leave our friends alone!" yelled Andros, as he, Ashley, T.J., and Zhane appeared.

"Ah, the remaining Space Rangers!" sneered Maddock, as he walked out from behind a parked van.

"Maddock, youíre going down!" yelled the Silver Ranger, as he drew his Silverizer.

"Take your best shot, Kerovan," growled Maddock, as he removed his helmet. Zhane caught the evil beast off guard by slashing at Maddockís neck. Maddock rebounded and kicked the Silverizer out of Zhaneís hand.

"Letís see how tough you are without your Power Weapon, Ranger," Maddock snarled as he spit an acid ball at Zhane, but the Ranger ducked and watched as the acid struck a dumpster, and the object burst into flames.

"Rohan, those monsters are attacking some warriors," stated Deirdre, as she and Rohan arrived at the battle field. "I wonder if we can call our armor on this world."

"Well thereís only one way of finding out," Rohan replied. "Fire Within Me!"

"Air Above Me!" yelled Deirdre. The two Mystic Knights then ran to the aid of the Rangers.

"Who are you guys?" asked the Yellow Ranger.

"There is no time to explain, right now. We must defeat these creatures," replied Deirdre.

Together the two Mystic Knights and the remaining Rangers vanquished every Sworm in sight.

"Looks like youíre all alone," commented Zhane, as he retrieved his Silverizer.

"I always have an ace up my sleeve," replied Maddock. With that Maddock opened a portal, and five flying tanks emerged.

"This looks like trouble," thought Karone, as she watched the battle on the Megashipís monitor. "Helpís on the way, guys." With that the Astro Megaship descended down to Earth to battle the tanks.

"Destroy the Megaship!" yelled Maddock. The tanks focused all of their firepower on the Megaship.

"Brace yourself, Alpha, cuz weíre going to crash!" stated Karone. Karone managed to navigate the ship away from the apartment complex, and the Megaship ended up in a corn field.

"Címon letís see if Karone and Alpha are okay!" yelled Andros.

As the Rangers ran towards the field, Maddock used this distraction to turn his attention back to the former Rangers.

He tossed a trash can lid at Rocky, knocking the former Ranger to the ground.

"Címon, Rocky, weíve got to get outta here," Zack commented, as he helped Rocky to his feet.

"You two arenít going anyway," laughed Maddock, as he double clotheslined the two young men.

"Rocky, Iím coming!" yelled Divatox, as she charged at Maddock, swinging a metal pipe. Divatox delivered a mighty blow to Maddockís shoulder, but the monster simply shrugged off the blow, and then shoved the former space pirate to the pavement.

Maddock lifted the two injured former Rangers up by their necks and carried them to a tank.


"Take these two back to Abyss," Maddock told the pilot of the tank. Maddock then headed off to find the Space Rangers.

* * *

"Karone, Alpha, are the two of you okay?í asked Andros, as he stepped onto the bridge of the Megaship.

"Weíre just a little shaken up," replied Karone.

"The flying tanks are heading this way," DECA announced.

"We canít let them destroy the Megaship," stated Zhane.

"Then weíll just have to go back outside and face them," stated Andros.

"Iím coming with you," stated Karone.

"No way, sis, itís too dangerous," Andros stated.

"Iíve still got my battle armor," reminded Karone, who raced off of the bridge. Just then Ashley stumbled onto the bridge, demorphed and noticeably injured.

"Oh my God, Ash, what happened?" asked Andros.

"Maddock captured T.J., Tonya Sloan, Rocky De Santos, and Zack Taylor," informed Ashley before falling to the ground.

"Ayi-yi-yi-yi-yi, Ashley," Alpha said sadly.

"This is getting serious," the Red Ranger commented, before scooping up his girlfriend and carrying her to the infirmary.

"DECA, Iím going back out there," stated Zhane.

* * *

In the field, Rohan and Deirdre were battling Maddock and the flying tanks.

"Give it up, Mystic Knights. You should know by now that you cannot defeat me," laughed Maddock, as he spit an acid ball at Rohan.

"Super Silverizer!" yelled Zhane, as he ran onto the battlefield.

The Silver Ranger knocked Maddock to the ground with a flying Silverizer attack. As two tanks swooped down to attack Zhane, they were struck by the blasts of the Wrath Staff.

"Nobody messes with my man, and gets away with it!" yelled Karone, who was wearing her battle armor, and was sporting some purple hair.

"Well, well, the former Princess of Evil," hissed Maddock. "Iíll take of care you, myself." As Maddock charged at her, Karone tossed one of her boomerangs at him.

"Ahhh!" screamed Maddock, as the flying weapon struck him on the shoulder. "Now youíre going to get it!" The monster drew his sword, and as he swung it, the weapon began to emit a glowing, red light. As the monster swung at Karone, she began to back away, but after a few steps she lost her footing, and tumbled to the ground.

"You betrayed the forces of evil, and now youíre going die!" Maddock exclaimed.

"Karone!" yelled Zhane, as he noticed what was happening. The Silver Ranger jumped in front of his girlfriend, taking the blow meant for her.

"Zhane!" cried Karone, as she held her beloved Silver Ranger in her arms.

"Your boyfriend took the blow for your heart, now itís your turn," Maddock laughed.

"Leave them alone!" yelled Rohan, as he and Deirdre fired blasts from their Mystic Weapons.

"Hover Tanks, destroy the Mystic Knights!" Maddock commanded.

"First, your tanks must deal with me!" yelled Simien, as he came running up, firing blasts from a large canon, he was carrying. As a blast hit a tank, the tank would burst into flames.

"Now thatís what I call firepower," the Keltic princess commented. The two Mystic Knights joined Simien in battling the Hover Tanks.

"Zhane, please talk me?" pleaded Karone, as she removed Zhaneís helmet.

"Karone, weíll help you get him back to the ship," said Zedd, calmly, as he and Rita stood over the two Kerovans. Together the three former villains dragged the unconscious Silver Ranger back to the ship, dodging blasts along the way.

"Simienís arrival has tipped the odds in the Rangersí favor, for now," thought Maddock.

"Your master will never conquer the universe, Maddock!" yelled Simien.

"Simien, before all this is over your blood will be spilled all over the ground," vowed Maddock, before opening a portal. Simien and the two Mystic Knights watched as the Hover Tanks flew through the portal.

"Now what are we going to do?" Deirdre asked.

"Weíd better get back into the ship, and see if the Silver Ranger is okay," replied Simien.

* * *

On Abyss, Darkstone stood in front of a large pit.

"I am here," Darkstone said. Instantly, a wall of fire emerged from the pit, and a voice began to speak.

"You have done well, Darkstone. Soon all the warriors of goodness will be captured."

"A small group of Rangers, two Mystic Knights, and the two Greek warriors are all that remain," informed Darkstone.

"Send Nanus and Maddock to ancient Greece, at once," commanded the voice.

"I will send them at once," Darkstone replied, before teleporting away.

"Soon the entire universe will bow before the power of Dahak!" proclaimed the evil voice.

* * *

"I am Rohan, and this is my friend, Princess Deirdre," the Knight of Fire explained.

"We are known as the Mystic Knights, and we defend a small kingdom called Kells," Deirdre added.

"Itís a pleasure to meet you both. I am Andros, leader of an elite team of heroes known as the Power Rangers," stated the Kerovan. The three heroes entered the infirmary, where Ashley and Karone were tending to Zhane.

"Still no change, huh?" asked Andros.

"No." Karone shook her head sadly.

"How are you feeling, Ashley?" Andros asked.

"My strength is returning, gradually," replied the Yellow Ranger. Just then Karone noticed that Zhane was stirring.

"Zhane?" Karone said.

"Karone, I-I-I love you," said Zhane, as he struggled to speak. "Andros, no matter what happens, you have to promise me that you wonít give up the fight against Darkstoneís forces."

"I promise, my friend," Andros said, as he wiped a tear from his eye.

"Maddock, is tougher than I thought," said Zhane, as he tried to laugh.

"Zhane, please donít leave me," Karone begged.

"I will always be with you, my love," promised Zhane, as he closed his eyes. Alpha walked up to the bed and scanned Zhaneís head with a hand held device.

"Heís slipped into a coma," the robot said, sadly. At this revelation, Karone burst into tears, and laid her head on Zhaneís chest, and cried.

"I canít break down. I canít break down," thought Andros over and over again. The Red Ranger knew that the remaining heroes would be looking to him for strength, and even though he was very angry at what had happened to his best friend, he had to keep his composure.

"I most return to New Purius and tell King Linus what has happened," stated Simien.

"Youíre picking a bad time to leave," stated Zedd.

"Yeah, youíre the only person who knows how to beat those monsters," Rita added.

"Yes, Maddock was surprised to see me here, today, but when he returns, heíll come prepared to capture the remaining heroes, and destroy me. Iíll return to New Purius and bring back help," Simien explained.

"Do what you have to do, Simien. The rest of us will fight off Darkstoneís forces, as best we can," Andros said. Without uttering another word, Simien exited the infirmary.

"So what are we going to do now?" Deirdre inquired.

"Ashley, stay in here with Karone. Rohan, Deirdre, Zedd, and Rita, come with me. The first thing weíre going to do is get this ship back into space," Andros commanded.

Andros glanced over at his heartbroken sister, before leaving the room.

To Be ContinuedÖ