"The Alex Conflict"

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Chapter One

Alexius was drawn to Angel Grove for a purpose.

As an infant she was adopted by the only parents she would ever know. It was more than obvious that her biological parents were of American Indian decent. Her adoptive parents, the Petersons, did everything they could to help her learn about her heritage.

They took her to a reservation where she met her mentor True Of Heart. He taught her everything she needed to know about herself, her spirit and the hidden power that she possessed. Upon her seventeenth year True Of Heart sent her on a quest. A quest to find her destiny and the part of her soul that was missing.

"Have you decided where you will begin your journey?"

"Angel Grove. My grand parents left me a house there when they passed away. My parents understand that I must do this alone. They realize how important it is and have decide to trust my judgement. They have also decided that I must call them three times daily until they get used to me living on my own." she said with a slight giggle.

"True Of Heart, how will I know where to look for whatever it is that I'm looking for?"

"I can tell you this: in Angel Grove you will begin your quest and there shall it end. Many wonderful things shall come to be, you will learn much about yourself, and the direction that life will take you.

"You will find your destiny and unite your soul. You will meet many new friends whom you will help along the way and they will also be a help to you- one in particular will take your quest's end. You may even find the one that you will spend your eternity with."

"Thank you. I don't know what I would have done had I never met you."

"I shall miss you as well, but it is time for you to go become the woman that all of your parents want you to become."

"Did you know my real parents? Do you know why they left me?"

"Do you resent them for what they did?"

"No. I always believed that they had no other choice."

"You are very wise for your years."

"But why did they leave me?"

"When the time comes the answers to your questions will be revealed. You must have patience for it will take time. Now you must begin your quest."

Alexius arrived at her new home and cleared away the cobwebs and the dust. She filled it with all of her possessions and made it feel like a home that she had spent her whole life in. She had that feeling every time she walked through the door.

She enrolled at Angel Grove High on Friday as a junior. Classes had already begun, but she would have to wait until Monday. Alexius was given a roster and a set of books, which she promptly stuffed into her locker. There she met the first of many new friends.

Katherine and Tanya had lockers across from Alexius and they noticed that they had never seen her before. They guessed that she was the transfer student that all of their teachers had been talking about and wanted to be the first to welcome her.

"You must be the new girl. It's Alexius isn't it?"


"Well Alex I'm Kat and this is my best friend Tanya."

"It's nice to meet you." she said and shook each girls hand.

"If you're not busy we're going to the Youth Center to meet some of our friends and would love it if you can along." asked Tanya.

"I would love to but I'm still unpacking and I wanted to get it done before I get swamped with homework. Maybe another time?"

"Sure. We'll see you on Monday."

It didn't take long for Alex to adjust. With the help of her new friends she learned her way around most of the school on her first day. She met two more friends at lunch- Rocky and Adam- who invited her to the Youth Center after school. There she met Billy who had a very strange reaction to her. Alex only shrugged it off until she met Tommy and Jason- who had been sparring. The two boys had the same reaction as Billy, but before anyone could ask why Tommy apologized for his mistake and hurried off.

"Was it me?"

"Don't take it personally," said Billy, "You look exactly like someone we used to know."

"Who?" asked Kat, seeing no resemblance to anyone in Alex.

"Her name is Nova. She and Tommy grew up together. She was his girlfriend in Stone Canyon."

"I never knew there was someone before Kim." Adam spoke everyone's thoughts.

"It couldn't have been serious." said Rocky.

"Oh yes it was." said Jason. "Those two had a lot of plans before his family moved to Angel Grove. They continued to date, but the long distance relationship was really hard on them. They visited as much as they could but it wasn't enough. During Nova's last visit to Angel Grove they decided that it would be best if they started dating other people."

"God, that's so sad." said Tanya.

"Yeah, the split really tore him apart- I don't think he's ever been the same. Even when he was with Kim you could see that he wasn't over Nova." said Billy.

"Wow, now I feel really bad. I've upset him." said Alex.

"He'll be okay."

But he wasn't.

Seeing Alex brought his feelings for Nova flooding back so deep that he had trouble breathing. All he could think about was Nova and it hurt deeply. All they had ever wanted was to be together and seeing this new girl was a daily reminder that they couldn't be.

Adam on the other hand couldn't wait to get to school so that he could see her. He fell head over heels the first day he met her. She was absolutely gorgeous with long dark hair and eyes that were even darker. She was very tiny- much smaller than Tanya or Kat. She was no taller than five foot and barely weighed one hundred pounds. And she had a smile that put him in a daze. He knew that he had to get close to her before anyone else and would do whatever it took to get there.

Getting to spend time with her was easier than he had thought it would be. Alex was into martial arts and was in need of a sparring partner. Adam gladly volunteered and soon wished that he had found a better way. Despite her small stature, Alex was tough. She threw Adam around with incredible ease. She was quick, agile, and surprisingly strong. Adam took quite a beating and went home with sore and bruised body parts, but it was well worth it for he also took with him her phone number.

Tommy avoided Alex like the plague for the next week. He couldn't take that beautiful face- Nova's face- smiling at him. But on Saturday he found himself faced with her. The two bumped into one another on their way to a group picnic at the park. He couldn't avoid her without being rude and forced himself to say "hello" and walk with her.

They walked in silence for the longest time, then Alex found herself apologizing- for what she had no clue- but she felt as if she should say, "sorry". If for nothing else she was sorry for dredging up painful memories.

"Alex, don't apologize. It's not your fault that you look like Her. And it's not a fault- you're every bit as beautiful as Nova."

"Do you wanna talk about her? I'm a very good listener- I don't butt in and I won't tell anyone anything."

"I think I'd like that." Tommy talked about Nova for most of the walk. He told her what she was like and about the things she liked to do. The more she heard the more she realized why she disturbed Tommy so terribly. She seemed to be almost exactly like Nova. They looked alike, did the same things, and even had some of the same beliefs. Could this be what she came to Angel Grove to find? Perhaps Nova was a kindred spirit or something along those lines. But she wasn't in Angel Grove. Alex had a feeling that somehow, someway, would play a role in her quest to find the unknown. How big a part she did know, but was sure that it would become clear in time.

The two arrived at the picnic area laughing and having a good time together. Everyone was happy to see that they were finally getting to know one another- everyone but Adam.

Adam was crazy about Alex and seeing her with Tommy made him remember what a ladies man he was. If he went after Alex he would be more than likely to win her affections. Adam couldn't help but feel jealous for he was sure that Tommy knew his feelings for Alex.

Adam felt hurt and betrayed- until he saw her standing over him.
"Hi Adam. I wanted to sit and talk with you- if you don't mind."

She had left Tommy to come and talk with him. Could he be wrong? Maybe Tommy wouldn't get her- even if he wanted her.

"Sure. That would be great."

Alex spent the majority of the day with Adam. They talked and got to know each other a little more. They even teamed up to play a game of Frisbee- a game at which she was terrible- but Adam didn't mind. She had chosen him as her partner over everyone else. During lunch she stole food from his plate and fed him from hers. Maybe he would get her after all.

Tommy soon dashed away all of Adam's hope, by weaseling his way into their coziness. He talked with Alex as though they had been friends for years. And to and insult to injury, he acted as if Adam wasn't there. He did his best to move her away from the group and Adam, then offered to walk her home.

Tommy felt like he had Nova back when he was talking with Alex. He couldn't believe that he had wasted some much time before getting to know her. It was like they were the same person split in two. He couldn't get enough of her and was feeling very guilty about it. Going after Alex would hurt a very good friend and he didn't care.

King Mondo watched everything that went on from his machine sky base. He found amusement in the new found rivalry between Adam and his leader and friend Tommy. He couldn't resist the chance to use it to his advantage. If Tommy and Adam had a reason to hate each other the Rangers would fall apart. It seems that this new comer was just what he needed to defeat those pesky power punks.

"Klank, send down a fleet of cogs to rain on the Rangers little party. And make sure that they have their hands full. They wouldn't dare morph in front of the girl."

"Right away Sire."

"Guys...we got trouble!" Jason called when he caught sight of the cogs.

"What are those things?!" exclaimed Alex.

"Not the welcome wagon. Watch your back." said Adam as he began battle with the party crashers.

Much to Mondo's delight, the Rangers refused to morph because of Alex's presence and they were loosing. And instead of working together and watching each other's backs, Tommy and Adam were more concerned with saving Alex- who needed saving from no one.

Until Mondo sent down more cogs that is.
The Rangers were being over powered and were getting weaker by the minute. Alex saw that her friends were in danger and knew that she could help them. With no care of whether or not they learned her secret, Alex used her power to help her friends. She threw her hands in the air and concentrated all of her energy at the evil machines. A little too much energy for when she let loose the blast that destroyed the cogs she collapsed.

Chapter Two

Alex found herself lying on an examining bed. At first she thought that she was still asleep, then she heard a familiar voice saying that she was coming to.


"Yes Alex, it's me. How are you feeling? "

"My head hurts. Where am I? "

Billy looked at Zordon and the others for he wasn't sure of what to say. Seeming to get everyone's approval through nods, he told Alex the truth. "You're uh, you're at the Power Chamber."

"Where? "

"The Power Chamber." he repeated.

"You mean like as in the Power Rangers? " she sat up holding her aching head. Alex took one look around and realized that it hadn't been a joke. Perhaps she was still dreaming. Or maybe not.

"Let me get this straight. You guys are the Power Rangers? "

"Yes and we trust that you'll keep our secret." said Tommy.

'He must be the leader.' She thought to herself as Tommy watched her closely waiting for a reply. "Don't worry your secret is safe."


"What about mine? I mean I'm sure you have questions, right? "

"Yes we do. How is it possible that you managed to destroy all of those cogs- and you didn't even harm any of us? "

"Concentration and discipline."

"Okay, but where did you get all of that power? "

"I was born with it- we all are. But only a few are born with the ability to use it."


"Whoa! Did I hit my head on a rock or something? Cuz I'm seeing a giant, floating head." she said upon noticing Zordon for the first time.

"That's Zordon. He gave us our powers and is our mentor." explained Billy.

"At this point, I'm not surprised."

"Wait a second...just how powerful are you? " asked Tanya.

"Well my powers are not at their fullest strength, but I do have a lot of it."

"So why aren't they at their fullest? " asked Kat.

"I'm not sure. That's why I am here. I am on a quest."

"To find what? " asked Adam.

"Lots of things, but the most important will be the hardest for I don't know what to look for or how to find it. All I know is that I'll know it when I find it and that one of you will be responsible for helping me bring my quest to its conclusion. "

"Alex would you be willing to put your powers to use for us. Can you help us when there's an emergency? "

"Are you kidding?! I'll help in anyway I can."

"Zordon? "


"All right! " everyone cheered.

"It's about time that we had another girl on the team." said Kat.

Alex's powers proved to be very helpful. They tried not to call her unless there was an absolute need for it was still dangerous for her even thought she was powerful. Her being a part of the Ranger team brought her closer to each of the group and helped their relationships to blossom. They welcomed her into the family without any reservations and made her feel at one with them.

Tommy was now more attached to Alex. She reminded him of Nova more than even he knew. He remembered that Nova always said that she was in search of a part of herself. She wasn't sure what it was or why it was missing, she only knew that she had to find it. Was it possible for two people to be so much the same and have no connection to one another? Tommy didn't think so and that confused him.

Adam hated being in competition with Tommy. Just when he was sure that Alex was falling for him, Tommy would come and steal away her attention. He did notice that she didn't look at Tommy the way she looked at him. Maybe it was just wishful thinking on his part, but it seemed as though there was a gleam when she looked at him that wasn't quite there with Tommy. Maybe he was just imagining it, but he refused to give up hope.

Alex was indeed crazy about both boys and hated the fact that they were in competition over her. She hadn't meant for it to happen. She spent time with Tommy not because she loved him, but because she was almost positive that he would help her on her quest. Her feelings for him didn't go beyond friendship. And even if they had she knew that no one stood a chance with him as long as Nova was on this earth.

Adam was the one she was falling for. She knew that he would be the one she spent her eternity with. He was so sweet and gentle and shy in the most adorable way. He made her laugh till she cried. And when she looked into his beautiful eyes she wanted to pull him inside of her and never let him out. Alex was sure that he felt the same way, but knew that as long as Tommy was in the picture, Adam would never express his feelings towards her. Eventually she would be made to choose between them and only hope that no one was hurt in the process.

Weeks of trying to fool himself into believing that he loved Alex- and that she loved him- finally took its toll on Tommy. He couldn't concentrate on anything. He had trouble eating and sleeping. When he did sleep his was plagued with strange dreams. Until one night he was faced with a vision. He saw both Nova and Alex only he didn't know who was who. They were both going in the same direction and were beckoning him to join them. He followed and one on them put their hand out for him as the other continued to walk. Tommy took her hand. But just whose hand was it?

That next afternoon he received two letters. One was from his brother David asking him come for a visit for it had been far too long since their last. The other was from Nova. She said that she had been thinking about him more than usual and thought that hearing from him might ease the torment in her heart.

Tommy knew what must be done.

Tommy met with Zordon and the Rangers- minus Alex. They had all noticed that he had been acting strangely and hadn't been to focus on much of anything. Which were his reasons for taking a leave of absence from the Rangers. If he was to ever be the leader-the man that he once was, he needed time away to sort through all that was troubling him. Each person understood and wished him the best of luck and to return home soon.

"Hey Adam."

"Hi Alex." he said with a wide grin.

"Um, I was wondering if you would like to catch a movie with me tonight."

Adam's heart sunk. She was asking him on a date barely five minutes after Tommy left. She was just using him. How could she?

"So, that's how it is? Now that Tommy's gone you need me for company?! I don't think so." he said coldly and turned away form her.

"Wait-Adam, what's wrong, and where's Tommy?"

"You mean he didn't tell you that he was taking a leave of absence?" he said as the heat began to rise to his cheeks.


"Then...you really wanted to go out with me?"

"Yes, and I still do. Unless you'd like to stay home and have your other foot for dinner." she said with a wicked grin.

"I'd love to go out with you."

"Good. Pick me up at six."

That date was the first of many to come. They went to see a romantic comedy that neither paid attention to. When Adam walked her to her door he surprised them both by making the first move and kissing her good night- a kiss Alex gladly returned. From then on the relationship moved swiftly. If Adam had ever questioned her feelings for him, he no longer did. He knew now that she was crazy about him- as he was for her. Everyone who knew that they had become a couple was happy for them. Everyone but Tanya.

She hated it.

She hated detail about "them", but feigned happiness for she didn't want to hurt Adam.
Tanya loved Adam and was able to let him go. She would be miserable for the rest of her life, but at least Adam would have happiness with his precious Alexius. Oh how she despised that girl!

Tommy had a relaxing visit with David. It was good to spend time with his brother again. He went to Sam Trueheart with his vision. If anyone could make sense of it, Sam would.

The answer was as Tommy had feared. He was turning his feelings for Nova onto Alex.
"So my feelings for Alex are really fake?"

"What is it that made you fall in love with her?"

"Everything. Everything about her...reminded me of Nova. But how can that be?" Tommy asked feeling more confused than ever.

"How is it that two strangers can be identical. There has to be a connection, but neither of them have ever met."

"I will tell you this, when the time comes there will be a connection between these two strangers. You will play a key role in bringing them together- as they should be. But only when the time is right will their link to one another be revealed."

"But I don't understand. What am I supposed to do?"

"In time you will play an important role in each girl's life. To one you will simply be a messenger, but to the other you will be the continuation of life- a soul mate."

"But which role will I play for which girl?"

"I think you already have the answer to that question in your heart. If you are unsure turn around and the answer will be revealed to you." and then he was gone.
Confused by the older man's words, but just as curious, Tommy turned around.

"Hello Kitahe."


Adam arrived at Alex's house as she finished her favorite kata. She always exuded grace and beauty in everything she did and Adam was always sure to tell her.

"You're beautiful, you know that?"

"Adam you're sweet."

"It's true. I love being with you."

"Me too. These past few weeks, I've been happier than I remember."


"Don't sound so surprised. I have been spending these weeks with you." she said with a sweet smile that made Adam blush.

"So that means that you don't want it end?"

"Adam what kind of question is that? Why would I want my time with you to end?"
He remained quiet for a moment and then turned away from her, not able to look in her beautiful and knowing eyes. He needed to get a grip on his emotions before facing her again. Would everything that had just been said disappear when she found out? What would she say when he told her...

"Adam?" she questioned softly. "Adam are you okay?" she asked and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. She turned him to face her, "What is it? You can tell me anything." she said as she placed a loving hand on his cheek.

"Tommy's coming home tomorrow." he finally blurted, not being able to hide anything from her probing eyes.

"Is that all? I thought it was something horrible." she said in a slightly amused tone.

"But I know how you fell about him."

"Really? How do I feel about Tommy?"

"You love him." he said with a look that threatened to break Alex's heart. Adam thought that she was in love with Tommy. And she couldn't blame him for they had never talked about her feelings for him. When Alex didn't respond right away he knew that he had been right. He felt like he would die of a broken heart right there and then, but he had to hear it form her lips first. Her next sentence cut through him deeply.

"You're right- I do care for Tommy very much." Alex saw a shudder go through his body. That had to hurt him badly, but he had to know the truth and she wasn't finished yet. "Yes, Adam, I do care for Tommy, but I love you."

Chapter Three


"I love you Adam Park. I always have."

"Y-you do?"

"Yes you silly boy." she said and framed his face in her hands.
Adam only stared back at her eyes, never actually focusing. It took a few moments for her words to register and when they did he showed her all of the love her felt in a kiss. A passionate kiss that threatened to burn them alive.

When he broke the kiss he wrapped his arms around her tiny waist and squeezed her as tightly as her could without hurting her delicate frame. He placed a kiss on her left temple.

"You taste like sweat."

"I know. Why don't you bring everything inside and set up the movies. I'll go take a quick shower."

"Um, I could come with you and wash you back."

"I bet you'd like that." she said with a smirk. "Go get the movies set up and you can take advantage of me during the scary parts." she said and started up the steps.

"Good thing I brought really scary movies." he chuckled and went about setting up.

Alex returned downstairs wearing boxer shorts and a T-shirt and smelling like strawberries. Her smell preceded her and Adam looked up as she entered the den.

"Nice outfit." he joked.

"Thanks." she said a swiped a pretzel that was headed for his lips. She sat down very close to her boyfriend and leaned against him.

"God, you smell good." he said and proceeded to bury his face in her neck. "Down boy. The movie ain't started yet." she giggled as his lips tickled her neck.
Adam pushed the start button on the remote control and the movie-Demons- soon began. Alex climbed into Adam's lap as the opening credits began.

"Al, nothing's happened yet."

"Are you complaining about me being on your lap?"

"Never. It's just that I can't believe you have nightmares from this stuff." he chuckled.

"Don't make fun of me!"

The couple cuddled together on the plush sofa. Adam laid on his back and propped his head on pillow while Alex laid on top of him hiding her face in his chest each time someone was possessed by a demon. Though it amused him, Adam reveled in her closeness and wrapped his arms around her body.

By the second movie they had moved to her bedroom and they both wore the same amount of clothing. They scooted down under the blankets and cuddled close.

Alex started thinking how natural it felt being like that with Adam. She could imagine waking up in his arms each morning. Alex was sure that Adam was her soul mate and couldn't imagine life without him.

"You're not hiding you face. What's going on?"

"I was just thinking." "About?"

"You won't leave me will you?"

"Nope, I'm staying for the weekend- and let me tell you my parents weren't too happy about it-"

"I mean ever. Promise that you won't ever leave me."

Adam looked down into her eyes, "I'm not going anywhere. I love you Alex. I'll be with you forever." he said and kissed her softly.

Alex reached her arms around his neck causing him to roll on top of her. The kiss deepened. Adam pressed his hips against hers as his hands began to roam her body. Alex let out a soft moan. Her nipples hardened and pressed against his chest causing the blood to flow to his groin. His hips began to grind against hers as his arousal became more apparent. Alex's hands urging him on caused him to pull away. He felt guilty. Adam had argued with his parents that spending the weekend with Alex wasn't about having sex, when in his mind he knew he was hoping for it. It wasn't fair to plan without Alex's consent and he suddenly felt like a complete jerk.

"Maybe we should stop."

"I don't want you to." she said, her voice husky.


"I want you to make love to me."

"Alex...are you sure?" he asking wanting to, but not through pressuring her into it.

"Yes. Make love to me Adam. All night long." she said and pulled him to her lips. Alex enveloped him in a passionate kiss. It didn't take long for Adam to reciprocate. His tongue darted into her mouth with a fierce need....

Chapter Four

Alex awoke wrapped in her lover's arms. He was already awake and watching her as she slept. He greeted her with a kiss. Without a word he rolled her on her side and pressed his hardness against her, telling her what he wanted....

Her fingers played in his hair. "Adam, I'm your first, aren't I?"

"Of course you are. Why do you ask?" he said, too tired to lift his head.

"I don't know. You were just so...good."


Alex could hear the smile in his voice. "Am I stroking your ego?"

"Most definitely. If you thought that was good I can't wait to hear your reaction after I get some practice."

"You don't need the practice, but you're more than welcome to it." she said.

"Oh yeah?" he said and crawled on top of her. His lips brushed across hers.

"Yeah." she giggled.

"You ready to try a new position?"

"Again?" she squealed. "How can you be ready so soon?"

"All I do is look at you."

"That's very sweet, but put it away, we have a picnic to go to."

"Oh." he wined.

"Come on and get a shower."

"Adam, slow down, you're gonna choke." He made no reply.

"You're starting to resemble Rocky." she teased as he continued to shovel his breakfast into his mouth.

He only grunted and continued eating the cheese egg omelet, sausage, biscuits, and fresh fruit that Alex had made for him. He never knew that Alex was such a good cook or perhaps he was just starving after making love to her five times-three times the night before and twice this morning- once in the shower. Well she's the one that said "Make love to me all night long". He smiled as he remembered making her cum over and over again. And the way she moaned and called out his name drove him wild. If he wasn't careful he would be taking her on the kitchen table in a few minutes.

"You're not eating?" he asked trying to keep his mind off of her luscious body.

"Not this early. It's just tea and fruit for me."

"Then why'd you cook all this stuff?"

"I like to cook. It was nice to have someone to cook breakfast for."

"Well if I'd known you were such a good cook I'd have started coming over for breakfast before school."

"Your mom makes breakfast every morning."

"Yeah, but not this good."

"That's not nice."

"Maybe not, but it's true."

"I'm gonna go get dressed."

"You don't have to." he said with a smirk.

"Down boy." she said a disappeared upstairs.

Alex and Adam arrived at the park with a huge basket of sandwiches, a bowl of potato salad and blankets. Kat Tanya, and Rocky were already there and Billy and Jason were meeting Tommy. The group entertained themselves as the awaited their friends.
Adam and Alex retreated to a blanket underneath the shade of an oak tree. Adam's raging hormones got the better of him and he pinned Alex beneath him and kissed her wildly. After kissing her breath away Adam allowed his girlfriend to push him off of her without much of a fight. Her control over him soon gave way when she leaned back on her elbows and exposed her neck. Adam watched as the sun's warmth washed over her beautiful face and felt the need to kiss her again.

Tommy and the arrived just in time to see Adam lean forward and kiss Alex softly.

"Uh oh." Billy said quietly.

Tommy was amused by the worried looks on the faces of his closest friends. They truly were the best friends he ever had and he was glad that they cared so much for his well being.
"Guys, you can relax. I'm not after Alex anymore- actually I never was."

Tommy saw their confused looks and elaborated. "I saw Nova while I was visiting David and we worked everything out. This long distance stuff isn't so bad as long as I know she's mine again."

"You and Nova got back together? Tommy that's great!" said Jason.

"Yes I believe congratulations are in order."

"Thanks guys."

"Yeah and it's about time." Jason joked.

"I agree. You've been a bit forlorn since the break up- especially since Alex arrived."

"What's he talking about?" Tommy asked Jason with a grin.

"I think he means you've been looking pretty pitiful."

"Absolutely." Billy agreed.

"Well thanks for waiting until now to tell me."

"No problem Bro." Jason said with an amused look.

"C'mon, we've got a picnic to crash."

Tommy's arrival stopped everything that everyone was doing. He was greeted by hugs and handshakes. Adam felt a jealous tinge run through him when he wrapped his arms around Alex tightly and she planted a kiss on his cheek. He placed a possessive arm around her waist as Tommy eased her away and held out his hand to Adam. Tommy could sense Adam's uneasiness and quickly congratulated him on his relationship with the beautiful girl in his arms. He then announced his reconciliation with Nova- much to Katherine's dismay. Adam felt a bit silly over being jealous. He knew that Alex loved him and no one else. He supposed that it was just hard to believe that someone so amazing was his and he wasn't dreaming, he wanted to keep her at all cost.

The boys began a game of football, while the girls busied themselves with preparing the food and idle conversation. Before anyone knew what was happening, Prince Sprocket appeared with cogs. He fired a strange ray at Tommy and Adam and was gone just as quickly as he had come. Initially the two boys seemed to fine and no one could figure out what had just taken place. Then suddenly without warning Tommy and Adam began arguing. It was over nothing in particular, but it was very passionate. Everyone stood by, dumb struck and unsure of how to react.

"Why are you fighting? You guys are friends." Kat intervened.

"Who wants to be friends with someone who tried to steal my girlfriend?"

"Tried?! The only reason Alex is going out with you is because she feels sorry for you. If I hadn't gone on vacation she'd be mine."

"In your dreams- and speaking of vacations, why'd you even come back? The Rangers were doing just fine without you."

"They were doing even better before you showed up."

"I don't know what was on Zordon's mind when he made you leader."

"Yeah well don't let the door hit you on your way out."

"Ugggh!Will you two shut up." yelled Alex as she used her powers to put them in a frozen state. Without another word she pressed the button on her communicator and contacted their mentor. "...I HAVE BEEN MONITORING THE SITUATION. TELEPORT TO THE POWER CHAMBER AT ONCE."

The group of teenagers arrived at the Power Chamber, where their two friends began arguing- Alex having forgotten to freeze them again. They all listen for a minute as the two argued about all sorts of nonsense and what direction the affections of Alex were pointed. Ignoring the boys Alex approached Zordon. "This is not good. If Mondo sends down a monster we can't take them into battle. They'll end up killing each other."

"That's exactly what Mondo had in mind." Billy agreed.

"Zordon, what can we do?"


"But how can they do that when they're at each other's throats?" said Rocky.

"He's right. Those two will never work together." Tanya added.

"Not unless we give them a reason to..." Alex said as the wheels in her head started spinning.

"...No no no no no! It's too dangerous. I can't let you do it." argued Jason as he looked at his teammates that were once again in a frozen state.

Alex had come up with a plan to save their friends form the clutches of Mondo's spell. Zordon had mentioned that being on the butt end of a rivalry was what made the spell take such a strong hold. The rivalry they were having was over Alex, so it seemed logical that fighting for Alex would break the spell.

Mondo had already sent down his Silo monster and he was on a path of destruction that led straight to the city. Alex could have easily dealt with Silo herself, but that would still leave the small problem of Tommy and Adam trying to kill one another. She planned to face Silo alone and make it look as if her powers were failing her. It would take the both of them together to defeat the monster, and they would have to work together if they were to save Alex- the main focus of fighting.

"Jason, it's the only way. They're not exactly gonna kiss and make up without help from somewhere."

"But it's dangerous."

"Alex is going to cover herself in a protective shield. It will look like Silo is hurting her, but she only be faking to get Tommy and Adam's attention."

"But what if your powers weaken before the spell is broken- if it's broken?"

"They won't-I won't let them. Tommy and Adam mean a lot to me and I'm not gonna let this thing beat them."

Jason couldn't resist her eyes. He understood why anyone would fight to possess her love. He also didn't envy the guy who messed with the man she loves. Mondo would be in deep doo-doo if Alex ever got her hands on him. "Be careful. If you powers get the least bit strained I want you to get out of there."

"Okay. I'm outa here!" she said and was gone in a streak of white.

The battle went as planned. She had the upper hand in the beginning, but soon was overcome by Silo. She called out for help and that was the others' cue to alert Tommy and Adam to the situation. She only hoped that they snapped out of the argument long enough took at the viewing globe.

"TOMMY, ADAM YOU MUST STOP FIGHTING! YOU HAVE A FRIEND THAT IS IN GRAVE DANGER." boomed Zordon's voice, breaking the two from their quarrel. When he was satisfied with their response he directed them to the viewing globe.
They saw Alex fall in an explosion.

"Alex!" Adam called.

"What's she doing out there?" demanded Tommy.

"She knew that we couldn't defeat Silo without you two so she took him on herself. She was doing okay, but now her powers are failing her."


Just then a fleet of cogs joined the battle. "Looks like we're all going to this one. You two get Alex and we'll take care of the cogs." said Jason.

"Right!" simultaneously.

"It's Morphin Time!"

Kat :Zeo Ranger One- Pink!
Tanya :Zeo Ranger Two- Yellow!
Rocky :Zeo Ranger Three- Blue!
Adam :Zeo Ranger Four- Green!
Tommy :Zeo Ranger Five- Red!
Jason :Gold Ranger Power!
The Ranger's teleported into the battle and hoped that their plan worked.

"I'll get Alex. You take care of Silo." directed Tommy.

"That figures. Some fearless leader you are!"

"What's that-"

"Um, I don't mean to butt in, but when you have a minute, save me!" she screamed.

"She's right."

"I'm with you buddy!" With that the spell was broken and Alex was saved.

Tommy and Adam were back to normal and were still apologizing to one another profusely. Their attention turned to Alex whom had just entered the Youth Center and joined them at their table.

"...Don't you ever do something so stupid again!" scolded Adam.

"Yeah, what if you power's had given out and you'd have gotten hurt? I'd never forgive myself if anything happened, to you."

"Hey, I'm the boyfriend- that's my line."


"What if your powers had given out and you'd have gotten hurt? I'd never be able to forgive myself if anything happened to you."

Alex giggled and hugged both boys. "I love to two, you know that? That's why I was willing to risk everything to help you. Besides, you'd have done the same for me."

"Speak for yourself." said Tommy.

"Amen." agreed Adam as they gave each other hi-fives.


"We're just kidding. We'd do anything to help you."

"Yeah. Thanks for saving us." Adam said and pulled her to his lap.

"No problem. I mean I couldn't have you two at each other's throats when my parents came to visit. What would they think?" she said with a wicked smile.

"Your parents?" asked both boys.

"I would have told you that they were coming at the picnic, but something came up."

"Your parents are coming here?" asked Adam nervously, fearing that they would find out just what their daughter had been doing not so alone in her house.

"Don't be worried. My mom already knows about us."

"You told your mom?" Adam asked mortified.

"I tell her everything and she's okay with it. Besides, it's not mom you have to worry. I'd be more worried if she let my dad in on our little secret."

"Oh God!" Adam groaned.

"What exactly am I missing?" asked Tommy who had become a bit confused by their conversation. Adam quickly explained in their secret guy language what they were talking about. "You're in trouble." he said and placed a sympathetic hand on his friend's shoulder.

"Thanks for the support."

"No problem-"

"There they are! Mom! Daddy!" she called and ran into the arms of the six foot three inch, two hundred-fifty pound man she called "daddy".

"Did I say 'trouble' ? What I meant was, you're a dead man. It's been nice knowing ya." he said and stood to make his getaway before Alex's return with her parents. Adam was much quicker, "Oh no you don't!" he said as he grabbed the tail of Tommy's shirt and pulled him back into his seat.

"What do I gotta stay for?" he whined.

"Moral support. Besides that, I may need a witness."

"There's plenty of other people here."

"How 'bout I tell them how close you came to being her boyfriend?"

"Okay, I can stay for a little while."

"That's so generous of you."

"Bite me!"

"Smile, they're coming."

Alex returned to the table with a parent on each arm. "So which one of you is Adam?" boomed Mr. Peterson's firm voice.

"He is." said Tommy quickly.

"So, you're the one my wife's been telling me about? I've just been dying to meet you..."