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Disclaimer: I don't own the rights to everyone or everything mentioned in this saga. I'm writing this saga for my enjoyment in for the enjoyment of others.

The Doomsday Saga: Part 1

by Marques Jeffries

At the Surf Spot, the Rangers feasted on a large order of nachos.

"I've said it once, and Ill say it again, I love nachos," stated Karone.

"Well save some room, because my mother is making dinner for all of us," stated Ashley.

"What is she making?" Andros asked.

"She's making steak, mashed potatoes, a tossed salad, and for dessert, a big chocolate cake," replied Ashley.

"Sounds like a meal fit for a hero," stated T.J.

"You mean heroes," corrected Cassie.

Just then an unexpected waitress brought the Rangers some sodas.

"Divatox!" exclaimed Karone, in shock.

"Hi, Astron--, I mean Karone," stated the brunette, as she sat Karone's drink on the table.

"Divatox, what are you doing here?" asked Zhane.

"Well, the Blue Senturion was kind enough to bring me back to Earth, after the war ended. I had been trying to find a job for the past month, and then I saw Adelle's "Help Wanted" sign, so I figured Id come in and talk to her, and here I am," explained Divatox.

"So who else is in town?" asked Carlos, sarcastically.

"Oh, lets see, Zedd and Rita have an apartment on the West Side of town," Divatox said. "Well I've got to get back to work, but enjoy your snacks." Divatox then walked away.

"I've lost my appetite," grumbled Karone.

"Sis, I know that you and Divatox had your differences in the past, but even she deserves a second chance," advised Andros.

"I guess you're right, but she just irritates me," stated Karone.

Just then, the Rangers noticed a news report on a nearby television. Angel Groves Special Crimes Unit was currently locked in battle with a mysterious flying tank, in downtown Angel Grove.

"I think wed better give them a hand," stated Andros, as the Rangers rose from their seats.

* * *

The Rangers arrived on the scene, morphed and ready for action.

"Boy, am I glad to see you guys," stated Lt. Norson, leader of the AGSCU.

"Look at the size of that thing!" exclaimed T.J. As they watched the tank blow up a building.

"Lt. Norson, do you have any idea of where that thing came from?" asked Andros.

"All I know is that we got a phone call, saying that wed better get down here, because a flying tank was trashing the area," answered Lt. Norson.

The Rangers fired rays from their Astro Blasters at the tank, but the blasts had no affect.

"Alpha, teleport the Megatank down here," Andros ordered, as he spoke into his communicator.

Within moments, the two tanks were exchanging blasts.

"Hang on, you guys," stated Karone, as she piloted the Megaship. "Back up is on the way."

Together the blasts of the Megatanks and Astro Megaship were able to bring the tank down.

"Come on, let's see who's piloting that thing," stated the Silver Ranger, as the teens hopped out of the Megatank.

A man dressed in all leather, with a white helmet covering this head, hopped out of the top of the flying tank, and jumped to the ground.

"Hold it right there, pal," ordered Andros, as the Rangers surrounded the man.

"Some other time, Rangers," stated the man, as a red portal appeared below his feet, and swallowed him.

"Hey!" yelled the Pink Ranger.

"That portal looked just like the one that hooded guy came from," stated Andros.

"Well at least we can investigate that tank," stated Zhane. No sooner had Zhane said that, then another portal appeared, and sucked in the flying tank.

"What is going on?!" said a puzzled T.J.

"I think wed better get to the Megaship," suggested Andros. Just as the Rangers were about to teleport away, Carlos noticed a group of paramedics loading Adam Parks into an ambulance.

"Adam!" yelled the Black Ranger, as he ran over to the ambulance.

"Carlos, I broke my leg, trying to get away from that thing," stated Adam, once he saw his friend.

"I'm riding to the hospital with you," stated the Black Ranger, as he climbed into the ambulance.

"Well be there once we check in on the Megaship!" yelled Andros, before the Rangers teleported away.

* * *

In another dimension, the pilot of the flying tank entered the throne room of a castle.

"Lord Darkstone, I have failed you!" cried the soldier, as he bowed before a large green man, who wore a black robe.

"To your feet, Maddock," ordered Darkstone. "Everything is going exactly according to plan."

"How is this so, master? I was defeated by the Power Rangers." Maddock stated.

"Ha, ha, ha, your battle with the Rangers was merely a test," revealed Darkstone.

"A test?!" asked Maddock.

"Yes, I wanted to see how much of our army wed have to send when we invade Earth," stated the green villain.

"Master, tell me how I may serve you," pleaded Maddock.

"You will return to Earth, with a group of Sworms, and capture Jason Lee Scott, the original Red Ranger," ordered Darkstone.

"Ill leave at once," replied Maddock.

* * *

Jason was making some pasta, when his phone began to ring.

"Hello," stated Jason.

"Hi, Jason, I just wanted to remind you about the dinner at Ashley Hammonds house," said the voice of Emily.

"Aw, man! I'm here making some pasta," replied Jason, as he hit himself on the head.

"Well stick it in the fridge, and Ill help you eat it, tomorrow," suggested Emily.

"Okay. Ill pick you up in twen---," stated Jason, before being struck over the head, by a red, bear-like creature.

"Jason! Jason! What's happening!" yelled Emily. Maddock quickly hung up the phone.

"Okay, men, we've got Jason, so lets go," ordered Maddock, as he pressed a button on a remote control. A portal appeared, and the villains carried Jason through it.

* * *

On the Megaship's bridge Andros, Zhane, T.J., and Cassie waited for Karone. The guys were dressed in black tuxedos, with bowties that corresponded with their Ranger colors. Cassie wore an elegant pink gown.

"Okay, guys, how do I look?" asked Karone, as she stepped onto the bridge, wearing a purple evening gown.

"You look marvelous, sis," exclaimed Andros, as he adjusted the fit of his bowtie.

"I still don't know why we couldn't just wear some casual clothes?" complained Zhane.

"The mayor and some other city officials will also be at the dinner party," stated T.J.

"Yeah, Ashley's father is running for a seat on the Angel Grove City Council," added Cassie.

"Oh, by the way, Carlos called in. He said that he's going to stay at the hospital with Adam, so he wont be attending the party," informed Karone.

"After the party well go over there, and see how Adams doing," suggested Andros.

The Megaship descended from space, and landed in a field. There a white Ford Explorer driven by T.J., exited the ship.

* * *

At the dinner party, the Rangers mingled with the other guests.

"I'm glad you and the other Rangers could make it, Andros," stated Ashley's father, as he and Andros shook hands.

"When Ashley told us about you running in the upcoming election, we knew we had to come," replied Andros.

"Hey, T.J., have you seen Jason or Emily?" asked Tommy Oliver, as he and Kimberly Hart walked up to T.J.

"No, but Ashley said that she had sent invitations to all of the former Rangers," replied T.J.

Just then, Emily walked in, and from the expression on her face, everyone could see that something was terribly wrong.

"Tommy! Kimberly! T.J.! I'm worried something terrible has happened to Jason," cried Emily, as she walked to the three Rangers.

"Okay, Emily, tell us what happened," stated Kimberly.

"Well I was talking to Jason on the phone, when all of the sudden, I heard something on the other end, and then the phone was hung up!" exclaimed Emily.

"I don't like this. I think we should go check this out," suggested Tommy.

"Let's go," stated T.J.

T.J. informed Andros of what was happening, and the Kerovan agreed that this called for immediate investigation. T.J., Tommy, and Kimberly apologized to Mr. Hammond and the mayor for their hasty exit, and then headed to Jason's apartment.

* * *

At NASADA, a group of Sworms were laying waste to some guards.

"Surrender, humans. You are no match for us," groaned Maddock, firing blasts at the guards.

"Commander Narquis, we cant take much more of this!" yelled one of the guards, to his superior. "We need the Rangers!"

Commander Narquis fought his way passed two Sworms, and pressed a button on the wall. "I just hope they get here in time," Narquis thought.

"You just made a mistake, old man!" growled Maddock, as he grabbed Commander Narquis, and tossed him to the ground. "Sworms, secure the space shuttle."

* * *

"It doesn't look like any kind of struggle took place in here," commented Tommy, as he looked around.

"Hey, guys, there's some red stuff on the carpet," discovered Kimberly, as she pointed to the area near the phone.

T.J. walked over, and picked up some of the stuff. "Hmm, I looks like whatever took Jason, was shedding." the Blue Ranger revealed. "I'll take these hair follicles back to the Megaship, and have DECA analyze it."

"Ill call the party, and let Andros know what we've found," stated Kimberly. Kim picked up the phone and dialed the Hammond's number. She told Ashley what they'd found, and then Ashley told her that Andros, Zhane, and Cassie were on their way to NASADA.

"Id better get over there and see if I can help the others, first," T.J. stated, after Kimberly told where the other Rangers were at.

* * *

"Spiral Sabre!" yelled the Red Ranger, as he called of his drill-like blade, and then attacked the Sworm soldiers. Cassie and Zhane sliced and diced the monsters with their respective Power Weapons.

"Must I do everything myself," groaned Maddock, as he drew a long staff, and swung it at the Red Ranger.

"Nice, pal, but now its my turn!" exclaimed Andros, as he duck the attack, and countered with a flying Spiral Sabre attack.

Maddock dropped to the ground in pain. "Now I'm mad!" The villain began to grow, bursting out of his humanoid shell, to reveal himself to be a green Minotaur.

"Whoa! That guy must be the King of Ugly," commented Zhane.

"You'll pay for that remark, little Ranger!" snarled the giant best. The Minotaur charged at Zhane, but the Silver Ranger, thinking quickly, leaped into the air and struck the monster in the chest with a blow from his Silverizer.

"Mess with me, and you're asking for trouble," stated Zhane.

"Good work, Zhane, now lets finish this guy off," stated Andros.

"Yeah!" stated the Blue and Yellow Rangers, as they ran to the side of the other Rangers. The Rangers attached their Power Weapons to their Astro Blasters, and hit the Minotaur with a mega blast. Once the smoke had cleared the monster was still standing!

"We've got to get him outside, so that we can call the Astro Megazord!" suggested Ashley.

"Hey, Minotaur, you want us! Come and get us!" yelled Andros. The Ranger ran out of the NASADA building, followed close behind by Maddock.

"We need Astro Megazord Power Now!" shouted the five Rangers, in unison.

The Megaship transformed into the mighty Astro Megazord, and landed in NASADAs parking lot. The Rangers then took their usual positions in the cockpit.

"Okay, Minotaur, now you're going down!" exclaimed Andros.

"Give me your best shot, Rangers! growled the monster. The Megazord grabbed the Maddock, and headbutted him. The monster staggered backwards, and then after regaining his composure, hit the Megazord with a powerful uppercut.

"Were going down!" yelled Cassie, as the zord fell on its back.

"Yeah! Now I'm really going to punish you, Rangers!" sneered Maddock, as he jumped onto the Megazord's chest, and began to pound the head of the zord.

"Aw, man! He's kicking our tail," stated T.J.

"We need help!" yelled Cassie.

"Mega Winger Activate!" yelled Zhane, as he pressed a button on his Silverizer. The recently rebuilt, Mega Winger exited its hiding place on the moons surface, and descended down to Earth, firing laser blasts at Maddock.

Maddock hopped off of the Megazord, and began to swat at the flying Mega Winger.

"Now's our chance to get up," stated Ashley.

"T.J., Cassie, reroute all of the auxiliary power to the thrusters. Well hit him from above," Andros announced. Blue and Pink Rangers didn't know what their leader meant by that, but they did as they had been instructed.

The Astro Megazord lifted into the air, and then descended down, right on top of Maddock.

"Okay lets give him what he gave us!" suggested Andros.

"With pleasure," replied T.J., Cassie, and Ashley, in unison. The Megazord then began to pound on Maddock. All of the sudden a giant portal opened in the sky, and a fleet of flying tanks emerged from it, firing on both the Mega Winger and the Astro Megazord.

"Were outnumbered!" exclaimed T.J.

"Ashley, initiate the Megaship transformation. I've got to retreat, for now," Andros ordered. Ashley pressed a few buttons on the control console, and Megazord transformed back into the Megaship. The ship then ascended back into space, followed by the Mega Winger.

"Go ahead, run away, Power Rangers, because the next time we meet, I'll destroy both of your zords!" screamed Maddock. The monster shrank down to his humanoid form, and boarded one of the tanks. A crowd of people, who had gathered to watch the battle, looked on as the flying tanks entered the portal, and it disappeared.

* * *

"You don't have to stay here with me, Carlos," Adam stated, as he lay in his hospital bed.

"Your my best friend, Adam, and besides the rest of your family lives on the East Coast," replied Carlos.

"How's the patient doing?" stated Cassie, as she, Karone, and the other Rangers entered the room.

"We brought you some homemade chocolate chip cookies," added Ashley, as she handed the bag to Adam.

"Thank you all for coming, and thanks for the cookies," said Adam, graciously.

"There's no where else wed rather be then right here," commented Andros.

"Hey, Adam and I saw that newsbreaks about you guys fighting that monster," stated Carlos.

"Yeah, it was that guy we fought earlier. He transformed himself into a Minotaur, and really thrashed us," stated Cassie.

"We almost had him beaten, when a fleet of flying tanks showed up," Zhane added. Just then the Rangers heard a commotion in the hallway. When the Rangers stepped out of Adams room, they found a man, dressed in a green sweat suit, throwing doctors all over the place.

"Out of my way, you dogs! yelled the man. "I have to talk to the Power Rangers!"

"Hey, calm down!" yelled Andros. "Were the Power Rangers.

"Thank the stars I have found you," the man said, as tears began to stream from his eyes. "I have traveled across several dimensions, in search of you."

"Just tell us how we can help you," stated Zhane.

"I have come with an urgent warning. He's coming," said the man, grimly.

"Who's coming?" asked Karone.

"Darkstone. And when he gets here the entire universe will be placed in jeopardy," the man replied. The Rangers looked at each other, with puzzled expressions.

* * *

In a dark dungeon, Jason Lee Scott, hung chained to a wall.

"Somebody, anybody, help! Please help me!" yelled Jason, in absolute terror. All of the sudden, the dungeon door swung open, and three Sworms entered carrying three unconscious youngsters.

"Hey what are you guys going to do to those kids?!" yelled Jason.

"Why they're your new cell mates, Jason," laughed Maddock, as he stood in the doorway of the dungeon. Jason watched as the Sworms chained up the three children, and then left. After a few seconds one of the children, an African-American boy, awoke.

"Where are we?" the boy asked.

"I don't know, but I have a feeling its not on Earth," Jason replied. "My name is Jason. What's yours?"

"I am Roland, and these are my two friends: Drew and Jo," replied the boy. directing Jason's attention to a two Caucasian youngsters, one a boy and the other a girl.

To Be Continued…