The Birth

By: Stacey Burgess

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Sierra and Adam were walking in the park. They were both silent, for one had a huge secret. Sierra turned to Adam and stopped him. "Adam, I need to talk to you."

"All right shoot," he stopped his long thick flowing, curly, black hair, blew gently in he soft breeze. Sierra fidgeted for a moment before she spoke and then when she spoke her voice was soft and scared. "Adam....I'm....I'm...."

"You're what, besides beautiful?" Adam just smiled. His hands were on his hips and grinning, at her. His adorable slanted eyes disappeared with the smile. She usually thought this was precious, but today she wished that he wasn't so damned cute.

"I'm pregnant," She said at last. Adam's smile faded as he looked at her thin waist. He put his hands on her stomach where his mother had told him to put his hands when he was a child waiting patiently for his little brother to be born. "Is it mine?"

Sierra smiled timidly, "Of course it is. I haven't shared myself with anyone else but you."

"Do you want to keep it?"

"That's why I wanted to talk with you. I want it but I also want you to want it. Do you understand?"


"Well, do you?" Sierra stood there wringing her hands in front of her.

Adam moved closer and replaces a lost strand of black hair to its home in the cloak of darkness of Sierra's hair. "Yes. I want our child. Why wouldn't I?"

"I don't know. I just thought that maybe since we are so young..."

Adam looked deep into her green eyes and spoke firmly. He held onto her hands, afraid to let go for

fear that if he did she might disappear. "I want this child and every other child we may make together. I love you and I will always love you don't you ever forget that!"

Sierra smiled a weak smile and embraced Adam with all of her heart and body. "I love you Adam."

"I love you too." They kissed passionately.

"Adam come on now. Stop it. This is what got us in this predicament in the first place."

Adam smiled broadly. "What predicament? I just think that my girlfriend is going to get big and fat and we are going to have ourselves a beautiful baby."

"Adam," She grinned embarrassed.

"Come on. Let's go and tell the others."

She stopped him and looked at him, "The others? You want to tell the others?"

"Well of course! I have to rub it into Tommy's nose that we are going to have the most precious thing

alive. And he can't because he and Kimberly broke up," Adam grinned and pushed his thick curls out of his delicate yet manly face. His eyes sparkled with the anticipation of a child of his own. He was so excited that it oozed out of every pore of his skin. She smiled too. She was so glad that he wanted it and that they were going to have a child of their own.

"Sierra. Sierra!" Adam snapped his fingers in front of her face. She looked up and their eyes met. She quickly put hers back on the book she was reading. "What were you thinking about?"

"Nothing," she smiled. He sat down and got out his books and started working. She watched him for

a minute trying to decide if she should tell him or not. It had happened three months ago. She had know for a little over two weeks. She didn't want to end their perfectly good relationship. She loved him, and she hoped he loved her as much.

It came to be a couple of weeks later when she finally mustered up the courage to tell him that she was carrying his child. They had been on a date, they had seen the worst movie in the world. They were walking to the Youth Center. She saw this as the best opportunity to tell him. Usually after a bad movie he was in a lethargic mood and wouldn't put up much of a fight. She watched her feet as she walked. "Adam, I'm pregnant."

Adam stopped cold in his tracks. "What?! You're joking right?"

This had not been the response she had hoped for so many nights. This was, however, the response she expected. "No. I'm almost four months along."

"What?! Four?! How long have you known? Are you sure?"

"About three and a half weeks. I took a pregnancy test a couple weeks ago."

"And you are just now telling me this?" Adam's voice was climbing. His voice had never raised so much with her in the year and half that they had been dating.

"I've been trying to find the words to tell you. I mean I didn't want to spoil every thing with you starting college and all."

Adam sighed and looked at her. "How are we going to support it? How are my parents going to take this? What if I get kicked off of the ranger team? Have you thought of this yet?"

"Kind of?"

"Kind of?! We have made a child and now we are screwed! I'm 19 years old and you want me to take care of a child?"

"You don't want it? Fine! I'll abort it! Will that make you happy?! You selfish boy! You don't want to take responsibility for something that you helped create. It wasn't just my fault. As I remember quite clearly you laid down just as quickly as I did," her heart pounded in her breast, her face reddened with anger and her eyes filled of tears of pain. She couldn't believe him. He had never been

so selfish. This was almost intolerable.

"I want it," he said softly.


"I want it. I just need time to think. Give me a week. I need to figure everything out."

"Like what? Don't you love me?"

"That's not it at all! I love you so much I can't stand to be away from you. I just need to think about how we have to change our lives so we can support this baby. All I can hope right now is that my parents will take this well and let us stay at my house. This is your senior year in high school, right? Aren't you scared about the future?"

"Yes. But I think that we can do it. Don't you Adam?"

"I hope so," he hugged his girl.

The two of them stayed at the Youth Center for some time and then he drove her back to the orphanage. Then he drove around Stone Canyon and looked at his old stomping grounds. He missed his old home occasionally. Today it was real bad. It wasn't that she was pregnant, but that he

had no idea how to be a father or support it. He finally wandered his way home and went to his room. He went over his bank account. He had five hundred dollars left from his job at the stunt show. He knew Sierra worked at the Youth Center, but that can't bring in much money. But every little bit counts. He then took into account all of the time he spent doing homework, going to school, and rangering. He concluded that he could probably take on a night job. That would probably make enough money. As far as being a ranger, whatever needs to be done will get done.

He decided it was time to tell Dimetria the latest development in his life. "Adam? What is the problem?"

"Sierra is going to have a baby."

"Yo, Yo, Yo you go boy."

"We're keeping it. I want to know what you'll do with my position on the ranger team."

"Do you see a reason to quit or for me to let you go? You may decide on your own later that you do

not desire the powers anymore. You and Sierra, I mean."

"Thanks. I needed that. Dimetria, I'm so scared. What am I going to do with a baby?"

"You should not have thought of that while you were engaged in sexual activity Adam?"

"I know." Adam hung his head low. He knew that it was his fault he was in this situation. Now all he needed was the support of his parents and they might just have a fighting chance. He went home and

went to bed and all he had were nightmares of a deformed child being expelled from Sierra's womb. Then those turned to Sierra dying while in labor and him loosing them both. That one was the worst. He couldn't bear the guilt in his dreams. And if it really happened, what would he do? He would lose

his mind with guilt. Then he had dreams of being forced off of the ranger team because Zordon didn't

think that he should endanger the team by being tired and fighting. He decided that sleep wasn't an option anymore. He would just have to study or something.

Divatox was also listening in on Adam's horrible dreams. Porto had just developed a dream catcher machine. And she was trying it out on Adam. She cackled to herself. "If Adam thinks those are the only things that could go wrong I have news for him. Elgar! I want you to go and get Adam's little pregnant girlfriend and bring her to me."

"You got it Aunti D!"

Elgar did as instructed and went to the surface.

Adam drug himself to the Youth Center to meet the other Rangers for their usual time together. Rocky looked at his friend, and immediately noticed that he looked beat. "What's up man?"

"Nothing." Adam replied coldly."

"Come on you can tell me."

"No. There is nothing to tell." Adam looked at the rest of the rangers who were talking amongst themselves.

Rocky caught the hint that Adam didn't want to tell him in front of the others. "Come with me to get a

couple of smothies, will ya?"


Both boys walked to the bar, and Rocky ordered a couple of smoothies. "What's up?"

"Sierra is pregnant."


"Ya. Almost four months along."

"Is this good news or are we sad?"

"I think I should be happy but I'm not sure what to think or feel. I mean, in a few months I'm going to

be responsible for another human life. Then what do I do? Will I be a good father? How will we support it? What if it comes out wrong? What if she dies giving birth...?"

"Whoa there buddy. You'll do just fine. Everything will be all right. Do your parents know?"

"I'm going to tell them tonight."

"I think your parents will take it well."

"You do?"

"Ya. Remember when you shaved your head because you Simon dared you to?"


"My mom would have flipped. As a matter of fact, she did flip when I got it cut really short. But all yours did was laugh and say 'Oh Adam it will grow back.'"

"But that is hair. This is a child Rocky. A living breathing human being. How are they going to take that?"

"I think they will take it just fine. You'll see. Have you told Dimetria?"

"Ya. She said it's up to me ."

"That's good. Come on we better get back to the table before the crew notices we're gone." Rocky made an overexagerated tiptoeing motion over to the table. Adam laughed. He knew Rocky would say something to that effect to make him laugh. Maybe it would be all right. Adam could only hope now.

He slowly made his way home that afternoon. His parents were both in the living room talking about current events. "Mom, Dad. I need to talk to you."

"What about honey?" His mom smiled.

He all of the sudden felt real guilty. She trusted him. He was her little baby boy. He couldn't tell her that he had just screwed up his life, but he had to tell her, and his dad. They were the only ones who could help him. he sat down and fidgeted with his hands for a while. He then looked his mother in the

eye. "Sierra is pregnant."

"What?" Both of his parents gasped.

"I accidentally got her pregnant."

His parents looked at each other and then to their son. "What are you going to do with it?"

"Keep it."

"How are you going to support it?"

They were throwing his own fears back in his face in the forms of questions. He answered them to the best of his ability. Then to his surprise, they stopped playing twenty questions and looked at him. They told him that they would like him to give them some time alone to figure out what to do. He left the room and went to his own. 'Fear' was not the word to describe his feelings right now, 'terrified', about covered it. In all of his life nothing had ever made him so upset, confused, or scared. _If my parents throw me out, what am I going to do? Quit school and find a full time job that's what._

All of a sudden, he heard his mother bellowing for him. He ran down stairs, he looked at his parents they had their "Adam you are in serious trouble" look on their faces. Adam figured things were not going to go well. He sat down on a chair facing his parents, hands folded neatly in his lap, and back straight.

His father spoke. "Well, I'm not thrilled with the idea of being a grandfather right this second but what is done is done. You seem to have everything worked out pretty well. If the two of you would like to stay here after the baby is born, we would be happy to have the two of you."

Adam's eyes widened, "Thanks dad." Adam ran to his father and hugged him. "Thanks. That means a lot to me."

"Well, I can't just throw my son and his baby out into the street. You are nineteen, but I think you are still going to need help."

"I will watch the baby while the two of you are at school."

"Thanks mom." Adam moved over to her and hugged her. "I love you."

"I love you to Adam. I mean I wouldn't watch just any teenagers baby." Adam smiled up at her.

"So when can we expect the wedding?" his father asked evenly.


"Yes the two of you do intend on becoming married?"

"I didn't think that far." Adam truly hadn't. Did he want to get married?

"Well you better. I want an estimate of the time you want your wedding."

Adam gulped, "Yes father." Adam stood up and went back to his room.

He decided that he should probably go to the orphanage and talk to Sierra about all of this. He knocked on the door suddenly feeling very nervous. The door opened to reveal a very stern looking older woman. "Is Sierra here?"

"Yes she is."

"May I go up and see her?"

"I guess it would be all right," she moved away from the door and allowed Adam admission into the orphanage. "Up the stairs, third door on the right."

"Thank you." He went up the stairs and knocked on the door the woman had specified.

"Come in." Called a very familiar voice.

He opened the door. "It's me. Adam." Sierra turned to face him. He noticed for the first time that he was able to see a small bulge in the center of her frame indicating a her pregnancy. She was in the silk pajamas he had brought back from Korea last winter. She looked magnificent.

"Adam." She said with a huge smile. She absent mindedly put her folded hands right over the bulge in

her pajamas.

"I've been thinking, I've talked to my parents and if you still want to..."

"Whoa calm down sweetie." She came over and hugged him. "Take it slowly."

He breathed in deeply, her perfume tickled the inside of his nostrils and flooded his brain with the fierceness of a tiger. All he wanted to do was hug her and forget any of this had ever happened, but he had to think about the future and spit out what he needed to spit out before he lost all of his senses to her like had done not so long ago. That sense stimulation went far beyond just the simple perfume, and shampoo that sweetened her lengthy black hair. He pulled back from her and for the first time since they had started dating noticed the scar on her cheek. He didn't care, it was like a beauty mark, the way she carried it. If he had listened to Tanya that day, he wouldn't be here with the most wonderful girl in the world. "I've talked to my parents, I've looked at my bank account, and

Ithink, that is if you still want to, we can keep the baby."

"Really?" her face light up. Her green eyes glittered.

He wanted to melt. "Yea. My parents said that after the baby is born that we can live with them. Mom will even take care of it while we are in school."

"That is so great!"

"But one downfall. We have no insurance so we'll have to pay the hospital fee."

"Maybe Ernie will offer insurance?"

"We can hope. I'm going to get a night job. We'll see how this will fly."


"For as long as I can."

"The orphanage will let me stay here for as long as I need."

"After the baby is born you can live with my family."

"I love you so much, Adam."

"I love you too sweetie." he bent over and kissed her forehead and just drew her near and hugged her. "That's why I want you to be my wife."


Adam kissed her neck lightly. "I want you to be Mrs. Adam Park."

She pulled away from him "What brought this on? Is it because I'm pregnant? And your parents are forcing you to ask me?"

"No, I was going to ask you around Christmas time, but this just made me want to ask you now."

"Adam. I don't know what I'm going to do with you."

"You are going to be my wife."

"Yes, I will."

Adam smiled. "Good."

The next afternoon they had decided to tell the others their wonderful news. So they invited them to the park for a picnic. They had been enjoying a wonderful day of bad Rocky jokes. Tommy and the other boys sparing in the grass and the girls mumbling about it as they did. Usually something to the effect of 'if he hurts himself it's his own fault. He better not come cryn' to me.' All the girls knew that if one of them hurt themselves they would be right at their side to aid them and support them. They all knew that this afternoon was just too perfect. They had decided to play a game of volley ball. Sierra sat out for obvious reasons to Adam and Rocky but the rest of them took the lame excuse of 'I'm not good at it.' Tanya sat out just because she wanted to watch. "Tanya, do you want to go on a

walk with me?"

"Sure." The two girls walked around the park for a while. "What's up?"

"What have I done to you that makes you hate me so much?"

"I don't hate you."

"Then what is it?"

"I'm jealous okay!"

"Of what?"

"You and Adam. I wanted him to be my boyfriend."

"Oh. I didn't mean to take him away from you. If I had known that you wanted him then I wouldn't have asked him out. I had heard that the two of you were dating and I asked Adam and he had said no...."

"Slow down girl. I was really jealous when you asked him to go to the dance. That's why I acted the way I did. I'm sorry. Can you ever forgive me?"

"I forgive you." The girls smile at each other. "Come here, give me a hug." Tanya and Sierra embraced each other. And then continued walking. "You know you get to see a part of him that I never get."


"You get to see the part of him that runs around in spandex every time the Power Rangers are needed."

"You got that right girl and don't you ever forget it." Both girls laughed then Elgar and piranatrons showed up. Tanya falls into a fighting stance.

"Sierra! Go and get the others." Sierra nodded and started to run off to get the others when she was stopped by an energy field. She looked behind her and this marshmallow looking thing was holding a

device that was keeping her in her place. "Let go of me!" screamed Sierra. She tried to flail but every

part of her was being restrained. She wanted to run but she couldn't so she did the only thing she could; scream. "ADAM! ADAM PARK! ADAM! HELP ME!"

"Please be quiet." begged Porto "Please! I'll be in such trouble if you get away. I don't want her majesty mad at me."

She ignored the plea and continued with her screaming.

Adam heard her desperate cries for help. "Guys did you hear that?"

"Hear what?"

"That screaming?"

"I didn't hear anything." Tommy spiked the volleyball over the net and it hit Adam in the head. "Maybe you just hit your head on something?"

"That's not funny, Tommy! I'm going to go see where the girls are."

"I'll go with ya, man." Rocky trotted off to catch up to his running friend.

"Sierra... Sierra... she's... she's...." Tanya tried she was too out of breath to speak.

"She's what!"

"Been captured." she finally mustered


"I tried to stop him but I couldn't. Piranatrons had me pinned."

"Oh sure! I'm supposed to believe that Tanya. You hate her. What makes me think that you tried to stop him at all?!"

"Adam you don't think-"

"I think that we should get to the Power Chamber and let Demetria know what's going on." said Rocky calmly trying to take the heat off of Tanya. "Maybe she can help."

In the Power chamber Tanya's account was heard. Adam glared at her most of the meeting. "We have to get her back as soon as possible."

"We know Adam. We'll hurry." Tommy said reassuringly

"No guys! You don't understand. She's pregnant! We have to get her and the baby home as soon as

possible. I don't want her or our baby to die." Adam crumpled to the floor and cried. Rocky bent down and patted his friend on the back.

Tanya and Katherine exchanged looks of amazement. Tommy just stood there mouth gaping open. Had Adam just said what they all heard? Was Sierra was carrying Adam's child. Sweet, shy predictable Adam. They were all in a state of shock.

She was pushed to Divatox's feet Sierra pushed herself up and stared at the evil villainess. "What do you want with me?"

"Your child."


"Your child."

"For what? What could that possible serve you?"

"Are you calling me a slut?"

"If the shoe fits, wear it."

"Well just for that, I'm going to make this as hard on you as I possibly can."

"Rygog! Prepare the birthing room."

"My baby isn't ready now! I still have five months."

"Oh don't worry I'm going to remove it from your womb and put it into an artificial one. One that will

destroy all of the purity and good. Basically all of its humanity."

"No, you can't do that!"

"Watch me!"

"Take me then! Let my baby live."

"I don't want you I want your baby."

"The room is ready Divatox," said Rygog. "Excellent. Elgar take her to the room."

"What every you want, Aunti D."

"No you can't kill my baby! No please don't!" Sierra dropped to her knees begging for her to let her child live.

"As much as I like watching you beg, I still want your baby. Take her now."

"Please!" Sierra whispered. "Please."

Divatox responded by nodding to Elgar who picked up the whimpering teen and escorted her out of the main room.

"Have you found anything Alpha?"

"No, Tommy, I haven't." Tommy rubbed his fists together in a gesture that meant he was aggravated,

tired, and frustrated. Billy, before he had left for Aquitar, had taught Adam how to read Tommy. Adam soon realized that it wasn't that hard. Rocky was more complicated than Tommy. Adam still had difficulty understanding his best friend. But right now, he knew that Rocky felt for him. Rocky was sitting right beside him ready to make any move to help his best friend. "Guys why don't you go home. I'll stay right here and keep an eye out. She's my girlfriend. I'll call you if anything happens."

"You sure Adam?" Adam looked at Tommy. He knew that this meant, 'I should act like the hero, but

I'm bored and want to go home.' "Ya. I'm sure. Go on. I'll be fine. Rocky, could you tell my parents that I'll be at your house all night?"

"No problem buddy." Rocky clapped Adam on the shoulder and he and the rest of the rangers teleported out in brilliant flashes of color.

"I never thought that Adam would get a girl pregnant."

"Neither did I Kat." said Tommy casually.

"I did."

"No way Rocky."

"Hey he has hormones. Why wouldn't he take the opportunity like any one of us?"

"He's just, I don't know, Adam."

"The quiet one the one who never does anything wrong right?"

"Would you believe that he has had his wilder days."

"Adam?" they said in unison

"There was the time he shaved his head, the time he pierced his own ear and the time he got his butt tattooed."

"Adam!" the whole group stammered.

"Yep," Rocky confirmed.

Tanya toyed at her glass of juice. "I feel horrible. It's all my fault. If I hadn't told her to go and call for

help. They would never have caught her. It's all my fault. And now Adam hates me."

"No he doesn't. There is one thing that you can always count on about Adam. His ability to forgive."

"I hope your right."

Sierra was thrown onto a cold metal table and strapped down. Then Porto came in, wheeling a huge

tank with red liquid in it. "What is that?" she asked with as much courage as she could muster.

"This, my dear, is what your baby will be stored in until it is ready to be born. "

"Oh," was all she could muster. She thought of Adam. What would he say? She let this happen. It was her fault. How was she going to live knowing that her baby was in this God awful submarine being trained in the forces of evil. So that one day it could return to Earth to destroy its family, mother, father, all of its relatives, and fight the people that its father had spent so many years, trying to save . What if Adam has to fight our child in later years? How will he feel about destroying one of his children? How would she feel about him destroying their child? Divatox walked into the room with one of her henchmen.

"Will you get it over with," Sierra was surprised that the sentence expelled her lips.

"Why, yes I will. Oh and thank you for the child."

"You're not welcome."

"Ooh, your insults sting me deeply. Knock her out." The last thing Sierra saw was Elgar's fist striking her temple. When she came to she realized that she was in the park alone, bleeding profusely. She was to weak to stand and she was almost to disorientated to speak. All she knew was that she wanted Adam at her side.

The sirens awoke Adam with a start. "What's going on Alpha?"

"Yo. Sierra is in the park. You need to go to her she's slipping in and out of consciousness."

"Do I need to morph?"

"No. Go." Before Alpha could finish the sentence Adam had teleported to the park.

The swirling of matter in the green stream of light, Adam's consciousness, the only thing still left intact, was almost panicked. Usually when he teleported he would look at the matter streaming about him and wonder what part of his anatomy was that. He often giggled at the thought of it being his foot or his appendix. No such thoughts were streaming about this time. The only thoughts that were swimming through his consciousness was about Sierra. He was terrified that he might find her alive and badly injured. So injured that they may never be able to help her. His body slowly started to materialize under him and almost before it was complete he was running. He saw her. She was on the ground. Her cloths were saturated with blood. He ran to her. "Sierra?" he called in a soft voice.

"Adam? She took our baby."

"Come on lets get you to a doctor." Adam had heard the words but they had barley registered. All that registered was that he needed to get her to a hospital and fast. He picked her up, barley aware of her weight. He ran through the park when he stumbled upon his friends in the distance. "Rocky! Tommy! Someone!" he screamed in panic.

The Rangers had been in the park spending the morning enjoying the fresh air. They had known that they would be cooped up in the Power Chamber for the rest of the afternoon. So they figured a little time in the sun wouldn't make or break Sierra. Then, they heard it. The shriek of a friend in pain, desperate for help. Rocky, since his name was the first called, looked and saw Adam running with a limp figure in his hands covered with blood. "Adam!" Rocky ran to him.

"Rocky, do you have your car with you?"


"Help me get her in it." The two strong boys managed to get her frame into the car and they drove full speed to the hospital. They ran into the emergency room and one of the nurses looked at them with horror. "We need to get her help."

"Let me take her, son." The nurse had a gurney with her. Adam looked at her with a look that sent chills up and down the nurses spine. His eyes were wide, he was panting, he had dark circles under his eyes, and his hair was in his wide eyes. He made no attempt to move it. "Go on, Adam. Put her down. They'll help her." Adam put her down gently on the gurney. "I love you," he whispered and kissed her lightly on the forehead. Adam watched as the gurney was wheeled away.

"She'll be all right Adam. Don't worry." Rocky patted Adam on the back. Tanya came up to him She

looked at her distraught friend and hugged him. To her surprise he hugged her back. "Sorry, I probably just got blood all over your shirt." He sniffed, "It's all right." She took his hand and led him to a chair. She sat him down and held his hand. "Maybe we should get you some clean cloths." said Tanya.


"Kat, will you go to Adam's house and get him some clean cloths?" Kat smiled and nodded and left the hospital. Tommy came over and handed him a cup of water. "Here man." Adam grinned weakly at Tommy and took the cup. Tommy noticed that Adam's hands were shaking. "What happened?"

"The sirens went off in the Power Chamber," Adam took a gulp of water and shook silently for a moment, "Alpha told me that she was in the park, I went to go and get her and she was there. She whispered my name and then she said....." Rocky came over and patted him on the shoulder "It's okay, man," Adam trailed off as he remembered what she had said. The enormity of what she had said to him hit him like as if a piranatron had taken a cheap shot in his stomach. Tears started to flow

from his almond shaped eyes. He covered his face. "She said what, Adam?" Tanya looked at Adam.

"What did she say?"

"She said Divatox took our baby." The group gasped and looked at eachother. "That is just cruel. I'm going to go and get that witch!" Rocky stood straight up. "No Rocky you can't. She might try and kill you and right now I couldn't handle that. Please." Rocky looked at him. He saw the pain that

Adam was going through. But Rocky wasn't going to listen. He was going to make that hag pay for what she did to his best friend and his girlfriend. "Fine I won't." he lied.

A couple of hours later a doctor entered the waiting room. "Are any of you relation to Sierra Kelly?"

"I'm her Fiancee. She has no family. How is she?"

"Well, she is going to be just fine. It looks like someone just reached up inside and ripped the baby out. Whoever did it didn't even bother to sew her up. They just took the baby and left. She's very lucky to be alive. She almost bled to death. And she has a concussion. Someone hit her very badly on the side of the head. Do any of you know who might have done this to her?" All of the Rangers shook their head. "May I go in and see her?"

"I guess so. Not long, though." Adam nodded his head and hurried to the room that the doctor directed him to. He saw her lying there. She had been cleaned up, and now she was sleeping. He went to her and kissed her on the forehead. He pulled up a chair , sat, and then held her hand. "Hey,

sweetie. I'm here." he rubbed her hand against his cheek. "Adam?" her voice seemed horse and strained. "Sierra, yea it's me."

"I'm sorry," she stared to cry.

"About what?"

"Losing our child," she whimpered.

"You didn't do it. Divatox took it from us. There was nothing you could do. Now just go back to sleep. I'll be right here." She nodded and let her eyes close. He just watched her for the longest time.

"Catch you later, guys. Tell Adam that I had a class that I needed to teach, and that I'll call him later."

"Sure thing Rocky." Tommy acknowledged his friends request. Rocky left the hospital. Rocky had a plan. Lure Divatox out of hiding and have her take him back to her lair and then he would attack and

try to save Adam and Sierra's child. He hoped that she hadn't hurt the baby at all. He also hoped that once he recovered the child that it wouldn't be deformed or brain damaged for the rest of its life.

He got into his car and drove to the park. Figuring that the park was probably the best place that a Power Ranger can get attacked. His figuring was right. The moment he tried acting innocent by picking up the picnic that they had been having earlier was disturbed by the piranatrons and Elgar. "Oh, look. The newest member to the pathetic Power Ranger team. The Silver Turbo Ranger."

"Oh, look. If it isn't the dumbest incarnation of bad guys yet. I thought Rito was pushing it but you take the cake," the piranatrons but he lets them over take him. "It looks like your new powers aren't going to help you." Elgar laughed. "I guess not." Elgar grabbed Rocky's throat. "You're coming with me you pathetic power twerp." Rocky felt himself being drawn into a vortex of some kind and reappeared in the center of Divatox's command center. "Hey, look at what I was able to bring back." Elgar threw Rocky to her feet. "Oh you brought me the Silver Turbo Ranger." She clapped her hands together. "Oh thank you Elgar!" She looked at the new Power Ranger and then looked to Elgar. "I think I'm going to have him help tend to the baby. Throw him into the room with my child, and show him what to do."

"Whatever you want Aunti D." Rocky was taken to a dark room with a red light emanating from the corner. "You see that over there? That is her baby. What we want you to do is make sure that you put this red stuff in once an hour." He showed Rocky how to do it and then he left. Rocky's stomach

turned. This was his best friends child suspended in this goop and was getting ready to be born to that witch, instead of its loving parents back home. "Oh, man! I hope Sierra never sees her baby this way."

Adam went into the waiting room. His friends perked up. "How is she?"

"She'll be fine. Well, at least physically. I can't say about mentally. Hey, where is Rocky?"

"Oh, he said to tell you that he had a class to teach and that he would see you later." Adam looked deep in though for a moment. "He doesn't have a class tonight." Full realization of the situation took hold in the shambles of his broken mind. "The idiot is going after Divatox by himself!"

"Adam what makes you think that?" asked Tommy. "I know Rocky. He's impulsive. Did you see how ready he was to go and get her?"

"Yea, but he promised you..."

"It doesn't matter." Adam shook his head in disbelief. "You guys go to the Power Chamber and see what is going on, I think I'll stay here if no one minds."

"No you stay here. Sierra needs you."

"Thanks man." Just then Kat walked up and she handed Adam a black duffel bag. "Here you are, Adam." he smiled.

"Thanks Kat."

"We have to get to the Power Chamber Kat." Tommy stood and faced her. "Why?"

"We'll fill you in when we get there," she nodded. The Rangers left the hospital. Then a nurse approached him. "Young man?" Adam turned to face her.


"Are you Adam Park?"


"Good. Sierra is calling for you."

"I'll go to her. If it's all right."

"Go on. I think she needs your comfort right now." Adam hurried to Sierra's room. He entered. She was fully awake and looking around. The opening door caught her attention and she saw black frizzy

curls come through the door first and she giggled. "This is an odd reaction." Adam looked at her. She clutched her belly. "Ohh that hurt. It's just that hair of yours."

"Well I'm glad my bad hair day amuses you." She smiled. Then she started to cry. Adam moved over to her in a movement, that if he would have still dressed in black, she would have thought him a ninja from a far away clan coming to rescue her. "It'll be all right." He stroked her hair back away from her face. She wiped the tears from her eyes and looked into his. His eyes were so sad. They looked at her with compassion and sadness. Then, way in the core there was happiness. "I can't believe that she took our baby."

"Rocky went after it." her eyes widened at the news. "Why?!? It's dangerous! He could get hurt! I couldn't live with that!" tears streamed down her tan skin. "Neither can I. I tried to stop him, but you know Rocky."

"Yes I do. I hope he doesn't get into trouble. You and the other rangers should go after him. Just in case he needs help. Maybe I can help." She tried to get up but Adam put a hand on her shoulder stopping her unnecessary movement. "No you won't. You are going to stay right here and get better.

Got it?"

"Yes Dr. Park." she smiled a sad smile, and laid aback down on her pillow and watched Adam teleport out of the room. Sierra looked at the bare wall of her hospital room. She was glad that Rocky went after Divatox but she was scared. What if he got hurt. She knew how much he meant to

Adam. If he died it would kill a small part of Adam also. She wouldn't be able to live with that.

"Guys, have you got anything?" Tommy looked up from his computer print out. 'Well, Rocky took precautions before he left. He made sure that his communicator could still be picked up by the Power Chamber. So far so good. He's fine and the computer keeps coming up that he is in the lake."

"The lake?"

"Yea, I sent Kat and Tanya to investigate."

"Sounds good." Adam moved over to the computer screen that wasn't being used and started to work.

Rocky sat alone in the cold room with the baby. He hoped with all of his heart that the other rangers had figured out where he was. He also prayed that Sierra was all right. He knew how much she meant to Adam. He didn't want to watch his best friend fall apart, if the woman of his dreams died. But as of right now, there is nothing that he can do to help her so he would sit and wait until someone

came to help him.

All of the other rangers returned unscathed and they now knew where to find their friend. Rocky had

done a good thing by making sure that the Power Chamber could lock onto his signal so they could find him. "A mark of a good leader," Adam noted. Rocky's destiny was becoming reality. Before they would know it Rocky would assume the reigns of the team and Tommy would have to gracefully step down. That will be a momentous day in Power Ranger history. Adam and the others had located the submarine and now they were trying to come up with a plan so they could get Rocky, and maybe the baby, out of there safely. "Well we could just go in there."

"I don't think so Justin." Katherine put her hand on the young boy's shoulder. "Well one of us could go in there unmorphed-"

"Tommy that would be too dangerous."

"I think it's the only way. The only time they can detect us is we're morphed. So we have to go in there unmorphed. After that we use the Turbo navigators to locate Rocky, and then we teleport him and hopefully the baby home safely."

"Sounds good on paper. But what happens if one of her hair brained minions finds us and they capture us. We won't be morphed so we won't exactly be up for a fight."

"True, Adam."

"Hey, why not modify the Turbo suits to be invisible to all sensors including our own."

"That sounds risky," Tommy stated.

"And the whole plan doesn't?"

"Adam's right Tommy." agreed Tanya.

"Can we do it?"

"I think we can."

"Then do it." The Rangers immediately got to work. After an hour or so they finished. "All right everyone: Lets test it. Morph!" All of the rangers morphed. "Yo. You guys did an excellent job."

"So it works?" Adam moved over to the control panel and looked at the readouts. "Yep. We are totally undetectable."

"We probably shouldn't have all of us go."

"Tanya come with me. Kat, if we call for help you are next in line, then Justin then Adam. Adam I'm not sure what it's going to look like down there. I don't want you to see your child or best friend if they should be really harmed or something." Adam nodded in response. "Good luck and may the power protect you," Adam whispered. "You got it buddy! Lets do it guys!" The two rangers put their hands to their belts and teleproted away in brilliant shafts of color. "Adam there is nothing for you to do right now. Justin and I can handle it. Why don't you go and sit with Sierra."

"You sure."

"Yeah. I bet she needs you right now more than any doctor."

"All right. See ya later." Adam put his hand to his communicator and teleported to the orphanage door. He knocked and a very nice girl around Sierra's age answered the door. Luckily Adam knew this girl. It was Ann. "Hi Anne."

"Adam! Have you seen Sierra?"

"Yes I have she is in the hospital."



"What happened?"

"Some one sliced her open and took the baby."

"The baby gone?!"

"Gone. Sierra thinks the evil space aliens took it from her."

"Is it true?"

"Well the Power Rangers confirmed it they say that the villains did it."

"So is the baby dead?"

"No. The rangers said that the Silver Ranger is working on the situation. He maybe able to save the baby."

"That's good." Adam breathed a silent sigh of relief. He was so glad that she didn't press anymore. He couldn't say to much more without using the word 'we' instead of 'The Power Rangers'. "What do you need. Shouldn't you be with Sierra?"

"I came here looking for the teddy bear I gave her."

"It's on her bed where is usually is. I'll go and get it." Anne ran up the stairs and came down with a little stuffed bear with a green ribbon on it's left ear that looked like it had recently been sewn back on. "Here."

"Thanks." Adam turned and left the orphanage an went to the hospital.

"He walked in and she was sound asleep. She looked like an angel. He sat down next to her and brushed her thick black hair away from her delicate face. He kissed her on the forehead and she awoke as if she were Sleeping Beauty and he was the handsome prince. "Hey girl."

"Hi." she rubbed a hand over her eye.

"Look at what I brought you. I though he'd make you feel better," he held the bear out in front of her. "Thank you. How is Rocky?" She took the bear from him and snuggled it close to her face. "The

little devil is apparently fine. He made sure we could track his where abouts. We might even get our baby back."


"Yes. Now shhh. Go back to sleep. You need your rest."

"Yes sir," her big green eyes looked at him for a brief moment, which brought a smile to her thick full

lips. Then her eyes closed. He waited till he was sure she was asleep before he got up to leave. Just when he got out of her room his communicator beeped. He looked around and founda secluded area and headed for it. When he got there he looked around again and then put the communicator to

his lips. "Adam here."

"They're in and they found Rocky with the baby. But now they need to figure out some way to bring the baby back with out it dying."

"On my way Kat." Adam teleported to the Power Chamber.

"All right, what's happened?"

"Well," Tanya began, "when we got there, there was absolutely no opposition. We traveled through the sub for a good hour wouldn't you say Kat?"


"Then we finally found Rocky. He's all right. And the baby is being suspended in some mock incubator. It looks weird. Sorry Adam. Alpha needs your help. He says that between you and him it could equal Billy."

"I think Billy had said something about this situation," said Adam reminiscing. "What?!"

"I remember that Billy had once said that it wouldn't surprise him if Rita would want to have an heir to the throne. And it wouldn't surprise him if she took advantage of Kimberly and Tommy's relationship. And she would help Tommy get Kim pregnant and then she would take the baby and the team would fall apart because Tommy would blame Kim for losing the baby and thus the group would fall apart." They all stood there amazed at Adam's speech. "Well after the Machine Empire fell, he banished the thought from his mind. Because they could make their own children. Billy had been right. I am but one of the many variables in his equation."

"Do you think that he would have already made a device that may be able to help us?"

"Don't know Justin. Knowing Billy if he did it's only half done."

"Maybe it's in his lab."

"Yeah Justin I'm going to go to Mr. Cranston and say, 'sir, your son may have a device that will help my girlfriend get our baby back from Divatox.'"

"No the lab in the Power Chamber."

"There is one in here?" asked Adam embarrassedly "Yeah. I've been working in it. It is so awesome!

He had the coolest stuff."

"Yeah. I know. Go and look Justin."

"Will do." Justin ran to the other side of the Power Chamber. "Kat, any progress?"

"No Tommy," Kat spoke into her communicator, "Not yet. Billy may have saved the day again."



"Do what you have to. Tommy out."

Tommy sat with Rocky and stared at the baby in the incubator. "What does she want with it?"

"I'm not sure. Maybe break the team up?"

"Good a idea as any I guess."

"But with this half dressed chick who knows!"

"Yeah." Tommy chuckled.

"ALL Hail Lord Billy! YES!" Justin screamed at the top of his lungs. "Billy saves the day again."

"He had all of the plans. All it needs now is to be built. That shouldn't take more than an hour."

"I'll help." Adam started to help him. About an hour later they finished. "Lets go and rescue our teammates." Adam moved away and revealed the incubator that the two had finished constructing. "Billy even had the formula mixture written out for the fluids in a human womb. We should be able to

save the baby. "Let's do it then."

Tommy and Rocky were sitting there when Elgar came into the room and saw Tommy there morphed. Just because the invisibility worked for the sensors didn't mean it would actually make them invisible, unfortunately. "Elgar!" Tommy shot up and assumed his stance. "Well, if it isn't the mighty Red Ranger. You aren't so tough without your slaves."

"Hey, we are not his slaves!" Shouted an angry Rocky. Elgar took his sward and attacked the unmorphed Rocky. Just as Elgar was about to knock Rocky onto his back, they were teleported. "We did it!" screamed Justin. As everyone was congratulating the others on a job well done. Adam had wondered over to his baby in the incubator. It was looking like a small human. It was frightening.

The baby should be in the protection of Sierra's womb not in a glass incubator, where it could be gawked at and would not feel the pulse of it's mothers heart ringing in it's developing ears. Adam felt a tear run from his eye as he put a hand on the glass and the baby moved. "Adam?"

"Look at what she did to my baby!"

"It's all right Adam. The baby is going to survive. And Sierra is going to be just fine. What else is there?"

"Just the fact that Sierra won't be able to carry her own baby. That's all. I'm going to tell her the news." Adam went over to his best friend first and hugged him. "Thanks man. For not listening to me."

"When have I ever listened to you?" Adam smiled. "True." He patted his shoulder. He looked at the rest of the rangers. "I want to say thank you for the three of us. You all risked your lives for us. I'm in

your debt."

"No your not man. We were glad to do it. You're out friend, teammate, and family member. It was what we had to do."

"Thanks Rocky."

"No problem bro. Go to the little woman and tell her the good news."

"Will do Rocky."

"Adam." Dimetra said. "Tell Sierra that she is allowed to come here as often as possible to see her baby."

"Got it Dimetria."

"Wait! Dimetria what about the stuff that Divatox was feeding the baby to make it evil?"

"It really had no power. No person conceived from two people who loves eachother can be evil. And now that the baby is in good hands It will be just fine."

"Thank God! I'm going to go now."

"Bye." Adam teleported to the hospital.

He arrived at her room and she was sitting up watching television. "Hey beautiful."

"Adam!" She turned off the television.

"What's the word on Rocky?"

"He's fine like our baby."

"Our baby?" her eyes brightened immediately. "It's fine. It'll be in the incubator in the Power Chamber until nine months are up. You are allowed to visit anytime you would like." She reached over and hugged her boyfriend. "I love you. And I'm going to kill Rocky!" she smiled. "That little devil worried the hell out of me!"

"You and me both hun."

About two weeks later all of the Rangers and Sierra were out on a picnic "Rocky DeSantos!" Sierra glared at the silver ranger. "What did I do?"

"You risked your life to save my baby's. I want to thank you!"

"No problem." Sierra moved over to the young boy and hugged him. "Thanks," she whispered softly into his ear. "Guys you never did explain to me how exactly Billy helped."

"It's a long story."

Four Months had passed. The Rangers were pacing around the Power Chamber waiting for Sierra and Adam to get there. Because with out them the baby wouldn't be born. Just then the two arm in arm teleported in with a blanket and clothes. "We're here."

"'Bout time! I didn't I traveled all of the way form Aquatar for you to be late!"

"Billy!" Adam's eyes widened. "What are you doing here?"

"Waiting for you so I can deliver your baby."

"Well, we're here." Billy began the process and started draining the incubator and then he pulled the baby out and lightly tapped it on the back. The screaming began. He wiped it off and then handed it to Sierra. "It's a girl." Sierra looked t Adam with tears in her eyes. Then Billy gently handed the baby

wrapped in a pink blanket over to her. She just stared at the beautiful little thing. "Look Adam, we have a daughter." Sierra sniffed. Adam held out his arms and she put the baby in them. He looked down at the adorable child. "Hello there, Hope, I'm your father." All of the rangers started crying at the display of affection by Adam. "What?" Adam asked with a confused smile. He sniffed and a huge

tear ran down his porcelain features. "It's just so sweet," Katherine sobbed. The other rangers crowded around the cheerful parents and thelittle baby.

They walked up to Adam's home. "You ready?"

"I am, if you are." They walked into the house. "Mom, Dad,?"

"In here son."

"Look at what the Power Rangers gave us today." Sierra came out from behind him and showed his parents the bundle of blankets. Adam's mother came over and took the baby from Sierra's arms. "Oh look, isn't she perfect." Adam's mother sighed. "How did this happen?"

"Well, the Power Rangers saved the baby and was able to incubate her until she could be born and now look here she is thanks to them." Adam's mother looked at her granddaughter with all of the love she had looked at her son on the day of his birth nineteen years ago. She handed the bundle to her husband and then her husband handed the baby to the loving parents. She wiped a tear from her eye as she watcher her eldest so handle the baby with care. She saw the love in his and his girlfriends

eyes. She was then convinced that this young girl was going to get all of the love and attention she required and then some. "Sierra and I would like to be married this Christmas. If it is all right."

"That would be excellent. So many preparations. Got to get started." Adam's mother immediately stared muttering things that were needed for a wedding. She left them with Adam's father. "When are

you moving in Sierra?"

"When do you want me Mr. Park?"

"As soon as possible, I want to see that my granddaughter gets treated right."

"Then tomorrow?"

"I will be expecting you," he walked off leaving the three of them together.

"Christmas eve came and everyone was bustling to get the two ready for their wedding. Tanya was to be Sierra's maid of honor and Kat to be a brides maid. Rocky was to be Adam's Best man. And Billy even came home to stand beside his friend on his wedding day. Sierra was exhausted. The night

before the wedding and all she could think of was getting out of the house full of women. They had done nothing but tell her how to run what is going to be the biggest day of her life next to watching the birth of her daughter, Hope. Hope answered her prayers and started crying uncontrollably. So Sierra excused herself outside and sat there with her daughter. Hope stopped crying not long after they got out there. But Sierra just sat on the swing with her eyes closed thinking about everything that

had happened over the last year. She had gotten pregnant, had a it ripped from her, then the baby had been brought back to her, she had been born, Sierra had turned 18 and now she was getting married to Adam, her true love. To top off the entire package she had made a friend out of an enemy. Tanya. Ever since the accident, if Sierra wasn't with Adam you were sure to find Tanya at her side. As if on cue Tanya sat down beside her on the swing. "Hey."


"Trying to get out of the mob house?"

"Yep, and Hope was as good a reason as any." Well tomorrow you will look beautiful, Adam will be

drooling at your feet and you will be Mrs. Adam Park." Sierra smiled. "I know. I just want the rest of these people to go away. I'm so tired of preparations."

"Only a few more hours. Come on in the house. Tomorrow is the big day." The three of them got up and disappear inside the house.

The next afternoon after the hustle and bustle of getting everyone ready the ceremony began. The wedding march played as Sierra walked down the isle. Her gown was traditional but beautiful. The biotice was a tight sparkly sequence mesh. Then the skirt blossomed into satin that ballooned from her waist. Her long black hair was done in tight curls that flowed off of her shoulders like a waterfall.

She looked at Adam who was standing at the front of what seemed like an endless isle. Sierra could tell that he was nervous. His hands were tight together in front of him. She slowly moved up the isle. Her arm in Rocky's. Since she had no father, Rocky had agreed to give her away. She was so thrilled that the man who had risked his life to save her child would give her away. It seemed almost fitting. She finally reached the alter where her future husband and his best man, Billy, were. She looked to the other side and saw her Maid of Honor, Tanya, at the other side. She looked at Rocky who lifted her vale and kissed her cheek. Then he sat down in the front row smiling.

"Dearly beloved

we are gathered here today to witness this union....." Sierra barley heard any of the beginning ceremony. She was looking at Adam. She almost laughed. He had gotten his hair cut real short and it

was slicked back. He was wearing a black suit with a green dress shirt underneath. He looked perfect. she couldn't have asked for anything more. She heard her named said so she snapped out from her daze.

It was time to give their vows. Adam took her hands and looked into her eyes. "Sierra I have loved you from the moment I saw you. You are perfect like a diamond. My vows are to love you, to help in bad times and good, to be with you through eternity."

Sierra let a tear roll down her face. "Adam," her voice cracked out. "I have loved you also from the moment I saw you. I've wondered if we have been lovers in past lives, because it was just so easy for me to love you. I vow to love you and always be here."

The reverend asked for the rings. Adam slipped it on Sierra's hand and then Sierra slipped the ring on Adam's hand. "I now pronounce you man and wife. I now present to you ladies and gentleman for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Adam Park"

Everyone clapped as the two left the church. Sierra and Adam changed cloths before entering the reception hall. They were bombarded with friends and family. They ate drank and be merry, as the saying goes.

Late that night the couple disappeared to Angel Grove lake.

The water was glistening with the late night winter moon. The two stood there, Adam's arm wrapped around Sierra and her head rested on his chest. The two just watched. Thinking of the life that will be.