Days Past

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It had been a hard month for Rocky. He was still trying to recuperate from his back injury and he desperately wanted to be a ranger again. Rocky laid down on his bed. All of the sudden his sister Jessica burst into the room. "Rocky! Rocky! Guess what!?" His sister was obsessed with the Red Turbo Ranger.

"What Jess?" He asked with a sigh.

"The Red Ranger defeated another monster today. But he let the blue one into his zord. I can't believe it! That stupid blue one had no right even touching the red one's stuff, much less taking the glory from him!"

By this time Rocky had heard enough. "Would you just shut up! I'm sure that the blue one works just as hard as the red one! Who cares? Just leave me alone!"

"I'm going to tell mom that you yelled at me."

"Go ahead! I don't care!" Jessica slammed the door shut.

He sighed. "I'm just not important." He threw up his hands in disgust and sat down in a slump at his desk letting his head hand down. Then he gradually started on his homework. When he finally got into the swing of his Chemistry homework he hears his mother come in, and Jessica starts to tell her what he had said. He hears his mother trop up the stairs, and knocks on the door. Rocky sighs heavily. "Come in."

His mother walks in. She is a single mother of six. Rocky being the oldest. She looked extremely tired and like she had had a bad day, and this was as good a reason as any to take out her frustrations on someone. "Rocky I heard what you did to your sister. You had no business telling her to shut up about what is important to her. What if I had told you shut up every time you had talked about Karate or gymnastics. Would that have made you feel good?"

Rocky put his head down. "No, I guess not."

"Well then, I want you to apologize to you sister."

"I'm sorry Jess," he mumbles half heartedly.

"It's not all right! Now you have to apologize to the Red Ranger." Jess storms off and his mother just shakes her head. She slowly leaves the room and closes the door.

"Great! Now I have to apologize to Tommy." Just then the phone rings. "Hello?"

"Hi. Rocky this is Shay. Can you talk for a minute?"

"Ya sure." This was the girl of his dreams. She was so pretty. He had had a crush on her since he had come to Angel Grove. "What can I do for you?"

"I was wondering what our Spanish home work was. My boyfriend and I are going to work on it tonight. But neither one of us wrote down the page number, or the exercises and we were wondering if you had it."

"It's page 45, A and B."

"Thank you Rocky. See you tomorrow."

"All right." He hung up the phone disappointedly. "Man for a minute there I thought I had something going," Rocky sighed. Then finished up his homework.

In class Rocky sat patiently waiting for Miss. Appleby to return their tests. "I'm sorry, Rocky," she handed him back his test. 'F' in bold red pen. Almost every question was marked with red ink. He knew he wasn't good in Social Studies but this was ridiculous. The bell rang and all of his friends piled over to him.

"So Rocky how did you do on the test?" asked Adam. He turned his test to face Adam. "Ohh. Sorry I asked. I could help you with it."

"No thanks."

"You sure?"

"Yes. Very. You guys can go. I'm going to stay here and get some extra help from Miss. Appleby." All of the rangers with Miss. Appleby right behind them walked out of the room. Adam and Rocky are the only two left in the room. He just stood there and watched Rocky.

"Adam have you developed a staring problem lately?"


"Then what do you want? Shouldn't you be off with Sierra, and doing boyfriend/ girlfriend things?" Sierra was Adam's new love in life and they had been inseparable for days.

Adam sighed at his unhappy friend. "I want to know what has been eating at you lately?"

"Couldn't be that my back is sore six out of seven days a week. And my little sister is driving me nuts about the Red Turbo Ranger, and to top it off I gave my powers away."

"You didn't have to."

"I know that now. Then I thought that I did. Now I think that I'm stupid."

"Rocky, why don't me and you do something tonight."

"Like what? Don't you have to hang out with Tommy and the others?"

"No. You are my best friend and I think that you need someone to talk to."

Rocky bowed his head and watched Adam's shoe laces the one thing that didn't have green on it. "Sure I guess so."

"Let's go to the park and rollerblade."

"Sure. See ya there."

"So, how is it coming Alpha?"

"Not bad Adam. It should be ready by the time you and Rocky are finished rollerblading."

"Cool. We'll be there." Adam teleported to the park.

Adam watched Rocky glide to him on his rollerblades. Adam sat down on a nearby park bench and strapped his on. Rocky sat down next to him. Rocky for the first time in a month was wearing blue. He had let his hair grow out since he hadn't been working on martial arts as much. "Ya ready Adam?"

"Yep." They start to rollerblade side by side.

Rocky is gliding effortlessly. This reminded Adam of three years ago. Rocky, Aisha, and he had been rollerblading down this same path and the only care that anyone of them had was winning that days tournament. Now Adam has to worry about the safety and lives of the entire city of Angel Grove. And Rocky used to help in that endeavor. But now Adam is alone with people that are not exactly his best of friends. "Rocky why did you give up your powers?"

"Because I was so drugged and I couldn't move and I felt stupid."

"Would you ever like to get new powers?"

"Ya. But they should go to Billy before me." They continued to rollerblade until a mass of piranatrons attacked them. "Can I help Adam?"

"Your back-"

"Lets kick some butt, ESSAA!" Rocky barreled down the sidewalk and spun and gave the piranatron a spinning side punch that sent the piranatron flying.

"Great job Rocky!" Screamed Adam. Adam then looked to his side and caught another one out of the corner of his eye and he did a cartwheel and his feet thumped the head of the piranatron as they were coming down.

"Adam HELP!" Rocky was being carried off by the piranatrons and they disappeared into nothingness.

"ROCKY NO-OO!" Adam skated over there as fast as his skates would take him. He then looked around and put his communicator to his mouth. "Alpha this is Adam!"

"What is it Adam?"

"Piranatrons captured Rocky."

"Teleport to the Power Chamber immediately."

Adam teleported up in a green shaft of light. "Dimitria we have to do something! Rocky is my best friend."

"I know Adam, will you not have to be patient?"

"It's hard to be patient when your best friend is in danger."

"Let me go!" Screamed Rocky at the top of is lungs. The piranatrons had him in such a way that he couldn't move or he might risk reinjuring his back and he didn't want to do that. Rocky was carried off deeper and deeper into caverns, until he reached a small layer where an old woman was seated. She looked dead. They threw Rocky at her. Rocky braced himself and fell the other way. He turned and got up and moved to run out and fight those nasty fishy goobers, but a transparent forcefield prevented his escape.

"You'll never get out of here."

"What?" Rocky turned and looked at the old woman.

"I've been here for over two hundred years. They injected me with something that keeps me alive. I wish that they would just let me die."

"My friends will save us."

"I hope your friends are very powerful."

"They are they are." Rocky leaned back on the rocks and slid down.

"Dimitria how do we save him?"

"We have to find him first Tommy. Then we will come up with a plan."

"I've found him!"

"That was quick Adam."

"His life force is fading though."

"Did he hurt his back again?"

"I don't think that he is dying. His life-force that lets us detect him is fading."


"I don't get it ether. This is something that Billy would have to explain to me."

"I swear upon the forces of goodness to maintain the secret of the true identities of the Power Rangers."

"Tyrannosauruses!""I am the Ape Mighty and strong we are one!"

"Red Ranger Power!"

"The crystals that you have received have given you new colors as well as new powers."

"Zeo Ranger Three: Blue."

"Justin did you hear all of that?"

"You can have my powers. You can have my powers. You can have my powers. You can have my powers. You can have my powers...."

Rocky snapped awake and started to cry. Thoughts of past battles were swimming through his head. How he and all of his friends had called upon their powers they received from Jason Zack and Trini, their sacred animal spirits, and the rewards of their Zeo quests. He missed it terribly. One stupid move ended his life as a power ranger and his desire to do martial arts. "What I wouldn't give to do things all over again."

"Do you mean that?" asked the old woman.


"Give me your hand."


"I'm going to give you back your life."

"You can't. I've screwed it up to bad."

"I can. Just give me your hand."

"What do you want in return."

"Nothing. I don't want anything. All I want is to help you."

Rocky stares at the old woman for a while. She reminds him of grandma DeSantos. He trusted her, so why shouldn't he trust this woman? She was trying to help him. No matter how bizarre it sounded she wants to help. "All right." Rocky extends his hand and the woman takes it and a pulse of light goes through his arm and he closes his eyes. When he opens them he is in the Youth Center. He looks down and he is wearing blue. He smiles. Then he looks over around and finds almost everyone in their place. Tommy sitting to his right, Katherine to his left, Tanya, in front of him and Justin, in green, sitting next to Katherine. His smile faded as he looked at Justin. He was dressed in the same outfit that Adam had been wearing the other day.

"Where is Adam?" blurted Rocky.

"Adam is in the hospital."


"He's dying of cancer."

"Not Adam."

"Rocky we know this is painful for you, but come on you've known where he has been."

Rocky's hands began trembling. This is not the life that he wanted back. He wanted everything to be normal again. All he wanted was to be a ranger again, and to be involved in martial arts. This was to much. He stood up. "I'm going to see him."

"No. He doesn't want anyone to see him like that. He told us all of his good-byes two weeks ago, before all of the last attempts to save his life."

"I don't care, I want to see him." Rocky ran out of the Youth Center, he found his car and drove to the Angel Grove Community Hospital. He ran inside. He found the receptionist. "Where is Adam Park?"

"In room 113. Down the hall, and to the left. First door on the right."

"Thank you." Rocky ran. He found the room effortlessly. But when he got there he hesitated. He was afraid to go in and see his best friend. He finally got the courage and knocked on the door. He opened the door and saw that Adam was asleep. There were tubs and monitors hooked up to him. Rocky moved up closer. Adam was wearing a green bandanna.

Adam woke up suddenly and turned and faced Rocky. "Get out! I don't want you to see me like this!" Adam turned his face away from Rocky.

"Adam. What has happened?"

"Rocky please leave."

"I just wanted to see you. What is wrong with that."

"Rocky you said that you never wanted to even look at me again."

"Why would I say that?"

Adam turned to face Rocky. "I liked to believe that it was because you were so hurt that you couldn't stand it. Other than that I have no idea. All I know is that you were my best friend and you deserted me in my time of need."

Adam's breathing became erratic. "Adam what is going on?"

"I just want to let you know that I forgive you." He let out the rest of air in his lungs and then the monitors all started to go off and then doctors poured into the room and pushed Rocky out. He went out into the waiting room with Adam's parents.

Then a doctor came in. "Mr. and Mrs. Park."

"Yes." They clasped each others hands.

"Adam has passed away. I'm sorry."

They started to cry and Rocky just backed up and shook his head. "No... No.... No this can't be happening!" He ran out of the hospital. He finally ended up at the park. It was pouring rain and it was thundering and lightning and it was pitch black except for a light in the middle of the park. Rocky fell to his knees and started to cry. "NO! This is not the life that I wanted! I want my life back!"

"The signal is very weak. We have to get to him."

"Great. Lets go! SHIFT INTO TURBO!"






The rangers didn't encounter any resistance when they reach the caverns. "This is weird."

"I agree Kat. Lets go in and recover Rocky."

They go in and follow the twisted caverns until they see a very beautiful young woman sitting with a heap in the corner. "Green Ranger! Come here!" Adam disables the forcefield with a punch, then goes inside. "Your friend is badly hurt."

Adam turns Rocky to face him and takes his pulse. Rocky's pulse is very weak. "Oh God! Tommy we need to get him to the Power Chamber."

"All right let's go." They teleport to the Power Chamber.

Kat is left behind. "I'll take you home."

"No I know my way out. Thank you."

"You sure?"

"Yes. Go and try to save your friend."

Kat reluctantly puts her hands on her belt, then throes one hand in the air and disappears in a pink flash of light.

"They'll never save that pathetic boy." An evil cackle emerged from these seemingly lovely young woman.

"How is he?" asked a concerned Kat.

"Not well." Kat looked at Rocky. His usually taut brown skin was now a pale white. Adam had hooked him up to every monitoring system that he could find in the Power Chamber. "I called Billy and gave him the readings of Rocky and he said that he would look them over and see what he could do, if anything." Adam sighed and looked down at the helpless Rocky. "I hope that I can find something that will help him."

"We will Adam don't worry." Tommy put a reassuring hand on Adam's shoulder.

* * * * *

Rocky found his way to the Youth Center. He was muddy and wet. When he got there all of his friends were sitting at the same table that he had left them. "Rocky!" Kat screamed and ran over to him. "Ernie! We need a towel over here." Ernie came over with a towel and helped Kat wrap it around Rocky. Kat guided Rocky over to a chair. And helped him sit down. "What happened to you?"

"I went to see Adam."

"That doesn't explain where the mud came form Rocky."

"Shut up Justin!"

"What happened Rocky?" asked Tanya in a reassuring voice.

"Adam died right in front of me. There was nothing that I could do. He forgave me and then he just died." Rocky put his head down on the table and started to cry again.

"I'm sorry Rocky."

"No your not Justin. You didn't even know him."

Ernie came over to him with a cup of hot cocoa. "Here you go Rocky."

"Thanks Ernie." Rocky took the cup and dried his tears with the back of his hand. Then he took a big gulp.

"Did he die peacefully?" asked Tommy.


"We'll have to go to the funeral."

"I always thought I was going to go to his wedding not his funeral." Kat stroked Rocky's hair.

* * * * *

"Adam why don't you go home and get some sleep?"

"No. I want to stay right here and watch him. I don't want to miss anything. I don't know what I'd do if I wasn't here and he died."

"It's not your fault Adam."

Adam looked up at Kat with eyes full of tears. "Kat, I deserted him when he gave up his powers. I'm not going to desert him now. I just couldn't live with that burden."

"All right. I'm going to go home." Kat puts her hand on his shoulder and he puts his and atop hers and looks at Rocky.

"Thanks for being here."

"That's what friends are for."

Adam nods his head in agreement. Adam sits down at the chair that he had put next Rocky and covers himself with a blanket. He slowly drifts off to sleep.

* * * * *

Rocky finally went home and cleaned up and was on his way to bed. He climbs into bed and stares into the darkness of his room when a faint green and white light emerges in his room. "What the-" the apparition starts to come together. It's Adam. "Adam!"

"Rocky!" the apparition stares blankly at Rocky. "You're all right!" they say in unison.

Rocky gets up and walks over to the apparition and tries to put his hand on his chest. But his hand just moves right through it. "You're a ghost."

"No, I'm not. How did I get here? Last time I checked I was in the-"


"No, in the Power Chamber watching you."


"Ya. We had just found you. You were barley breathing. We have you hooked up to the monitors in the Power Chamber. I even have Billy working on it."

"That's impossible. I just watched you die."

"Me? Die? Of what?"


"Cancer? How is that possible? I'm perfectly healthy."

"Am I dreaming?"

"I don't know, are you? And if you are I'm one very confused part of your dream."

"Adam what happened to me?"

"I'm not sure. We were rollerblading...."

"I remember that. Then I was drug off by the piranatrons."


"Then I was in this cave with an old woman...."

"Did you say old woman?"

"Ya. Why?"

"I found you in the cave and there was a beautiful young woman there she looked about our age."

"Well after I met her, I said something about wanting my old life back and she told me to put my arm out and touch it and...."

Adam suddenly disappeared. "Adam!"

Then Rocky's mother walked in. "Rocky are you all right?"

"Adam and I were just talking."

Rocky's mother moved him over to the bed and sat him down. She then started stroking his hair. "Shh. It'll be all right. You were just dreaming. It'll be all right Adam is in a better place now. He isn't suffering anymore."

"No mom. He was here. He knows that I don't belong here. I belong with him."

"ROCKY DESANTOS! You aren't thinking of killing yourself are you?!" Anger flashed in his mothers eyes, then pain.

"No mom I'm not. Don't worry."

"Can I trust you?"

"Yes you have my word on it."

"Good. Now try to get to sleep. I'll see you in the morning Hun."

"Goodnight mom."

* * * * *

"Tanya!" Adam looked at her with blurry eyes. She was smiling. "How is Rocky?"

"Fine I guess. How are you?"

"I was just talking to him." Adam got up and went over and looked at his friend who was sleeping peacefully. "He knows what happened to him. The girl had something to do with this."

"That girl. She didn't look like she could hurt a mouse."

"Looks can be deceiving Tanya."

"Adam are you sure that you weren't just dreaming? I mean you were sleeping pretty soundly just a minute ago."

"I'm sure. We held a whole conversation on what had happened to him. He thought I was a ghost."


"He said that I had just died of cancer."

"All that precious hair gone?" Tanya smiled and giggled to herself a little.

"Come on Tanya this is serious. My best friend's life may be at stake here. I have to do something. Dimitria what do I do? I know that I wasn't a dream. I'm sure of it. It was just to vivid to be a dream."

"Saying that this isn't a dream, why don't we will have to run a few scans on you and Rocky?"

"I'm willing. And I believe that Rocky is as well." Adam looked at Tanya who had a panicked look on her face. Adam had never been so strong willed before. It was almost frightening. He had this look in his eye that suggested that you better not mess with him. He was holding himself poised and ready for anything.

* * * * *

Adam's family had decided that they would make things easy on themselves and have the viewing and the funeral as soon as possible. So later that evening Rocky was to go and see his best friend laid out in a coffin. An hour or so before the funeral the rangers met at the Youth Center. "I don't want to do this."

"It'll be all right Rocky. He's all right now."

"Ya." Rocky said calmly, for he knew that his friend was just fine. Just then their watches beeped.

"Not now!" exclaimed an aggravated Tommy. "What Dimitria?"

"I'm sorry to call you rangers but there is an emergency at the park."

"We'll be right there." The rangers moved over to secluded area. "SHIFT INTO TURBO!"






The rangers appear in the park and an old ugly woman is there holding a scepter of fire in her left hand and a live snake in the other. She is standing behind a bush. Out of sight to the rangers. The rangers see just what they normally see: Piranatrons. So the rangers do what always needs to be done. Whip some Piranatron butt. Rocky gets kicked back toward the woman. "Why hello Rocky."

"You." Rocky's voice is seething with anger.

"I'm glad you remember. So how is you new life going?"

"Adam is dead."

"I know. That doesn't matter though does it? You're in Martial Arts and by the looks of it you are a Power Ranger again."

"This is not what I wanted and you knew it!"

"Did I? I gave you exactly what you specified. You never said that Adam had to be alive." Rocky put his head down.

* * * * *

"Adam are you sure?"

"I'm very sure. I know that he is in there. I just have to find a way to get him out of there." Adam looked up at Dimitria and then the lights started to flash and the siren blared. Adam turned and watched the alarm and then looked at Rocky, then to Tanya and then up to Dimitria. "What's going on Dimitria?"

"What is the usual strategy before a monster attack Adam?"

"Piranatrons! Tanya call the others, I'll go check it out. SHIFT INTO TURBO! DESERT THUNDER TURBO POWER!" Adam arrived at the park and began fighting with all of his might. He was not just fighting to save himself and the world he was also trying to save his best friends life. "What do you things want?"

"To destroy a little green turbo ranger."

"Who you callin' little?"

All of Adam's friends arrived on the scene and the rangers started to fight hard and well. Adam got kicked back toward the a bush and then he saw a faint blue speck. He examined this strange thing a little closer and realized that it was a blue Turbo Ranger.

"Rocky?" The image turned around and looked right at Adam and it took off its helmet. It was Rocky.

"Adam! I know how to get home. Please go back to the Power Chamber and go back to sleep. That is what bonds us."

"You got it Rocky!" Adam ran off.

* * * * *

Rocky was also watching these events transpire with disbelief. "Why did you do that?"

"I'm going to let you go home."

"Really?" This was just too easy he realized.

"Yes. But first I'm going to grant you wish right. So I'm going to kill the green turbo ranger so you can have power."

"No don't you dare! Or I'll kill you right here on the spot." Rocky leveled the turbo idol blaster at the woman's head.

* * * * *

Adam got to the Power Chamber. "Alpha can you induce sleep?"

"Ya! Of course I can."

"Well do it, I have to talk with Rocky again."

"Get on the bed Adam."

Adam nodded and laid down on the bed. His long black curls spread out all around his head. "I'm ready." Alpha came after him and put patches on the sides of his head.

* * * * *

"Would you really kill me Rocky? I'm defenseless, I'm a woman, and you have to much of a conscious." She moved slowly around Rocky, and he, to his credit kept his Turbo Idol blaster leveled at her chest.

"You don't know me at all do you? You aren't a woman, you aren't defenseless, and my conscious tells me to kill you. Now do I look like I'm joking?" The evil woman became edgy. She realized that Rocky, if under enough pressure, would kill her. She thought that she still needed to look tough. Then she realized something. "If your precious Adam is asleep when you kill me he will never wake up. I don't care if you call your precious Billy in, he won't be able to help him."

Rocky pondered for a moment. "I'm sorry Adam." He shot her and then was pushed through a vortex and put into the Power Chamber. He was lying on a table right next to Adam he ripped all of the patches and motoring systems off of him. He looked over to his best friend he was laying on the table with patches on his temples. No doubt to help induce him into a dream state. "Adam!"

Adam shot up and the patch ripped off of his temples and he rubbed them in pain for a moment. "Rocky!"

The friends embraced an the other rangers appeared in the Power Chamber mere seconds later. "What happened?" asked a confused Tommy.

"I killed her."


"That evil bitch who tried to kill my best friend."

"Glad to have you back Rocky."

"Good to be back."

"Are you ready for a surprise?"

"Surprise?" Rocky looked at Adam.

Adam went into the other room and came out with a box and opened it up in front of Rocky. A turbo morpher lie there shining of the most beautiful silver. "For me?"

"Yes we would like it very much if you would rejoin the ranger team. We miss you Rocky."

Rocky's big brown eyes filled up with tears. he haphazardly wiped them with the back of his hand and then wiped his hands on his jeans. "All right. I'll do it."

They all smiled and the girls started to hug as Adam handed the box to Rocky. "Rocky we present to you the Silver Bullet turbo power."

"Come on try it," encouraged the other rangers.

"Okay." Rocky grabbed the instruments of his transformation; from the lovable funny and charismatic Rocky to the fearless bold and determined Silver Turbo Ranger. He looked to all of the others and then shouted, "SILVER BULLET TURBO POWER!" Rocky's form was engulfed into a brilliant Silver light. Then right before their eyes stood the most powerful figure ever. The Silver Turbo Ranger.

Rocky didn't know it yet but he was going to be the next leader of the Power Rangers. And it wasn't going to because everyone else is unavailable but because Rocky's personality would dictate it. From now on the world will be safe as long as Rocky is in command.