A Different Shade of Blue

By: Don Berry

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers or any of the characters that I have been using. They are owned by Saban. They are used without permission. In no way have I been paid for this.

From the Journal of William Cranston

Today, the Power Rangers arrived to save the planet from an intergalactic witch named Rita Repulsa. These 5 heroes all wear distinctive outfits colored Red, Pink, Yellow, Black and Blue. The Red one seems to be the leader.

While the Power Rangers were making their appearance I was helping the faculty of my school, Angel Grove High, update the computer system. This made late for an appointment with my friends at the Youth Center. When I was finally able to arrive, they weren't there. I waited an hour, then went home.

Later, Jason called me and asked if I had shown up at the Youth Center. When I answered in the affirmative, he informed me that the five of them had to go to Tommy's to help him with a school project and they couldn't wait for me to show up. He apologized for not leaving a note for me with Ernie.

I know Jason did not intend to cause me emotional distress but his apparent callous disregard for my feelings on the matter once again drove home the point that except for school, I have nothing in common with the 5 of them. After all, Trini is just as intelligent as I am, so they do not need me around for that. Zack has his dancing and easy manner with people, something I have never had. Kimberly has her cheerleading and gymnastics, two endeavors I would never be allowed to try for. Jason and Tommy have their martial arts, which I had asked for instruction in, but neither of them had given me a positive or negative response on the matter.

I could ask Trini for instruction in kung fu, but I would be very uncomfortable having to learn from her. Let alone the fact about how I feel about her. Kim has told me many times to tell Trini before it becomes too late. Unfortunately, my fear of rejection prevents my telling her. Kim persists in trying to get me to overcome that fear, but except for fish, rejection is my greatest phobia.

Next Day

When I went to school today, the others were behaving most peculiar. They were acting like they each were sharing a secret. It was obvious Kim and Trini both wanted to tell me, but Jason took them aside and after a look at me, spoke to them for a minute, then left them. Kim and Trini looked sad but wouldn't speak to me the rest of the day.

Tommy at least told me he couldn't talk to me about it. A courtesy Jason or Zack never extended. Tommy is a recent transfer from Stone Canyon High. He first came to our attention when he first started teaching martial arts at the Youth Center. At first, Tommy and Jason acted like wolves battling for dominance around each other, but now they're the best of friends.

I can not believe that Jason cut me off from my two best friends. Is he that jealous of the relationship I have with Trini and Kim? I know there are those who think I have a crush on Kim, but we look upon each other as brother and sister. To be honest at one time I did have an attraction for Kim, but I prefer her as a friend to a love interest.

Besides, Kim and Tommy seem to be very interested in each other and I would hate to have prevented that. Tommy is never jealous of the time I spend with Kim, which I'm grateful for. A boyfriend on a jealous streak with a black belt in karate is not a thing to envision. For Kim and Tommy it was love at first sight. I hope I never acted the way they do when I first saw Trini.

For the remainder of the day my "friends" avoided me. When I went to the Youth Center, I was once again accosted by Bulk and Skull. Before they removed my glasses and proceeded to painfully humiliate me, I could see Jason, Tommy and Zack sitting with the girls and not even looking like they would get up to help me. Ernie finally made them leave me alone. After thanking him I left and went home.

This latest ordeal has been an epiphany of sorts for me. If my friendship means so little to them, then I guess I need to find friends who will appreciate me, for who I am. Unfortunately, I thought they were different. I know that I do not dress fashionably, I know my vocabulary is beyond any of my "friends" except for Trini. I know that except for Trini, my intellect far exceeds that of the others, yet I thought they had gotten beyond that.

I do not know if they feel threatened by my presence or if they are repulsed by it. No matter. I will give them a chance to tell me what is going on.

Regardless of how they have hurt me, they do deserve the opportunity to tell me what is going on.

Week after last entry

They refused to tell me. Not even Kim would tell me what is going on. Trini wouldn't even look at me. I thought they were different. As usual, when it comes to things outside of science, I was wrong. If only I knew how to find friends like I know how to find materials for my experiments.

I have hacked into the school computer and changed my class schedules. Since they have decided to distance themselves from me, I shall stay away from them. I will also avoid the Youth Center and the park, both places they spend much time in.

Seeing as how I can no longer rely on Jason or Tommy to help me with self-defense, I have bought several books on the subject among them several on tai chi, karate and Bruce Lee's "The Tao of Jeet Kune Do". I was searching for an instructor who I could afford. When I went to the Japanese Gardens, I met Mr. Ko.

When I asked if he knew anyone who could instruct me, he offered to teach me himself. He told me that he has extensive knowledge of kung fu and would be pleased to offer his services. He will be teaching me after school.

Two weeks later

I was walking in the park when I saw Trini and Jason sitting on a picnic bench. Coming up behind them, I decided to listen to their conversation. Jason was telling Trini that she should forget about me and just accept that I couldn't be around. He then hugged Trini to him and KISSED HER!

Was THIS why he didn't want me around? So that I wouldn't be a hindrance to his attempt at Trini? I really wanted to go and beat the hell out of him. That would have availed me nothing, for Jason would have easily beaten me=2E Mr. Ko has been teaching much but I'm no match for a black belt. Yet.

Five months later

I now know the secret that they kept hidden from me. The five of them are the Power Rangers! Jason is the leader, the Red Ranger, Trini is the Yellow Ranger, Zack is the Black Ranger, Kim is the Pink Ranger, and Tommy is the Blue Ranger. When I found out Tommy was the Blue Ranger I decided to stop wearing blue. I never realized just how many other colors are out there.

I figured out their identities by devising a voice analyzer, taking samples of the voices of the Power Rangers and then taking samples of Angel Grove High's students. I used the student populous as a control group. I never thought it would work.

This explains their mysterious behavior at times and their occasional disappearance. I have reasoned that they were told not to tell me of their acceptance as Rangers. Which still does not explain Jason's hostility or the fact that they ostracized me. I have also reasoned that I was found to be less than worthy to become a Power Ranger. So be it.

On a better note, my martial art training with Mr. Ko is proceeding well. I am applying what Mr. Ko is teaching to what I have read in Mr. Lee's book. When I told Mr. Ko of this, he thought that was a good idea. He has also started me on lifting weights to improve my physique, running to improve my stamina and gymnastics to promote my agility.

The other day at school I was forced to defend myself against Bulk and Skull. They decided that they hadn't bothered me enough this year so they cornered me in the lunchroom. None of the teachers were around and of course none of my fellow students would ever try and help me. Mr. Ko has taught me to never fight if you have any other alternative. He has also taught me if you have to fight, fight to win.

Bulk and Skull must have had a bad day. Instead of just throwing me in a garbage can or turning me upside down to get some spare change, they actually appeared to be angry to the point of violence. I had been beaten by them before and I never wanted to go through that again. I asked them if they really wanted to do this. When they answered, "yes", I snap-kicked Bulk in the groin and then brought a knee into his face. Before Skull could react, I threw a reverse-punch into his solar plexus. They both dropped to the floor and didn't try to get up. They haven't bothered me since.

My schoolwork is proceeding as well as always. I won first place in the science fair again. It was strange to work on that project without Trini or the others. The five of them came in second at the same fair. I took some pleasure from that.

I decided to try and talk to Trini. Not being around her or Kim, has been the hardest thing I have had to face. I wish they could just talk to me. When I went over to Trini, Jason intercepted me and told me to stay away from Trini.

While Jason was threatening me, I was smiling, and nodding, I surreptitiously scanned the wristband that they all had. When I detected a power source at the small of his back, I scanned that as well. While Jason is not stupid, he can be quite blind to what happens in front of him. If I had tried to use my scanner around Trini she would have noticed.

When I get back from training with Mr. Ko, I will write a letter to Trini. It will tell her of how I feel as well as point out that I know that she and the others are Power Rangers. I hope she reciprocates my feelings...

"Billy's Journal ends here, guys." Jason told them.

Trini and Kim were sitting on the bed in Jason's room, holding each other and crying. Zack was sitting on the floor by Tommy just looking shocked. Tommy was looking at Jason with an expression of anger.

It had been three weeks since Billy had disappeared on his way home from the Japanese Gardens Mr. Ko worked at.

"I can't believe he thought we hated him.", Zack whispered.

"What was he supposed to think? We wouldn't talk to him or even be around him. You know that Billy has never had a strong sense of self-confidence. Everyone he ever loved, left him. His mother dies, his father withdraws emotionally and when he finally get what he believes are good friends, we abandon him." Trini said.

"I told you to stay away from him to protect him." Jason told them.

"I know that, Jason. But we may have hurt him more by withdrawing then by having him around when Rita sends a monster or her putties after us." Kim said.

"This being a Power Ranger sucks if we have to lose one of our best friends to be one. You know, he was the first to welcome me here? He wasn't envious of Kim and me. Now I know why." Tommy said this while looking at Trini. "Trini, now you know how he feels about you. How do you feel about him?"

"Tommy, I don't know. This explains why Kim is always trying to get me to talk to Billy. The thing is, I do have feelings for him."

Kim blurted out, "Then why didn't you tell him?"

"Because I only figured out how I felt about him when he wasn't around. If he had talked to me after the science fair I would have told him everything." Trini then started crying again and both Kim and Tommy held her.

Jason's communicator activated. Trini had managed to cobble together the devices so that Zordon could call the Rangers and not have to teleport them to the Command Center each time he wanted to talk with them. "Yes, Zordon?" Jason answered.


"On our way, Zordon." Jason looked at the others. "Are you ready? Let's go."

When the Rangers arrived at the Command Center, Alpha-5 was using the scanners to try and find where Rita would send her forces. Jason stepped forward. "Zordon what is this about a Green Ranger?"


"Ai-yi-yi! Zordon, the Green Ranger, Goldar and the Putty Patrol are in the park."


With a cry of "It's Morphin Time!", the Rangers morphed then teleported to the park.

I thought I could avoid the prophecy by having Tommy become the Blue Ranger. Now I have no idea who this Green Ranger is. I should never have tried to change the course of destiny. I fear I may have made a grave error in choosing my Rangers for their fighting and potential fighting skills. They seemed quite upset when their friend, William Cranston, was not chosen and when I told them he must not be told. Except for his intelligence I still see no way in which Cranston could have been of service...

The Park

When the Rangers arrived at the park, the Green Ranger was sitting cross-legged on a picnic table. The Green Ranger wore a green version of the standard Power Ranger uniform with a gold armor-like vest plate and had a dagger sheathed at his side.

"Hello, Rangers. Come here often?" The picnic table was the one that the Rangers normally ate at. Rising to his feet in a single fluid motion, the Green Ranger pointed down at Jason. "Just you. Or are you afraid to face me by yourself?"

"You don't scare me. What weapons for this?" Jason responded.

"None. Let's see if you can handle that. Oh and just to be sure your little friends don't interfere... Goldar, you and the Putties may attack them now. Have fun, but remember what I said."

With that Goldar and the putties attacked Tommy, Zack, Kim and Trini.

"Let's begin now, shall we Red Ranger?"

"Bring it on." Jason confidently shot back while sliding into a defensive stance.

The Command Center

When Jason woke up on one of the tables in the Command Center, he saw that he was surrounded by the concerned faces of his friends. The four of them looked like he felt, awful.

"What happened?", he whispered.

"Your face and stomach kept hitting the Green Rangers feet, knees, elbows and fists." Tommy gently told him.

"He beat me?"

"Like a drum, bro." Zack said.

"Did any of you see the fight?"

"No. Goldar and the Putties kept us pretty busy. We found out you had lost when the Green Ranger threw you at our feet. He then told us to leave. Goldar and the putties teleported away. The Green Ranger threw this on you and then left himself." Trini told him. She then held up a index card, inscribed with black ink.

"What does it say, Trini?"

"It says: Help me. That's it."

"Help Me? What's that about?"

"Tommy, I recognize the writing on the card."

"Who's writing is it, Trini?"


"Billy's!!" Jason bolted up. He regretted that as soon as he did it, though. "BILLY is the one who did this to me?"

"Trini, are you sure?" Tommy demanded.

"Yes, I've compared the handwriting in the Journal with the writing on the card. It's Billy's."

"Zordon, is it possible for Billy to even be a Ranger? You said that his body wasn't able to handle the Power." Kim asked.




"Zordon, how do we break the spell on Billy?"


"But what about the note?"


"What are you saying, Zordon?"


Rita's Moon Palace

"Green Ranger! Why did you let them go? You could have destroyed them, then and there!" Rita shrieked at him.

"My Queen, there is a saying, You should not press a desperate foe to hard. Sun Tzu, The Art of War." The Green Ranger calmly replied.

Goldar growled behind him, "I prefer Patton myself."

"And that is why you lose. Everytime." The Green Ranger told him.

Goldar bristled at the condescending tone of voice but knew enough not to do anything about it. In the three weeks that Rita had prepared the earthling, he had progressed from a slightly built young man to someone whom even Goldar refrained from annoying. He knew that Scorpina had been training the boy and that Rita and Finster had been doing something to change him. Even Goldar knew that a human doesn't grow 4 inches in a week and puts on 50 pounds of muscle in the same amount of time.

There was also the slight matter of the enhancements in the boy's senses. Goldar had the feeling that Rita may have made a mistake bonding the boy with a wolf's spirit. For some reason it made Goldar nervous. Scorpina had felt it to, but she wouldn't say anything.

Goldar knew that the Green Ranger was a disaster waiting to happen. He had seen it before when he had served Lord Zedd. Casting spells that change a person to an evil nature just do not work on the strong willed. They eventually break free. He knew it was just a question of time.

"Green Ranger, go back to the park and attract the attention of the Power Ranger's again. This time, I want you to fight the Blue Ranger. Take Goldar and the Putty Patrol."

"Yes, my Queen. Goldar, as I told you before, if you in any way attempt to permanently harm the Yellow or Pink Rangers, I will kill you."

"Fight each other later. Go now!" Rita screeched at them.

Goldar and Billy both bowed and left. Scorpina walked out of the shadows and stood beside Rita. "You realize that he's starting to break the spell."

"As long as it lasts long enough for him to kill Zordon, I don't care. Did you get the equipment from his laboratory?"

"Yes, Rita, I did. How is this going to help you kill Zordon?"

"I'm going to have him storm the Command Center and destroy it, the Zords and the Morphin Grid."

"What will you do with him then?"

"I'll let you have him. Has he succumbed to your charms yet?"

"No." sighed Scorpina. Then she grinned at Rita. "I took the form of his friend, Kim. No response. Maybe I'll try the form of the one they call Trini, when he gets back." Scorpina started laughing and after a moment Rita joined in as well.

The park

Billy looked around the park. He had felt a weight lift from his mind while he was in transit from the moon. He knew that he didn't have much time before Rita's spell once again took effect. Taking out the Dragon Dagger, Billy walked behind one of the many trees in the area and started to carve a message into the bark.

A few minutes later, Billy felt the spell effects returning. He started to repeat to himself, "Fight Tommy by the tree. Fight Tommy by the tree. Fight Tommy by the.."

The Command Center


"IT'S MORPHIN TIME!" Tommy shouted.





The Rangers then teleported out.

The park

This time the spot that the Green Ranger had chosen to fight at was not one that had any emotional significance for the Power Rangers. It was nice open area by the lake. There were some trees but nothing that the Power Rangers could use as a weapon against the Putties or Goldar.

"Greetings, Rangers. I am so happy that you have arrived. And which of you is the leader now?"

"That'd be me." Tommy told him while stepping forward.

"Excellent. I offer you the same terms I offered Jason. No weapons. Do you agree?"

"Billy, please stop this! We're your friends!" Trini cried out to him. "Billy, I..."

"Oh do shut up. Friends? I don't have any friends. Friends would have told me about what happened to them. Friends would have helped me deal with those two sub-humanoid, evolutionary throwbacks Bulk and Skull. Friends wouldn't mislead me into thinking that what they were doing was for my good, while doing their best to try and keep me away from the only person since my mother, I ever truly LOVED!" The Green Ranger bellowed the last part at Trini, then stepped back and continued in a calmer voice.

"Trini, I did love you. Now, you sicken me. Enough with the pleasantries... Tommy, let us step over here and begin. Goldar, are you waiting for permission? Of course you are. Attack them, Goldar. Now. Tommy?" Billy waved him over to an area by some trees. Goldar attacked Trini while the Putties attacked Kim and Zack.

"Billy, we don't have to do this. Fight it, bro..." Tommy urged him.

"To late for that, Tommy. Much too late. Don't worry, I won't hurt you too much. Marquise of Queensbury rules?" Billy asked him. Referring to the old rules of boxing developed by a British Lord.

"Sure, Billy. Marquise of Queensbury rules." This shouldn't be to bad if he's going to be fair about it.

That was Tommy's last coherent thought before Billy kicked him in the groin...

Kimberly and Zack were having a difficult time fighting off the Putties and Goldar. Normally, they would have done much better except Trini was too distraught over Billy's words to fight effectively. Trini was being severely beaten by Goldar while Kim and Zack were kept to busy by the Putties to help her.

Goldar had beaten Trini to her knees and was bringing his sword in line to finish her off. Just as Goldar was starting his downward stroke, he was tackled by a blur of green. When the two were finished rolling, the Green Ranger had his dagger at Goldar's throat.

"I warned you, you simian freak. DON'T attempt in any way to harm Trini or Kim. And you just had to try and kill Trini. Now, I'm going to fulfill my promise. Burn in Hell. " Reaching with his free hand, Billy grabbed the top of Goldar's head. Tensing his arm, Billy drove the Dragon Dagger through the bottom of Goldar's chin and into his brain.

Standing, Billy looked down at the corpse. Trini, Kim and Zack noticed a shudder run through his body. They then saw his hands shakily take off his helmet, just before Billy threw up and then passed out. Trini ran over to where Billy had fallen.

Tommy came stumbling over to Kim. "He fights dirty. If I wasn't wearing this suit he'd have ruined me for life."

"Tommy, what are you talking about?" Kim asked while checking him for wounds.

"Men have a pressure point that women don't. If you hit it, you can drop your male opponent quickly. Well, he hit it. Then he used what Mr. Ko taught him. He's quite good."

Zack looked around. Sizing up the situation, he saw: Tommy was out of action, Kim was tending to him, Trini was by Billy who was out cold, the Putties were gone and Goldar was dead. "We need to get to the Command Center before Rita sends reinforcements. Trini, take Billy back. Kim, let's go. Tommy, walk it off." Laughing, Zack then teleported out before Tommy could kill him.

The Moon Palace

"Goldar is dead?" Rita asked the Putties.

"Who killed him?" she demanded. The Putties burbled at her then left the throne room.

"The Green Ranger killed Goldar... Finster!"

"Yes, my Queen?"

"Send a message to my brother, Rito. Tell him I need his help. Send messages as well to Lord Zedd and my father. Tell them that the Earth situation is becoming untenable. Now, Finster."


"Yes, Scorpina?"

"I request a boon. I ask for your permission to kill the Green Ranger."

"Wait for my brother to get here. Then you may hunt him."

"Thank you, Rita."

The Command Center

Alpha-5 had faithfully served Zordon of Eltare for more than 10,000 years. Little had surprised him in that time. However, having the Power Rangers teleport in with the Green Ranger unconscious and covered with blood and vomit was almost enough to overload his diodes.

"Ai-yi-yi! Rangers, what happened?"

"You weren't watching on the viewing globe?" Zack asked.


"Nothing a little rest won't cure. How's Jason?"


"Zordon, the blood on Billy is Goldar's. They fought but it wasn't because he broke the spell. They fought because Goldar was going to kill me." Trini informed him.


"Zordon, Billy killed Goldar. He drove that dagger through the bottom of Goldar's chin into his brain. He killed someone Zordon. Can he be saved now?"


"Zordon, my scans indicate that the spell Rita was using is deteriorating even now... AI-YI-YI!!!"

"What is it, Alpha?" Trini demanded.

"According to my scans, Billy has been bonded with a wolf spirit, as well as having been physically augmented. His strength, agility, endurance and speed are now within maximum human levels for someone of his height and weight."

"Alpha, you said he was bonded with a wolf spirit. What does that mean?" Trini asked.

"I'm not sure... The spell can be broken though. Billy has already done most of the work for that. After I use this on him, he should be free." Alpha pointed a device that resembled a glue-gun at Billy's head and then after it emitted a green light, put it down.

"That's it. Now he has to recover. Let's put him with Jason. Tommy , Zack I'm going to need your help." With that, Tommy and Zack picked up Billy and took him to the room Jason was in.

The Moon Palace

"My Queen, Lord Zedd and MasterVile have sent messages stating they will be arriving within three weeks. Rito will be traveling with your father. They request that you prepare a detailed intelligence report on the Power Rangers, Angel Grove and the Earth. MasterVile will be bringing something that will allow him to help you destroy the Power Rangers. That is all I was told, my Queen." Finster informed her.

"Thank you, Finster." Rita told him. She then addressed her court. "No one is to travel to Earth, for any reason, on pain of death. I want all of you to contribute to the report that Finster will be compiling. Tell the truth. If any of you lie, I'll have you destroyed. Finster, you may begin."

"Of course, my Queen. Here is the list of the schedule of interviews. Baboo, you are first. Please meet me in my laboratory in 25 minutes." Finster then walked out of the throne room.


The warrior in green felt it. Someone had accessed the Ninjetti power. A wolf Ninjetti. The warrior contemplated this course of events. Dulcea then made preparations to contact Ninjor. The prophecy had been changed. The Blue Wolf Ninjetti had come early and his color was wrong. "Zordon, what did you do?"

Dulcea had less than a month to correct the mistake. Before the whole universe was destroyed.

The Command Center

Jason Scott awoke to see Billy in the bed beside him. "What the hell is he doing here?"

"Easy, bro. The spell on him was broken. He should be ok now... Jason, he killed Goldar." Tommy commented.

"Billy killed Goldar? How? Why?" Jason was actually shocked that the kid he had known for almost 3 years had killed someone, even if it was Goldar.

"Goldar was going to kill Trini. Billy broke off his fight with me, yes Billy was winning." Tommy said, answering Jason's next question. "He tackled Goldar and then drove that dagger under his chin and into Goldar's brain. It was quick and efficient. Goldar probably never felt a thing."

"I don't care that Goldar is dead. He kind of had it coming. How did Billy react after he killed him?"

"He threw up and then passed out."

"Tommy how did he start the fight with you? Did he cheat?"

"What do you mean, Jase?"

"Did he snap-kick you in the groin and then start pounding on you?"

"Oh so that's how he beat you... Yeah, bro he did the exact same thing to me. He didn't need to though. Mr. Ko taught him well. Where do you think Billy's at belt-wise?"

"Probably a brown. He's real fast, other wise he'd never have got me. Strong, too. You're right, he doesn't have to cheat. I guess it was the spell that made him fight dirty."

"Yeah, Alpha said he'd been augmented to maximum human levels for his height and weight..." Tommy then noticed something. "Jason, does Billy look taller to you?"

"You're right. He is taller, more muscular as well. They must have fed him right on the Moon."

"Must have."

Billy started to stir. "Tommy, go tell the others that Billy's waking up."

"Sure, bro." Tommy then left to get the rest of the team.

When Billy woke up, he saw the Power Rangers gathered around him. "Where am I?"

"Billy, you're in the Command Center. This is our... headquarters, would be a good word." Tommy informed him.

"How are you feeling, Billy?" Trini anxiously asked him. "Do you remember anything?"

"Trini, I remember everything I did... I... I'm sorry for what was said. Tommy, Jason... I must apologize for what I did when I fought you." Trini reached over and hugged Billy. Zack found the colors Billy was turning to be amusing.

"Billy, it's ok. It wasn't your fault." Tommy reassured him.

Jason didn't say anything.

Kim looked at him. "Jason? He's saying he's sorry. Aren't you going to accept it?"

"No. I also heard Zordon say that he'd extend membership to Billy if we agreed. I don't. He was under evil's influence, how can he be trusted? Can any of you promise that he won't become evil again? Can any of you answer that?"

When there was no response, Jason leaned back against the wall behind his cot. "I didn't think so."

Ninjor's Temple

Ninjor was perplexed. Dulcea had told him to expect her arrival. In the more than 8,000 years she had been the guardian of the Ninjetti Temple, he could count on one hand the number of times she had left it. She also seemed scared about something Zordon had done. Something about choosing the wrong one to become the Blue Ranger.

When Ninjor decided to check on this, he found out just why Dulcea was so afraid. He ran the through the possible consequences of Zordon's actions. And for the first time in his life, Ninjor felt fear.

The Moon Palace

Scorpina was frustrated. She wanted to go to Earth, hunt down the Green Ranger and eat his heart. However, she knew Rita was right. If she went on her own, she'd be easily defeated.

She had known Goldar for more than 12,000 years. And had developed a grudging affection for him, that had blossomed into the closest thing to love she could feel. She knew that Goldar was scared of her feelings for him. But she knew that she had been breaking down his resistance. Then the Green Ranger killed him.

Scorpina had given Finster her report. She was impressed by his efficiency in the matter. Unfortunately, she had the feeling that Lord Zedd or MasterVile wouldn't care about the intelligence gathered, and had just given Rita the task so she would keep out of trouble.

Sometimes, she thought. It's hard to be the only intelligent warrior in the group.

The Command Center

The other Power Ranger's looked at Billy. He looked back at them. None of them, not even Trini, could tell what he was thinking. To Tommy, Jason looked pleased for some reason. What is it between those two... Oh god, it'sTrini. This has been about Trini all long.

"Since I'm not wanted, and I appear to be within normal functioning parameters, I'd like to leave." Billy told them.

"Uh, Billy... We can't let you do that just yet. Zordon wants to talk to you." Zack said.

"Who's Zordon?"

"You have to see him. Descriptions do not do him justice." Kim told him.

"Come on, Billy. I'll take you to see him." Trini said, while holding out her hand to him. Billy took her hand and getting up, walked with her to the main room of the Command Center.

Tommy saw the flash of anger and jealousy that came to Jason's eyes. While the other's filed out to follow Trini and Billy, he stayed with Jason.

"Aren't you coming with us, Tommy?"

"In a moment, Kim. I need to talk to Jason." He assured her.

After Kim had left, Tommy turned to face Jason. "Jason, how long have you had feelings for Trini?"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Jason angrily demanded.

"Don't try and snow me, Jason. I saw your eyes. You're jealous of Billy. Alot of what happened with you telling us to stay away from Billy makes sense now. You weren't trying to protect him, you were trying to keep him away from Trini. Have you told her how you feel?"

"Yes, I have. And you know what she told me? She had feelings for someone else. It didn't take any leaps of logic to figure out it was Billy. She liked that four-eyed geek, instead of me."

"I thought Billy was your friend, Jason?"

"No, Tommy, he was not my friend. I only kept him around because Kim and Trini liked him. If it had been up to me, I would have never been near him...." Jason broke off as he saw Trini standing in the doorway.

Tommy turned to see a blur of yellow rush Jason. Before Jason could react, Trini had slapped him across the face. It was a toss-up on who was more shocked, Jason or Tommy. Trini, the most level-headed person either had ever met, looked like she wanted to kill Jason.

"Trini, let me explain..." Jason stammered out.

"No. I'm going to do the talking. Billy has done nothing to deserve what has happened to him. From being turned evil, to having us shun him. I do not blame you for Billy becoming the Green Ranger. For the other, however, I do blame you. If what you did stems from the fact that you were jealous of Billy, then I will never forgive you. Jason, I have never seen you as anything more than a friend. If you want to keep my friendship you will accept Billy's apology and then make one of your own. It took me a long time to realize how I felt about Billy and nothing you do will change it. If he's not accepted to the team, then I'll leave with him. Think about it. Tommy, Zordon needs to talk to you." Trini then stormed out of the room.

"She's right, bro. You never really had a chance with her. Even Zack could tell that Trini and Billy liked each other. Look, I gotta go..." Tommy then left Jason alone in the room.

My god, what did I do? Jason Scott came to the realization of just what he had done. And he wondered if there was a way to fix the problem before it tore his team apart.

Ninjor's Temple

Dulcea saw Ninjor waiting for her at the Temple entrance. He was wearing his ceremonial armor but had the helmet off. His features greatly resembled hers.

"Hello, brother." She said, then formally bowed.

"Dulcea." He replied, while bowing back.

"You received the information I gave you?"

"Yes, I did. How can this small event cause so much catastrophe?" Ninjor asked.

"How could the assassination of an insignificant arch-duke cause the greatest loss of life recorded to that point in Earth's history? Or that the events of that war would cause a failed artist to become one of the worst butchers in history and cause an even greater war with an even greater loss of life? Ninjor, big problems have small beginnings. Zordon tried to circumvent providence, if we are extremely fortunate, we may be able to save half of this world's population."

"And if we are not?"

"Then we will meet in the next life and fight evil beside each other. Regardless, contact Zordon. Inform him to bring together the Power Rangers and the Green Ranger. Tell him that I will be arriving in the Power Chamber within the hour. Then tell him who is arriving within the month." Dulcea then looked Ninjor in the eye.

"Tell him that MasterVile has the Phased-Neutron Device..."

The Flagship of MasterVile

"You may bring in Lord Zedd now." MasterVile informed his servant.

With a bow, the servant left returning moments later with Lord Zedd.

"MasterVile, it has been a long time."

"Yes, Zedd it has. Goldar was once your finest warrior wasn't he?"

"He was. I sent him with your daughter to keep an eye on her. Apparently he died in battle with some monster that your daughter created to defeat Zordon's lackeys."

"I have received that information as well. Rita has relied on monsters and putties too much. It has never gotten her anywhere... So I'm going to change the odds into my favor."

"How do you plan to do that?"

"I have a Phased-Neutron Device. As you know, it destroys all magical energy in an area as well as killing every living thing within 500 miles of the blast point. If we center it on Zordon's little bunker, it'll take out him and the city his lackey's protect. We give them a choice: surrender or the Device goes off."

"You would use one of those Devices? Not even the Machine Empire uses them." Zedd gasped, appalled at the idea.

"Zedd, one must do what one must do. Besides, if they surrender I won't set it off."

"And if they refuse to surrender?"

"If they refuse? Then that part of the planet is going to be a real quiet neighborhood for the next ten thousand years."

The Command Center

Billy realized that Kim was right. A description would not have done Zordon justice. Then again, he would never have guessed he would have a discussion with a giant head in a watercooler.

"So you want me to stay with the team and help them? You trust me not to betray the team?"


Jason came into the room preceded by Tommy and Trini. Before Jason could speak, Alpha spoke up. "Zordon, we have a message from Ninjor!"


Billy turned to Kim. "Who's Ninjor?"

"No idea."

"Zordon, it is I! Ninjor! I have a message for you from Dulcea. She wishes to ask for your permission to enter the Command Center." The Ranger's were intrigued by the blue ninja-looking armor that Ninjor wore. They were also slightly amused by the Dudley Do-right voice that Ninjor had.


"I am sending her over now, Zordon."

In a flash of green, a tall robed figure with a staff appeared in the Command Center. It was only as she removed the hood on her robe that the male Rangers realized how beautiful she was. "Hello, Zordon, Power Rangers. I am Dulcea. We have much to discuss and much to do. We have less than a month to train the Rangers as Ninjetti before MasterVile and Lord Zedd arrive."

Dulcea looked over at the Rangers. Zack, Trini and Jason were the three she was never supposed to have met until much later in their lives. Tommy and Billy were in the wrong colors and Kim was the only one who had the color she was born for. "We have much to do. Zordon, they can't be trained here. I have to take them to Phaedos. If necessary, Ninjor will fight any monsters that attack."


"Thank you, Zordon for your trust. Rangers, we leave now." Dulcea told them.

Alpha-5 punched in the coordinates for Phaedos and in a flash of techni-colored light they left.

Phaedos, the Ninjetti Temple

When Jason looked around at the surrounding area he and the others had teleported to, he was reminded of pictures he had seen of the Parthenon in Greece. This however was more rundown. Yet at the same time it seemed to be more alive.

"Ranger's we do not have much time." Dulcea told them in her accented voice. "I must awaken in each of you the presence of your spirit animals. Then, you must seek the Great Power. Prepare yourselves. At nightfall we will begin."

Phaedos, the Ninjetti Temple

Dulcea looked over the six teens arrayed before her. The prophecy had prepared her for the moment where she would have to train the charges of Zordon. She was faced however with the problem that three were ones not destined to receive the Great Power, and two of them were not wearing the colors they were born for.

Zordon you changed more than you know.

She knew however, that if they were able to receive the Power they would when she opened them to their spirit animals. She judged the time to when the twin moons would be at their zenith, the moment when it would be time for the awakening. "Rangers, make yourselves comfortable until I call for you. Billy, Jason, Tommy I need to speak with the three of you. Follow me."

Leading them to a secluded clearing, Dulcea pointed at several stone benches. "Sit down."

After the three had made themselves comfortable, Dulcea gathered her thoughts. "Listen to me carefully. Tommy you were told that you were to be the one to get the Green Ranger Power, yes?"

"Zordon told me that, yeah."

"Eventually, you would have become the leader of the Power Rangers. Your experiences as the Green Ranger would have forged your soul unto that of the greatest warrior and leader of the Power Rangers of Terra."

"Tommy, was to become leader? What about me?" Jason asked.

"You would have eventually left the team to help pursue the goal of world peace for your planet. You would have returned to take up an Alien Power until it's owner could regain them. Then you would never wield a Power again. You would eventually become a great statesman for your people and lead them to an age of peace unrivaled in your races existence."

"And myself?" Billy wondered.

"Billy, you were destined to be the Blue Ranger, your intelligence and skill in making weaponry would make you an invaluable addition to the Power Rangers. You would have ultimately left the team to pursue a love on another planet. More than that I can not say."


"I will not tell you Billy. Do not ask me of this again. Regardless, much must be done with the three of you. All three of you can achieve the Power of the White Ninjetti, the position of leader. There are six colors to the Ninjetti. The leader White, the second in command Red, Pink, Blue, Yellow and Black."

"Do we get zords as well, Dulcea?" Jason asked.

"Yes, Jason you do. Your spirit animal determines your zord. If your animal is an owl, you would get an owl zord. That is all I have to say for now. Go back to the others, but do not tell them what I have told you about your destiny."

Billy went off muttering, "She didn't tell me anything about my destiny..."

Jason followed, pleased with the idea of his possible future life.

Tommy stayed and waited for the others to leave. "Dulcea, what wouldn't you tell Billy? Is it that bad?"

"Tommy, go back with the others, please. Billy's ultimate fate is the one thing that can not be changed. Please, go." She gently told him. "Go."

Tommy then left the clearing.

Tommy, if I told you what would happen to Billy you would try to take it upon yourself. You are that sort of person. But the fate in store for him is one that is his alone. It was at this moment that Dulcea felt all of her more then 8,000 years of age.

MasterVile's Flagship

MasterVile was reading the reports that Finster had sent to him. Hmm, after this is over I think I'll ask Finster to join my staff. He has an intelligence that is wasted serving my daughter. The Red Ranger and the Green Ranger fight over the same woman. Interesting. That is the weakness I will use to destroy them.

There was a knock at his cabin door. "Yes?"

"My apologies for disturbing you, sir. But the Captain reports that the wormhole is completed. He requests permission to proceed." MasterVile's majordomo reported.

"Tell him to go ahead. How much time will this cut off our journey?"

"We should be arriving at your daughter's base in 5 days, sir."

"Very good. Dismissed." With a bow the servant left.

Now Zordon, now I finish what was started.

Phaedos, the Ninjetti Temple

The time had arrived. The moons had reached their zenith and the moment was upon them. The six humans were in a line facing a fire, across from which was Dulcea.

Dulcea pulled a pouch from her side, poured a powder into her hand, cupped the powder in both hands, looked up and then told them, "Buried inside each of us is an animal waiting to be released. Close your eyes and clear your mind."

She then blew the powder into the fire.

The fire flared-up and then the Rangers felt something pass over them. When they opened their eyes they saw that they were clothed in some form of ninja-styled outfit. Zack was clad in his color, black. On his chest was a gold emblem with an otter on it. Kimberly was wearing pink and on her emblem was a bird, which looked like a heron or crane. Trini was wearing yellow and on her emblem was a leopard. Jason was wearing red and his emblem was that of the tiger. Tommy was wearing blue and his emblem was that of the falcon. Billy was wearing white. His emblem was that of the wolf.

Dulcea looked over the Rangers. "The spirits have chosen. The decision is made. You are Ninjetti. With the Great Power anything is possible." She then walked over to stand in front of Zack.

"Zack, you are the otter. Playful, mischievous, loyal to your friends." She then stood before Kim.

"Agile Kimberly, light as a feather. You are the crane." She then stood before Trini.

"Trini, fierce, fast, protective of what you love. You are the leopard." Jason was next.

"Jason strong, unstoppable. You are the tiger." Then Tommy.

"Tommy, you are the falcon. Winged warrior of the sky." Then Billy.

"Billy, cunning and swift. You are the wolf." And may your gods have mercy on your soul.

"Although you have obtained the Ninjetti spirits, you must still quest to obtain the Great Power. At daybreak, you must journey to the Monolith. On the journey and at the Monolith you will be tested. This will determine your worthiness."

Kim stepped forward. "Dulcea, you aren't coming with us?"

"I cannot. It is your quest. If I journey with you, then nothing you obtain will truly be yours. I will journey to Earth to help Ninjor in the defense of the planet, if it is required. For now, rest." She then walked out of the fire's aura.

"Dulcea, wait." Billy called out.

"Yes, Billy?"

"Thank you."

Dulcea smiled at Billy then disappeared into the darkness.

Jason walked up to Billy. "You got chosen to be leader?"

"So it appears. I will require yours and Tommy's assistance in this endeavor. Jason we are fighting for the life of Earth. Anything else can wait until afterwards."

"You mean that?"

"Yes, Jason I do. We can kill each other over Trini at our leisure. But remember this, it all comes down to Trini. She chose me. Jason, I'm sure there is someone out there that's right for you. Just find her."

"Billy, I'll back your plays as leader, I'll watch your back in a fight and I'll even take your orders. But don't tell me about Trini." Jason then walked off.

Tommy came over to Billy. "I heard all that. Jason keeps his word so you don't have to worry about him, at least for now."

"And what of you, Tommy? I have the position you are supposed to have. How do you feel about that?"

Tommy thought for a moment. "Relieved. If the responsibility had been given to me I would have taken it, but I'm very glad I do not have to deal with it. Besides, the majority of my time would probably have been spent keeping you and Jason from killing each other."

"You're probably right. Go talk to Kim, Tommy."

"Will do, oh fearless leader."

"Cut that out."

Billy walked over to where Trini was talking with Zack. "Trini, you got a minute?"

"Sure, Billy. Excuse me, Zack."

"No big thing. Have fun." Zack then walked over to where Jason was.

"Trini, can we go out of the view of the others when we talk?"

"Alright, Billy."

They walked for about a hundred yards until they came to an open area. "This should be ok."

"What do you want to talk about, Billy?"

"Us. Do we have a future, Trini?"

"Yes, Billy we do. I told you before, I love you. Not Jason. I know you're scared Billy. Everyone you loved left you. But I will not leave you. That is a promise that I will always keep." Trini then did the one thing she had wanted to do for a long time, she kissed Billy.

Billy kissed her back. And Trini decided to get serious.

The warrior in green watched. She left them to what they were doing.The future has taken root in the present. Zordon will never expect this.

The Command Center

There was a flash of green and Dulcea appeared. "Zordon, Alpha-5, Ninjor. Greetings."


"Yes, they did. Billy, is the white Ninjetti. Jason is the red. Tommy is still the blue and the rest are the same."

"Billy is the leader? How did Jason react to that?" Alpha asked.

"He took it better than you might think. Zordon, there will be a major conflict between the two after this is over. You have been warned. Nip it in the bud before someone gets killed."


"Then that will be good enough. Ninjor?"

"Yes, Dulcea?"

"How is the situation with Rita's forces?"

"They are still on the moon. None have made any forays to the Earth while the Rangers have been gone. They appear to be waiting."

"Very well. I will be meditating in the antechamber. Summon me when I am needed." Then Dulcea left the room.

Phaedos, The Ninjetti Temple, Morning

William James Cranston looked over the people that he would be responsible for. Jason Lee Scott, his second in command, and the man who wanted the woman he loved. Tommy Oliver, who's spot as leader Billy now had, who didn't seem to care about that. Kimberly Ann Hart, one of his oldest friends, he had missed her. Zachary Taylor, who Billy had missed as well, his lightheartedness was going to be an asset to what was to come. Trini Kwan, the woman Billy loved, and whom Jason wanted as well. This is going to be a very strange little adventure.

"It's time. Jason, you got the back. I'll take point. Then I want Tommy, Trini, Kim and then Zack."

Trini and Kim looked at Billy. "Billy, why do you have us in the middle?" Trini asked.

"You don't think girls can fight, is that it?" Kim said.

"No, that's not it. I want the two of you in a position to help where it's needed. And the quickest way to get there is if you two are in the middle. You two are my quick reaction force. Now do you understand, Kim?"

"Really? That's different then." Kim said, pleased at the praise.

Tommy leaned close to Billy so the others couldn't hear. "That was smooth. Put them in the middle to keep them safe, while at the same time make it seems like an important position. Smooth." Tommy whispered to him.

"Thanks." Billy whispered back. Then in a louder voice, "Let's go."

They then started towards the Monolith.


The jungle was hot. The desert had been worse but the humidity in the jungle made it seem almost unbearable. Although the Rangers were getting soaked through with sweat, their uniforms never showed it.

Jason was nervous. He knew they were being watched. By what he did not know. But he knew it was there. From the way the others were acting he could tell they felt it too.

Billy stopped walking. He looked around the surrounding jungle. Then he looked up. "Incoming!"

The others looked to see what he was reacting to. Twelve large humanoid looking birds flying towards them. "Scatter!" Billy told them.

After they had done so, Billy yelled out, "Pair up! Tommy you're with Trini! Kim with me! Zack with Jason! Be careful, we don't know what they can do."

As they split off into teams the large avian humanoids also split-up to follow. Four of them followed each pair of Rangers. The avians landed in front of each group of Rangers and then attacked.

Ducking the attack of the first bird, then blocking the attack of the second, Trini locked the arm of the avian and used it as a lever to throw it into a third. Tommy roundhoused the fourth bird and blocked the attack of the first one, then he returned a punch into it's face.

Zack and Jason didn't give the birds a chance to attack first. The second after they had landed the birds found themselves under attack. Jason had run between two of them and used a double kick to hit them. Zack got between the two and then danced out of the way of the kick both had sent towards him, which caused the birds to hit each other.

Billy ran forward and jumped into the air, turning sideways to catch two across the chest. Rolling off them, he kicked one of the other's in the back towards Kim, who jumped and reversed kicked it in the sternum. He then blocked the punch of the fourth and locking it's arm sent it to Kim. Kim waited until the last second and then used a ridge hand to catch it in the throat. Which dropped it.

None of the birds were moving. They all looked at each other. "That's it?" Jason asked.

"Well we are morphed." Tommy told him.

"That must be it."

Billy looked at everyone. "Good job. Let's go."

MasterVile's Flagship

"My Lord, word has come from the Tenga hit team sent against the Terrans."


"They did as you asked, my Lord."

"They have evaluated the fighting skills of the Terrans? Be sure to take their intelligence into consideration when we make our battle plan. Zedd?"

"Yes, MasterVile?"

"I want a complete workup of the optimal position for the flagship. I do not want to be on the Terran satellite. Something about it, disturbs me. I want the best placement for a geo-synchronous orbit over Zordon's Command Center."

"It shall be done."


So far, except for the distraction of the humanoid birds, the journey had been fairly uneventful. The team had made good time through the jungle. They then came upon a clearing in the jungle. In the clearing was a large rock stretching as far as they could see. Besides the rock was a waterfall which drained into a pool. There was a design set into the rock.

The design showed five figures. It was hard to determine what they were, the weather had eroded many of the features of the design. They all looked around the area.

Tommy walked over to the design, then looked at Billy. "Is this it?"

"Must be. It feels right. Tommy, don't touch it!"

"What? Nothing's happening. Relax." Tommy then started to walk back to the others. As soon as he turned his back the one he had touched started to fill out. It turned into an eight-foot tall featureless statue made of rock, with some scribbles on its forehead. Then it stepped away from the rockface.

Tommy turned as he heard the movement behind him. His jaw dropped as he saw the statue attack him with an edged staff. The statue quickly spun the staff and cut at Tommy's midsection. Tommy jumped back from the attacks. Then leaped over to where the other's were.

Tommy looked over at Billy. "That was close!"

"Look at your tunic."

When Tommy looked down he saw the slashes in the tunic. Four more statues came out of the stone. They flanked the first figure. They first one was armed with the edged staff which had nearly caught Tommy. The second was armed with an enormous sword, which was at least six and a half feet long. The third was armed with paired clubs. The fourth had a three-piece-rod. The fifth had a twelve foot long chain.

Billy ran through his options. "Tommy, the one with the staff is yours. Zack the one with the sticks. Trini, Kim the one with the three-piece-rod. Jason you get the one with the sword. I'll take the one with the chain. After you take out your opponent, help someone else. Go."

The figures spread out around the clearing. They seemed content in letting the Ranger's come to them. When the Ranger's were facing their opponents, with no apparent signal the statues all attacked at once.

Tommy ducked the first swing, leaped the second and got close enough to the statue to kick it in the side. It didn't move. Tommy retracted his leg before it could be removed by the staff. He saw the writing on the head of the statue. What does mean?

Jason was having difficulties of his own. He could avoid the attacks of the statue easily. He just couldn't get close enough to hit it, let alone hurt it. Jason moved within the radius of the sword and tried to use a simple disarm on it. Stone, he discovered, isn't as easily breakable as flesh and bone. He barely moved out of the way before it could crush him to it's body.

Zack was enjoying himself. He was faster than the stone statue and had managed to hit four times on various parts of its body. Only the durability of his being morphed prevented his hands from breaking. It still hurt though. He had also seen the writing on the statue's forehead. "Yo, Bill-man! What does EMET mean?"

"Emmit? Spell the word!" Billy told him while leaping the chain. He stepped forward and grabbed the slack of the chain. Then he moved in and tried to wrap the chain he had around the legs of the statue. The statue braced its legs and the chain wrapped once, then fell to the ground. The statue then ripped the chain out of Billy's hands.

"E! M! E! T! That's what it says, bro!"

EMET? That's the Hebrew word for life. Why does that sound so familiar? Billy thought to himself.

Trini looked over at Kim. Both had been playing with their opponent. The two of them being much too quick for it to catch. "Kim, when I get you in position, I want you to wipe the words off it's head. That'll stop it."

"Are you sure?"

"Trust me. OK, now!" Trini used her arms as a vault for Kim to land on the statues shoulders. She then wrapped her legs around it's neck and used her sleeve to wipe at the words written on it's forehead.

The statue stiffened and then collapsed face-forward. Kim jumped off before it hit the ground. She looked over at Trini. "How did you know?"

"I'll tell you later. Help Tommy. I'll help Zack." The two then split up.

Zack was getting worried. He was slowly becoming tired. The statue obviously wasn't. He was relieved when Trini jumped on the statues back and wiped her sleeve across its forehead. Which made this one collapse as well. Trini looked at Zack. "Help Jason. Do what I did." She then ran towards the statue Billy was fighting.

Tommy was developing a pattern in his fighting with the statue. He knew he couldn't do that, but he found there was no other way of handling it. He knew it would eventually read his pattern and then it would have him. He saw Kim tumbling towards him and decided to try and give her a free shot at it.

Kim saw the opening Tommy was trying to give her. Ten feet from the statue she leaped into the air and flew past it's face. She brought the left side of her body against its forehead as she soared by it. Thus wiping off the writing. The statue then fell.

Billy had finally figured out where he had heard of the word, EMET. Unfortunately, he couldn't get close enough to defeat the statue. The statue was spinning the chain so that no one could get close to it. It couldn't attack, on the other hand it couldn't be attacked.

Billy looked over to Tommy. "Bring that staff over here."

Jason was slowly gaining the advantage over his opponent. Even an eight foot tall stone statue has to respect the laws of inertia. And a six and a half foot long sword is not light. Jason easily evaded the attacks of the statue and while it was recovering it's swing, Jason would kick it on the knee or elbow. He knew that the first few attacks wouldn't hurt it. It would be the ones afterwards that would break it down.

The whole fight became academic as Zack slipped behind the statue and then jumped on its back. The statue fell backwards before Zack could wipe the word off its forehead. Zack slipped away from it a split-second before it hit the ground. Before it could rise, Kim came forward and wiped it's forehead.

She looked at Zack. "Zack, quit lying down on the job."

Tommy brought the staff over to where Billy was standing just outside the range of the chain as it whirred by his face. "Now what, Billy?"

"I stop the chain. You wipe off its forehead. Be quick about it. Now."

Billy timed the speed of the chain in its arc and had planted the staff in front of where the chain would go. This caught it and the chain wrapped around the staff several times. Billy immediately pulled it taut.

Tommy ran forward. He saw Trini out of the corner of his eye. They both reached the statue at the same time. The statue dropped the chain but wasn't in time to stop them from removing the words of power from his forehead. The statue fell.

The Ranger's heard a grinding noise coming from where the stonework had been. The design was moving upwards. They all moved until they were standing side by side. They saw a bright golden light from the inside of the opening.

Then six rays of light shot out from the rock. They could all see their spirit animals in the light. Then the light enveloped each of them. When the light faded, they were in their Power Ranger uniforms with their spirit animal on a gold coin in the center of their chest. Except for Billy.

He was wearing a white version of the uniform, with green highlights. The helmet was a stylized wolf's head. At his side was a saber.

Tommy looked at Billy. "What was the thing with the forehead on the statues?"

"There's an old story about a golem. It had the words for life inscribed on its forehead. You wiped the words off, it died. I'll tell you the rest later." Billy promised.

Billy looked at the team. "Let's go home."

They teleported out in a technicolor stream of light.

MasterVile's Flagship

"Send a message to Rita. Tell her to send at least five monsters down and have them cause property damage. I want Ninjor to be taken out of action."

"As you command, MasterVile."

Earth, The Command Center

Alpha-5 checked his sensors. "Ai-yi-yi! Zordon, Rita has sent down ten monsters to Angel Grove. They are all in different parts of the city!"

"Alpha, let me know where the nearest one is. I, Ninjor will handle this." He

then teleported out.

Zordon looked over to Alpha. "INFORM DULCEA OF THIS, ALPHA."

"Right, Zordon." Alpha-5 then scurried away to where Dulcea was.

Angel Grove Business District

Ninjor arrived at the battle in his own distinctive manner. He rode a cloud. He knew it wasn't as quick as teleportation, but it was more impressive.

He looked over at his opponents. He recognized some of them as creatures that Finster had made before. Saliguana, the Fighting Flea, GrumbleBee and Pudgy Pig. There were two other's. The first resembled a giant rat and the second was an ambulatory boombox. There were also twelve putties with them.

"Ah-hah! A challenge! Prepare to face the might of Ninjor!" He then unsheathed his blade.

The putties went in first.

The Command Center

Dulcea walked into the main room of the Command Center. "Yes, Zordon?"


"Alpha, teleport me to where he is."

Angel Grove Business District

Ninjor was losing. The putties had distracted him enough to allow the monsters to get several attacks in. Now he was just fighting the monsters.

They had him on the run. He was using every trick that he had but the odds were just not in his favor. Then they caught him.

Ninjor was bleeding heavily from a wound in his side. He could barely lift

his sword. Ninjor looked at his opponents. Then he grew to his giant size.

Before the monsters could themselves grow, he stepped on them. He then shrunk down. Dulcea teleported beside him.

"Come with me to the Command Center. We will dress your wounds."

The two teleported out.

The Command Center

Dulcea watched Alpha-5 come into the main part of the Command Center. "Alpha, how is Ninjor?"

"He needs to rest and recharge at his temple in the desert. He was to badly damaged to go into battle again. If he does not recharge he'll be dead within a day." Alpha reported.


"Zordon, I will do what I can. You must realize that since I can not access a zord my options in fighting a monster a limited."


"Very well then. Zordon, I will have to return soon to the Ninjetti Temple to reaffirm my link to the Great Power. If it is not done, then you know what will occur."


Alpha looked up from his sensor array. "Dulcea, Rita has sent the Dark Warrior to Angel Grove Park. He is challenging you."

"He is? All right. Send me there."

Alpha then sent her to the Park.

Angel Grove Park

The Dark Warrior was standing in a clearing. He was the only one there. He was armed with his Kusari-gama.

When Dulcea appeared he allowed her a moment to view the area. He then bowed. After she returned the bow, he attacked.

Dulcea avoided the first attack of the chain, blocked the hook and used it to pull him towards her. When he got close enough she brought a kick straight up under his chin. The Dark Warrior flew back ten feet and landed on his back.

He rose slowly to his feet and then spread the chain out again. He started spinning it. Dulcea stood there waiting for him to move. The Dark Warrior sent the chain towards her staff, entangling it.

When Dulcea instinctively pulled back on her staff, she tightened the chain around it. The Dark Warrior then gave a sharp tug and ripped the staff from Dulcea's hands. He dropped the staff behind him and untangled the chain.

Once again moving forward and spinning the chain, the Dark Warrior went on the offensive. Dulcea moved in to remove the advantage the chain gave the Dark Warrior. When he sent the chain at her she leaped over it. Stretching out a leg she kicked him in the head. When she landed, he sent the hook towards her face.

Crossing her arms she blocked the hook, then grabbed the head and bent it towards the Dark Warrior. She sent the blade just under his sternum and then pulled up. He was held two feet off the ground.

After he had finished dying she dropped him to the earth. "There is a reason I was chosen as Guardian of the Ninjetti Temple."

Dulcea then retrieved her staff and teleported to the Command Center.

Rita's Palace

"That... That... That WITCH!! FINSTER!!!" Rita screeched out.

"Yes, my Queen?"

"I thought you said that the Dark Warrior was unstoppable."

"Anyone can be defeated, my Queen. There is a reason Dulcea was chosen as the Guardian of the Ninjetti Temple."

Rita knocked Finster across the room. "I DON'T CARE!!!! BUILD ME A MONSTER TO KILL HER! NOW!!"

"Yes, my Queen." Finster got up and bowed to her, then left.

The Command Center

Dulcea went to the side room to rest after her battle. As Zordon and Alpha were discussing how to give Dulcea access to a zord, six beams of light entered the Command Center.

Zordon looked at the Rangers. They were all the same except for Billy. His uniform was white with green highlights. "RANGER'S, WELCOME BACK."

"It's good to be back, Zordon." Jason told him.


Billy looked over at his team. "Good work on Phaedos. Now you all need to go home and rest. One more thing. I need one of those communicator's as well."

"We can go to my house and get you one, Billy." Trini told him.

"OK. It's a Saturday tomorrow? We need to meet in the Juice Bar and go over a strategy for when MasterVile gets here. For now, go home."

After saying good-bye the team left the Command Center. Billy went with Trini to her house. Her parent's weren't home. They had gone to visit family and wouldn't be back for another week.

After showing Billy her workshop, which she admitted wasn't as good as the one Billy had, she gave him a communicator. "Billy, do you want to spend the night here? I know you want to see your Dad but he was called out of town by his company."

"Well I need to go home to pick up some clothes."

"Billy, none of your old clothes are going to fit. You grew about four inches and added at least twenty pounds of muscle."

"Guess, I'll have to have these cleaned then. Can I use your shower?"

"Sure Billy. I'll leave some of my father's sweats outside the door for you."

"Thank you, Trini."

Billy was halfway through his shower when Trini stepped in. "Trini!"

"Billy, it's our responsibility to save natural resources. And one of the ways to conserve water is to share a shower. Now, if you would wash my back?"

"Our civic duty to share a shower? Well, if it's for a good cause..."

"That's not my back, Billy."

"Do you want me to stop?"

"Oooh.... Stop and you die."

Rita's Palace

Scorpina walked into the throne room. "Rita, a message from MasterVile. `No more attacks until I arrive. Good work on incapacitating Ninjor.' That is all he says Rita."

"Tell Finster to finish the monster he is working on but not to send it to Earth. We wait for my father's arrival."

"He should be here in three days, Rita."

"Have Finster make more putties then. Leave me. I must think."

Scorpina bowed, then left.

Angel Grove Police Department, Next Day

"Lt. Stone, I'm not sure were I was for the time I was gone. However, I'm here now and I'd like you to inform my father."

"Of course, Billy. Let me be the first to welcome you back to Angel Grove."

"Thank you, Lt. Stone. Can I leave now?"

"Of course. You can still be reached at your home?"

"Unless I'm with my friends."

"All right then. You can go."

Billy left the police station and met Trini who was outside.

"They believed you?"

"Yes, they did. Why shouldn't they? I'm a model student."

"But you were gone for almost a month."

"I know. Seeing as how this was the first time I had ever done anything like this, they were inclined to be lenient."

"Well let's get you to the clothing store. We need to figure out what size you wear now. Besides, I want to see you in white."

Angel Grove Youth Center

Trini and Billy walked into the Juice Bar and were met by Ernie. Before Billy could say anything, Ernie had grabbed him in bear hug. After finally being released, Billy looked at Ernie.

"Nice to see you to. I'd ask if you missed me, but it's obvious you did."

"A free round of smoothies for the returned. Spinach right?"

"Yes. Trini what about you?"

"A mango smoothie, please."

"Coming up."

Trini and Billy sat at the table that she and the other's usually sat at. The other Ranger's were to arrive in a few minutes. Billy turned as he felt someone come up behind him. It was Bulk and Skull. They had two men dressed in black ninja outfit's with them.

"Hey geekoid! Heard you were back. Let's see you try the martial art stuff now!" Bulk said.

"Yeah! Now!" Skull repeated.

"Bulk, Skull I really do not want to do this. I have no quarrel with you or your friends."

"To bad, Billy. We have a quarrel with you. No one makes us look bad." Bulk told him.

"Bulk, Nature made you look bad. I just held up a mirror. Now please, leave me alone."

While Bulk was trying to incite Billy, Skull was playing with Trini's hair. She kept knocking his hand away but he kept putting it back. "Skull, stop it! Leave me alone."

"Bulk tell him to back off." Billy commanded.

"Make me, geek."

Billy got up and turned to Skull. "Skull, if you do not leave Trini alone, I will emasculate you."

Skull looked back at Billy. He saw the things that Bulk hadn't picked up on yet. Billy was both taller and more muscular. Also his eyes had changed, they looked =like the eyes of a wolf. Skull was not stupid. He had learned the last time he faced Billy that the once easy victim had changed. Skull walked away from the table.

"Bulk, we better leave them alone." Skull whispered to him.

"Skull, quit whimping out." He then turned to the two dressed as ninja. "You two, time to earn your pay. Billy, my two friends here would like to spar with you. Unless you are afraid of them?"

"Bulk, I have nothing to prove to you or anyone else. Jason or Tommy may be susceptible to remarks concerning their manhood but I'm not that easy. Now leave me alone or I'll have Ernie throw you out."

Bulk stepped back from the table. "Ok boys, give him an incentive to fight."

The two ninja looked at each other then they each grabbed a smoothie and poured them on Trini.

Trini put a hand on Billy's arm. "Don't. It's what they want."

"Eventually, they will push me to fight them. And I'd rather do this before I get angry." Billy then looked at the two ninja. "So is this going to be one or both of you?"

Both ninja stepped on the mat set aside for martial art's practice.

Billy looked at Bulk. "Where'd you find these guys? In an invisible box?"

Billy then stepped onto the mat facing the ninja. "You gentlemen can apologize and leave now. No one has to get hurt."

They moved towards Billy and then attacked. Billy blocked the attack of the one on the right and avoided the other's punch. Grabbing the arm of the one he had blocked, Billy locked his arm and brought that ninja forward. Billy then brought his knee into that ninja's stomach.

Billy then swung the stunned ninja into the kick his friend threw at Billy. Dropping the ninja in his arms, Billy crescent kicked the remaining ninja. That one managed to block the kick but was knocked back from the force of it.

He returned the kick, which was blocked. Blocked a punch and missed the shin kick that hit the side of his body. The ninja felt two ribs go. He tried to throw Billy off him but Billy used the momentum to hip toss the ninja to the floor. The ninja didn't try to get back up.

When Billy saw that neither of the ninjas were moving, he walked over to Bulk. "If you ever bother me or my friends again, you will not enjoy the consequences. That is not a threat. It's a certainty."

Bulk looked at Billy. He nodded his head and helped the ninja leave the Youth Center.

Trini came up beside Billy. "You all right, Billy?"

"I really didn't want to do that."

"Then why did you?"

Billy reached out and touched Trini's hair. He then showed her the beverage that was still on it. "That is why. I will no longer sit idly by while people are bullied, Trini. It happened to many times to me."

Trini went to the women's locker room to get cleaned up. Billy had Ernie make some new smoothies and the other's arrived.

Jason looked at Billy. "Where's Trini?"

"The locker room. Bulk brought two ninja to fight me. They dumped our drinks on Trini's head to get me to fight."

"And then you?" Tommy asked.

"I fought them. And then explained to Bulk to never bother me or my friends ever again."

Trini joined them at the table.

"All right. Zordon said we have about two and a half more weeks until MasterVile shows up. We'll need to train and get more accustomed to the new zords and powers we possess as Ninjetti. After school and any other activities you may do, we train for at least an hour. Sparring and gymnastics mainly. Also it would be best if we all familiarized ourselves with the Command Center and it's equipment.. I know I have to."

Jason looked over at Billy. "For now the two of us sparring would be a bad idea. How about we let Tommy spar with each of us. Then he can figure where we are at."

"Sounds good. Which of you is better with a sword? I got this sword and I need to learn how to use it."

Tommy looked at Billy. "I'll teach you. Jason and I can never figure who's better with weapons."

"Let's start now then." Billy went to the mats and waited for Tommy to bring over two practice swords. Tommy then started teaching Billy swordsmanship.

MasterVile's Flagship, Geo-synchronous orbit over Angel Grove, 2 days later

MasterVile looked at the planet below. "Activate the teleport block around Angel Grove. Set the shield to only allow those with the correct code to get into or out of the city. Tell Rita to bring her retinue with her to my ship. Prepare the tenga warriors. And someone get me a double mocha."

The Command Center

Billy was familiarizing himself with the way the teleportation system in the Command Center worked. He had left earlier in the morning so that he could spend more time with Trini in the afternoon. He was getting ready to leave when the alarm went off.

"Ai-yi-yi! Zordon, MasterVile has used a wormhole to arrive early. He's in orbit over Angel Grove. He has also set a teleport block over the city. All the other Ranger's are in the effected area."


As Alpha started on that, Billy was checking the readings on the force field surrounding the city. Dulcea walked into the main area of the Command Center.

"Is there an emergency?" Dulcea asked.

"Apparently MasterVile used a wormhole to shorten his journey. He's in orbit over Angel Grove as we speak. He has put a teleport block over the city. We aren't effected by it." Billy explained.

Alpha looked up from his console. "Zordon, MasterVile has message for you. Do you want to hear it?"

"BILLY, HIDE UNDER THE CONSOLE." After Billy had hidden himself. Zordon turned to Billy.


"Hello, Zordon. I'll be brief. You know I have a Phased-Neutron Device. You have thirty minutes to surrender or I will launch it your the city you protect. Which should take care of you as well. It won't kill you, but it will make things exceedingly difficult for you to help others. Thirty minutes starting now. Bu-bye!" The transmission ended.

Billy got out from under the console. "What is a Phased-Neutron device?"


"What does it look like?"


"I need to get up to MasterVile's ship and disable the weapon. Alpha what tools can you loan me?"

"Take my tool kit, Billy. I have a scanner that will help you to find the Device."

"Thank you, Alpha." Billy took the kit.

Dulcea looked at Billy. "Morph here. You will not get the opportunity when you are onboard MasterVile's ship."

"You're probably right." Billy reached for his morpher.


"Good luck, Billy." Dulcea said.


Billy looked at them. "If I don't make it back, make sure Trini knows I love her."

He then teleported out.

MasterVile's Flagship

MasterVile turned to his servant. "Tell the tenga's to go to Angel Grove and cause destruction. Make sure they keep the Ranger's busy."

Lord Zedd stepped forward. "Why do that? You hold an advantageous position as it is. Why aggravate them?"

"Never underestimate an opponent. Especially one that seems beaten." MasterVile told him.

One of the servants rushed into the room. "MasterVile, we have an intruder on board!"

"Tell the Captain to triple the guard on the bridge, engine room and the holding bay with the Device. Move!"

"Yes, my lord!"

MasterVile looked at his assembled guest's. "We need to go to the holding bay. Shall we?"


Billy was having a difficult time with the guards. They weren't trying to fight him, they were trying to slow him down. At this point, speed was of the essence.

*Turn into wolf, my cub.*

Billy looked around for the voice. "Where are you?"

*I am with you. Turn into wolf. You do not have much time.*


*This once I will help.*

Billy found his perceptions changing. He found himself lower to the ground. He also found himself running down hallways faster than ever.

Billy made it to the holding bay that seemed right. The door opened before him. Inside were ten of the guards. He found himself shifting back into his human shape.

Before the guards could react, Billy drew his sword and attacked them. Within moments he was beside the Device. He found a small console that appeared to control the Device before him.

Billy heard the door to the holding bay open. He saw Rita, Scorpina, a man with no skin wearing metal and a wide figure with cloak. They had at least thirty of the guard's with them.

"Young man, step away from that control panel." The cloaked figure told him.

"I can't do that."

"You won't leave this room alive, boy! You can't fight us all. No one could." Rita said.

"True. I wonder what happens when I push the button that says `Detonate'?"


"I love you, Trini.."

Before the assembled emissaries of evil could scream, there was a flash of light. Then nothingness.


The tenga's the Ranger's were fighting all stopped then they flew away. As the Ranger's looked at each other wondering what had happened, they saw a bright flash in the sky. Then Jason's communicator went off.


"On our way, Zordon."

When they arrived they saw Dulcea, Alpha and Zordon. Trini was the first to speak. "Where's Billy?"

"Trini, he was on board MasterVile's ship when it exploded." Dulcea gently told her.

Jason was barely able to catch Trini when she fainted.


Cestria of Aquitar looked up from her cousin's table. "Cestro, did you feel that as well?"

"Yes. Something has happened."


Adam Park was with his two best friends, Rocky DeSantos and Aiesha Campbell. They all had seen the fireball in the sky. For some reason, it saddened them when they saw it.


Katherine Hillard had woken up from her sleep. She had yelled out, "Billy no!"

She has never met anyone named Billy in her life.


Tanya Sloan felt something inside her die. It might have been her feeling of destiny.

Three months later

The doctor looked at the young woman. "The test's were positive. You're pregnant, miss. The pregnancy is three months along. You might want to tell the father."

Trini looked at the physician. "That isn't an option, Dr. Bell."


Jason Scott was waiting for Trini to come out of the clinic. "Trini, are you?"

"Pregnant? Yes, Jason I am."

"Trini, I know you don't love me, but will you marry me?"

"Yes, Jason. I'll marry you."

"I will raise Billy's child as if it was my own. I owe him that much."

"He'd like that, Jason. I'm sure he would."


Angel Grove Park, two months later

Jason Lee Scott was nervous. So far the wedding that was being held today lacked a very essential part. The bride.

Kimberly Ann Hart had promised Jason she would find her. And had dragged Tommy along to help. It had been an hour since they had left and still nothing.

Zachary Taylor was trying to keep Jason's hopes up. As were their three new friends, Rocky DeSantos, Aiesha Campbell and Adam Park. They had met the three recent transfers from Stone Canyon and had felt an instant kinship with them.

Trini had been very unhappy with having to marry Jason. She still loved and missed Billy. She also refused to believe he was dead. Jason and the others had given up trying to convince Trini otherwise.

Trini was just beginning to show that she was pregnant. Her parents had been very angry with Jason, until Trini had explained that the child was Billy's. They were still angry but were learning to accept it.

Jason saw Kim walking towards him. She didn't look happy. She motioned him to the side.

"What is it, Kim? Did you find Trini?"

"Come with me, Jason. She wants to speak with you herself."

Kim led Jason to a secluded area of the park. Trini was sitting at a bench. She wasn't wearing her dress.

Jason sat down beside her. "You aren't going to marry me, are you?"

"I am sorry, Jason. I thought it could work, but I don't love you and I refuse to live a lie."

"I see. Don't worry about telling anyone. I'll take care of it." Jason then stood to go.

Trini touched his arm. "Jason, if I hadn't met Billy... I could have loved you."

"Thanks, I guess. Now if you'll excuse me? I have to tell my guests that the wedding is off." Jason never looked back.


Time passes. Zordon has the Power Rangers on a stand-by status. Since the death of MasterVile, Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd the Earth has no present need for its protectors. Then the Machine Empire arrives.

Zordon decides to use the Zeo crystal to power his newest team of Rangers. The Red Ranger is Rocky DeSantos. The Blue Ranger is Tommy Oliver. The Green

Ranger is Adam Park. The Yellow Ranger is Tanya Sloan, a recent exchange student from Kenya. The Pink Ranger is Kat Hillard, another exchange student, but from Australia.

The Rangers fight well and with the help of Trey of Triforia, hand the Machine Empire its first defeat. Their victory is short lived, when Divatox arrives on Earth to capture Lerigot. She takes two former Rangers as hostage, Kim Hart and Jason Scott.

Divatox's scheme is defeated. She stays near Angel Grove to exact revenge on Zordon and the Ranger's. A way is found to send Zordon home to Eltar. Replacing him as mentor is Demetria of Inquitar.

Demetria decides that the current Ranger team has earned the opportunity to move on. So she recruits five new Rangers. T.J., Carlos, Justin, Ashley and Cassie. Justin was the youngest at twelve years of age. He was a student of Tommy's and had learned of his being a Power Ranger. Tommy told him many stories of what he had seen as a Ranger.

The Power Chamber, almost four years after the aborted wedding

The assembled team of Turbo Rangers looked over to their mentor, Demetria. They had only been Rangers for two weeks and were still learning the ropes. They so far had been performing admirably.

"So Demetria, have you been able to determine who the Phantom Ranger is?" T.J. asked.

"No, T.J. I have not. It is apparent that he possesses great skill. Since I was told by Cassie that the Phantom Ranger is male, I checked all the former male Rangers. Jason Scott is accounted for. As are Tommy Oliver, Rocky DeSantos, Zachary Taylor and Adam Park. None of them are the Phantom Ranger."

Justin spoke up. "Demetria, what of the guy that Tommy always talked about? Billy Cranston?"

"William Cranston, the White Wolf Ninjetti is dead, Justin. He gave his life in destroying MasterVile, Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd and their minions. No one could survive being at the epicenter of an exploding Phased-Neutron Device. No one."

"So that definitely leaves him out. Besides, the Phantom Ranger arrived here by spaceship. And the Phantom Ranger's color is black." Carlos said.

"This still doesn't help tell us who he is. Maybe I should try and talk to him again?" Cassie told the others.

T.J., Carlos and Ashley all rolled their eyes. They knew the real reason Cassie wanted to meet with the Phantom Ranger. And it wasn't to speak with him. Maybe afterwards, she'd want to talk.

"That would be a good idea, Cassie. Perhaps you should try again." Demetria told her.

"Yo, Rangers. The Phantom Ranger is in the park. Or at least I think he is, all these pirhanatrons are falling down."

"Let's go then! Shift into Turbo!" T.J. commanded.

Angel Grove Park

Elgar was having a fit. The Phantom Ranger was making a fool of him and his pirhanatrons. When he saw the Turbo Rangers teleport in, he knew it was time to go. So he left.

Cassie was the first to come up beside the Phantom Ranger, who had appeared visible when the pirhanatrons were gone. "Can you please tell us who you are? We can help you."

Cassie looked around, then took off her helmet. Shaking her hair free, she looked into his faceplate. "Please, let us help you."

The Phantom Ranger looked at Cassie. The others felt great sadness coming from the Phantom Ranger. He reached out and gently touched the side of her face. "You're not her. You sounded like her at first. You almost look like her. But you are not her."

The Phantom Ranger then faded away.

"Wait! Who's her? Do you mean Kat?"

The answer was almost a whisper on the wind. "No...."

The Turbo Ranger's looked at each other. Then they went back to the Power Chamber.

The home of Trini Kwan

Kim Hart was babysitting Billy. He was playing with the dog that Trini had gotten him. For a three-year-old, Billy was smart. Just like his father. I don't know how I'd handle it if I couldn't be with Tommy.

Billy's father had allowed Trini to give her son his father's name. He knew of his son's feelings for Trini and knew that Trini would never lie about who the child's father was. He had made sure that his grandson was acknowledged as such. He felt it was the least he could do.

Trini had been able to get a job and with the help of her parents and of her friends had managed to make a decent life for her and her son. Kim knew that Trini still missed Billy. Most of the former Rangers kept in touch with each other. It was difficult to contact Aiesha but she sent them a letter every couple of weeks.

Jason had finally gotten over Trini. A girl named Emily had helped in that regard. Rocky had went with Kat to London, he had received an offer from an old friend of his sensei to teach there while Kat was in Juilliard. And Adam had finally managed to tell Tanya how he felt, they were in college at Stanford. Zack was still a member of the Peace Conference in Geneva, Switzerland.

Tommy was racing and so was out of Angel Grove most of the time. Whenever he got back, Kim and him would be together. Except for her son, Trini was alone.

Kim prayed that Trini would find someone she could love as much as she had loved Billy.

The Power Chamber

"Demetria, he obviously knew some of the Ranger's. Could he be from Triforia, Aquitar or Edenoi?" Justin asked.

"Prince Dex and Trey of Triforia have been accounted for, Justin. As for the Phantom Ranger being from Aquitar, I tend to doubt it. The energy readings are not those of an Aquitaran. The sensors can not identify the energy."

"Well Tommy said that many of the computer files were lost when the Machine Empire blew up the Command Center. Maybe one of the former Rangers could identify the readings?" Justin told her.

"An excellent suggestion, Justin. Alpha check to see whom the closest former Rangers are. Then bring them here when the opportunity presents itself."


Divatox was just a little bit angry that her idiot nephew had failed once again. Unfortunately, she couldn't kill him. Elgar had this one gift. No matter how many times you killed him, he came back. Throw him in a volcano, he comes back. Toss him into the lake and he'd drown for a few minutes then he'd come back in and drip on the equipment. If his frequent dying didn't scramble his brain, he'd actually be dangerous.

In all her time as a pirate plundering the universe, Divatox had never heard of a Phantom Ranger. Except for what the Ninjetti were supposed to be able to do, she had never heard of anything even close to what this person could do. This worried her. Information is important in any enterprise. Especially to a pirate.

"Porto, Elgar, Rygog. Listen up. Until the Phantom Ranger leaves Angel Grove do nothing to provoke him. For now we wait. That is all. Now I am going to retire to my quarters. Don't bother me."


I remember little. My first memory since my awakening was pain. Since then it has been frustrating trying to regain my past. Voices, feelings and fleeting glimpses of faces are all I have left. The Eltarians that found me and healed me, told me that I would find my answers here. The one in pink seemed so familiar. She even had similar features to... Why can't I remember? Why?

I look at my body out of the armor. It is like the others I have seen on this planet. Not at all like I was when I was found. I was told that I nearly died. Then after the healing came the training. They brought in a woman who wore green to teach me to fight. Or as it turned out, to remember what I knew.

For nearly two years we trained and fought. Besides fighting, she taught me to heal and the tricks I use to remain unseen. Every seventh day she would have me fight her for real. She told me that when I won, my training would end. Then the day came that I defeated her.

I still do not know who was more shocked. She then congratulated me. And told me I had one thing to do before I could continue. When I asked what it was, she told me that I had to regain myself. And I could only do that on Earth. So I was given a vessel and I went.

I find myself drawn to help when the monsters come to this city. I also for some reason want to help what I have heard called the Turbo Rangers. But they seem wrong. Not at all like I expected. I do not know what to do. Should I accept their help? Dare I?

Angel Grove Park

Kim and Trini were having a quiet picnic in the park with Billy. The three-year-old seemed blessed with his father's intelligence and his mother's ability to relate to others. Animals seemed to love him. Especially cats and dogs. They wouldn't fight when he was near them.

Billy knew his mother was usually sad. She would cry sometimes after looking at a picture of the man she said was his father. When Aunt Kim was around it seemed that she wasn't as sad. Or maybe she hid it better.

Right now he was playing with his new dog friends in the park. His mother trusted him to be careful. Besides, the dogs always seemed to be protective of him. He noticed that the dogs were looking at something that was close by. But nothing was there.

He then saw something shimmer into existence by him. The dogs seemed happy to see this person in black. Billy felt like he should know this person. "Hello."

The figure looked down at Billy. "Hello. What is your name, boy?"

"Billy Cranston. What's your name?"

"I don't remember. Are you here alone, Billy?"

"No, my mommy is over there with Auntie Kim. Do you want to meet them?"

"Yes. I would like to meet your mother and her sister."

"Aunty Kim isn't mommy's sister. She's... you'd have to ask Auntie Kim. Come on." Billy took the Phantom Ranger's hand and led him to where his mother and his aunt were.

Kim was the first to notice Billy leading the figure in black over. The figure was wearing a variation of what looked like Ranger armor. All the dogs that flocked around Billy seemed to be happy. That, more than anything else, prevented Kim from panicking.

"Trini, Billy found something you should look at."

Trini looked up from her book. She saw Billy leading the Phantom Ranger over. Trini stood before they got to where she was. "Billy, who's your friend?"

"He doesn't know, mommy. Can you help him?"

"I'll see what I can do, Billy. Why don't you go and play with the dogs some more. Aunt Kim and I will talk to your new friend."

"OK, mommy." Billy then ran off with the dogs in tow.

Trini and Kim watched the figure in black sit down. Actually he fell down. He hadn't looked away from Trini since Billy had brought him over.

"Who are you?" Trini asked.

"I don't remember. I've seen you before... I've seen you both before..." The Phantom Ranger jumped to his feet and then ran from the area. Fading from view before their eyes.

Trini and Kim saw the new Ranger's teleport in. They had met them when they had been given the Turbo Powers. They walked over to each other.

T.J. was the first to step forward. "Kim, Trini we need your help. You just met the Phantom Ranger. We need you to analyze sensor readings we have on him to determine where he is from. Can you help?"

Trini looked at him. "Yes, T.J. we'll help. Let me get Billy and then we can go to the Power Chamber."

After Trini had recovered her son, they all left.


I knew her. It was her. But who is she? Why did I feel so happy when I was near her? The boy seemed familiar. The name. It has to be the name.

I could go and ask for their help. But can I trust them? Do I have a choice?

I will go to their Power Chamber. And then, I will get my answers.

Wolf, clothe me in thine mists of concealment. Wolf, guide me to where I wish to go. The Phantom Ranger then teleported out of the ship.

The Power Chamber

Trini, Kim and Billy looked around. Billy was quite anxious to start touching things but couldn't get out of Trini's grasp. "I want to look, mommy!"

"Billy, Alpha has some things for you to play with in the other room. Why don't you go with him?" Demetria told him.

Alpha led Billy to the room and went inside with him, then closed the door.

"Demetria, where are these readings you want Kim and I to look at?" Trini asked.

Justin stepped forward. "Right here, Trini. We've never seen anything like it before."

Trini looked over the readings. "I'd be surprised if you had. These are the power signatures of a wielder of the Ninjetti Power..."

Trini looked to Demetria. "Do you realize what this means?"

"Yes. But it is too soon to hope. Ranger's we are having a visitor."

In a flash of white, the Phantom Ranger appeared in the Power Chamber.

"I need to know who I am. I choose to trust you." The Phantom Ranger then took off his helmet. After he shook his hair free and looked around the Chamber his gaze came to rest on Trini. She fainted. Cassie caught her and made sure she was all right.

Kim didn't look much better. But she managed to weakly stammer out, "Bi-Bi-Bil-illy?"

Demetria came out of the tube. She floated before Billy. "Welcome home, William Cranston, the White Wolf Ninjetti. I am Demetria. How did you survive the explosion?"

A new voice rang out in the Power Chamber. "With the Great Power, nothing is impossible. And so he lives. But even that taxed his capabilities."

Kim looked at the new arrival. "Dulcea? You knew Billy lived? Why didn't you tells?"

"Gentle Crane, look at him. Even now he knows not what we are speaking of. He is lost within the forest of memory. You and Trini must be the guides to return him to himself." Dulcea told her.

Billy was watching the conversations around him without taking part. He walked over to where Trini and Cassie were. He knelt by Trini's side. Billy reached out and touched her hair.

Dulcea moved forward and gently pulled Cassie away from the two. The other Ranger's watched as the one they knew as the Phantom Ranger picked up the unconscious woman and held her in his arms. Billy stared into her face, while gently stroking her hair.

Trini started to stir. When she saw Billy was still there, she started to cry. "They said you were dead."

"Until I found you, I was." Billy looked around at everyone. "I know who I am. I know!"

Billy then kissed Trini. When they finally broke apart, gasping for air, Trini looked to Dulcea. "What happened to him? Why is he wearing this type of armor? Why isn't he wearing his Ninjetti armor?"

"In a way, he is. The force of the explosion changed him in certain ways. The Wolf is still his guide. The Eltarians gave him this armor as a sign of respect to the man who destroyed some of the greatest menaces known. When he was found on Eltar he was almost dead. They healed him. Then they sent for me. I nearly collapsed when I saw him. The Eltarians told me that he tried to teleport at the last moment. He partially succeeded. It wiped his memory."

"That's why he acted like he did when he got here. He helped us but he didn't know why." T.J. said.

"Yes. I trained him to fight for two years. Then after he defeated me, his training was over."

"Billy beat you?" Trini gasped out.

"Yes, Trini he did. He has fulfilled all the requirements for him to succede me as the Guardian of the Ninjetti Temple. He must take up the Guardianship. It is his destiny."

Billy looked to Trini. "I have but one question for you. Think hard on this. I can extend the powers of the Guardianship to one other person and keep them as young as I will look. Will you come with me to Phaedos?"

Trini thought about what Billy has asked her. "Will we be able to return to Earth periodically? I want to keep my friendship with Kim and the others."

"We can return for limited periods of time. But we must stay on Phaedos a majority of the time. Of course they can visit us as well."

"Then this is my answer..."

Phaedos, 500 years later

The five young humanoids were from a planet known as Vanye. They had feline features. Their mentor, the great Zordon, had sent them to Phaedos to find the Great Power to fight off Dark Spectre.

They were nervous. They had already fought some of Spectre's many minions but were now out-classed. They looked around.

Sandtiger, the leader, looked to the one he hoped would become his mate, Nightleopard. He smiled in assurance to her. Sandtiger saw the movement out of the corner of his eye. The tengas had arrived.

The Vanyens fought brilliantly but were slowly being defeated. All the combatants heard a long howl from above them. When they turned they saw a figure in white with green highlights, flanked by a figure in yellow. The two figures made short work of the tengas.

Sandtiger stepped forward. "I thank you. I am Sandtiger of the Vanye Rangers. We seek the Great Power. Can you help us?"

The figures dropped their hoods. They revealed themselves to be of the race known as human. The one in white was male. The in yellow female. The male looked them over. "Yes. I am William. This is my wife, Trini. We are the Guardians of the Great Power. Come with us."

And so the cycle continues.