Updated: October 16, 2002

Dagmar Buse's Stories

Moments in Time: Two friends-turned-lovers look back on their past and how their relationship came to be.
In the Blink of an Eye: Jason and Tommy met for the first time at the Karate Expo. At least that's what they thought...
A Matter of Trust
Casting Stones: Jason and Kat are guilty of betrayal and find themselves in a serious situation because of it.
To Teach A Genuis: Billy's very smart, but even he needs hid friends' help to learn sometimes.
Billy's Revenge: Billy plans to get even with his tormentors -- but sometimes even the best-laid plans run into a few snags...
Every Day: Kat wants to break up with him. Jason wants to change her mind -- but how???
Letters: Kim did have a reason to send Tommy 'The Letter'.... Over time, the Rangers exchange a series of letters which all influence Tommy's life in one way or another. Can he ultimately accept Kim's reason, forgive her and deal with the consequences? PG-13
Perfectly Good Reasons: Did you ever wonder how the first Ranger team met? Would you believe ... in detention?(G)
If I Could Turn Back Time: Emily left Angel Grove under a cloud of her own making. Now she's back ...


My Best Friend's Wedding: Two ex-rangers are getting married, and one of their friends just can't share their enthusiasm.

Muse Fics

Withdrawal Symptoms
The Souvenir
Bricks In The Attic: Ted and friends have a physics problem...

Created: April 4, 2000